Help Wanted: Chakra Center is Looking for YOU!

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Think you’ve got what it takes to join the Chakra Center team?

You many have noticed our regular posts slowing down a bit at Chakra Center. This is due to the MANY exciting changes taking place (not all of which we can announce yet), but we are in need of new talent to join us for all of our upcoming adventures!

We recently collected new staff writers in the area of travel, health & exercise, and all things metaphysical (announcement coming shortly), but we’re still looking for a few new members to help out with very specific tasks here at Chakra Center.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Writer: The Saturday Post

Do you love staying on top of all the latest & greatest news from the raw food/health/spiritual world? Do you obsessively follow YouTube channels, blogs, and other media related to these topics? We need someone to compile a weekly recap of all related health/wellness news for our Saturday Post.

The Saturday Post staffer will compile a summary of each news item and link to the source, as well as embed photos and videos when applicable. Ideally, you would gather links and news item throughout the week, then publish your post on Saturday morning each week.

Foodie Blogger

Are you a foodie? Do you know how to create amazing, vegan and/or raw food creations that both satisfy and beautify?

We are in need of a weekly recipe blogger. You will provide one amazing healthy recipe a week (this can be done through video or writing), and share your talent for eating well with the world!

Book Reviewer

Are you an avid reader of all things metaphysical/health/spirituality related? We need someone who can be the resource for books in this genre.  You will post a new review each week, so this position requires someone who is a fast reader, or can at least synthesize solid feedback for a book they may only be half-way through.

Book reviews will be posted every Monday morning.

Health Product Reviewer

Are you always trying the latest health products, exercise equipment, and health supplements? If so, we want your feedback! Our product reviewer will post weekly reviews and provide resources for our online readers.

Computer Guru

Up to this point, most web development has been done by me (Amanda), and this is definitely not my strength. We need someone to help give Chakra Center a facelift, some better organization, and regular maintenance.

If you are familiar with WordPress, HTML, and basic web development, we need you!

Are you qualified?

Besides the requirements listed above, all candidates should be somewhat familiar with, general blogging style, and have a solid grasp of the English language.

Chakra Center staff members are self-motivated. We need people who have the ability to take the job seriously, meet deadlines, and commit to at least three months.

Will I get paid?

No. Sorry. This job is volunteer only.  Chakra Center is not currently monetized in anyway, so none of us get paid. We are, however, opening the site up to online classes, workshops, and other services which will be offered on a donation basis. As we grow and advertise, every contributor will get a monthly donation.

Interested in an internship? Ask us how you can earn college credit for your position. And it looks great on a resume! Contact us for more details.

Join our team of kindred spirits, and help us bring more love, health, and bliss to the world.

Apply now!

If you want to join the Chakra Center team, fill-out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Giveaway Winners!!!

Giveaways, The Heart Chakra

Today I drew the winners for last Monday’s giveaway (and sent everyone who entered an energetic blast of love, too! I hope you felt it!)


Giveaway #1: The Sculptor in The Sky (by Teal Scott) 

Nicole R. & Christopher C.

(I wasn’t intending to give two books away, but when I drew the names these two came out stuck together, so I figured it was a sign from the Universe that they both needed the book).  🙂

Giveaway #2: Writing to Connect with the Elves (and Discover Your Bliss online class. 

Good news for all of you who entered to win the “Writing to Connect with the Elves” workshop…Because of the response and interest I have received, I decided to offer the class on donation basis only, giving me room for more people.

This will change the structure of the class a bit, but the great news is, you can all join (free of charge!). If you entered this giveaway, I have officially signed you up for the class. You will be receiving an email  shortly with details! Yay!

Giveaway #3: Heart Session/Intuitive Reading 

Tabitha J.

All winners will receive an email announcing their win.

Congratulations and thank you for entering. Stay-tuned next Monday for more giveaway announcements!

And of course, remember to pay it forward!

Peace out.

Enter to Win Chakra Center Giveaways!

Giveaways, The Sacral Chakra

In the spirit of giving (and receiving), we have created three awesome giveaways at Chakra Center!

Giveaway#1 – One free copy of The Sculptor in the Sky,Teal Scott’s thought-expanding book on “welcoming and becoming your own bliss.” (See our recent interview with Teal Scott for more details on her powerful life story:finding-purpose-in-the-past-an-interview-with-teal-scott)

Giveaway #2 – Free registration for Amanda’s Writing to Connect with the Elves (and your Eternal Bliss)”online class

Giveaway#3 – One free intuitive reading/“Heart Session” (or editing/writing package from Amanda’s online services). See website for details on her offerings:

To enter, simply fill out the form below, with a comment about which giveaway you want to be placed in a drawing for (or choose all three!).

Contest ends this Thursday (August, 16th).

All submitted names will be placed in a “hat” for drawing. One person drawn for each prize!

Winners will be announced on Friday!

Open yourself up to giving and receiving all the abundance around you. We know you’ll pay it forward!

*For a little wisdom on the energy of giving and receiving, see earlier post from our nature friends, the rocks:

Got Writer’s Block? Talk to the Trees!

Channeled Writtings, The Sacral Chakra, The Third Eye Chakra

Bouts of writer’s block frequently show up at my door. In the past, I would brace myself, knowing I was in for a painful confrontation. Now I’ve found a better way: I talk to trees.

Have you ever listened to a tree? Trees are full of poetry and movement, and colorful dimensions all their own. They exist in two worlds, moving and growing within and above the earth.

As a writer, I find trees (and nature in general) to be one of the greatest sources of inspiration. Nature has its own language – its own songs, its own story.

My challenge to all of you is to listen.

Allow your imagination to tangle-up with the branches and leaves, and observe, without judgment, all that comes. You don’t have to believe anything you hear, feel, or see. Just allow your imagination to feed your creative flow.

Entering into the magic of nature could be the key to opening the door to your unique story. Draw near and listen, and allow yourself to be swept into an enchanted journey.

I recently did this.

A sudden impulse prompted me to drive to the mountains. The early morning sun peaked over the tips of the leaves and glowed on the edge of the mountain tops. Under a crooked and clever tree, I sat against knobbled, exposed roots that disappeared under and around the winding river. I carefully placed my thoughts on the surface of the laughing water, and watched them drift downstream. It felt good to let go.

I allowed my breath to sync with the quiet song of the morning birds.  I let the rustle of the leaves toss the strands of my hair, and asked the watchful trees what they had to say.

“What we have to say is beyond all stars. It is a story that knows the intimate birthing of the Universe, the Sun, and all that walks on, in, and under the earth. Our roots go deep. We are not mere observers; we actively participate in your unfolding, in your very breath.

When you breathe-in the patterns of breath, you breathe in our essence, you inhale the breath of God. It is THE divine. Every shape you create in your mind moves in and around you. This is no metaphor; it is a truth that runs deep throughout the galaxies. Everything is geometric. It is the movement of the One. It is the life of all that is. If you want to draw near us, listen to the sounds. Observe the stillness. Observe the peace. We are content to just Be. Because in our Beingness we create life.

Draw near. You will see there is more to see than you already see. The science is here. The poetry, the words, the music. We wrap the essence of all living breath around our roots, inside our trunks, above and around our branches.  There is an energy here that is necessary for the movement of your lives.

Look to the sky. We feed from the light. And from the life above. There is more up there than you see. And much more down below. Life is everywhere. We see the truth of the outside in, the world above, and the one below. We exist on realms you have yet to see with your eyes, but if you opened the TRUE eye, you would know all and see the ONE and know our connection to your heart. You would see we are the Coming, the revealing of the Bright Morning Star.

We long, as all creation longs, to see the glory of man restored. We breathe the signs and movements of restoration into your cells. The light is coming. The Kingdom that is within you is also within us. We are still to let it be. You move to shake it out. But All is moving, and the Kingdom is advancing. Even the rocks will cry out in songs of rejoicing, to see your glory revealed. Be still, and know the One.”

Walking into other dimensions will certainly wake-up your sleeping story. Try it.

Amanda Flaker is a freelance writer, editor, news correspondent, mentor, tree-hugger, and creator of Chakra Center. She loves to travel around the world and write about it. For more information about her writing/editing/ and mentoring services, visit

Got Creativity? Let us know about it!

The Sacral Chakra

Exciting things are in store!

We are gearing-up for some beautiful energetic creations at Chakra Center! New writers and regular contributors are jumping on board, and our design/format is undergoing new design. Things are taking-off!

You can look forward to continued insightful and thought-expanding  content, as well as an open forum, and more opportunity for our readers to connect. Like-minds are uniting!

If you’re interested in being a part our growing team of writers/contributors, and design, head over to our “contact us” section and drop us a line. We are in the process of putting a few more regular contributors in place.

Share your thoughts with us! What kind of content would you like to see at Chakra Center? This site exists as a resource for you, so tell us what your heart desires. What is valuable to you? What would make you come back for more?

We look forward to creating a fun, creative, and supportive space for you here. Stay-tuned for much, much more.

We apologize for any inconsistencies and delays in posts as we create our new format.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Real and Raw in the UK: An Interview with “The Juice Lady.”

Food, Interviews, The Sacral Chakra

Raw goodness in the UK?! Yes, indeed! And not just your typical,  run-of-the-mill veggies – Sarah’s Holistic Health blog, raw food recipes, juice cleanses, and detox retreats, are just the beginning! Watch-out, Britain! The Juice Lady is coming – and she’s got raw food cakes, fresh juice, and a whole lotta’ lovin’!

And we wanted to be the first to tell you about it!

That’s why we asked “the Juice Lady” herself (a.k.a. Sarah Hook), owner and creator of Juice Rehab, to stop by Chakra Center and fill us in on what she’s been up to over there in the United Kingdom.

Sarah shares how raw food has changed her life, and how you can be apart of the goodness.

(This is way more important than the Olympics, after all!) 😉

Enjoy! And cheers to good health!

How did you get interested in raw foods/health?

At the age of 19 I suddenly experienced poor health. I was getting headaches each day, fatigue where I would wake up each morning feeling like I had a hangover, my skin was showing signs of rosacea and I was struggling with acne for a too. I thought I had a virus,  as these symptoms came on very quickly, but after two months (and lots of doctor’s visits), I still felt the same. No diagnosis was made,  and  I was feeling very low and helpless.

A colleague of my mum’s lent her a book on the anti-candida diet; they had experienced greater health from following it and my mum said I should give it a go. I read through it and realized I had all the symptoms of a candida overgrowth. All the antibiotics I had taken for my skin and the birth control pill  I took to control my Endometriosis and skin problems had contributed to the cause.

After two weeks of following the diet, (cutting out all sugar, including fruit, cutting out bread, wheat, dairy, all processed foods), I felt so much better. My daily headaches went away, and I could get up in the morning without having to literally drag myself out of bed. After a month of following the diet and adding probiotics and other supplements to help balance my healthy gut flora, my health got better and better.

That was just the start, as I had experienced first-hand how much food affects our health!

I followed a whole food diet for years, sometimes falling into bad habits but always coming back to it when old symptoms returned. I had managed to reverse all of my symptoms from Endometriosis, which made my cycle much more pleasurable and I didn’t need any medication for it anymore.

What are some of the benefits you have seen in your own life from eating raw?

At the age of  24 I found raw foods. I was still trying to clear my skin, as this was still temperamental depending on my food intake. I tried 100% raw diet for a week, mainly on fruits and salad, and felt amazing!! My energy levels were great, mood was great, and I had a glow to my skin I had never seen before. I was hooked. I knew it was the missing link. Raw Greens!! Green juice, green salad, green foods!

From that point on, I have been  mostly High Raw,  and I have done many Juice cleanses. I love the amazing affects of a daily green juice, which helped me work out a way to clear my skin 100%. I have lifted my depression that I struggled with for years, by combining raw food with moving my body! Movement of the body is so important!

I found my passion, helping people have the tools to live a healthy life, combining high raw foods, gut health, movement, meditation and juicing 🙂

Tell us a bit about your business. What are you up to over there?

My business is called Juice Rehab. I make and deliver bespoke Juice cleanses to people’s home or work, nationally in the UK. I also deliver raw food lunches called “Lunchbox Detox” to the local area of  Milton Keynes in the UK.

I run workshops and do one-on-one raw food coaching and uncooking lessons. I also work as a health coach helping people to reach their health and life goals.

What is your favorite raw food recipe to make?

I love Green Juice! My favorite combination is cucumber, apple, lime and mint. So refreshing!

What is the best part about owning your own business? 

It is very rewarding, especially because it’s something I believe in so passionately. It’s great to put my creativity to work.

How can people experience your raw food goodness?

My website is being worked on as we speak, and will be running very soon!

Until them I am using

You can contact me there for the Juice Cleanses and Health Coaching.

You can also visit me at :

Sarah’s Holistic Health Health/161429700617007 and

Juice Rehab

Flash Questions

 You’re stranded on an island with only one book, which book would it be?

Ooooh…that’s a hard one, I have so many books!

I’d have to say, 365 Power Sayings, by Louise Haye. I read one every day. They are a great start to the day!

Private concert – who’s playing?

Another hard one, I love all kinds of music, depending on my mood. I do love Ben Howard at the moment!

Worst fear?

Sharks! Ever since Jaws, I was scared to sit on the toilet seat! I’ve got over that now, but I still get scared when swimming in the sea.

Favorite movie?

Crash. When I saw it at the cinema I was blown away. I found it very powerful!

Pet Peeve?

Moaning Minnies 😉

Best meal?

Right now I would have to say watermelon! It’s so hot here, it’s the perfect summer food.

Sarah Hook (a.k.a “The Juice Lady”) is a Holistic Health Coach, and owner of Juice Rehab. She is passionate about helping people feel and look their best, and she’s on a mission to get the world to drink Green Juice. She lives in the UK.