Charmed Botanicals

Meet Athena Ziegler, certified aromatherapist, owner of Charmed Botanicals, and our newest columnist here at Chakra Center.

Athena crafts custom essential oil blends, intuitively working her knowledge of medicinal plants and energy to provide essential oil blends that contain ingredients specifically chosen to assist people both physically and spiritually. Along with the use of essential oils, Athena also utilizes the amazing healing earth energy of reiki to assist in healing the mind, body and spirit.

Check-out her bi-weekly articles on all things essential and charmed about Aromatherapy.

If you have any questions or article topic suggestions for Athena, drop her a line at the Contact Us section of the website. Be sure to put “Attention Athena” in the subject line.

If you’re interested in having a custom essential oil blend made for you, visit Athena’s website, Charmed Botanicals.

Athena’s Blogroll:

Living Aromatherapy: It’s Everywhere!

Activate your Higher Self with Essential Oils

Aromatherapy 101 and Introduction to Athena Ziegler


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