Quantum Empowerment

Quantum Empowerment is a bi-monthly column with Positive PollyAnnaPollyAnna about becoming conscious of the forces at work in the Universe. When you understand the “rules” of the matrix, you can create a magical life with astonishing experiences.

Polly presents ways for people to come into their own power, how to powerfully manifest their reality, and how to balance their left and right brain so they can self-actualize, realizing their highest potential. Moreover, Quantum Empowerment shares what it means to lead a quantumly empowered lifestyle. How are you affected by the energies, people, animals, and objects around you? How can you break victim mentality? How can you activate your DNA on a biological and energetic level? What are the ways you can expand your consciousness? This column covers a wide spectrum of information, all dedicated to helping people grow into their interdimensional, interconnected self and reality.

To find out more about Positive Pollyanna, her work and her services, check-out the following links:

Quantum Empowerment Articles:

The Freedom Dance

Source: The Ultimate Quantum Entanglement

Synchronicity: The Coincidence Buster!

Quantum Empowerment 101

Source: The Ultimate Quantum Entanglement


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