Come Forward and Be Counted, You Are Precious Beyond Measure!


Today in the “Empathic Communication” class, we’re talking about embracing, loving, and learning from all versions of ourselves that show up in the “now.”

Often when we talk about “being the best you” or even “the most harmonic” version of ourselves, we simultaneously imply heartthat all other version are “wrong” or “bad” or “less than. The same applies to thoughts and emotions.

But as long as we are at war with ourselves, we can’t have peace. True integration is about acceptance, and true mastery is about unconditional love. It’s seeing every version of ourselves (every emotion, feeling, and thought) as VALID and useful. It may not be “true” (for example, if you’re feeling worthless), but the feeling is VALID, because it’s trying to tell you something about what you need: more self-love.

So today, I challenge you to embrace every version of yourself that shows up. Listen to it, validate it, forgive it, and release judgement.

Then open your heart, and like the sunflower, turn it toward the light. Keep pushing your heart forward (the ‘kingdom’ is advancing) to make love to this physical dimension. The illusion will reflect back to you the same acceptance/love/freedom/joy, and ease that you give yourself.

Come forward and be counted, every version of you! You’re needed, you’re valid, you’re precious beyond measure…every single one of you!

Happy Thursday!

*The “Empathic Communication class is still available for registration. Come join the fun, love, and support! Check-out this welcome video to get an idea of what we’re diving into! 


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