What is a Meditation Elixir?


Because I’ve received many questions about what *exactly* a meditation elixir is, I thought I’d share the basics:

Meditation Elixirs are ultimate healing elixirs for the mind, body and spirit. Each elixir is different from one person to the next. They are completely custom to each individual. Many of our elixirs assist clients in awakenings, activations, emotional and spiritual healings, as well a physical healing.

These potent elixirs contain personalized, channeled meditations intended to clear energetic blockages and help people move more fully into their bliss. Healing Meditation Elixirs contain both visual and suggested physical ingredients, the symbolic and personal meaning of the “ingredients,” and a personalized, channeled message/meditation (in written form).

Each “ingredient” contains powerful activations and healing intentions. Every meditation is different, depending on what the individuals’ energetic field tells us about what they need. Some elixirs contain past life information that is being reactivated in the person’s current life mission (for healing or expansion), others act as an activation into one’s highest life path, and others are formulated to help heal stagnant energy, clear blockages, or assist in life changes.

Check out Soul Sister Alchemy for more details!


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