A Letter from Source


How about this? Write a letter to yourself today from your “Higher Self.” What advice would the most objective/connected aspect of you give to soothe your fears? Smooth your vibe? Relax your tension in relation to the energy around you?

Here’s what came through from me:

“The best thing you can do for yourself in this moment is to relax, receive, laugh, love unconditionally – without fault-findingmoon nature or judgment. Release everyone, including yourself, from the need to be ‘right’ or worthy. You don’t need to justify your existence by your behavior.

Yes. Everything you think/feel/do has a consequence (produces a vibrational response that will be interpreted by you based on your judgment and beliefs) but you’re at a point in the game where you know YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHAT MEANING YOU WILL GIVE THE EXPERIENCE. Meaning is everything. It’s also nothing. Because it’s all subjective.

So don’t take yourself too seriously. Just breathe in-and-out and feel what it’s like to BE here. What does it mean to BE? This is a much more interesting question than ‘what do you know?’ or ‘how do you know?’ ‘what do you believe?’

Don’t you think?

Knowing is limited. Being is unending – eternal – unrestricted.
Feel the expanse of your being. Feel the great relief of opening yourself up to nothing and everything – the great sigh of being released from having to ‘know’ or believe, and simply exist in a space that is full of breathing poems. 

Language is too limited to express the great relief of Being. Being requires no explanation, no description, no creeds or beliefs. If you have to ‘believe’ in something you are simultaneously agreeing with its opposites. Belief only serves you if it brings expansion, life, relief. Let go of anything else. And keep growing.

Being includes no-being, for everything is contained in the space of nothingness. Feel the pleasure of that. There is no fear here. It is – beyond fear. Beyond hope. Beyond heaven, even. It is complete harmony with all that is.

Just Be and allow the I Am to continue its song to sing you Awake. Till the end of your days.”


2 thoughts on “A Letter from Source

  1. I had a rough day yesterday. The energy vampires were out full force and I felt anxious, hyper-sensitive and miserable. I was finally able to take care of myself but I could still feel the effects. This morning I asked God, my guides and angels to please protect me and guide me where I needed to be and to the knowledge that I need to continue grow and learn. This afternoon my “I need to make everyone happy and fix everything self” emerged. Finally, on my way home from work I looked at my email and I have something there from the chakra center, I open it up and read your writings for today. I want to thank you because you were Gods answer to my prayer today. Thank you so much for the work you do. Your writings are beautiful and so helpful. Thanks and I look forward to your posts every day . -Meredith

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