Gnosis Hot Chocolate Elixirs: The Perfect Fall Treat!



Happy September, Everyone!

The leaves on the trees at the highest points of the mountains here in Utah are already turning. I love the watching the way they blush deep shades of red and orange. Even higher up, past the green pines, the Aspen trees are making their magical transformation to draping yellow leaves — resembling gold coins glittering and glowing in Summer’s fading sunlight.

Fall is my favorite season of the year! I love wearing sweaters and sipping hot chocolate while watching the morning fog wander through the mountains. In fact, chocolate is a regular staple of mine in the fall. Of course, as I am constantly on the look-out for the healthiest version of my favorite treats, and I would be amiss not to gush about my love affair with Gnosis Chocolates!

So far everything I’ve tried from Gnosis has been delicious! But some of my favorite products for the fall are their hot chocolate elixirs!  These magical blends are full of beneficial tonic herbs, and the cacao is sourced from the highest quality producers.

Simply heat up some coconut milk, add the raw cacao elixir blend, a bit of raw honey (or your favorite sweetener) and voilà! You have a cacao elixir that is delicious and nutritious (a perfect natural high!)

Here’s a lil’ bit of info about this magic (from the Gnosis website):

Chocolate was first consumed not in a bar or truffle, but as a drink… and with good reason! Drinking Chocolate contains more antioxidants, fewer fats and calories, and its nutrients are absorbed into the system more efficiently. Sweetened with low-glycemic coconut palm sugar and infused with functional herbs, we’ve taken the roots of raw chocolate and spiced it up with a Gnosis Twist.

Blend with ice on a hot summer day when that ice cream truck is calling your name and you’re craving a cold creamy sensation – here’s the healthful choice! Extremely effective in reducing coffee intake – just replace all or part of our morning cup of joe with a cup of this energizing hot cocoa.

So versatile – these functional chocolate drink mixes can be used in any recipe that calls for cacao… and even ones that don’t! Enjoy!”

To find out more about Gnosis chocolate (or to purchase some of your own), click here!


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