How Our Brain 4-D Prints Reality


Let’s Shift our brain’s processing to 4D!

The Committed Parent

“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”                    ~ The Talmud

Okay, this is a hard one. Why? Because the world feels real … and solid … and mostly outside of everything I consider to be me. But let’s begin with a brief, simple example.

I recently built a small outbuilding in our woods: “Ollie’s Love Emporium.” It’s a segregation pen and a small building for visiting female Bernese Mountain dogs in heat for the breeding business my wife has recently started up. It’s made of real wood and metal and glass, and you can touch it and walk inside it. But interestingly when we showed the Love Emporium to three different people they each had their own take on it. Zack, who’s exhausted from being a primary caregiver for his ill significant other, said, “What a great retreat space to curl up…

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