Words are Wands


(Here’s a little excerpt from the 11 Day Emotional Detox)

Magic book

As we know, words are powerful, and they carry the energetic signature and potency of all their past etymology. It’s nearly impossible to use a English word and does not contain multiple meanings.

Consider the following:






Each word has the ability to conjure both positive, negative, and ambivalent emotions.

But the ESSENCE of each words – the TRUE meaning (for us) is individual and unique to our own heart’s journey.

It’s only when we come from the heart (a place of balance) that we can understand the essence of a word’s meaning (apart from all the negative associations that surrounds it).

It’s important to be flexible with our vocabulary, finding words we personally resonate with, while also allowing our old associations with words (that no longer resonate) to die.


Light langauge4

Words create powerful commands for the subconscious mind. They also carry an energy signature through their sound that sends subtle vibrational messages to the body.

The mind processes and releases emotional signals to the body based on the vibration, frequency, and tone of the words we use.  If we don’t want to be controlled like robots by the power of their energy (therefore, easily offended/triggered) we have to undo their meaning.

This is de-programing the mind.

Recently, I read that the Essenes (the sect of Jews Jesus and his family were apart of) believed so much in the power and purity of words, that Aramic was considered a “light language” – a sort of poetic sound expression that automatically aligns the mind with the true essence of the words. Through this sacred, geometric alignment with the energy of the words, truth can be heard, seen, and felt (apart from the personal intentions, associations, and beliefs of the one speaking).

This process of communication is referred to as “the language of the angels.” 

Before we get religious, it’s important to remember that story, like words,light language3 is about the essence. I’m not suggesting we need to learn aramic in order to speak clearly (though, who really knows?!  Ha ha). But I am pointing out there was (and always has been) an ancient understanding of words and their power.

English is the language of our mirror world. Here, double meaning and paradox resides.

Latin (which is the mother of our English roots) is the language (archetypically) of wizards and alchemist who understood how to use, tune, and conduct the energy of a word’s power to create in physical reality.  How?

Through CLEAR intention, a focused/engaged mind, and a deep/precise sensitivity to emotional and static energy.

(Otherwise known as ENERGETIC AUTHENTICITY).

The only way to embody authenticity, is to be okay with wherever we’re at in the process.

*We don’t apologize for being human or make excuses for our energy.spiral

*We take full responsibility for our creations, our thoughts, and our emotional self-care.

*We don’t make others responsible for our happiness, nor are we responsible for theirs.

*We authentically express and truthfully communicate where we’re at.

*We don’t say ‘yes’ when we FEEL ‘no.’ We don’t take on tasks we authentically know we’re not ready for, and we don’t claim to have  answers we don’t actually have.

It’s okay to say “I don’t know.”I’m unsure”I’m still figuring it out.’ ‘I’ll get back to you.’ THIS IS THE PROCESS OF CREATION. Once we say something, we create it.

Make sure you allow yourself time to find your heart’s true perspective before you speak. Practice using words that FEEL accurate to where you actually resonate (rather than what you “think” you should say).


This is how we avoid hypocrisy and judgmental energy towards ourselves and others.

Quick exercise:

How do you authentically feel in this moment? Speak (or write) what you emotionally communicate to yourself. Try to find words that resonate closest to your core intentions and sensitivities.

This is the only truth you are accountable for.

Speak your authentic truth, and it will set you free…

Happy Tuesday!


PS. (If you’re interested in signing-up for the 11 Day Emotional Detox, it will be available indefinitely).

female tree5



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