The Saturday Post: Put the Christ back in Christ-consciousness

The Saturday Post


The internet is a place just like any other, it has high vibrations and it has low vibrations. Perhaps you’ve seen the joke photos and Christian propaganda flying around.  “Put the Christ back in Christmas”  “Christmas trees for Sale -To Christians Only-”


christ-masThe later of the two, and there are many more, really made me cringe.

I am of the opinion that Yashua Ben Yoseph, a.k.a. Jesus, was an ascended master manifested into our plane by our request to teach us about ascension, source perspective, heart space and many other wonderful things.  I also consider Buddha, Adamus Saint Germain and others in this category.


If you happen to have other ideas about the matter, more power to you.  We need all the collective insight on the matter possible to get an accurate perspective.

In my mind, I like to think of source/god as the proverbial elephant in a room filled with blind people.

All of these blind people represent the different religions of the world going up, touching the elephant and trying to figure out what it is.



Depending on what portion of the source elephant you touch, you will indeed get a different perspective. It is only once we cast of the difference of opinion and combine all the individual perspectives into a collective perspective will we really begin to see the shape of the source elephant take form.


The constantly evolving s situation n we find ourselves in today is one of argument.

The person touching the trunk of the source elephant is convinced beyond reproach that the animal is in fact a snake.

The person touching the belly thinks it’s a hippo and he touching the ear is determined to say, “You fools!  It’s odiously a large bat!”  When in all reality, they are all wrong not for the sake of ill effort, but of non cooperation.

Lest we continue on the path we currently sit in.  One where not only is the other person dead wrong;  they are not even allowed to consider our point of view unless it is adopted without question and followed to the tee.  Hence all of the, “If you’re not a REAL Christian than Christmas is off limits!”  signage.

We are at a tipping point at this very moment.  We have the option, thanks greatly to the internet, to take in the point of view of the other blind people.  Connect with them and together, formulate a holistic view, tip the scale and walk on into the new age, the now age.


Happy Holidays.  Namaste.

Jamie Mortinson


Wednesday’s Wondrous World: The Authentic Self

Wednesday’s Wondrous World


Wednesday Banner

Welcome to another wonderful edition of Wednesday’s Wondrous World!  This week we have decided to delve into the elusive reality of the authentic self.  For some reason- probably because the human brain likes to make things more complicated than it really needs to be- the embodiment of the authentic self has become this mysterious animal that everyone is searching for.  “How do I become my authentic self?  What is it?  Where do I find it?”


Becoming your authentic self is as simple or as hard as you make it.  In all reality we should really refer to this process as BEING your authentic self.  We are not human becomings, we are human beings!  One does not become their authentic self, they already are their authentic self.

This, like so many other vehicles of change, it is more about forgetting than learning how to do something new.  The authentic self dwells within us all, sitting there, waiting for it’s time to shine.  All one must really do to bring it forth from the depths is to peel back the layers of  programming we’ve all had tacked on us from childhood and beyond.

Sit and remember all of those moments when you were told you were weird, strange, not good enough and out of place.  First of all, forgive the people that said those things.  They were operating from a place of fear and your then authenticity made them uncomfortable about their non-authenticity.  After that, think about what you were doing, how it made you feel to do it, why you were doing it?  From this place of self observation, with the assistance of our emotional compasses we can now decide (without judgment)  whether those action were part of our authentic self.

That’s all it is really, doing what feels the best at any given moment without judgment.  Once the self critic is fired and replaced with the inner cheer leader it becomes so much easier to follow your bliss and be your authentic self.  Because those two actions are so intertwined; it’s amazing once you get started with one the other almost immediately follows.

blissful isolationThe authentic self knows where the bliss party is at my friends and that is the best gift anyone can give to this world.  If anyone still holds the thought pattern of “following your bliss is selfish” please take a moment to imagine what our planet would look like if everyone was being their authentic self and following their bliss.  I am quite confident from this place of inner peace and love all our “problems” would be solved in record time by a team of giggling blessed out friends that no one could ever stop, nor would they want to.

I will leave you with this image to serve us on our quest for inner awesome.  You drop a quarter on the ground and begin to look for it.  You spend many moments searching and searching until you finally get frustrated and give up looking, deciding it wasn’t really the quarter for you anyways.  Taking a step back, ready to start in a different direction you now see the quarter was under your shoe the entire time.  What you were looking for so hard, even to the point of anger and frustration, was with you all along.  All you had to do was stop looking for it and make the decision to move.  Namaste Friends.







The Saturday Post: Sophie’s Way

The Saturday Post

feature photo

cheese head beerI live in northeastern Wisconsin, not exactly the enlightenment, one love, open minded capital of the United States.  We’re known for cheese heads, factories, and binge drinking.  Lessons come daily, sometimes hourly; and positive focus is hard but it is very possible.

couple-laughingWhat brings on this heavy hearted talk?  Today, yesterday now, I was in a big box store grocery shopping.  I saw many situations that made me smile, couples laughing together, excited grandmothers in the craft isle, two handicapped people racing on their motor carts;  Ok, that one made me laugh.

But the moment that stuck with me, that really struck my heart was in the checkout.  I had searched out my favorite cashier and took my place in line.  As I know about the psychology used in designing junk food packaging, I try to people watch instead of looking at the candy while I wait my turn.  The man with his two daughters in front of me were my subjects, I watched.

My favorite cashier, Sophie, was delightful and bubbly as ever asking the man how his day was after he shoved the two girls along and firmly instructing them to stand there and not to move from that spot.  He proceeded to inform Sophie how the two girls could not behave in the store properly, standing in the middle of the isles, not getting out of the way for other shoppers, and just being general space cases.  He seemed very drained and upset.

At this point, I felt waves of anger rush over me regarding this man for is insensitivity towards his girls whom were still young and standing there, listening to him speak about them.  Resisting the urge to tell him off, I watched Sophie swoop in with her usual calm and cheery demeanor to save the day.  She softly comforted the man making his concerns feel valid also adding a hidden complement to the girls making them smile.  By the time their short transaction was completed, all were smiling and on their merry way.

I was stunned.  Sophie is a light worker and she probably doesn’t even know it, and a hell of a good one I might add!  Had she responded how I felt, rudely and insensitive toward the man, he probably would have become more agitated and scolded the girls further in the car on the way home.  But no, by being kind and understanding before all parties she set forth one of the best examples I have seen of how to diffuse a seemingly negative situation through kindness and active listening.

Well done Sophie!  What a wonderful example she sets for those around her.  No wonder I seek her out every time I’m ready to check out of the store.  It just goes to show you, lessons are everywhere, even at the check out of a big box store.  It’s up to us to find them and see the light in the darkness.

couple drinking tea

Oh, and next week Sophie promised to bring me some of her favorite recipes!  What a joy life is!  Namaste!

Training Camp for Christmas!


Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the marathon that is the holiday season.  It seems no matter what tradition you hail from, this is a busy time of year for all.  Shopping, cooking, cleaning, baking; the to-do lists get longer and longer even though we keep checking tasks off day after day.

When will the madness end?!

It won’t, the madness is self perpetuating and it is created in our minds.  We are the only ones holding the proverbial whip, beating the proverbial drum, forcing ourselves to do all of these crazy rituals.  On of the best ways to take notice of what’s going on is to take a step back and watch what’s going on.

To me the real purpose of the holiday season is to care for one another as we care for ourselves.  But how do we care for others if we don’t even care for ourselves?  Many have forgotten to do so or never knew how.  Self love is the first step to loving mankind and embodying the spirit of the holiday season.

  1. Focus:  Think good thoughts and have a positive focus.  If you don’t enjoy what is happening or what you are thinking then please feel free to do and think something else.  We need to do things that feel blissful in order to make others feel good.
  2. Sleep:  Nothing keeps us in the best of spirits like a good dose of galactic energy.  Sleeping, in whatever schedule works for you, is the second best way to gain this energy.  Allow others to sleep in, they need it and so do you!
  3. Meditation:  Quiet alone time, best spent on meditation is THE best way to get that juicy galactic energy!  This can include traditional meditation, yoga, meditation walks, moments of mindfulness and sacred movement.
  4. Eat Light Foods:  Light foods are anything that makes you feel satisfied without feeling heavy and lethargic afterwards.  These include but are not limited to: Fruits, vegetables, teas (hot and cold), vegan and vegetarian dishes, gluten free desserts and my personal go-to, juicing!

Which brings me to the main focus here: Juicing.  It is my personal opinion that juicing not only keeps your body in excellent conditions for all of those must do tasks, it also keeps your emotional state sky high.  What better way to enjoy every possible moment and keep yourself in high spirits during the holiday season than to fuel yourself properly and feel your best?  To me, this is the best possible way to help others:  Get yourself so jacked up on good vibes others can’t help but be inspired to do the same.

But, BUT!  If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, even if it’s the best thing in the world for you, you’re not going to keep doing it.  Plain and simple, make juicing as fun as it possibly can be.  If you’re using a juicer from the last decade or a poorly put together product that spews juice all over the counter and really doesn’t DO what its supposed to then you’re not going to have an enjoyable experience.  If the darn thing is so hard to clean that even taking it out of the cupboard brings on a small panic attack then you’re not going to use it and therefore you won’t get the benefits.

  1. Keep the juicer on the counter if at all possible.  The more convenient the process the more you will be inspired to juice.
  2. Fill the sink with soapy water and put your produce in for a little soak.  It’s a good idea to wash the produce properly even if it is organic, shipping is a dirty business.
  3. Wash, rinse and cut up your produce as needed.  Have everything ready to go when you begin the juicing process.  Juice:  Giggling, laughing and snorting are a plus during this part, have fun with it.
  4. Do Not Juice Bananas!  If you want bananas in there, put them and the finished juice in a blender and whip it up.  I add stevia to almost all of my juices, I have a sweet tooth.  Pour the juice into a pretty cup and stash any excess in the fridge although it is best to enjoy right away or share with friends.
  5. Remove all parts of the juicer/blender , rinse and place in the sink of soapy water and WALK AWAY!  Go enjoy the fruits of your labor before you clean up.

Play some music or a video you have been wanting to listen to in the background.  Again, we are trying for the most enjoyable experience possible.  The last step is actually the most important part as far as I’m concerned.

The dishes will be there when you’re done, they really will.

When you enjoy your juice before clean up you are literally rewiring your brain.  “Healthy stuff is easy!”  That’s what your telling yourself.  “I can do all that clean up stuff later!”  I swear, unless you live with your parents like I do, you’re mother is not going to storm in your front door and make you wash all your dishes right away.  And if she does, SO WHAT!

As my father so succinctly pointed out the other day, “Thanksgiving is just training camp for Christmas.”  Enjoy life, enjoy the holidays, and most of all enjoy yourself.  Namaste.

Unknown Destinations of Bliss


Life’s little, or sometimes big lessons, can be found everywhere.  I have been told many times every moment of every day is a lesson from the universe; someone holding the door, a half eaten muffin falling over, or occurrences in traffic can and are all vital spiritual lessons to be learned.

Have you ever noticed when driving along, if you see something interesting and look at it even for a split second, you start to drive in that direction without even meaning to?  Its just a natural reaction to go in the direction you are looking to, whether it be driving or what direction you are traveling with life.

Focus, Intention, and drive propel us forward to seemingly unknown destinations, even though we were looking there the whole time.

The destination only seems unknown if we are blinded by busyness or other distractions.  Constant tasks can make it seem like we are perpetually moving forward and accomplishing things but in all reality it’s the bike tire stuck in the mud scenario; a lot of effort is being exerted without any real progress.

Some call it the rat race, I call it the unobtainable goal.  Most of us are taught from childhood on, that life is about being productive and this is where our worth is derived.  A hard but vital lesson is learned through this teaching;  many are inherently unfulfilled by this dogma.

We spend a huge portions of our lives, some all of their lives, running in circles searching for this unreachable goal that will supposedly complete everything and make life wonderful.

“If I could only do or have this ________, I will finally be happy!”  If you happen to be lucky, or smart you realize the flaw in this thinking before it’s too late.

This is possibly western culture’s biggest hang up.  We place so much value on seeking happiness from outside sources due to our shame based culture.  Parents are taught by their parents and pass down to their children the idea that if we resist all those things we don’t like and don’t want to become, we will be able to escape them and have a wonderful life.

It is my personal experience along with many others that the opposite is in fact true.  That which we resist draws our focus and like the car, we will start to head in that direction.  This all being said, it stands to reason we can come up with the assumption if one wishes to achieve some goal or state of being, we should look in the direction we wish to travel.

Let go of shame, do what feels inherently blissful and follow that feeling wherever it leads.  Heading off into the mysteries of the universe is terrifying at times, and the exhilaration of that experience will drive us into worlds of satisfaction we never even knew existed and if at all possible, leave a trail of bread crumbs for your fellow beings.  They may just choose to join you.   Namaste.

The Saturday Post: Inspiration in the Uninspired

The Saturday Post

Everyday life can be one of the most wonderful experiences known to humanity; the warm feeling of water over your hands while doing the dishes, the intoxicating smell of coffee or tea in the morning, the delightful sound of children laughing while playing.  Or, depending on our focus, these seemingly wonderful experiences can drive us crazy with negative input, past memories replaying and anxiety of the future.

How do we gauge ourselves, our perception of the world as a whole?  The process is actually very simple;  sit somewhere, anywhere you feel like and close your eyes, listen to the world around you as it takes place.  Do not judge any of your thoughts, let them stream in unobstructed by filters and observe what your focus lies on.

Do the sounds annoy you, are you amused, do you not think of anything, are you just observing?  Use your feelings to discern whether the experience is being registered as positive or negative.  The same process can also be used in a walking form, with your eyes open this time.  Take a short walk or bring little fluffy outside and observe where your focus lies.  Observe how feelings can actually direct your actions, deciding which side of the street you walk on, what direction you go and if you enjoy yourself or not.

Once we identify what we are focusing on the next step is to figure out why those particular emotions are aroused.  What has happened in the past to evoke these feelings, good or bad?  Are we living in the past, the future?  It may help to treat this as a writing exercise and record all of your thoughts for later reflection.

I will use myself as an example, as I am all I really know.  At the present moment I am at a coffee shop.  As I observe the room around me, there is a large orb like sculpture set upon a stand.  It has broken pieces of pottery glued all over it in a decorative pattern.  I am reminded of my grandmother’s garden; she is also very crafty and has many items such as this decorating her urban space, some of which we created together when I was a child.

This memory evokes a plethora of emotions in me.  I am happy and filled with wonder while we create pretty things together.  Shame and sadness are peppered in as I broke some of her ornaments on accident years later.  The choice is mine as to which memory takes center stage and which one fades into the background.  My focus on the present as well as the past drives how my experience plays out now.

Free will is the name of the game here.  There are so many in the world, some of which I observe on a daily basis, that allow themselves to be downtrodden by events of the past or the future.  This really is very unnecessary and a bit saddening to witness.  Our focus drives our emotions, there is NO outside force that makes any of us feel the way we do.  If we are uninspired it is because we are not looking for inspiration.  Life itself is an inspiration, every moment in this dense reality is a sheer miracle.  Then odds of anything happening at all are usually against us, until we focus, try and create the moments we desire.

It is my most sincere wish that the rest of the world wakes up to their proverbial prison being created by their minds and takes the opportunity to enjoy life and rejoice in the moment, in every moment.  Go in peace, Namaste.

The Saturday Post: Farewell Sweet Love

The Saturday Post

Death.  It moves through the world touching all hearts sooner or later, some both.  It can be swift, flying on wings out of nowhere.  It can creep up in a slow crawl, takes roots and overtake a body right before our very eyes.  Whether we have the chance to say goodbye or not, whether it claims a family member, friend, or beloved pet, the sting still burns and irreversible change is set in motion.

As the veil between worlds grows thinner this time of year, it seems all to appropriate to discuss death, dieing, and what it means to us.  As humans we hold attachments or love for other beings:  parent and child, caretaker and pet, between lovers.  We enter into a co created reality with these other beings, whoever they may be, and we begin to exchange energy with them.

We breathe in their energy, they breathe in ours and slowly we begin to resonate together.  The forming of the bond seems to be much easier and sweeter than the breaking of it, though both create ripples in the fabric of reality.

If anyone has created such a connection with another being and had the opportunity to experience a crossing or journey home, then you know this to be true.  You hold that frail life in your arms, brush back their hair, look them square in the eyes and say, “Thank you, thank you for allowing me to know you.  Thank you for this experience and your love.  I wish you could stay, but if you want to, its ok to go now.”

It has been my immediate experience that the spirit doesn’t really leave.  It’s more of a fading away or a spreading out into the everything that surrounds us all.  The body remains, but the consciousness which once resided there is everywhere.  The still loved being becomes so spread out that we can no longer pin point their location such as in a body.

They still exist, we can still exchange energy with them and feel our mutual bond, it’s just different, more subtle and gentle.  One must quiet the mind and truly listen, as when trying to contact our own hearts or intuition.  With practice, patience, and a keen ear, we can hear our departed ones whisper, “I love you.”  smell a waft of perfume, or feel the caress of warm fur once more.

(This is dedicated to my mother’s beloved cat who traveled on recently.  With her last breath, a long sweet purr thanked all for their love and wish us farewell.  Safe journey to all traveling souls, those of friends, family, pets and even house plants.  We love you and wish you well.)

Wednesday’s Wondrous World: Live Your Bliss!

Wednesday’s Wondrous World

“Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life” – Harvey MacKay

We have worked too hard for too long getting too little out of life. Why? Our consciousness has progressed wonderfully, although our cognitive understanding of life still somewhat resides in the root chakra, survival. Constantly our mental chatter reverts back to: “How will I pay the rent? Where will groceries come from? What about the kids, how can I provide for them?” So we get locked into this internal struggle of wanting to be free while being held down by worldly obligations. For so many of us, there is a battlefield within between the love of freedom and the fear of physical annihilation.

As a people, we have been moving up the chakras of existence into a new age of the heart, the ‘Now Age.’ The heart is the kingdom of the soul or higher self; dreams, inspiration and possibly best of all, love of life reside here. The brain is the machine run by ego, that wonderful tool that keeps our human bodies alive. Thoughts of survival and fear of rejection percolate up from our subconscious, thusly creating a battle ground between brothers. Heart and ego can and should be friends, allies, even lovers.

Making peace out of the fruitless struggle is of the utmost importance. Not only will we experience a state of bliss we cannot even yet imagine, innumerable amounts of fellow humans will be inspired to new heights. Living our dreams is a sure-fire way to wave that little white flag of peace, give the thumbs up to source and shut up Mr. Whining Ego!

The Saturday Post: The Experience is Yours to Create

The Saturday Post

“I want to go to a festival, to eat great food, to be around like minds, to meditate, to dance, and ultimately to be free! “  Chances are if you have been following this blog or Spirit Science or Mahanomi, this thought or something like it has crossed your mind many times.  The sense of community and to belong is one of the most fundamental desires right after food, shelter and love.

So what’s stopping us from doing all of those things, right now, right where we are?  Who said we can’t start our own communities, be our own festivals?

We did.  We somehow got it stuck in our heads that all of those things are external forces, something to be looked for and to seek out.  This is our duality, our polarization; those things are different from me, they are somewhere out there and I have to go find them in order to experience bliss.  Even though these festivals are out there, ready to be experienced, there is also a constant festival occurring nonstop, free of charge, deep within us all.

Let’s make a deal with ourselves.  Everyone who is going to a festival of enlightenment, GO!  Get out there and live like you’ve never lived before, sing, dance, meditate, laugh and be the freest you’ve ever been.  Eat great food, love everyone you meet and revel in the moment; then tell everyone about it: write a diary, take photos, make films.  Give all those out there who are unable to attend a small piece of your experience.

Everyone else, I challenge you to make your own festival out of life.  Take that weekend off, or any weekend and make that your personal retreat.  Get out there and live like you’ve never lived before, sing, dance, meditate, laugh and be the freest you’ve ever been.  Invite all your friends to share the experience with you, or just be with yourself, or bring your pet!  It doesn’t matter where you are, who you’re with or what you’re doing; treat every moment as a festival and move with sacred movement.

Just take a moment to imagine what life would be like if everyone lived every moment as if it were sacred like we tend to at special events.  What would that place look like?  Who would you see?  What would it smell like, taste like, feel like?  Let this meditation permeate your senses, really put yourself there and be that moment.  Create the experience in your mind, let it filter through your body…….now get out there and create your festival!

We have these thoughts and feelings for a reason, this is the call for you, for us all to create what we’ve been wishing for.  That famous quote floating around the world actually means something.  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  To me, it means creation is our responsibility.  Our dreams and wishes are blueprints to a better world, to a place where every day is a festival.  Every endeavor is a retreat into the sacredness of life and every moment celebrates itself.

Be the change, celebrate life, and go with peace.  Namaste.

The Saturday Post: Who’s Higher Self?

The Saturday Post

“The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people
when they realize their relationship, their oneness,
with the universe and all its powers,
and when they realize that at the center of the universe
dwells the Great Spirit,
and that this center is really everywhere,
it is within each of us.”
~ Black Elk – Oglala Sioux ~

The higher self or the soul, the oversoul, the lower self, the middle self, the mental self, the emotional self, the animal self, the sub-self, the light self, the shadow self;  who are all these people and how did they get in our heads?  It seems we are all on the brink of schizophrenia with all the new age, Buddhist, Vedic, religious dogma flying around.  First of all let’s settle on one term for the sake of conversation, the higher self.

The higher self has an elusive quality to it, mostly stemming from the premise of non agreement between spiritual leaders.  If the goal of reaching the higher self seems attainable with on teacher, another may in fact say, “Oh no, THIS is the way to get there!”  Few if any coincide with one another on a fundamental basis.  In every religion or practice there is some concept referring to the higher self;  what it’s purpose is, how to connect to it or if it even exists has been the height of esoteric debate for as long as there has been people running around the planet eating berries, bugs, and bush roots.

We have been arguing about the concept of spirituality and the higher self as a whole for thousands of years, mostly due to the discord between spiritual leaders and thusly a discord within ourselves.  As a people, we have come into the habit of seeking out our political leaders to solve all our problems: financial, emotional and most unfortunate of all, spirituality.

Not that gurus are bad or wrong, they give those that need it guidance and direction.  But they also have a habit of disagreeing with one another, not so much with words as much as with practice.  One must do this, eat this, or wear this to reach spiritual enlightenment.  Very rarely do two true gurus endorse or coincide with each other’s practice, unless they subscribe to the same master teaching such as an organized religion.

The world would be very dry and boring with only one spiritual path even though “all paths lead to enlightenment.”

Sadly there are even those who exploit spiritual vulnerability for a profit.   Even these people have a vital lesson to deliver, all be it a possibly unpleasant one.  The act of being deceived is a wonderful opportunity to learn inner wisdom.  Being shaken by an outside force such a misrepresented vibration really causes someone to turn on their own inner guidance systems and move in the direction they truly wish to go, assuming they do not crumble emotionally from being deceived on such an intimate issue.

As stated in the past, there are as many paths as people.  There are thousands of books, tapes/CD‘s, papers, retreats, videos and pre-guided meditations all waiting to be picked up and explored if an external discovery is desired; something to be thought about and analyzed.  Although it is important to get the brain on-board, all the mental programming in the world cannot compare to the knowledge learned from looking within.

In the beginning, these are all wonderful study aids, a crutch to stand on.  But ultimately these are the reflection of someone else looking within; by using them we receive an insight into someone else’s journey to the higher self, a blueprint so to speak.  We must still take our own steps along our own path to come to true understanding, integration and ideally wisdom.

“And you have a certain archetypical concept of this thing called enlightenment and guru, and it’s very distracting, because you put this as the Standard or the example, the shining light in your path and say, “I have to be like that. I have to be – in order to be my spiritual self – I have to do as the gurus did.” ~Adamus Saint-Germain

The time has come to step back from the religious leaders, spiritual teachers and gurus to become our own saviors.  Their messages can still be listened to, they can still be turned to for guidance if need be.  There is no reason to shut them out for we are all vessels of source, a manifestation of each other.  The second coming is in our hearts, the rapture in our minds and egos.  Heaven is here; all we need do is take notice and create it.

Oddly enough, Bob Ross has one of the most strait forward messages for living heaven on earth there is;  stated more simply and eloquently than any prophet or guru ever could.  Thanks Bob, for teaching us to paint the canvas of our lives.

The Saturday Post: A Voice For The Voiceless

The Saturday Post

It has been said that once you reach a certain point in your spiritual awakening, all life is recognized as precious.  There is no mankind, animal kind or plant kind, there is only us.

It is in my personal experience, this could not be more true.  The realization came on so slowly, I was ambushed by an overwhelming love for all.  Mankind became my family, the animals my children and the planet my home.  All deserved my attention, stewardship, appreciation and gratitude.

Even before this occurred, I had quit my job at a dairy farm; I could not stand the treatment of the animals, the fear in their eyes and hearts.  Being empathic, I could bear it no longer.  Even though I loved them very much and still do, I had to leave.

It became impossible for me to any longer consume meat.  I have no quarrel with people who do eat meat, I am in fact the only vegetarian in my household.  The realization of all life being sacred and interconnected is one everyone must come to on their own.  In my opinion there is no need to lecture or fight with one another;  the realization of all unified life will come in due time, when each individual is ready to understand.

Vegetarians, vegans, and raw foodies lead by example with every day they live, by every choice they make and with every delicious meal they prepare that there is no longer any need for violence against our fellow creatures;  that a different lifestyle can be committed to and upheld.  It is time, and has been for a while now, to give a voice to our fellow brothers and sisters whom inhabit this planet with us.

Our beloved ducks that wander around my family’s garden.

It must also be said, for those who choose a different path there are “proper” venues to purchase your animal “products” from.  I suggest organic local farms, places where you can go and visit, get to know the people who run them and meet the animals who are giving the ultimate gift, making the supreme sacrifice of their very lives so you can live on.  Appreciate this gift, me mindful of their sacrifice.

Or better yet, raise your own animals!  Greet them every morning with tenderness, feed them with love and best of all, understand the true joy they can bring you.  There are many who would argue it is not a gift, it is mindless slaughter but I disagree.

In a world filled with possibilities I choose to look on the brighter side.  I choose to notice the love these people have for their animals, the fact that they give them names, the fact that the children go out and talk to them every day, the fact that they get to go outside and all be it a short one, are allowed to have a life.

I too, like many of you, look forward to a world where animals have the right to a life instead of allowed one.  Let’s create this world together, one act at a time.

The Saturday Post: The Naming of Names

The Saturday Post

For a long time I have been interested in the meaning of names, where they come from, what they mean from person to person and now what vibration they hold.  There is an entire “science” dedicated just to the meaning of names and what personalities each name possesses.

Being someone without children, I often wondered why up and coming parents put so much weight on the naming of their unborn child.  For a long time it really seemed like no more than a lot of wasted energy but the more I looked into the subject the more I realized there really is something to all of this.  Not so much as the name shapes the person, the person shapes the name.

We will use my name as an example, Jamie Lynn Mortinson.  Jamie, when consulting Hebrew means supplanter, someone who takes the place of another through force or strategy.  The French meaning is to love and as I am French not Hebrew we will go with to love.  Lynn is of old English origin and means near a lake or pond which is interesting because I live near Lake Michigan.  Mortinson is pretty simple, it stands for son of Mort, who son of Mort is I can only guess is me.  So if we put this all together, we are left with ‘To love near a lake or pond the son of Mort.’  Having become aware of my historical name meaning, I can begin to interpret the higher meaning for me, in my personal reality.

Just as many books and websites exist as there are people in the world.  Those resources are meant to be a beginning on the journey of your inner name meaning, not the end.  Once these sources have been explored the real quest is within ourselves.  For example, all my names started out as male oriented throughout history and slowly became feminine.

I can even track this out in my own life, as a young child I was very immersed in male energy as a tom-boy.  Coming into the house covered head to toe in thick black mud leaving foot prints everywhere I went was at the top of my agenda.  Slowly I have come to love the feminine energy that also courses through my existence.  I have now found a balance between the two, an awareness, and with that an immense amount of peace, joy, and even inner power.

Awareness is a whole new element, the beginning to shaping your name and what it means to you.  It allows us to remove ourselves from negative emotions connected to ourselves and our names, usually rooted in the past.  Once we give ourselves permission to notice the good and beauty our names hold, we can begin to truly appreciate them and  to shape our thoughts about them into progressive energy.

In my eyes, my name means to love myself where I am and hence forth, every time I hear my name I am reminded of this.  Through creating this meaning for myself I have thusly turned my name into a mantra of love.  Every time I see my name written, hear it spoken or think it, I am reminded to love myself where I am.

The waters of eternity run deeper than we could ever imagine, the only way to find out how deep is to take the plunge and go within ourselves.  Take a deep breath, hold it, and swim as far into yourself as possible at any given moment in time.  But remember to come back up for air, remember to come back to reality and shape it with your new understandings about your infinite self and the universe that exists in us all.

(I used many books over the years to find the meaning of my names.  This is the website I also used for some of my name meanings: )