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Ok, it’s basically warmed up all over the USA and other places where Spring is sprung. Took long enough, that was part of April fools y’all! That Winter was still around. Now it’s finally warm! Yay! That means I’ll be out in the sunshine as much as possible. For all of you other sun lovers no doubt SPF is in your basket of useful tools. It better be!!!

What about your hair though? Extended sun exposure like swimming pool days or beach time means your hair is gonna be fried! Sun damage can make your hair lackluster, dull, and dry. My hair likes to get nappy, it sticks together and begins to really nest up. Pretty scary! You long haired folk know exactly what I’m saying! No body has time for all that! If you color your hair or style it regularly you need to condition weekly.


Yes, moisturize moisturize moisturize. That being said, not all conditioners are created equally. Even some of the better brands like Aubrey or Alaffia work well and use totally clean ingredients.. but they may not be up for fixing your hair snafu in one swoop. The super organic products tend to need more frequent use in order to work well. Personally, I am quite impatient when it comes to my hair. When it’s dry it drive me nuts! I want the fastest working product.. No doubt you do to.

ImageEnter the solution, Earth Science Deep Conditioning hair masque. This stuff is amazing! It’s got olive, coconut, and avocado oils. It’s also got silk protein in it! I tried a sample of it years ago when I worked in retail… and I’m still buying it. It’s literally one of the few products I am forever in love with. I get nervous when it starts to run low! The ingredients could be cleaner but it’s so effective I use it anyway.


In the Spring and Summer you can transform your neglected locks into silky soft strands of glory. Let your hair flow in the wind!!!


Christy Patton is Chakra Center’s savvy and experimental product reviewer. She is not a board certified medical doctor. This information is intended for educational purposes only.


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