Blueberry Banana Ice Cream Pie


Super yum raw treat!

With Raw Intentions

A raw blueberry pie has been on my to-make list ever since I whipped up my raw key lime pie about two months ago. But then new ideas kept popping into my head and the pie kept getting pushed to the bottom of the list—shame on me because it’s far better and faster than a lot of the desserts I’v been trying. Once you perfect the crust, which is almost too easy, the number of fillings for a raw pie or ice cream cake is virtually endless.

I’d also like to note that a lot of raw dessert recipes call for ingredients like honey, agave syrup, coconut sugar, nutritional yeast, tons of nuts, and even sea or himalayan salt. You will find that my recipes don’t incorporate a lot of these ingredients because my goal is to use the fewest and freshest ingredients available to me. If something has been sitting…

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