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Our inner children have much to teach us.  Unfortunately we live in a society that often believes the opposite, a society that equates a child to be less smart than an adult because they have a developing brain.  But the truth is—spirit and intuition are much wiser than all cognitive potential—and this is what a child knows best.  developing_brainWe often think we know better than our children, but most of all, our inner child.  It’s true that we are the expanded version of our inner child, but there are keys within the inner child that can unlock our dense adult doors.

Our inner child is the non-conditioned part of us, the part that remembers the divine knowledge and purpose that we’ve come in with.  The internal child knows how to stay in alignment, feel emotion, and listen to emotion, while unconditionally loving others simultaneously – much better than our adult selves have learned to do.  But there is one quality within our inner child that pervades all of these qualities, enhances our perception of the world, letting everything exist in it’s highest potential…and that is the eyes of non-judgment.

The inner child understands that it’s original intention coming into this life was not to label and control everything or everyone around them…this is why you see nonjudgmentalmost every child in awe.  As children, we understood that this was a journey, an experience—and we were enthralled by the ride, the possibilities.  The playful child inside doesn’t perceive limit. He or she awes at the beauty in all and feels himself or herself to be a part of it.

Growing up in an acutely religious culture, I learned from a very young age to judge something as “good” or “bad”, “positive” or “negative”, “white” or “black”, before moving forward.  And it doesn’t stop there; this also includes identifying people or things, stereotyping, assuming, and excluding.  This same fear-based perception has flooded many cultures because nobody wants to be “wrong” and get blind-sided by pain.

Your life is the way it is because of your perception.  If you change your perception, your world will transform around you.  There is not one “true” reality to attune to, but rather there are infinite non-static realities to choose from or play with.  Your innerdreamfuture child understands this.  Any reality that you believe is a reality that exists, and you have the power to experience any desired reality by an alteration of your perception in any moment, and as much as you’d like.

If self improvement or enlightenment is what we desire, we must be willing to let go our of old beliefs and stories so that our new perceptions can move us forward.  We will eventually have to let go of our attachment to “truth”, and surrender to the magic of an ever changing, moldable, and incomprehensible adventure we call life.  Our lives are much more exciting than “truth”.  When we surrender this way, possibilitywe hold the space for new realities to be born on this planet that have never been seen before.  We make the impossible—possible, the inconceivable—conceivable.  We also embody our inner child by doing so.

When seeing with judgment, you instantly limit what you experience.  Your mind is much like a camera—your eyes like a lens.  And judgment happens to be the ultimate filter.  Changing the settings within your camera will communicate to your lens how much light to allow in.  Have you ever wondered what you may be missing out on by simply limiting the capability of your lens?  What if much magicalbrighter colors were waiting for you?  What if there were colors you’ve never even seen before?  New layers or new sensations you’ve never felt before?  Undiscovered mysteries?

I encourage all to take off the judgment filter and experience life in-the-raw.  Go outside today and observe all people and things without a preconceived notion about them, it will lighten and awaken you.  I long to see the spirit of our inner children bright and alive.  I long to see myself and those I love living in awe again.


One thought on “EmBody Bliss: The Inner Child

  1. Beautifully worded article! I fully agree. I feel honoured and inspired every time I may assist my therapy clients in re-connecting with their inner children, and it puts a big smile on my face every time I hear someone laugh with the infinite sense of freedom and joy of the inner child. I’d love to re-blog this if I may!♥

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