Empathic Communication: Love is the Key


Empathic communication is all about trust. It’s trusting our emotional guidance system, and the Source we come from. But, Illusion of separatenessit’s also about trusting our HUMAN experience. Building the pathwork for empathic/telepathic communication (in other words, harmonizing the energies on this planet) is about listening, learning, observing, and feeling. The human is experiencing the greatest impact of every vibration we carry because it is the physical world — the physical body. From Source perspective, there is nothing but appreciation and love for what we, through our limited human perspective, go through. It’s up to us to communicate back (through our vibrational blueprint) what we would prefer — what is in more harmony.

It takes time, but once we’ve dissolved the old paradigm of punishment/reward and evolve into experience/consequence, it is much easier to not see ourselves, or “God” as an enemy we are in a power struggle with. Rather, we are allies, siftng through our human experience and learning how to hold the vibration that feels the most soothing/exciting/expanding to hold, while trusting that the Source guidance within us is always pointing North.

This week I’ve been housesitting/dogsitting a puppy who has not been trained. At first I felt like I was being punished, wondering what I did “wrong” to attract such a stressful experience. But after some trial and error (I’ve never trained a dog before, much less a totally wild puppy) I realized that she and I are just learning how to communicate. She’s looking to me to show her the boundaries of this dimension (in a way that keeps her safe, AND keeps her spirit alive) and I’m learning how to communicate my needs to her. When I tried to be her “god” (and overpower her) it didn’t work — the situation turned into a power struggle. But once I began (energetically) communicating to her that I am her ally, and that it is her decision to jump on the couch, jump on me, bite, etc., that is the problem (not her) we started having clear communication. She began to trust my guidance more.

Of course, because she’s so young, the communication looks like immediately removing her from the situation (without shaming her) and putting her in her kennel. Before I would say “bad dog” but I could feel, on some level, how soul crushing that was energetically, because it was the energy of shame directed toward her most basic instinct (and personality) which is to PLAY.

I realized, of course, how much I’ve done that to my own inner-child, and how much my dad did the shame game with me. I choose to stop that energy and redirect it toward energy that builds, not destroys.

Wow. Who would have thought an experience with a dog could teach me so much? And the most amazing part of the experience is how GROUNDED this dog keeps me, because with a puppy, you have no choice but to be entirely in the moment. This has always been the most complicated piece of my self-love journey: how to stay present in the moment AND be aware of my needs/meet them (my past tendency was always to dissociate).

Empathic communication is the communion between our sense of personal power, and the heart, and we’re learning to smooth out that transmission. Let’s move out of the shame/guilt/punishment paradigm and begin to see our emotions, our sensitivities, our “higher self” and our human experience as an ally that is only trying to give us the best experience possible, not an enemy to overcome or destroy

How is your week going?

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