Empaths: Time to Work Your Magic



It’s been an INTENSE energetic storm this past week. How are y’all doing?I know we’re feeling the effects in different ways, but it’s important to remember that YOU are the touch point for your vibrational signal. Ask yourself what will wake you up, what will help you feel more engaged and alive, and go do that. Don’t shut down. Don’t give way to fear. Don’t believe the lie that you are powerless. In fact, it’s times like this we get to experience just how powerful we are.

Regardless of what anyone around you is feeling, it’s important that you get clear about how you feel and what you need, so you can get in vibrational alignment and hold that space of harmonization and flow.

The more of us that choose to hold space of acceptance with what is noseparation(which means radical acceptance of ourselves), the more smooth this transition will feel. Hold strong. The vibration of harmony is only as strong as we allow ourselves to be present with where we’re authentically at.

Don’t bypass how you feel, or even allow it to be “out there” (believing you are a victim to what others are feeling) — feel it deeply. You are everyone. Now is not the time to be in the “us vs them” mentality or to see anything as separate from you. Let’s embrace our connection and then strongly take care of ourselves so we can powerfully radiate that vibe to the world. We can feel. We can be present to pain and loss, without allowing it to overtake us or become our story.

Let’s embody the validation and love we want the world to receive at this time. We have to receive it first. If we want to give that kind of acceptance, healing, love, and grace to the world, we must experience it ourselves first. We have to authentically know we can feel and love and embrace and accept and stay powerfully present, even in the face of things we don’t like to look at.

DON’T BYPASS HOW YOU FEEL. But don’t feel like you need to take on the weight of the world. You are the touch point. Get in touch with the vibration you’re sending out right now. Is it fear? Hope? Hatred? Get present with where you are authentically resonating and work from there. THAT IS YOUR ONLY POWER. What is your intuition saying? Listen. Love. Embody. And then take action from that place of clarity. 

Embrace every emotion with open arms, let it be okay — let there be room for all aspects of you to simply BE. Then release what no longer serves your well-being and allow the soothing release of relief to fill your entire grid. This is how we hold the space for harmony. It starts with US. If we don’t take care/take charge of our vibration, we’ll be caught in the world’s shit storm and believe the lie that we are powerless to change anything.

Remember: your ability to feel IS YOUR SUPERPOWER! This is the time for you to shine! Work your magic.

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