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Hello Friends!

To celebrate our lovely friends on Facebook, Soul Sister Alchemy is offering a"Sale Today Only" Meditation Elixir & Intuitive Reading special one day sale! For today only our complete Meditation Elixirs (a written channeled meditation/intuitive reading with a custom essential oil blend) is 50% off our normal price! Be sure stop buy our site to take part in this special offer! Today only!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

To find out more about what a Meditation Elixir is, click here!

“I recently experienced Amanda’s Meditation Healing Elixir and to say it was profound would be an understatement. To go through this process is truly unique, and one that I had never experienced before. Amanda has a genetic ability to perceive and translate information specific to an individual that is simply cutting edge in this spiritual industry. She also has the ability to remove her own ego from the process so the information you get is truly for you. My elixir contained within it so much validation and direction along this path I have chosen to walk. It was such a beautiful experience and one that I can truly say assisted me in a great leap forward on my journey. The whole process is one that I HIGHLY recommend.”

Athena’s amazing custom blends are akin to my most precious treasures. Athena’s knowledge of essential oils is not only vast, but intuitively sagacious. To say she is a “mystical aromatherapist” is an understatement. What she provides is an aromatherapy blend that has been energetically infused with subtle energy specific to the being receiving it which will greatly assist the frequency changes you desire. Amazing!”

– Amy Landerman (Numerologist)

“I completed my meditation elixir recently, and wanted to let things sink in before writing about my experience. I’d first like to note that Amanda and Athena’s loving attention comes through in their communications. The materials I received from both of them were detailed and thorough, clearly the product of a lot of time and energy. They used all of their capacities to come up with my personalized elixir; I knew that I’d truly been seen and felt. As they suggested, I did my part to engage with their magic–reading over and feeling into the material for a couple of weeks before intuitively knowing the right time to begin.

When I did begin, I made sure to tune my attention and intention into what they had created for me. During the period of my elixir, I was given a couple of insights/experienced forgotten memories that corresponded with the blockages the elixir was working with. I also felt tender (in a good way) during that time; an intuitive friend who spoke to me while I was undergoing the elixir sensed that I had been “energetically exfoliated.” I found that to be an apt description.

Amanda’s reading reflected things I knew about myself, but with added depth and awareness, and also offered brand new perspectives. This created a powerful and valuable energetic diagnosis. Athena’s oils smell delicious, are beautifully packaged, and her descriptions have made me much more aware and appreciative of the power of essential oils and the vibrations we pick up through our sense of smell. They also of course complemented my meditation in ways that go beyond my conscious understanding. Using everything that Amanda and Athena presented to me, I underwent a cathartic and transformative process.

I write this on a new moon; I began my week-long elixir on the last new moon, so I’ve had three weeks to feel the after effects. I find myself continuing to turn my attention to things I discovered during the elixir. My heart has remained more open and I feel increasing empowerment from the themes and energies that were engaged and upgraded during the elixir. I give deep thanks and reverence to soul sisters Athena and Amanda for what they have shared with me!”

– Jared Domenico (Energy Worker)


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