Chakra Cleanse (Pre-Release Special)


As promised, here is the link to the invite only, Chakra Cleanse!

In this class, we will make our way through the first 7 Chakras and focus on the following:

*How Chakras work, their history, and function.

*How to pinpoint emotional blocks in the Chakras, as well as how to remove (or dissolve) them.

*How to create a regular ritual for our own unique, chakra needs (to keep our energy centers healthy and powerful).

*How visualization, sound, and healing touch powerfully restore and awaken the chakra energy points.

*And a few special surprises!

Regular chakra cleanses and emotional detoxing are POWERFUL medicine for empaths. If you want to master your abilities, it is crucial to learn how to master your energy centers.

This class is a pilot for the full 13 Chakra System Class, which will be released in May (tentatively) for $222. All of you who take this class will receive the full course FREE OF CHARGE.

Having you participate in the pilot version gives me an opportunity to perfect the system I’ve been working on, so thank you for signing-up! I appreciate your willingness to explore with me.

To register, complete your purchase through the Paypal button below. Like my previous classes, this Chakra Cleanse will be hosted in a private Facebook forum where you can access the content at your own convenience. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

See you there!

7 Chakra Cleanse Online Class (Special Pre-Order) $33

Buy Now Button


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