7 Day Detox for Empaths: Never Feel Drained Again


What is an empath?

An empath is a person who feels what others are feeling. Empaths are often helpers, givers, teachers, and natural healers.  Empaths transmute energy.

Am I an empath?

Answering ‘yes’ to the following questions will help you determine:

  1. Do I naturally focus most of my thoughts and emotions on others?
  2. Am I drawn to be a giver, or helper, or a healer?
  3. Do I often have trouble separating my emotions from other people’s emotions?
  4. After busy social events, I feel exhausted or emotionally drained (and often don’t know why)
  5. I have either strong resistance or a strong pull to spending time alone.

Being an Empath (Pros and Cons)

Pros: Emotional intelligence, pulse on the human experience/collective, ability to relate peace12to complex emotions (hold space for the experience of feeling), manifest powerfully, in HIGH DEMAND (everyone needs someone who can hold space for their humanity – especially now)

Cons: Easily drained (when we do not have excellent self-care), easily overwhelmed by energy, do not thrive in dense and stagnate environments, easily manipulated by emotions, easily gas-lighted,.  (That why how you feel is all that matters)

This happens because we have learned to survive by harmonizing the energy around people – if others feel better than so will we (so we think). Unfortunately, the truth is that when we focus all of our energy on the other, we bypass our deeper needs and ultimately drain our life force. Not knowing how to use and empower our empathic abilities can be detrimental to our health.

Here are 5 Steps to Never Feeling Drained Again

  1. Practice excellent self-care
  2. Meet your needs DIRECTLY (what is your deepest vulnerability/need? Meet it).
  3. Learn to say NO (and be authentic about how you feel).
  4. Stop trying to rescue everyone (it is not your job, you’re robbing them of their own empowerment, and draining your own energy in the meantime, it’s nonsensical).
  5. Take up space (especially in your body)

Wanna go deeper?

Join the 7 Day Detox for Empaths (And Never Feel Drained Again!)

This class will give you specific tools and steps to unplug from the lack matrix and step fully into your power.

Each week will provide one simple step to declutter your life and make choices that include your well-being. We will untangle ourselves from commitments and contracts that are not based on the win/win/win, learn to tap into our deeper needs (and meet them directly), and gain tools that help empower our lifeforce (rather than drain it). This is a must-have class for any empath who is tired of feeling manipulated and wants their life back.

All material is pre-recorded, offered on a password protected page, and intended to go at your own pace.

The first 10 people to pre-register receive 1-year access to the VIP GOLD group ($111 value), and admission to a private Facebook group where I will host 3 LIVE chats to connect personally, answer your questions, and help give you the tools to move forward.

Register here!
7 Day Detox for Empaths (Never Feel Drained Again!) $55
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+ 1 Year FREE access to the VIP GOLD for first 20 registered ($111 value)

Class will be released October 17th.

Can’t wait to connect!


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