Empaths: You’re Being Intentionally Triggered


I’ve worked with empaths for the past 6 years and here’s what I have learned:

The Problem: Disempowerment (Lack Programming)

  1. We’re tired and overwhelmed (unbalanced in our relationships with ourselves, our life, and others)-
  2. We’re out of touch with our needs
  3. We don’t understand who we *really* are or why we’re here (or why we feel everyone)
  4. We self-sabotage

Solution: Become Masters of our Creation (Abundance Training)

  1. We need to be empowered
  2. We need to meet our needs
  3. We need to understand why we’re here
  4. We need to integrate our shadow (claim our power and create consciously – become masters of our own matrix).

Highest leverage point: Reset your navigation to abundance. You’re going to feel and it’s important that you do. The answer to the overwhelm isn’t to stop feeling, it’s to stop believing (and fueling) programs of lack.

Why We’re Here:

To help evolve the species into more heart-centered awareness. To overcome the programs of lack through self-love and self-empowerment.

How do we do this?

By ending the war within us. By loving ourselves (our humanity) and restoring our hearts (reprogramming – overcoming the programs of lack.


Here’s a video with some more deets:

Want to go deeper? Sign-up for my FREE MASTERCLASS on the Abundance Matrix and learn everything you need to know for the next level of the game.




6 thoughts on “Empaths: You’re Being Intentionally Triggered

  1. I have been either following my heart voice or it gets drained away because I feel so powerless sometimes. I get so frustrated with myself. Then I begin to listen to the hurt parts of myself…so I feel like I have been driving in circles until this past week. Alot has happened. I no longer feel like I need to beliked by everyone and that Ineed their love. I also have been able to put up boundaries like never before. Thank you for being a go to source for balance – Naomi

  2. Hello I love watching your YouTube video about Empaths!
    I connected with what you’re saying and when you talked about what’s going on inside of us that’s exactly ., what is been going on with me for so long
    thank you
    I look forward to seeing the masterclass

  3. It feels so good to hear someone talking about what I know but haven’t been able to articulate!

    Is the masterclass sign up the form right at the end of the article? It’s not precisely clear and I haven’t received a confirmation email.

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