Bits and Pieces

Welcome to Bits and Pieces. Here you will find an archive of all “random” posts on Chakra Center that are not part of our regular columns:

Numerology: It’s All Around You

Relationships and the Six Human Needs by Teal Scott

What is your View on Christianity? How does Writing Help Us Connect to Other Dimensions? FAQ

Twin Flames: Fact or Myth?

The Parent-Child Relationship:A Relationship of Contrast

The Secret Life of Chakras

Gnosticism: The Untold Story

A Prayer of Remembrance: The Kingdom Within

Wake-up from the Illusion and Become the Builder of Your Own Dream!

What is an Intuitive Reading?

Sandy Hook Tragedy: Lightworkers, Why the Bypass?

Holding a Space of Love for Sandy Hook Elementary School

Who is Jesus?


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