Happy Fall Equinox: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


We’re in the full swing of eclipse season/mercury retrograde, and today is the much anticipated Fall Equinox. fantasy tree

There’s been a lot of foreboding predictions about this month, everything from end-of-the-world scenarios to alien disclosure. But I’ve found that the more serious and stoic energy we put into energies like this, the more intense we feel (it’s one of those mass self-fulfilling prophetic creations) . For me, keeping it light is key. I choose to remember that this is all a game we’re playing — an illusion we’re co-creating simply for the joy of expansion and contrast. Why take it so seriously?

No doubt life can be intense, painful, and overwhelming. Belittling or minimizing the reality of hardship is futile, but putting all of our focus there is not necessarily constructive, either.

As subconscious programs (old beliefs/paradigms) come up to be cleared, visualizations work well for me — fire energyparticularly using fire energy. Maybe it’s all the Armageddon talk, but fire is so pure and transformative, that when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I like to imagine my entire auric field being cleansed by the blazing flames of cosmic energy. Rather than fear the transformation, use it!

We’re not alone! Collective energy is co-creating more harmony, which means we’re also shedding a lot of old crap. Let’s be vigilant about what we focus on. Don’t give attention to any thoughts that steal  peace. Just let it go. Take a deep breath, remember this is all for the joy of expansion, and don’t take life too seriously right now.

Happy Fall!

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