Wednesday’s Wondrous World

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not   an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Often the simplest acts of kindness have the greatest impact; some spare change, a blanket for a baby, or a piece of food for a hungry animal. Love shines a light where hate lurks, it charges the heart far past the brain and it moves our energy more efficiently than negativity could ever hope to.

It may be easier to focus on the problems: the terrible acts of injustice, the social issues to be resolved, and the attributes of humanity we just don’t like, but the truth is, everyday, in every corner of the world, people love! – In big and small ways, and we want to talk about it, celebrate it, and to pay it forward! That’s why we’re dedicating an entire day here at Chakra Center to shine a spotlight on all that is memorable and marvelous about humanity.

Welcome to Wednesday’s Wondrous World!

Every Wednesday we will feature giveaways, stories, and random acts of kindness: Opportunities for you to both give and receive, love and create. But we need your help!

We are collecting videos, stories, prizes, and ideas for acts of kindness all week. Then, every Wednesday we will host a giveaway (for items/services we’ve had donated throughout the week), and include stories/videos and testimonials everyone has sent in.

Exciting, right?! And the best part is, YOU can help this catch-on.

Share this post with everyone you know. Let’s create the vibration of abundance, love, and fun! Giving and receiving is basically the same thing. When you give, you also receive. When you love, you create an expansion of love in the Universe.

We’re passionate about exploring the ways in which LOVE can transform the world. We want to see how much we can give through the love (stories, videos, giveaways) you send in.

We believe in the transformative power of LOVE. We know that what we are capable of achieving is endless – limitless.

Thanks for helping us create a sacred space to give, receive, and transform the world!

Send your ideas/videos/giveaways to contact-us.

Need ideas for random acts of kindness? Check-out this link: kindness-ideas

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