Giveaway: Win an Intuitive Reading, Barnes & Noble Gift Card, and More!

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a giveaway at Chakra Center, so to celebrate the fabulous, sunny month of JUNE, I’m giving away some fun surprises (today only!):

*Entire “Empowering Empathic Abilities” online course (part 1 and 2) — $55 value!

One Free Intuitive Reading!

*One $20 Barnes and Noble gift card!

To enter, simply like Chakra Center on FACEBOOK and share our post with your Facebook friends! Also, be sure to comment on the status and let me know which prize you’re most interested in.

Winners will be selected randomly

Happy June!

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Christy’s choicest choices: Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator

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It seems that for the past month or two we’ve been socially experiencing quite surge of energy, coupled with a bit of a vortex. I couldn’t even stand still! The election media has been in everyones face stirring up some exhaustion. Then there was Hurricane Sandy, yikes. The storm pushed and cleared a lot of old energies, while destroying everything in it’s path. We all need some major recovery right about now!

Synchronistically enough, the product I set my sites to review several days ago, is a recovery product.

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator is pretty amazing stuff. 

I have been using Recovery Accelerator regularly with my heavy gym workouts for three weeks now. It’s really been an essential part of my routine. I started from a ground level, you know, I was a soft-body. I haven’t been to the gym in years and my hiking schedule was irregular this year. I wanted to see fast results in order to stay motivated. That meant I needed to do cardiovascular exercise coupled with weight lifting around 5xs weekly.

I had all the willpower I needed already stored up, from late night Pinterest surfing. Yet my experiences with sore muscles from previous fitness endeavors left me a little nervy. I did not have the time for feeling sore or being slow! Hey look that’s me headed to the gym with my game face on!

Now we cue the solution.. Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator my vote, this stuff really does work. I push it to the edge at the gym. I’ve had two gym visits where I did push it too far, but after an extra dose of Recovery Accelerator I felt much better. Magic, I know.

This stuff has some really awesome target dose ingredients!

-Almost 4,000mg of yellow pea and brown rice protein

-1,500mg of gelatinized maca root.

-Plus highly effective amounts of: Devils claw, Glucosamine, electrolytes, Astragalus, Turmeric, L-Arginine, and American Ginseng.

Lets talk in more detail about these effective ingredients.

First of all the additional small print things are lovely, nothing unnecessary or questionable.. Just good effective stuff.

Then we have the superstars of the ingredients list:

Devils Claw is used in the treatment of pain and inflammation. It’s a very sacred herb hailing from Africa.

Glucosamine hydrochloride aids in the rebuilding of “exercise damage” related to the bodies cartilage and tissues. It helps strengthen joints in the body which is essential for injury and accident prevention.

Electrolytes keep us hydrated, which is extremely important. Adding the Recovery Accelerator to Coconut water gives it a super charge!! Plus it takes your coconut water to a whole new flavor level!

The superstar in the mix, Astragalus is an amazing herb used for thousands of years aiding numerous issues! It boost antioxidant levels by ridding the body of free radicals, it’s been used as an anti viral/bacterial, and also as an anti inflammatory.

Turmeric has thankfully become more well known lately, beyond it’s curry claim to fame. It’s a natural anti inflammatory and also helps to heal the liver. Vega uses a 95% active compound, no cutting corners!

L-Arginine is a vasodilator commonly used by performance driven athletes to help the heart pump blood faster.

American Ginseng is another ancient herb used over thousands of years for physical stress, inflammation, and immune health.

It all sounds so complex but I promise it tastes delicious. I mix the Tropical flavor in my car while I’m still in the gym parking lot. I just bring a single serving with me and some extra spring water. It shakes well. There’s an Apple Berry flavor which is quite tasty as too.


I hope you take this Mercury retrograde time to heal yourself and recover from the passing storms. In an effort to pay forward my own recovery efforts, the first three people to comment and tell me how they help with any type of recovery (for yourself, other people, our planet) will receive their own supply of Post Workout Recovery Accelerator by Vega. 

With each recovery comes greater strength,

Go with Love.

Christy Patton is Chakra Center’s savvy and experimental product reviewer. She is not a board certified medical doctor. This information is intended for educational purposes only.

After a bit of a wormhole induced hiatus, I’ve returned to reviewing products for Chakra Center.. Sorry for the programming delays. I’ve missed you.

Giveaway Winners!!!

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Today I drew the winners for last Monday’s giveaway (and sent everyone who entered an energetic blast of love, too! I hope you felt it!)


Giveaway #1: The Sculptor in The Sky (by Teal Scott) 

Nicole R. & Christopher C.

(I wasn’t intending to give two books away, but when I drew the names these two came out stuck together, so I figured it was a sign from the Universe that they both needed the book).  🙂

Giveaway #2: Writing to Connect with the Elves (and Discover Your Bliss online class. 

Good news for all of you who entered to win the “Writing to Connect with the Elves” workshop…Because of the response and interest I have received, I decided to offer the class on donation basis only, giving me room for more people.

This will change the structure of the class a bit, but the great news is, you can all join (free of charge!). If you entered this giveaway, I have officially signed you up for the class. You will be receiving an email  shortly with details! Yay!

Giveaway #3: Heart Session/Intuitive Reading 

Tabitha J.

All winners will receive an email announcing their win.

Congratulations and thank you for entering. Stay-tuned next Monday for more giveaway announcements!

And of course, remember to pay it forward!

Peace out.

Enter to Win Chakra Center Giveaways!

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In the spirit of giving (and receiving), we have created three awesome giveaways at Chakra Center!

Giveaway#1 – One free copy of The Sculptor in the Sky,Teal Scott’s thought-expanding book on “welcoming and becoming your own bliss.” (See our recent interview with Teal Scott for more details on her powerful life story:finding-purpose-in-the-past-an-interview-with-teal-scott)

Giveaway #2 – Free registration for Amanda’s Writing to Connect with the Elves (and your Eternal Bliss)”online class

Giveaway#3 – One free intuitive reading/“Heart Session” (or editing/writing package from Amanda’s online services). See website for details on her offerings:

To enter, simply fill out the form below, with a comment about which giveaway you want to be placed in a drawing for (or choose all three!).

Contest ends this Thursday (August, 16th).

All submitted names will be placed in a “hat” for drawing. One person drawn for each prize!

Winners will be announced on Friday!

Open yourself up to giving and receiving all the abundance around you. We know you’ll pay it forward!

*For a little wisdom on the energy of giving and receiving, see earlier post from our nature friends, the rocks: