Restore and Release Your Heart


Another excerpt from the 11 Day Emotional Detox Online class:

We must allow our hearts to communicate to the mind what it needs to feel alive, safe, and engaged in living.

The mind’s job is to protect the heart, and now that we’re learning to trustmindscape the communication between heart/mind, it’s important to give the heart time to express itself. Heart expression is not about rationalizing, making excuses, giving disclaimers, or minimizing how we feel. The heart’s true expression is AUTHENTICITY.

How do you authentically feel about life? Your creations? Your focus? Pay attention to subtleties and nuance. What feels wonky or unstable? Where are you judging yourself (or others)? Where do the rough places need to be made smooth?

Trust that your higher mind will give your heart what it needs RIGHT NOW – IN THIS MOMENT. This exercise is not about waiting for a future date – or waiting until something turns up, works out, or changes. It’s about empowering yourself to listen to your ACTUAL emotional needs IN THE MOMENT (and I promise, what feels ‘off’ in this moment is connected to any overall dissatisfaction in your life).

Our hearts need to know we hear its voice, we’re listening to our true desires, and we’re moving in a direction of peace, creativity, beauty, and expansion.  The heart gains our trust as we continually give ourselves room to FEEL the experience, without judgment.

Remember: No emotions are wrong.

The Role of the Body:

When we connect to the heart, our physical embodiment becomes the Quantum entanglementinitial (and primary) focus. Emotional traumas stored in the body need to be soothed, validated, and released because our physical/palpable expression is our main point of attraction. When we’re authentic, allowing, forgiving, and graceful with our deepest vulnerabilities and our most creative passions, we make ourselves a match for a much smoother ride through all of our growth and transition (because we’re accurately expressing our needs).

Aligning the body to a graceful flow with our life experiences (including the unexpected glitches) will determine how well we receive the next upgrade. Learning to calm and deescalate our reactions during times of change is a dance all unto itself and grace is a necessary ingredient (because we don’t ever have the complete picture).

Move with a sense of grace. Laugh at yourself. And remember not to take life too seriously. The more fun you allow, the more enjoyable the experience will be.

heart water 5

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Also, check-out this audio excerpt from the class:


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