Eat The Sun: An Interview with Film Director Peter Sorcher

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For years we’ve been warned about the dangers of the sun.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends avoiding exposure to direct sunlight, wearing long-sleeved shirts, pants, and sunglasses while the sun is high, and applying toxic chemical sunscreen directly on the skin.

In fact, there’s been so much propaganda about potential risks of the sun, some people live their life in a nearly obsessive preoccupation to avoid it.

And some take a different approach. They eat it.

The ancient practice of Sungazing originated in India around 2600 years ago. It is believed that directly staring at the sun for a slowly practiced and increased amounts of time, stimulates and activates the pineal gland, and eventually, removes all hunger from the body – permanently.

But not all who practice sungazing aim for breatharianism. Some use sungazing for heightened spiritual states, while others practice purely for the increased energy and stamina they experience.

I first heard about Sungazing early last year, and began experimenting with it while living in Italy. Gazing at the Tuscan sun filled every cell in my body with bliss.

Due to my rapidly increased levels of energy, improved sleep, and enhanced mood, I became obsessive about researching this topic.

That’s when I found the documentary, Eat the Sun and realized I wasn’t the only one experimenting.

To help fuel the conversation about this ancient practice, I asked the film’s director, Peter Sorcher, to stop by Chakra Center today and share his experience making this thought-provoking and controversial film.

What is Eat the Sun about?

Eat the Sun is the story of an ordinary guy named Mason who takes up the ancient practice of ‘sungazing’ – looking directly into the sun for long periods of time. The film follows Mason on a fascinating, often, hilarious road trip that reveals a surprising twist and will challenge deeply held beliefs.

Who were the first Sungazers?

Sungazing has its roots in ancient civilizations – from the Incas and Aztecs to the Greeks and Egyptians – but today, with the help of the Internet and an Indian gentleman who goes by the acronym, HRM, this revived practice is gathering global momentum.

Tell us how the concept for “Eat the Sun” was born.

I was new to the Bay Area, having just arrived after living and working in New York City for 10 years.  I met Mason at a party in San Francisco and he started telling me about this crazy thing that he was doing – looking directly at the sun.  My first thought:  “Welcome to San Francisco.”  I definitely reacted with some judgment as this was certainly on par with my perceptions about Northern California.  And it seemed utterly ridiculous to me.   But I liked Mason and his unabashed enthusiasm.

Months later, I ended up giving Mason a ride to the mountains and we had a few hours to really talk.  He was still sungazing – up to 30 minutes – and he was so incredibly enthusiastic about the practice and the physical sensations that he was experiencing.  I immediately thought that is was a potential film idea and I decided to do a test shoot with Mason and a few of his classmates who were also sungazing.  After that, I was hooked. I started filming Mason sungazing and then I met HRM. I liked the idea of this whole sungazing movement flying in the face of what most people would consider plausible and also felt that there was a real story to tell.

What would you say is the overall message of the film?

The entire notion of sungazing sounds ridiculous because it runs contrary to two of the most universal and widely held beliefs: that it’s dangerous to look at the sun, and that it’s not only dangerous but impossible to not eat.  Food and eating is so central to almost every culture and the mere suggestion that this is unnecessary really creates a strong reaction from people.

What I also find very interesting, and one of the reasons I wanted to make the film, is that most people have a belief system which is usually formed from how and where they were raised, what culture they were born into and how their parents and community organized these sort of spiritual concepts.  For me, when you really think about it, if most people didn’t believe in Jesus and someone confronted you with this notion you might think that it was odd or even ridiculous.

I hope that the film provokes some interesting conversations about belief and challenges audiences to look objectively at their own.

Through your research/filming, what have you discovered is the reason for the more recent practice of sungazing in the West?

People are sungazing for all sorts of reasons in the west.  Some are doing it for more spiritual-minded reasons; they feel that there is a special connection that they get from looking at the sun.  Others have definite goals that they want to reach; they’ve heard that if you follow a certain protocol that looking at the sun can lead to a life of not eating.   In one case, we did see a dramatic loss of weight from an over-weight person and our main character, Mason, did go for almost a month not eating.  A lot of folks just like the sensations they get and the feeling of more energy.

Do people really not eat in the film? How? 

Good question. HRM, the Indian gentleman in my film who is a strong proponent of sungazing, prescribes a sungazing protocol of standing barefooted on bare earth and adding 10 seconds daily until you reach 44 minutes of continually looking at the sun.  According to him, at this point, you won’t have the desire or the need to eat food anymore. Many sungazers I met were motivated by his ideas and many reported major weight loss and less interest in food, especially processed foods.  HRM was studied a few times and the one study that sort of put him on the map was a hospital-supervised study where he supposedly went 411 days without eating.  At the time we filmed him, he claimed not to have eaten in 8 years.

Mason, our main character in the film went almost a month without eating, the first 8 days without anything; no water, no liquids, nothing.   The only issue that he had with not eating was the social aspect.  Everything in our society revolves around food. Most social occasions revolve around food.  He struggled with that because he’s a social person.

Another gentleman, an Ophthalmologist, actually, was another example of someone I really came to believe when he told me that he did not eat for a long period of time and that he lived with people who didn’t eat for over a year. It sounds sort of crazy, but the point is, unless one can really experience what these people are experiencing, who’s to say it can’t be true.

What kind of controversy (if any) has this film met?

What’s interesting is that audiences are sort of split after seeing the film:  half of them want to go out and sungaze immediately and the other half are like, “Did we just see the same film?”

Tell us a bit about the process for filming this documentary.

When we were on the road, we usually had a crew of 3 filming Mason and the other people we met and interviewed.  We all traveled around in Mason’s van that is featured in the film and it was really a lot of fun.  We spent hours driving and chatting about people we had just spoken with, digesting the new information we had just heard.  It was a fantastic journey.

How has the film been received by the world? What is the overall response?

People really like the film.  It’s been in a bunch of film festivals and won some awards, including best documentary at the Chicago United Film Festival.  We have a FaceBook page and we get a lot of great responses from folks after they’ve seen the film.

What I like is that it doesn’t wrap things up perfectly neatly.  As a viewer, you have to come to some conclusions on your own rather than the film or filmmaker telling you what to believe.  And I think that is really powerful.

How can people see the documentary?

We have DVDs for sale on our website: or you can go to iTunes to rent it.  It’s also available on Netflix but I think they are waiting to get a lot of requests before they actually send it from your queue.  We are currently arranging to stream it from our website and we’re really excited to offer that as a lot of our audience is international and that’s really the easiest way for them to see the film.

Thanks for stopping by today, Peter! We appreciate your artistic exposure and thought-expanding insights.

Peter Sorcher spent 12 years in New York City honing his storytelling and branding skills as a commercial film editor (represented by Red Car, NY/LA) and as a documentary filmmaker. Peter’s ability to distill both the message and story from hours of footage and to infuse that with a unique visual language and creative sound design brought clients such as Coke, Nike, Sprite, IBM, Reebok, New Balance, Canon and The NorthFace. Peter’s work on commercials, music videos as well as award winning feature documentaries, led him to start Sorcher Films shortly after he moved to San Francisco. EAT THE SUN is his most recent, full-length documentary.

Check-out the film’s trailer here:


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Giving AND Receiving: An important message from the rocks :)

Channeled Writtings, The Throat Chakra

Out with the old, in the with new.  Out and in. Like breath.

It’s how things have been flowing these days. Major shifts and new energies are moving through me, and a lot of “shift” is coming out.

On my nature hike today, there were many stones: pink, red, white, and orange, all blinking up at me in the sunlight.

Several times I stopped to pick one up, or simply rest my hands on their warm surface. I felt their energy tingle through my body –so open to receive me, and to give. The flow was natural.

Giving had been on my mind before I headed off on my walk. I had this “brilliant” idea that I would make every Monday a “random act of kindness day” at Chakra Center (which I am totally excited about, by the way). But as I sat with the glittery rocks outside, I felt there was something more to it – something important I needed to understand about the energy of giving.

So I sat down and listened. This is what they told me:

“Giving is a medicine for the body, and for the energy fields around you. It heals in every direction you focus it. There is much to learn about giving on your planet.

When you give to others, it is a gift to yourself. If the person receives in gratitude, it offers healing. This is not metaphorical, it is really occurring in the energetic fields of your body.

If you find yourself in lack it’s simply an indication that you have not learned to master the flow of this abundant Energy. It doesn’t matter if you are good at giving; to truly master the energy of Abundance you must learn to open yourself up to receive.

If you feel your energy is low, look at the energetic patterns around you. Are you allowing yourself to receive? Many lightworkers and healers are especially lacking in the Receiving energy. This is not good for the health of the planet.  It blocks the natural flow of light. It blocks the healing process, even for those places you are sending the healing energy.  When you give energy from a place of non-receiving, you only deplete the Life Force, not only for you, but for the person you are sending. Non-receiving energy blocks the flow of Abundance for all.

Nobody can heal another person. It is only yourself you can truly heal. To give healing is not enough; it is through receiving the healing in return, that true health can occur within you.

To “give selflessly” is a misconception. It is a misunderstanding of what is actually taking place on an energetic level. When you give, you are giving of your energy, and the “self” is imprinted on that energy. In reality, you must give self-FULL-ly.

If you withhold yourself from an energy transaction, you are blocking your energetic health. It is important the energy moves freely through the body – like the breath – in and out.  To stop the flow of the “out” breath, OR the “in” breath, one would die. It is no different on the energetic level.

This is science. It is not superstition. It’s the way the Universe works. The Universe never withholds anything from you. Like oxygen, all abundance exists around you, everywhere –  it is always there for you to use, but you must allow it to flow through you, in and out.

It is important not to block your own flow of abundance (which is the medicine for all diseases and psychological problems on your planet). It is only through the Energetic Flow of Giving and Receiving that the abundance can flow properly through your life.

This is not superstition. Study how energy moves, you will see that it is simply a law of the Universe. Giving and receiving are one in the same. You are not better if you only give of yourself, without receiving. This is a lie. It is impossible to give the fullness of Abundance if you do not also receive.

It is important to learn how to give. Giving first always to yourself. Give yourself the love, so the love can flow fully through you, overflowing and moving, as it naturally does, throughout the Space around you. Love energy is not limited by physical matter. It moves instantaneously. The frequency of love is very high.

When you send love to someone, imagine they are surrounded by white, green, and pink light. See this light radiating from your heart, and filling all the space around you, and around the person you are giving to. See the light clear their aura, and brighten your own. As you see them getting brighter and brighter, you will feel your own love growing even more.

The space around you will feel warmer.  When you feel the sensations on your skin and around your face, you can be sure the love energy is flowing properly back to you. It is important to see the energy moving this way. Your thoughts will direct its course. When you give, always see the energy moving  in a circular motion – it always come back to you, and this will help you perceive the gifts the Universe is sending to you, and help you open up your energy field to receive them.

You can’t receive properly if you see yourself only as a “giver”. This is not a true virtue, because the real Giver is also the Receiver. Only through giving and receiving can life occur. Open yourself up to the giving and receiving – value and honor both equally, as they are one in the same. It is important to balance your beliefs regarding this energy if you are to truly experience the abundance of the Universe.


Isn’t that beautiful?! I love how the rocks talked about the planet as if they belong in another realm — maybe they do! Or maybe I was channeling other Beings through their energy?! Whoever it was, they had a lot of insight. Thank you for translating the message, rocks!

Amanda Flaker is a freelance writer, teacher/tutor, editor, intuitive mentor, and creator of Chakra Center. She loves to travel (especially to other dimensions), talk to trees, and bliss-out. 

The Magic of Music: An Interview with Cora Flora

Interviews, The Throat Chakra

Her music is magic.

It’s soulful and painted with vibrant purple, pensive blues, and peaceful, heart-shaped greens. The first time I ever heard a song by Cora Flora I was in a funk. The sky was full of wispy, grey shadows and my mood reflected the lonely echo of the rain outside.

I don’t remember what brought it on, but that particular day I felt worthless, and unsure of my purpose in this world. The song was playing in the background of a video on YouTube, but the words seemed to dance through the room and weave in-and-out of my own shadow.  “Don’t change…unless you want to. I love, the You that You are. You’re so loveable, just so hug-able, the way you are.”

I don’t know why, but I began to cry. The Universe has a way of using unlikely moments, signs, and songs to remind me why I’m here. As the words filled my room, I felt the shadow move toward the door.

A couple months later, Cora contacted me (a mutual Facebook friend had suggested a collaboration on a project), and she has been a kindred soul sis*star ever since. Source works in mysterious ways.

I couldn’t wait to have Cora come to Chakra Center and talk to us about music’s connection to the soul – her music has been medicine for me, and I know she will go on to inspire the lives of many. If you’ve never experienced the magic of her voice and the soul-inspiring mystery of her music, I suggest you give yourself that gift…today.

Tell us about your musical journey. Have you always been interested in music? When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

I’ve always been interested in music, even before I knew what it was. My parents use to play music for me in the womb, so it’s been connected to my human experience from the very beginning. Looking back, it’s no wonder that music is such a powerful and easy way to connect me to the feeling of Heaven / Source Energy. It’s been with me all along.

When I was a little girl I loved dancing, allowing the music to flow through me. I thought I wanted to be a dancer, or a doctor, or the prime minister of Canada. Although I took piano lessons throughout childhood and sang love songs for fun, it didn’t occur to be that I could be a musician. Aside from moments of amazing harmony with my mom (she is a great harmonizer), I didn’t really think my voice was special.

Once I started playing guitar around 13, I started writing songs. Then singing became a deeply satisfying act; a way to express my emotions and my poetic perspective on life. I’m so grateful for amazing women musicians who gave me the courage to be authentic: especially Alanis Morisette, Ani DiFranco, Bjork, Fiona Apple, India Arie, and Sarah McLachlan.

It’s been a bit of a reluctant path towards knowing that I am a musician, that this is my path. I feel like I’ve surrendered it many times, to explore gardening, to explore healing, to explore writing. There’s so much ego in the music industry that I just felt like my tender musical yearnings wouldn’t fit in.

Yet music is in my blood, and will always connect me to the feeling of who I truly am. I love listening deeply to the peaceful music of nature, I love the special moments of giving birth to new songs, and I love playing live, which can be totally soul-gasmic and fantastically satisfying!

The beauty of this time with the internet and the expansion of consciousness is that I realize I have to power to create my own musical path. My creative power expands through my music, my website, my videos, and my entire life.

Music has taught me that I am a Musician, and I am the Music of the Universe. 🙂

How has music helped you on your path of healing?

Music has helped me on my path of healing in so many ways… It’s been a compassionate friend when I needed it, a powerful tool to release and understand emotions, and a key to connecting to my soul and even more spiritual energies.

What role does music play on your spiritual journey? 

I remember going to church when I was growing up, and that my favorite part was the singing (even though some of the songs were boring). It’s no wonder that singing is used around the world as a tool to connect to spiritual energies. Singing has the power to open our hearts, connect us to our souls, and flow with the Universe. I find it fascinating that even the word Universe means “one song”. Truly everything is in this beautiful harmony of energy, and music helps me understand this deeper.

Some say music is medicine for the soul. Do you find that to be true? How?

At the moment I’m listening to my iPod on shuffle (a.k.a. synchronistic guidance) and Sarah McLachlan’s song “Elsewhere” just came on. My soul just got blasted with all the deep emotion and spiritual power that this song emanates. Sarah truly writes music from her heart, and all of her songs have a mystical essence that is medicine for my soul. (Now shall I dance about architecture? Just kidding!)

Exploring healing and what it’s all about has helped me understand how music is medicine for the soul as well. To me healing is a journey of feeling, learning, and growing into a better person. As I’ve been opening up, there have been moments when my emotions were a huge overwhelming mess, and music helped me to release the energy by flowing out sounds of whatever I felt. Being creative (which has the same energetic effect on the body as healing and praying) helps me to learn from my challenges and create something amazing from them.

As well I believe that at the present moment this world and the brave love souls that signed up for this experience are all shifting. Releasing limitations, opening to allow more spirit, to co-create Heaven on Earth. Even though it’s been challenging, we are surrounded by soooo much spiritual support, and there is a lot of vibrational medicine being given to us through music (whether we can hear/feel it or not). Many of us who are sensitive to these vibrations can empower them even more by sharing them through our music, allowing them to flow through us in a way that others can receive even more consciously. All it takes is feeling, allowing, and flowing with the music of your soul to become a channel in this way.

Wow… Synchronicity… My iPod just sang “hear the angels’ voices”…

Music has been called the “universal language.” What role  do you think music plays in global (and universal) communication?

Music allows us to bypass the mind and connect from the heart. This is why listening to music in languages we don’t know is so interesting, it teaches us to feel on a soul level. 🙂

There are a lot of theories out there on music’s relation to sacred geometry. Do you have any thoughts/comments on this phenomenon?

I feel really inspired to explore the connection of music and sacred geometry. I feel that with intention, it is possible to express the essence of spiritual truths through music. I feel like a key is harmony. My next album, Illumination, will be exploring the vibration of inspiration (including sacred geometry through music). I love being on this path of discovery!

At the moment my iPod is sharing a beautiful song with lots of OMs, “Ganesha Invocation” by Shantala. It reminds me of how ancient mantras are connected to deep spiritual wisdom; they are keys that have been given to us. Likewise yantras (the visual expression of divine energies) can easily unlock knowing that transcend the illusions of this present lifetime. 🙂

What message do you hope to convey with your music?

Peace, Love, Freedom, Empowerment, and Heaven on Earth!

What is the ultimate dream for music in your life?

Once again the Universe (as expressed in this moment through my iPod) is flowing inspiration that is synchronistically connected to what I’m focusing on. The song Legend of a Cowgirl by Imani Coppola lights my inner flame to enjoy this lifetime, that this is for fun! (The days of self-sacrificing service are over)!

I choose to serve in a way that is joyful, delicious, rich, satisfying, exciting, and harmonious. Life has a perfect flow that I’m grateful for in every way, and now I see myself expanding and sharing on a bigger level. I love traveling this beautiful world, and enjoy sharing music in ways that are dreams come true for me and everyone involved; upcoming I see amazing visuals, fantastic venues, and soul-gasmic orchestration. I’m excited to experience harmony in miraculous ways with co-creators, inspiring states of musical expansion / illumination/ elevation, and powerful healing vibrations of Heaven on Earth for all of us. 🙂

Where can people find your music?

Connect with me at 🙂

Any other thoughts/comments you want to share?

A really amazing book if you are interested in a fascinating exploration of the Spirit of Music is The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten. Enjoy!

Cora Flora is on a blossoming path, touring to bring healing, joy, love, and inspirational vibrations to Mother Earth and all her lovely children. Once you feel the deep resonance of her songs, you will be inspired to connect with your soul’s harmonious music and enjoy your infinitely creative, amazing life! 

Radiant Health, with Natasha St. Michael

Interviews, The Throat Chakra

Natasha St. Michael was born with a hole in her heart. Growing up with serious health issues and depression, she eventually turned to nutrition for help. What started as an experiment, turned into a lifestyle.

After healing many of her health issues naturally, Natasha began sharing her story, tips, and health regime with the world. Today, her YouTube channel, blog, and Juice Fast/Raw food challenges, are some of the most successful online health programs around.

We asked Natasha if she’d be willing to share her story with us.

Enjoy – and cheers to radiant health!

How did you get interested in raw foods/health/nutrition?

I got into natural health and nutrition when I was in my late teens. Since I was a young child I was constantly challenged by serious health issues. I was born with an Atrial Septal Defect (a hole in my heart) and had open heart surgery at the age of 5 1/2 years old.

Into my teens I was diagnosed with pre-cancer of the cervix, a few years later I was diagnosed with Osteonecrosis (a rare bone disease of the hip joint), and later in my mid twenties, I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. It seemed that every few years I would go to the doctor for a check-up and get diagnosed with some crazy disease or illness!

Because I faced such challenges, it was important to me to take my health in my own hands and do what I could on my part to become healthier, stronger and more vital. I found myself gravitating towards studying and researching natural health, nutrition, alternative therapies and meditation as a means of exercising my options and improving the condition of my health and wellbeing.

What are some of the benefits you’ve seen in your own life from changing your eating habits?

The biggest benefit I’ve had from changing my diet and eating super healthy is actually the improvement of my mood. Since my early childhood, I suffered from severe depression. It always felt like I had a black cloud over my head. Everything always felt so heavy, and I found if I was constantly weighed down by my emotions, there was little else I was motivated or inspired to do. The more I took care of myself, which included having a healthy diet, the better I felt, and the more empowered and inspired I was. Little by little, this is what got the ball rolling, if I was in good spirit, than I felt I could do more, be more, and live more!

As I started eating healthier, my emotional health starting improving and so did my physical health, and in fact I was able to reverse many of the health conditions I was diagnosed with, naturally! For me, if my emotional health is off balance, everything falls off balance with it, so it is super important for me to eat well, sleep well, exercise daily, be creative, fill my days with fulfilling and joyful activities and surround myself with loving family and friends.

My diet is very important, eating healthy gives me balance, energy, vitality, strength and stability. I’m always amazed how the food I eat affects me. I used to be addicted to sugar and caffeine, and I was all over the place, up and down, bad skin, bad health, moody, and depressed. By eating healthy it helped give me stability and a strong foundation, where my health and mood became balanced and centered, so I could do more with my life, enjoy the freedom of good health, have great energy to be active and do things, and sharpen my mind to pursue my goals and dreams.

Tell us a bit about your juice fast/raw food challenges.

I created two online programs that I host every month, the 10 Day Juice Fasting Program and the 7 Day Raw Food Challenge. Myself, over the years I have done many juice fasts and I used to be on a raw vegan diet for several years, and I got such incredible results from doing these cleanses, that I wanted to share it and support others that were interested in doing these types of detox programs and cleanses. I am Health & Lifestyle Coach and I found from working with my clients that they were more successful doing these types of programs as a group, while simultaneously having a clear guideline as to what to eat and do.

I created these programs which include an eBook of guidelines, recipes, and an outline of the program, as well as daily videos that are 20-40 minutes long , that covers a broad range of topics, information, tips and advice pertaining to the programs. There is also a private online forum for each of the programs that participants can connect with one another from around the world as they are doing either the Juice Fasting Program or the 7 Day Raw Food Challenge, and I am actually on the forum daily answering questions and offering additional support and motivation.

The programs are great! They are clear and simple, and I find doing these types of programs as a group, having the forum to chat and me being there to offer additional support and guidance, really helps people to feel motivated and supported, and therefore ensures success! Doing a juice fast or a week on a raw food diet is a great way to jump start healthy eating. I find that once people do a week of juicing or eating raw foods, this allows them to let go of the caffeine, the sugar, the processed food, the junk food, etc.. And therefore after the program is completed they are much more motivated and equipped to continue eating healthy and taking care of themselves.

What advice would you give for those who are interested in living abroad and taking their business with them? 

Go for it! Make your dream a reality! If someone wants to live and work abroad, then start getting ready now– start planning, starts researching, start saving money, create a solid business you know you can run while living in another location, etc.. What holds most people back is doubt and uncertainty. If you really want something, make it happen! I dreamed for years to live abroad and now I have been living in Bali for almost 2 years. It didn’t happen overnight, but this is something I so strongly wanted to do, that I was prepared to do what it took to reach my goal. It involved a lot hard work, saving money, being organized and prepared– but it was worth it!

Give us your best tips for goal-setting (and following through).

I find by making goals where you have other people in mind– this is what sets you up for success. The biggest victories I have had were because behind my goal I wanted to inspire people, be an example and make a difference. When I faced health challenges, or had goals in my career or relationships, my goal wasn’t only to succeed for myself, but also to be an inspiration to others, to show that the impossible is actually possible. I’ve always strived to be that person that someone thinks about and says to themselves, “If Natasha can do it, so can I!” Personally, I believe every challenge, every obstacle, is one’s mission, and overcoming them is our personal responsibility to ourselves and others, to show just how far we can take our lives and the infinite amount of possibilities and victories life has to offer.

Many times when I set a goal or I am dealing with a big challenge or obstacle, I imagine myself telling someone about how I overcame the obstacle or achieved the goal. I would do this over and over again, like I was rehearsing my victory speech, I would rehearse in my mind what I would say, how excited I would be and how happy and inspired the person or people would be from hearing my story. Not only would it inspire me to keep going and give me the optimism, courage and spirit to succeed, but it always ensures my success as well! Our victories are everyone’s victories!

What is your favorite raw food recipe?

Super simple: Apple slices with almond butter!

Flash Questions

You’re stranded on an island with only one book, which book would it be?

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman (I’ve been reading this book at least once a year for over 20 years!!)

Private concert – who’s playing?

Philip Glass – Solo Piano

Worst fear?

Having to drive a car and not knowing how.

Favorite movie?

Memoirs of a Geisha
Pet Peeve?

People spitting

Favorite thing about Bali?

My boyfriend, my orchid garden, and learning the Indonesian language.

Natasha’s personal goal and mission is to inspire and motivate as many people as possible to take better care of themselves, honor their lives and live to the fullest! She is qualified as a Certified Holistic Health Counselor by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She works fulltime as a Health & Lifestyle Coach, hosts monthly online Juice Fasting Programs7 Day Raw Food Challenges and a free educational & motivational video blog.”


Be sure to check-out Natasha’s website: