Wednesday’s Wondrous World: Senses

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Among the most amazing wonders of our world are our own senses.

There are the five primary senses of taste, touch, smell, sight and sound.  The sixth, which some argue does not exist, I will simply classify as psychic.  Whether you want to look at ESP, telepathy, telekinesis, energy healing or what-have-you, in this instance let’s consider it part of the psychic sense.


Along the way, given how amazing each of these senses are, I want to devote a week of the wondrous world to each.  But this week I want to take a wide view of them all.

Our senses are how we perceive the world in all its details.  We see the sunrise, we hear the birds chirping, we smell the flowers, we taste salted chocolate caramels, we feel the wind upon our face, and we sense energies around us.

It is through our senses that the wonders of the world can be observed.  These six ways in which we perceive every aspect of the world can be used separately, together, and in a myriad of situations.  But it is through our senses that we come to know this amazing world.

Some things we can experience with every one of the senses.  A lover, for example.  You know how they feel to the touch, you know how they taste on the tongue, the smell of their skin, see the curves of the body, you hear them breathing, and you can sense their aura.


These are the six most intense means with which we experience our world.  Our senses let us truly feel all the aspects of the world around us.  Every wonder can be explored in every way through our senses.  But the wonder of the senses themselves, and how they allow us to explore our world, are just too easily taken for granted.

They say if any one of these senses are missing, the rest become heightened.  Certainly during a really bad headcold the sense of taste and smell is massively impaired, but I highly doubt it is the same.  I for one am deeply grateful to have the chance to know all of my senses, and to be capable of employing them to explore and experience this wondrous world.


There is always something new to see.  There is an unusual aroma to be smelled.  There is an exotic food from an unusual locale to taste.  There is that musical instrument you’ve never heard before.  There is a fabric you have never rubbed between your fingers.  There is that person you have a telepathic connection with unlike any other.  New wonders, every day, and we can only know them through our senses.

What wonder have you seen, heard, tasted, touched, smelled or sensed lately?

Me 3-25-13 smallerI am MJ Blehart, your “Wednesday’s Wondrous World” contributor.  Every week I share a wonder of this amazing world, and I hope you will enjoy the journey with me!

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