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How to Heal and Thrive as An Empath Online Class (3 part series)

Part 1: Understanding Empathic Abilities

*What does it mean to be empathic (what it is, and what it’s not) chakras3

*How childhood affects empathic abilities (and can lead to emotional issues as adults)

*What a healthy empath looks like/what it looks like out of balance

*Shadow Work

*The Dark Side of empaths (the stuff no one ever talks about)


                -Extreme projection of fear and negativity based on unhealed issues

                -Externalizing darkness/negativity as if it’s “out there” somewhere and does not                  exist within (aka

                 denial of shadow aspects, spiritual bypassing, repression, etc)

                -Disempowerment (always needing to fix and help others)

                -Religious or spiritual fundamentalism (the empathic trap)


Part 2: Healing Emotional Wounds/Acceptance/Surrender/Shadow Integration

*Begin the healing process by establishing a regular energetic hygiene routine

*Understand emotions and allow them to function properly

*Understand how and why you pick up negative/low energy and why “protection/shielding” doesn’t always work (and can sometimes make things worse)

Part 3: Tools to help you thrive

*How to recognize what energy is yours and what belongs to other people chakra 4

*Learn how to function better in crowded places

*Tips to regularly (and quickly) re-charge your energy

*How to keep your home/environment in a high vibration

*Intuitive eating and energy clearing (to avoid empathic weight gain)

*Herbal elixirs, crystals, and essential oils that help clear/uplift energy

*How to let go of the victim belief

*Accepting responsibility for your own vibration

*Not allowing emotions/energy to control you

All material/content is available through videos/audios to access at your own pace/convenience.

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How to Heal and Thrive as An Empath 3 Part Series

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23 thoughts on “Become An Empowered Empath Online Class

  1. I just listened to Amanda’s last YouTube post on the hologram…. I heard the call to respond, feel moved to do so and not sure if this is the avenue- perhaps so tho.

    what struck me…we are channelling ourselves, brilliant! how long have we (or will we) channel what seems like others, or ideas and concepts??? it seems to me to be such an intricate and intimate/private process…. organically difficult and precious. for me so many places to get stuck, or slip out of me, tho all the while the stuck or hazy places are where I’ve met me… living in, out and thru my own infancy in the “normal” arenas of life, that never felt too normal to me. seems thats the point, learning the language of one’s soul thru each weird painful and amazing thing in our field of being-

    much thanks!

    1. Yes! I totally feel you. I think the whole game is changing. What was considered “channeling” and even religious concepts, all felt outside of us (because in that paradigm, it was). But if we are all one, then we have to be channeling another aspect of ourselves because all things (and all power) is within us. And yes — learning what we are by living what we’re not. What a brilliant teacher life is. And we’re only scratching the surface — we’ve only just started waking-up to the bigger picture. We’re becoming more and more lucid in the “dream.” I wonder what else we’re capable of?!

      Thanks for your feedback. I love hearing what other’s are experiencing — helps me remember I’m not such an anomaly. 🙂

    1. I have a lot of free information on my Youtube channel and on on this site. Classes are different because I provide a classroom environment and make myself personally available. If it doesn’t resonate with you, that’s cool. There is a lot of stuff online for free. Find something that does.

      1. Good for you Amanda! =) I would absolutely love to take your classes but I can’t afford to at this time….the reason I still say “good for you” is because I got in the financial situation that I’m in because of my distorted beliefs and feelings regarding money – not only did I willingly let everyone and anyone suck me dry of energy, I also let gave away everything I had to give because I felt that it wasn’t nice to take money for or charge for anything I had or could offer. You talk about wanting to create an environment in which us empaths encourage and empower eachother and I’d like to thank you for all the really amazing free information you offer and give you props for recognizing that your time and effort are valuable and that it’s more than ok to ask for much deserved compensation for services you are able to provide as a result of your life experiences mixed with a lot of hard work developing the skills and knowledge you have to offer. I think you have a great balance worked out and your actions demonstrate a healthy ideal for those of us who haven’t quite figured it out yet to aspire to=)

  2. Hello! I was referred to you by Charis Brown. She came into the salon I work in while traveling. We began talking. She asked if I had psychic abilities. I shrugged and said maybe a little empath. She didn’t know me or my current struggles that I am currently going through. She told me about you and this site. I began reading the empath section out to my husband. I had to stop several times because everything was so accurate, and so personal. He said well if he were to say that to me I’d be upset. I admitted how true that was and it was different, because you don’t know me. I am looking forward to working on me and balancing. She came to me for a haircut but I believe I got more out of it than she did.

      1. Now as I read more on your site I am confused if it’s more hsp or empath(with hsp). I’m clouded right now. I don’t know how to figure it out. I could list a million and one stressors right now that could be pulling me away from how I’m actually feeling, so I sit here confused by my own head. I signed up for the 11 day emotional detox for empathy, but i am worried that it isn’t for me if I am hsp.

      2. The 11 Day Detox course is for anyone: empath, hsp, or anyone who wants to cleanse, energize, and reset their emotional body. In fact, most of my classes, although geared toward empaths, can be beneficial for anyone. 🙂

      3. And there is no reason to be confused. All empaths are highly sensitive in nature. But empaths do have direct experience of other people in some form. Whether you are hsp or an empath, learning to take care of yourself and your sensitivities is important. 🙂

  3. I’m having trouble signing up for your online Empath empowering class. You stated topping at 40 and I don’t want to miss this. Really need to be part of this. In an area with no means of guidance. I’m Cheryl

  4. Hey Amanda, just wanted to make contact. Have just purchased your course, ‘How to heal and thrive as an Empath’.
    Watched your YouTube video, hence my interest. Just wondering how long it takes for the course to be sent via my email? I apologise if this was mentioned on the page, was quite ate when I did it. Thanks Adam

    1. It should have been sent to you within 24 hours (via email). I’ll resend. Check your spam folder (sometimes they end up there if your server doesn’t recognize the email). I’ll resend now.

  5. Hi,
    I just heared your video on youtube recently. ..its was very informative. I thank you.
    And about the words “empath and Power”
    I would like to express my experience trusting it would help in the clearance.
    For Empath I would get the help from the five elements
    Empath – like Water,reflects the vibrations and merges them for the progressive change towards the sources
    of growth.
    Power – There are many meaning for power…but lets see it this way,
    Mechanical power of water,it run any high speed petrol engine(google petrol engine runing in water)
    True Power- The wet plant root (water)can break through mountain rocks.
    Hope I helped in some way.
    Glory to Mother Earth

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