The Real Reason Empaths Feel Powerless


[An excerpt from the “How to Get Out of the Matrix” online class]:

“Pay to Cesar what is Cesar’s” – Jesus

An age old belief in many spiritual traditions is that we are to “forsake the world.” Yet, the idea of being completely disconnected or “above” the reality of our world doesn’t really make sense, because we are partaking of its resources and using it as a hosting ground for our life and creations. We live here and everything we do affects everything else.

Truthfully, this realm is a tool. If we demonize the world and its functions (money, contrast, etc), we will be in constant conflict with ourselves, which leads to perpetual feelings of guilt.

This form of spiritual bypass is the primary reason for immobility and fear of moving forward — especially for empaths and HSP. We feel so deeply wounded and fed-up with the world, that we relinquish our power within it. Somehow, having no power feels better than being powerful in a world obsessed with control and led by fear.

Rather than use our sensitivities to connect with our innermost powers of healing and restoration, we surrender to the fears that have immobilized our very will to engage with life. We’ve already made-up our minds that the world is a bad place and we’re victims within its cruel snares. All that’s left now is for us to hide out and wait until our coming salvation (death) and allow the world “out there” to continue to grow bigger and more powerful than the Kingdom within.

We must take back our power, and that means realizing we are not helpless. Immediately, this instant, we must remove our focus and emotional attention from ANY thought that is draining our life force…

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