Feel Like Shit? Love Yourself More (Mercury Retrograde Advice)


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Below is an excerpt from my “How to Make Love to Your Life” class. I wanted to share it with my blog readers because a lot of us are going through powerful cycles of change and transition and the most powerful thing we can do is to allow LOVE and UNDERSTANDING to be what guides us (rather than judgement and fear).

I hope this little excerpt blesses you!



Are you feeling Mercury Retrograde yet?

I felt this energy a couple days early, and I’ve been in a weird cloud like I’m suspended OUTSIDE of time.

Last week I felt alive, confident, AWAKE. This week I’ve felt like “What am I doing here, again? What’s my mission? Why am I teaching this class?”

Mercury Retrograde is one of a trillion different reasons I could use to explain “why” I feel this way, but what matters most to me is the reminder that we don’t always feel happy, and we don’t always know what to do (even when we’ve learned so much — even when we have tools to help along the way). 🛠

This helps me remember that I’m not MORE worthy of love when I feel good or when I’m performing well. In fact, it’s in the times when I don’t feel great that I need to apply love and understanding the most.

In the past when I would cycle through these lower energies, I wasted my energy judging and analyzing myself to death to figure out what was “wrong.”

Now I’ve learned the most productive way to use my energy when we feel low is to accept it. Allow it. Learn from it. And most importantly, to give myself even MORE love and understanding (not less).

We are cyclical beings and we’re always moving through cycles of energy. These cycles (like our spiraled DNA) spin us through collective programming and waves of creation that everyone feels (albeit, in our own timing)

When you’re empathic/highly sensitive, you feel these energies IN YOUR CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. It can affect absolutely everything about how you function.

Part of thriving as an empath is learning to accept these cycles and not falling victim to the belief that “something is wrong” when we don’t feel amazing.

The more present we are to how we feel and the more love and understanding we give to ourselves, the faster the cycles pass (and the DNA gets upgraded in the process).

Remember, we are not LINEAR. Time is not linear. We can experience cycles that repeat patters from thousands of years ago. It’s in our blood.

This is why, in order to THRIVE, we must get out of the performance based model of living. We are not here to earn or prove our worth.

Yes, growth and expansion is important to health, but the energy of “striving” is a resistant energy that causes a subtle war with our natural rhythms.

Any time we feel we are “fighting” against the natural flow of our energy, we are going against our health.

Acceptance of where we’re at is KEY. When we judge how we feel we restrict our energy field and stagnate our growth.

So often we get caught up in the “right and wrong” game. We’re obsessed with being “right” and therefore “good” (and therefore “worthy” of a good life) and the problem with this type of thinking is it sets us up for failure.

We fail because if we are “wrong” or “bad” or “not good enough” we unconsciously withhold love (life force) and therefore restrict our our growth (and health!).

If you only get ONE THING out of this “How to Make Love to Your Life” class, I hope it’s the power to quit overthinking, over analyzing, and judging yourself (and  your life).

Instead, BLESS the experience. Accept the experience. Feel the experience. Allow the experience. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND INTO YOUR HEART.

The heart is the safest place to be in this transition. If we root ourselves in the mind, we might go insane.

The key to being the heart is to BLESS everything in our lives. This is an important energy because the energy of the lack matrix is about judgement (and all judgement is rooted in fear).

We withhold our love and understanding from anything we don’t deem “worthy” of being loved. We do this because we fear that if we love something that is “wrong” then we will be “wrong” (and therefore we won’t be worthy of love).

You see how the lack matrix works? It convinces us to withhold the very medicine the entire planet needs, because we are afraid there is not enough of it to give and therefore we create a deficiency by default.

I might sound like a broken record at this point but I don’t even care. The thinking patterns of the lack matrix are so prevalent that we must call out it’s BS over and over again. We must see how NONSENSICAL this way of thinking is so we can actually change it.

Take some time to examine your day-to-day life and ask yourself: “What area of my life am I experiencing the most resistance?”

What triggers you? Where do you experience the most anger and frustration with your reality? Get as specific as you can (example: my marriage, my job, my diet, my body, my relationships, politics, etc).

Then, make the commitment to BLESS this area of you life on a regular basis. Begin your day by tuning into how it would feel to be at peace with this area of your life.

Remember, where we are most in resistance is also where we are spending a tremendous amount of life force energy.

Resistance is EXPENSIVE!

As we begin to bless the areas our energy is caught in, we free up a lot of power and can use that energy in ways that actually give back to us (rather than drain us). Releasing resistance is powerful medicine.

Commit to at least 22 days of blessing (rather than trying to control) these areas of resistance and see what happens.

I’d love to hear your thoughts/feed back.

Much love and blessings to you during this Mercury Retrograde!


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(Shared from my Abundance Matrix website)

How to Use the Astral Network


Empaths: Connect to the Astral Network (Plus Facebook LIVE Excerpt)


**Here’s another little excerpt from the Abundance Matrix website. I wanted to share it over here on Chakra Center, too.**

This is important.

Did you know we have an entire network of support outside of our 3d matrix? And the best part is, it’s not limited by the systems and hoops we have to jump through to get seen or connected in the 3d world. Access is not based on “worthiness.”

The Astral Network is used by everyone, but not many know how to use it consciously, purposefully, or with discernment (which is pretty unfortunate, because it’s a powerful tool that can be used to make our lives a whole lot easier). The problem is, when we unconsciously use it, it can make our lives a whole lot worse.

Empaths, you know those “unseen” realms you tune into? The world of the subconscious mind? Remember the whole “we only consciously use 10% of our minds” speech? Well, it’s true! But what if you could use your empathic gifts to tap into the other 90% of your abilities?

Empaths, intuitives, healers, and extra-sensories are all vital technology in this intricate web of multidimensional creation. When we tune our abilities into CO-CREATING heaven on earth, we strengthen the signal of this “web” and create more energetic access to it.

As each of us individually use our gifts to channel Heaven on Earth within our own electromagnetic field, we create a powerful bandwidth that opens up the gates (portals) for multidimensional assistance/healing (kinda like the “new” Internet, but rather than limiting our connection to the “world wide web,” we expand our signal out into the Multiverse). This is the next level “online business” (I also call this “Astral Networking”).

Think of connecting and co-creating with other aspects of life across worlds and dimensions. Anything that ever was or has been created exists and is available to us via this “network” and what we can do with it is unlimited.

This network of intuitives, empaths, psychics, and healers, is state-of-the-art technology and as we transcend the superstitious Dark Ages, we can finally understand how our power truly works in relationship to our co-created reality.

Yes. Our gifts can be used in service of Lack or Abundance, but we must know how our gifts and abilities are used in the Astrals and that we have a choice in the matter (if you don’t use your gifts, you lose them).

This realm has more power than we think.

Here’s an excerpt of a full LIVE I shared in my private VIP Facebook group on the subject. Because this info is so important, I wanted to share it with everyone.

If you’re interested in going deeper, FREE LIVE WORKSHOP called “How to Use the Astral Network to Program Abundance into Your Reality.”

This workshop will be hosted in a private Facebook group on Saturday, November 17th from 11 am – 2 pm MST.

If you can’t make the LIVEs real-time, the info will be available in the group indefinitely (and you can pre-submit any questions you have — I’ll address them LIVE).

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Personal Video Session for You (SOLD OUT)


*I posted this on my Abundance Matrix blog but wanted to make it available to all my peeps here at Chakra Center.

Every day I receive messages on Youtube and my blog asking for personal sessions. Apart from being on sabbatical this summer, I felt led to only do 1:1 session when I felt called or inspired.

However, recently the major energy shifts and polarization have caused many empaths to feel triggered, confused, or scattered in their energy signature. Many of you have asked for personal guidance or insight/clarity on your current assignment.

Because of this I felt called to offer 10 personal 1:1 session. But rather than doing a phone or Skype session, I will create a personal 30 min video for you answering your questions and giving you my personal reading for your current situation.

I know it’s a MAJOR time for empaths and we need as much clarity and support as we can get. So for those of you who have been asking, here you go!

(I will begin recording the personal videos next week. Expect a 5-7 day turn around on your video). I only have 10 spots available.

Once you purchase a session, I will send you an email with questions as to your current situation and what you need clarity about.

My intention is to use my gifts to help you see through the fog and play the leverage points that move you to the next level.

I’m excited to connect with you!

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Also, here’s a video about the current shift that may help

How to Activate Your Algorithm of Abundance (Free Master Class)


Another GEM from The Abundance Matrix website:

Abundance is not an amount of money, mastering the system, or beating some external game through external action. Abundance is a state of being, and the more each of us, individually fuel this state of being within our own resonance, the more abundance will manifest into our co-created reality.  This IS how it works.

One of the most potent and powerful truths few tap into is that ALL CHANGE starts from within. We cannot ignore the internal, and expect the external to change. But when we shift within, everything in the external MUST FOLLOW SUIT (this is LAW).

Let’s get back into the driver’s seat of our creation (the heart) and guide our resonance toward our inherent abundance. We’re building the streets of heaven, after all.

“How to Activate Your Algorithm of Abundance” is nearly two hours of unedited, raw content. Eventually, it will be in a much prettier package, but a lot of the “pearls” are often in the rough draft.

I’d love to hear your thoughts:

Chakra Cleanse Online (Archived) Class Available


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*How to create a regular ritual for our own unique, chakra needs (to keep our energy centers healthy and powerful).

*How visualization, sound, and healing touch powerfully restore and awaken the chakra energy points.

*And a few special surprises!

Regular chakra cleanses and emotional detoxing are POWERFUL medicine for empaths. If you want to master your abilities, it is crucial to learn how to master your energy centers.

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7 Questions to Ask Before Making Big Decisions in 2018


I posted these questions on my new Abundance Matrix website, and I wanted to make sure you all received it here on Chakra Center:

To help us usher in the matrix of Abundance in 2018, here are 7 questions to ask yourself before making any big decisions:

  1. Does this decision make me feel expansive and limitless (or restrictive and limited)?
  2. Is this decision a win/win/win (win for myself, others, and the planet — win for my body, mind, and heart)?
  3. Is this decision prompted by what I want (or running from what I don’t want)?
  4. Does this decision promote compassion and understanding (or judgment and criticism)?
  5. Is this decision motivated by love (or fear)?
  6. Does this decision leave room for my humanity (or does it foster perfectionism)?
  7. Does this decision feel authentic to who I am (or patronizing to my inner being)? 

If we continue to make decisions based on survival and fear programs, we only create more lack on the planet.

Choose wisely!

Peace out.

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Heal the Wound of Lack in 2018!


Here’s another excerpt from my NEW Abundance Matrix website. Be sure to visit and follow in order to receive all the updates and master classes for Abundance.

To kick things off, here is a FREE mini MASTER CLASS I created to get us all pointed in the right direction for Abundance this year. Get ready to dive deep, cuz we’re doing this!

Cheers to the healing of our planet, and the astronomical abundance that’s about to rain down because of people like you, making the Shift.


Take Authority Over Your Life And Claim Your Abundance (Free LIVE)


In case you’ve missed it, I’ve created a new website that will host all of my new training info for the Abundance Matrix. Here is the latest blog post. Make sure to visit my new website to subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

Declaration for the New Year:

“I delete all contracts, all timelines, all destructive beliefs, all paradigms that are not in alignment with Humanity’s thriving, or with my thriving. I delete them all.

I choose love, I choose to understand, I choose my heart, I choose to feel, I choose to have wisdom about my emotions, I choose not to identify with my emotions or thoughts. I am all things. I am. I just am.

And from that beingness, I choose Love. I choose Abundance.”

Hello Abundance Matrix insiders!

2018 brings a powerful ushering in of abundance, but in order to partake of it, you must learn to tune-in!

The problem is, the lack matrix has taught us to mistrust our hearts, suppress emotions, and downplay our power.

Here’s the thing: True abundance and thriving cannot be coerced or forced — it must be RECEIVED. It takes a willingness to die to the Lack matrix — to the person you were when you believed the world was limited and abundance scarce.

Truth: you are powerful beyond measure and capable of manifesting everything you need.

Fact: You’ve simply given that power away to a system that can has taught you to tune-out of your heart (the well-spring of life) and tune-in to LACK.

Today I want to give you access to a Facebook LIVE I did in the 6 Week Abundance Training for Conscious Creators. In this LIVE, I talk about the power of your heart and how to tune back into your navigation system so you can learn to fully access the Abundance Matrix.

The full 6 Week Abundance Training for Conscious Creators will be available Jan. 8th. When you sign up, you’ll have a full year’s access to the VIP GOLD group on Facebooks where I do Abundance Training LIVE’s every week.

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Empaths: You’re Being Intentionally Triggered


I’ve worked with empaths for the past 6 years and here’s what I have learned:

The Problem: Disempowerment (Lack Programming)

  1. We’re tired and overwhelmed (unbalanced in our relationships with ourselves, our life, and others)-
  2. We’re out of touch with our needs
  3. We don’t understand who we *really* are or why we’re here (or why we feel everyone)
  4. We self-sabotage

Solution: Become Masters of our Creation (Abundance Training)

  1. We need to be empowered
  2. We need to meet our needs
  3. We need to understand why we’re here
  4. We need to integrate our shadow (claim our power and create consciously – become masters of our own matrix).

Highest leverage point: Reset your navigation to abundance. You’re going to feel and it’s important that you do. The answer to the overwhelm isn’t to stop feeling, it’s to stop believing (and fueling) programs of lack.

Why We’re Here:

To help evolve the species into more heart-centered awareness. To overcome the programs of lack through self-love and self-empowerment.

How do we do this?

By ending the war within us. By loving ourselves (our humanity) and restoring our hearts (reprogramming – overcoming the programs of lack.


Here’s a video with some more deets:

Want to go deeper? Sign-up for my FREE MASTERCLASS on the Abundance Matrix and learn everything you need to know for the next level of the game.



7 Day Detox for Empaths: Never Feel Drained Again


What is an empath?

An empath is a person who feels what others are feeling. Empaths are often helpers, givers, teachers, and natural healers.  Empaths transmute energy.

Am I an empath?

Answering ‘yes’ to the following questions will help you determine:

  1. Do I naturally focus most of my thoughts and emotions on others?
  2. Am I drawn to be a giver, or helper, or a healer?
  3. Do I often have trouble separating my emotions from other people’s emotions?
  4. After busy social events, I feel exhausted or emotionally drained (and often don’t know why)
  5. I have either strong resistance or a strong pull to spending time alone.

Being an Empath (Pros and Cons)

Pros: Emotional intelligence, pulse on the human experience/collective, ability to relate peace12to complex emotions (hold space for the experience of feeling), manifest powerfully, in HIGH DEMAND (everyone needs someone who can hold space for their humanity – especially now)

Cons: Easily drained (when we do not have excellent self-care), easily overwhelmed by energy, do not thrive in dense and stagnate environments, easily manipulated by emotions, easily gas-lighted,.  (That why how you feel is all that matters)

This happens because we have learned to survive by harmonizing the energy around people – if others feel better than so will we (so we think). Unfortunately, the truth is that when we focus all of our energy on the other, we bypass our deeper needs and ultimately drain our life force. Not knowing how to use and empower our empathic abilities can be detrimental to our health.

Here are 5 Steps to Never Feeling Drained Again

  1. Practice excellent self-care
  2. Meet your needs DIRECTLY (what is your deepest vulnerability/need? Meet it).
  3. Learn to say NO (and be authentic about how you feel).
  4. Stop trying to rescue everyone (it is not your job, you’re robbing them of their own empowerment, and draining your own energy in the meantime, it’s nonsensical).
  5. Take up space (especially in your body)

Wanna go deeper?

Join the 7 Day Detox for Empaths (And Never Feel Drained Again!)

This class will give you specific tools and steps to unplug from the lack matrix and step fully into your power.

Each week will provide one simple step to declutter your life and make choices that include your well-being. We will untangle ourselves from commitments and contracts that are not based on the win/win/win, learn to tap into our deeper needs (and meet them directly), and gain tools that help empower our lifeforce (rather than drain it). This is a must-have class for any empath who is tired of feeling manipulated and wants their life back.

All material is pre-recorded, offered on a password protected page, and intended to go at your own pace.

The first 10 people to pre-register receive 1-year access to the VIP GOLD group ($111 value), and admission to a private Facebook group where I will host 3 LIVE chats to connect personally, answer your questions, and help give you the tools to move forward.

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