10 Steps to Becoming “Enlightened”


  • Stop ‘trying’ to be enlightened. Trying and striving create separation – a need to distinguish yourself from others. Simply remember who and what you truly are. If you align yourself with God you no longer need to try. Simply Be. A tree can be enlightened – so can the worm in the ground. Enlightenment is not a position above or apart from all others – Enlightenment is awareness of your connection to All Things.
  • Get over yourself: Surrender to the “true” God. You (the personality you opted into) is NOT God. You were created by LOVE – the Source of all things and you are a part of that Love. Your ego is not God. The sooner you get over yourself, the better.
  • Stop judging: Realize that every person you judge as well as the people you “idolize” is all a version of you. We all come from the same Source and we are mirrors of each other. There is no one better or worse than you.
  • Stop worshiping: whether it’s that “guru” who has the popular Youtube channel or the celebrity you think is the image of perfection, remember that it’s all an illusion. Don’t give your power away to them. True power comes from the Kingdom within you.
  • Stay grounded and ‘test the spirits’: Just because you hear a voice or see a vision does NOT mean it comes from the Highest Source of Love or is in your best interest.  This is how most cults get started. All “truth” is rooted in Love and humility. Always go to the Source.
  • Let go of the BS: Belief Systems (all of them, even this one) are created to provide structure and context to intangible truths. None of them are “the way” or “the truth.”
  • Stop the “us” and “them” mentality: Believers vs. Non-believers, “enlightened vs. ignorant,” the “awakened” vs. “those who remain asleep.” All of this thinking creates separation. As soon as you think you have found “the way” and you need to save those who are “lost,” you have become lost yourself.
  • Embrace your humanity: You’re here for the experience of contrast. Learn to love it. Contrast is not the enemy.
  • Let go of the need to ‘know’: not knowing is true freedom.
  • Just accept the fact that you are perfectly fucked-up: Let go of the need for perfection. It’s impossible to be in a physical body (as far from Source as we can get) and not be confused in some way about who we are and what the hell we’re doing here. It’s part of the experience. Accept it and move on.

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