EmBody Bliss: Self Proclaiming Party

EmBody Bliss


“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

To all the times you’ve let others eat at your own power.

To all the times you’ve denied your own intuition to follow the crowd.

To all the times you’ve changed your own opinion just to satisfy others.

To all the times you’ve been less than true to yourself to save someone hurt….

We take a step back.

In this retraction, we see the positive intention behind doing all of these things.  oneAn intention fueled by an innate love for others, and a natural desire to please and comfort others because we intuitively know we are One.

Unfortunately, we’ve forgotten the most important One in this scenario.  The One who is always there with you.  The One that moves as you, thinks as you, breathes as you, and is You.  The One who you have the opportunity to perceive the One through, at this time on Earth.

You are the most prized possession, and it’s about time you start acting like it.  It’s time you take yourself off the shelf, give yourself a good dusting, and see your vibrant colors shine through.  You don’t have to put yourself on a self to love others anymore.  The uninhibited, un-denied, full colored self is the most powerful creator there is, and if you want to start living your dream life, it’s time that you start living those colors.

As humans, we like to categorize people for our comfort.  compartWe like to reserve certain spaces for people in our lives, and whoever fits the molds – stays there.  It’s a control mechanism.  It helps us feel in control of our lives, by knowing what, where, and how someone is.  But when someone starts to shift and change, our ideas about them change, they become unknown to us, and they no longer fit into the limited mold we’ve put them in.  It starts to feel uncomfortable, sometimes too uncomfortable to accept.

Unfortunately, we also do this to ourselves.  We don’t give enough room for ourselves to grow out of the molds we’ve created.  We don’t let ourselves grow past the lives we’ve BEEN living, into the lives we only DREAM, because that may mean the loss of the only life you’ve ever known and the loss of the identity that you have with that life.  Our molds become our safety net, because we don’t know our future lives and selves yet – although they tempt us daily with their mystery.

It would benefit us to become okay with the temporarily uncomfortable feeling of not having a mold at all, and instead become a vessel moved to-and-fro by our inspiration.  There is found-ness within lost-ness – it’s called freedom.

Stop waiting for others approval of you, and start asking for your own.  Many people are nervous about being who they really feel they are.  Many people don’t believe in themselves until the world believes in them.  Many people are waiting for the world to proclaim them as something that we wish to be, or until they’ve shed enough blood, sweat, and tears to qualify for it.

But the only thing that matters is what you think about you, so I hereby invite you to my self-proclaiming party.  Tell yourself that you are what you want to be, and then plan for it.  If you have the inspiration backing it up, it’s likely that you are in alignment, and it will come to fruition.

Whatever it may be: an artist, a musician, a listener, a carpenter, a chef, a photographer, a healer, a queen, a magician, a oldmaidbotanist, a dancer, a lover, or a writer.  Maybe you decide to just embody a word: I am happiness – and live that everyday.  Maybe you ditch any labels at all and proclaim yourself to be nothing but everything.  Whatever fills you with life –be it. Because if it does fill you with life, that is the indicator that you are it!

As we welcome every part of us, we also welcome the changes that come, because they are putting us back on the path we intended – which may mean tearing away from familiarity.  It’s time to stop fighting against your current.  It’s time to give up trying.  The only thing that you came to do was be you, and you don’t have to try to do that.  Being you is the only thing you really know how to do.

Like a mother to her child, we are in the womb of the Universe.  We do not just go through one birth, but many – so allow them.  And allow others to have them too, even if that means a redefined relationship with them.  Surrendering our lives to trust in our path puts us back on the team of the All Knowing.earthwomb

We welcome the feeling of fluidity, we give up the attachment to being static and feeling the ground under our feet all the time.  We learn to feel comfortable in flight, in flow, disoriented yet oriented in trust and joy.

I dare you to be everything that you are, without fear!  I dare you to be you!


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