Empaths: Include Abundance in Your Plan or Deplete your Life Force


Now, more than ever, the collective is asking for restoration. Humanity wants its full

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heart back — it is asking for peace. As empaths, we feel both sides of the asking. We feel the call at our deepest levels — the command for a new way of being.

If everything in your life feels shifty right now, this may be a large reason why.

When we serve a lack mindset, fear motivates us, guilt controls us, and shame disempowers us. Lack separates us from our hearts and causes us to compromise our true dreams and desires. Lack depletes our life force.

Abundance is a mindset. It is not about money, it is about resonance. Abundance is a choice.

It is love, not fear that motivates an abundance mindset. Desires fuel us, passion empowers us, and excitement keeps us creating. When we commit to this way of being, we become servants of peace – true masters of the matrix. We beat the game.

However, we cannot step into our role without our full hearts. We cannot receive heaven without the “well spring of life.”

That is why this all seems so scary. Going toward the heart means going toward the wound – the wound of lack. We must meet the unmet needs.

You know you are in the lack matrix if your primary emotions are anger, fear, resentment, and disempowerment. In lack, we fog our clarity, feel disconnected from intimacy, and cut off from community. Lack is ultimately destructive isolation.

Clarity, joy, and creative expression, however, dominate our emotions when we come from an abundance mindset. Abundance connects us to others, ignites our passions, restores our courage, and gives us access to innovation and imagination. Abundance is the ultimate adventure in evolution.

Empaths: Now is the time to let the old matrix die. You are a touch point for the collective, and when you shift, BIG THINGS HAPPEN. You not only free yourself, you free everyone in your world who is counting on you to hold him or her together. You set them free because you embody freedom, and therefore give them access to its reality. True freedom is empowerment, being free from the intermediary.

When empaths make the shift, the world changes.

If you are ready to step into abundance and get your power back, here are seven essential keys to help you captain these new waters.

Happy treasure hunt!


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