Empathic Communication Online Class


I want more empowered empaths to join in on this conversation! Here are two excerpts from the class, an invitation to come along with us in the journey!

For those who have taken my previous class “How to Heal and Thrive as an Empath,” I am now releasing “Empathic noseparationCommunication” — the accumulation of everything we’ve worked up to.

In this class, we will be covering how empathic communication is a vibrational conversation with the Universe (and everything/everyone around us), why developing a greater sensitivity is more effective/powerful than shielding/protecting, and shutting down, and we’ll explore the implications of how empathic communication may be laying the ground work for telepathic communication.

(This video goes a bit further into my thoughts about this concept: 

In this pre-recorded, online class, we’ll cover:

Part 1: Exploring the Internal Realms (Empathic communication with our inner-verse/bodies)  
Part 2: Emboding the Inner-verse (Consciously allowing a clear/harmonic communication between our inner/outer worlds, clearing out the filters/programs, empathic telepathy) 
Part 3: Exploring the Outer Realms (the Projection/Physical world/the “other”)
Part 4: Embracing/Receiving/Making love to the External World (the Projection – the mirror reality/dream world becomes our greatest teacher, lover, friend — no more fear of the “other”)


All material/content is available through the videos/audios to access at your own pace/convenience.

Hope you’ll join us!

To register for “Empathic Communication” complete purchase through the paypal button below. You will receive a confirmation email withing 24 hours:

Empathic Communication $33

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6 thoughts on “Empathic Communication Online Class

  1. Reblogged this on Chakra Center and commented:

    The conversation I am most excited about among empaths right now is the endless (and mind-blowing) possibilities of empathic communication. I have shared two excerpts from this class (which I’ve added to this page) simply to invite more empaths into this conversation. Yes! I’m talking to you. We’re at the cutting edge of creation right now, and those of who can read, embody, and translate vibration can hone our skills and co-create this empowerment together! Telepathic communication is just one of the potentials within our reach. What else is possible?! Let’s find out!

    The private Facebook group for this class is still open too! Join us!

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