Jake Ducey: Into the Wind Review

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“Along my travels I had been touched by synchronicity so often that I knew to expect it.  “Coincidences” became messages from the unseen – like angels without wings, satisfying intermissions of life from a deeper level. They were omens.”  – Jake Ducey

jake small smileRecently, I stumbled upon the YouTube Channel of Jake Ducey, and I was quickly captivated by his upbeat attitude and infectious smile. After watching some of his videos, I learned that he had just experienced a major transformation in his life, and had written a book about it called “Into The Wind – My Six-Month Journey Wandering the World for Life’s Purpose.” I instantly knew I wanted to read all about his adventure and ordered myself a copy.

In his late twenties, Jake was struggling with internal unhappiness and a drug addiction.  He realized after a period of time that his behavior was not bringing him fulfillment in the way he truly desired.  He knew he needed to make a change.  After deciding to take a break from college, Jake made the decision to use some money he had saved and travel.

Visiting places such as Guatemala, Australia, Indonesia and Thailand, Into the Wind shares Jake’s moments of clarity, joy, fear, uncertainty, and a brush with death itself during his travels. Having two companions in the beginning of his journey and then going the rest of the way alone, Jake finds kindness in total strangers and discovers the universe always leads him in the right direction. His multiple country expedition led him to discover his inner strength and the importance of living our destiny.

Jake believes everyone is powerful enough to create a life filled with realized dreams by making use of our talents to serve humanity.  He learned this first hand through experience while traveling and decided spreading this message as far as possible is part of his purpose.

One of the ways Jake intends to share his message is through this book.  Jake displays the writing ability of a classic novelist, with the insight of an ancient Tibetan monk.  Fun to read and full of tidbits of wisdom, Into the Wind is an inspiring story that taught me about the importance of using our natural talents and passions to serve the greater good. It also taught me that it is possible to accomplish our dreams if we so desire, Jake’s story is proof.

You can learn more about Jake Ducey by checking out his website at http://www.jakeducey.com.

By: Jen Moeller


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