11 Day Emotional Detox (for 2019!)


Tomorrow is the first day of a new year and I’m celebrating by kicking off my NEW and IMPROVED


This cleanse is designed to help us shift old, stagnate emotional energy out of our chakras and consciously welcome in NEW vibrant emotional energy that will help fuel our dreams into reality.

Emotions are the fuel for creation and when we carry stagnate/stuck emotional energy in our chakras, we block the flow of creation.

Ring in the New Year with me by clearing out the old and welcoming in the NEW.

Get this epic 11 day cleanse for only $11.11

Hope to “see” you next year!


Join the 11 Day Emotional Detox  – $11.11 (see below if you’ve purchased a previous version of this cleanse).  SOLD OUT

Cleanse details:

This cleanse is designed to go at your own pace. All content will be sent to your inbox. This is a DIY online class. All you need is email and internet access.

NOTE: If you’ve purchased the 11 Day Emotional Detox in the past, you get this new version FREE OF CHARGE. Simply fill out the form below and include the email you purchased the original cleanse with.



(Shared from my Abundance Matrix website)


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