How to Die in the Dream


(An excerpt from the Chakra Cleanse )

Now that we’re moving our way back into the heart chakra (from our new alignment), we Quantum entanglementcan start to understand (with our emotional/energetic/and mental feedback) how it feels to live from the heart, rather than the mind (or other people’s interpretation of reality in the world around us).

The memory of our true nature may come as simple reminders, long pauses where we feel euphoric, memories of the joy we felt when we were children, or excitement of realizing that YES, WE ACTUALLY CAN LIVE IN PEACE WITH OURSELVES. It’s possible to live in a reality where we are not at war with ourselves or the world around us.

When we are not sustained and fed from the truth of our heart (our God self), we remain in the victim/aggressor/savior paradigm. We forget we are the one’s dreaming up our experience, and that we are also the dream. Our dream can be as dramatic, joyful, horrific, playful, and mournful as we want to experience it. But all stories are valid and all are real.

The difference is, now we take 100% responsibility for what we are focusing on. We do not bypass how we feel, or deny the characters and experiences we have had in the past. We can’t curse our past selves without having the curse come back in our current dream, because anything we sow, we reap. This is the nature the dreaming reality.

A gentle and authentic transition is pivotal in the process of waking up, because if we try to force ourselves or others to see reality the way our fears or insecurities want us to continue to see it, we will always be a slave. The way we we opt out of beliefs and consensus realities that are not true to our inner knowing, is by discontinuing participation.

Everything won’t change at once, it rarely does. But the more we allow our inner knowingEmpath eye to guide us (hint: you are God), the more we will experience the truth of that knowing within our dream.

We are not gods over anyone else’s dream. There is only your dream and you are the only sovereign authority over that dream. If you want your reality to reflect that truth, you have to accept and surrender to the fact that YOU are the central character in your dream.

Chakra cleansing is not a process of bliss. It’s a process of allowing the death of all you were, to be the anchor for the reality of your birthright. You are dead. I am dead. But here we are. Still dreaming. There must be reason. What story does your dream want to tell?

Once you wake up within the dream and remember you are the one dreaming, the only way of going back to the old paradigm is to go back to sleep.

And we do. When triggers come up – anything from our past experiences that told us we were unsafe will be challenged. When they do come up, it is ESSENTIAL that we don’t judge ourselves, but remember that our minds have been indoctrinated with 2000 years of programming that convinced us the dream is more powerful than the dreamer. In order to be free of that dream, means we have to die to it. And some of this is quite literally reprogramming our minds so our brain can be properly wired to the new dream.

Death is a transition process. It puts us through disorientation with our reality, and  it’s normal.

At this point of integration, identifying with our old paradigm (aka believing we are still rubbing the lampdisempowered or inservitude to the illusion) causes us to be pulled back into past versions of our old way of operating (identifying again as either a victim, an aggressor, or a savior).

Those roles are all apart of who we have been in crucial stages of our dream, so rather than demonizing that paradigm, in this transition period we have the opportunity to use those same functions for our own internal/cellular alignment. Our bodies get rid of what no longer serves us, heals and restores the dreams of our hearts, and reminds us with full clarity that we are not problems to be solved, issues to be fixed, or evil to eradicate.

Cleansing our chakras requires us to be gentle with our past selves, because if we continue to make someone or something an enemy we must combat, we will not escape the nightmare.

As we cleanse our lower Chakras to be in alignment with the truth of innermost self (our restored heart), we begin a process of releasing. Know that during this process the heart will activate the deepest spark of who we are – this includes all of our dreams and vulnerabilities. We’re writing our own mythological characters, so to speak, but we are also awake and living them as fully embodied entities. We are what we tell ourselves we are.

Release all storylines from the old paradigm of your dreams. These are normal realms to pass through when we remember the fullness of our hearts and our love for creation. Our brain still has memory of what the contrast to our dream was/is – but now the contrast serves to make the dream more vivid, more alive, and more beautiful, and more consistent (therefore, less traumatic and disorienting).

Once we release the story line of who we were (all the judgments, etc.) we receive the truth of what we have always been, because what other truth can trump this:

You exist and you are aware that you do.

The question is, what will you do with that awareness?

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