Embracing Death and Letting Go: Welcome Winter & The Elven Retreat

Channeled Writtings, The Sacral Chakra

Death is in the air. Creation is eminent.

The end of the year approaches, leaves fall, and the mountains surrounding me have been capped with the first falling snow. Winter is coming.

My mom died in winter when I was 12. Two years ago we buried my nephew under the snow. Winter brings death, and feelings I’d rather avoid. But this time feels different. I feel my spirit calling me to embrace the coming year, the coming ends, and the insulation of new beginnings.

Today is October 13th. Thirteen is my activation number, and I am using its symbolic power to embrace all that is, all that is coming, and all that is going away. Today I am welcoming winter through letting go.

Below are some of my winter creations — creations to accept death:


I was twelve years old when you were buried. A winter storm drew shadows above the heads of mourners. The smell of wet dirt and dead trees lurked among the crowd dressed in long church coats.  My father wore a red tie. It was the only color between the sky and the black road that curved and crept through the cemetery. It reminded me of the blood you coughed up the night before you died, the violent way it entered our world. I never knew my father before that day you traded places, but I watched his breath rise like smoke as he exhaled the dead air, releasing the winter ghost who haunted the abandoned trees.

I couldn’t see faces. Only the way the black clouds formed a veil over the freshly dug dirt. I remember the tapping of the branches as they moved in the wind. I was cold. The trees were the only presence around me, and the mist rising from the earth filled the air with a thick and unmovable silence.

 The pastor said it was God’s will to take you away – that you were needed somewhere else – away from us. I hated God’s will, as I hated winter, and that red tie.

My father took me to his house after the earth swallowed you. He said it was my home. He didn’t know I no longer had a home – he couldn’t see the two worlds I stood between: the one with you in it, and the one without. He doesn’t remember the red tie, or the way the winter ghost moved darkly through the trees. He didn’t see the snow falling in my unbuckled Sunday shoe as you were lowered in the ground. He never noticed my miss-buttoned dress coat, or the way my satin ribbon came undone and tumbled in the wind, toward you.

This winter, January 2013 the Elves have called us to assemble in Park City. Once again, the number thirteen has activated something new. Here is some stuff I’ve channeled about the retreat:

To connect with the Elves of winter is to connect with all that sleeps within you. Deep in the caverns of your heart, is a rare and ancient magic – a magic that knows its connection to all things. To awaken in winter is to shed all that is inessential, and reveal that which has been lost. To connect to the magic within you, is to connect to a realm where beauty is restored to its proper balance and sleeping desires are awakened and restored. These are the desires and intentions you set forth before entering in to this dimension – as you understood this time (this year) would be a time for old programs to be shed, ancient magic to be awakened, and new magic to be learned.

To connect to the Elves of Winter is to fully restore your imagination. Imagination is the true work of the magician. And magic is bliss. Magic is the creation of your world. The particular magic that you and Charis will perform together will usher in a specific geometric portal to other realms of existence. Can you feel the power behind that intention? You two were meant to come together for this reason.

There is much balance here, and as the restoration and rebirth of the planet itself is unfolding, so is the realm we reside, and therefore, your realm. We are connected in an integral way.

To teach certain individuals to connect to this realm is to open up the portals of their hearts for the out-pouring of the new World. You will see this happen in the class – you will feel the momentum of the space you provide, and the immensity of the dimension that is poured within it. Show up. Show up. This is all that needs occur.

As you can see and feel, this birthing cannot take place without the full reconciliation of your heart to Source. The heart is central, and it must take its central place at this retreat. It is essential for the heart to be restored, opened, and channeled into your dimension to help usher in all that is new and full of Light. At this retreat, you will all be pulling “down” (so to speak) a piece of your own Divine heaven, and as you each move your sacred patterns of dimensional work into the 3D space you occupy, you will get a taste of what the new Earth is you are creating.

As you know, everything that is occurring in our realm is future tense for you. Everything in the 3D ream is past tense – the physical manifestations you are currently experiencing have already formed and manifested in this realm long ago. That is why connecting to our realm is so powerful – it is the realm of thought forms, the realm of “pre existing potential.” At this Elvin retreat, you will all experience this lapse in time. To enter our realm (especially in winter) is to exit the time/space as you know it. This movement will be natural, and the space you hold the retreat, along with Charis’s knowledge of pivotal time movement and dimensional overlap, will create a vortex of creation for all of you to enter into. This will truly be a pathway to your bliss.

The winter Elves bring forth all the knowledge of our world that sleeps. It is the paving for Spring – what sleeps in winter is reborn in Spring. The winter Elves oversee the death – the passing from one life to another (which is precisely the process your realm is moving through – the birth of the new). What occurs in winter is essential, and this year, 2012, is unprecedented in what it will unfold – especially in our realm. Many Elves are assisting in this transition, which is why we have called you together. This is the realm of your future, and much will occur during this particular winter solstice.

What you and Charis are creating in this gathering is beyond what you can now conceptualize, but the dimension (and specific geometric patterns for creating a space for us) will be revealed to both of you in time for the gathering. You will channel writing meditations that will literally create portals in the awareness of all who attend, and Charis will weave together a space that is capable of holding these powerful dimensions together. By allowing these dimensional shifts to restore your hearts, your imaginations will be set free to do what they are designed to do: Create your world.

(Blissing Out with the Elves in Park City)

How are you welcoming winter into your life?


Wake-Up from the Illusion and Become the Builder of Your Own Dream

Bits and Pieces, Channeled Writtings, Spirituality, The Crown Chakra


How many times do we wander off the path of our desires, of our missions, our callings, or dreams, because we are seduced by the illusion?

When we plug fully into the illusion of “reality” it feels more real to us than all else – we lose all sense of breath (the true time), possibilities, and intention. Like a dream, we have no idea how we got there or when it will end, we simply find ourselves placed in the middle of a story – a drama somebody else has weaved around us. It’s the cloak that has been draped over our eyes to blind us from the truth. Although that “somebody” is merely another expression of us, it is not the “us” we want to be in control – it is not our true identity.

Unless we become aware that this is in fact a dream, we fall victim to wherever the illusion leads us, and often we remain within the dream for years, blindly accepting its limits as our own. We don’t realize we can wake-up, change the story, move beyond the mirage of its boundaries, and be set free.

When we become lucid in a dream, we realize we can remove the cloak of night and call forth the sun. Monsters can be tamed, ocean waves put to sleep, and we suddenly realize we can open our eyes before falling off the cliff. We become the constructors of the dream and through our focus we change its course.

Your current “reality” is no different than a dream – you’ve simply forgotten your role in it. It may appear others have power over you. You may feel like merely a victim to circumstance. But when you wake-up, when you realize that you are the dreamer, there is no end to what you can create.

But how do you wake up?

It all begins with the movement of your breath. When you realize you control its flow – you can speed it up, slow it down, hold it, or move it into the depths of your lungs, you take the first step.  It may seem simple and irrelevant, but breath is the building block of all life. Your breath is your life, and you can direct its course.

Notice it. Feel how it moves within you. Pay attention to where it flows, its depths, and which areas of your being feels deprived of its nourishment. Direct your breath into your tension, your wounds, your fears. Feel how it expands your life, your perception, your sense of “being.”

Ask yourself, “what does it mean to BE?” Unplug from the existential crisis of “knowing” and simply be. This is the deepest meditation of thought: Being.

Once you’ve mastered the flow of breath, move into your mind. Through guided meditation you can learn to enter into the subconscious region of your vast mind and start to shake things up a bit – move things around, realize where you stand in relation to your desires, and begin to reconstruct the dream.

These are some of the concepts we’re experiencing together in my “Writing to Connect with the Elves” course. It’s all about learning to see the realm of thought forms, understanding where your focus is directed, and developing the conscious muscles to move things around – to become the builder.

Here’s an excerpt from today’s assignment (it’s all about learning to see the illusion):

Instructions: Watch the two video clips below.  Notice how the illusion is constructed to seduce, but also pay attention to the disorientation.  Observe how you *feel* as you watch the clip, and try to recognize times when you feel this way in your own life.

What sparks her attention to the fact that she’s in a dream? How does she realize it’s not real? What does she do to get out of it? Notice how the Goblin King does not go after her when she attempts to leave. Why do you think that is? Perhaps he knows he can’t control her will, he can only persuade her mind.

Notice how in the beginning she is simply there, and allows the illusion to envelop her. She doesn’t question why or how she got there; she simply accepts the dream as her reality. How does her acceptance change at the end of the scene? Watch the progression of her emotions. Is she comfortable in this “reality”? How is she persuaded to remain in the illusion? What draws her in?

Now watch the scene where she finally wakes up from the illusion by remembering that “the Goblin King” actually has no power over her. Pay attention to how his power feels less and less real as she takes more and more control over her reality.

What areas of your life do you feel powerless to? Write them down. Write out why you feel powerless. Who or what do you believe is actually in control? Notice where the emotion arises within you. Take deep, fluid breaths into the areas you most “feel” react to these thoughts within your body. Observe how you have control over where you send your breath.  Feel how you simply exist. Ask yourself again, “what does it mean to ‘be’”?

Below is an excerpt from one of our “Elvin” friends:

“To connect with us is to connect to the heart of the trees and the river – the rocks and the earth. It is to connect with your very heart. To shut out the Spirit of Nature, is to abandon your own nature – your own spirit.

Like the river and trees, the rustle of the leaves, the steady flow of the water – the scattered rocks, there is nothing tame about your spirit. This is often why it feels unnatural to contain it in your body – in your linear dimension.

It is by learning to feel those movements within you and flow with them, that you will learn the ways of your True Heart – the way of the Spirit’s heart. To know the Creator’s heart you must allow yourself to move with it – always in its direction. Always with the flow of your very breath.

To know your true heart, you must learn to be still. Watch the trees. Listen to the way they breathe – to the very sound of their heartbeat. Look at the way nature moves, always in perfect abandon to the will of the Breath of Life. By following the movement of Nature, you will learn to Master the Entering of our dimension.

You’ve bought too deeply into the expression of reality that others have created for you. Now is the time to create your own expression, to bring forth the true essence of all life, that which comes from within you. It is time for you to discover who and what you truly are.”


Amanda Flaker is a freelance writer, teacher/tutor, editor, and creator of Chakra Center. She heads-up the website’s online writing classes (Writing to Connect with the Elves and Discover your Bliss, Writing to Heal, Writing to Develop your Intuitive Gifts).

Giving AND Receiving: An important message from the rocks :)

Channeled Writtings, The Throat Chakra

Out with the old, in the with new.  Out and in. Like breath.

It’s how things have been flowing these days. Major shifts and new energies are moving through me, and a lot of “shift” is coming out.

On my nature hike today, there were many stones: pink, red, white, and orange, all blinking up at me in the sunlight.

Several times I stopped to pick one up, or simply rest my hands on their warm surface. I felt their energy tingle through my body –so open to receive me, and to give. The flow was natural.

Giving had been on my mind before I headed off on my walk. I had this “brilliant” idea that I would make every Monday a “random act of kindness day” at Chakra Center (which I am totally excited about, by the way). But as I sat with the glittery rocks outside, I felt there was something more to it – something important I needed to understand about the energy of giving.

So I sat down and listened. This is what they told me:

“Giving is a medicine for the body, and for the energy fields around you. It heals in every direction you focus it. There is much to learn about giving on your planet.

When you give to others, it is a gift to yourself. If the person receives in gratitude, it offers healing. This is not metaphorical, it is really occurring in the energetic fields of your body.

If you find yourself in lack it’s simply an indication that you have not learned to master the flow of this abundant Energy. It doesn’t matter if you are good at giving; to truly master the energy of Abundance you must learn to open yourself up to receive.

If you feel your energy is low, look at the energetic patterns around you. Are you allowing yourself to receive? Many lightworkers and healers are especially lacking in the Receiving energy. This is not good for the health of the planet.  It blocks the natural flow of light. It blocks the healing process, even for those places you are sending the healing energy.  When you give energy from a place of non-receiving, you only deplete the Life Force, not only for you, but for the person you are sending. Non-receiving energy blocks the flow of Abundance for all.

Nobody can heal another person. It is only yourself you can truly heal. To give healing is not enough; it is through receiving the healing in return, that true health can occur within you.

To “give selflessly” is a misconception. It is a misunderstanding of what is actually taking place on an energetic level. When you give, you are giving of your energy, and the “self” is imprinted on that energy. In reality, you must give self-FULL-ly.

If you withhold yourself from an energy transaction, you are blocking your energetic health. It is important the energy moves freely through the body – like the breath – in and out.  To stop the flow of the “out” breath, OR the “in” breath, one would die. It is no different on the energetic level.

This is science. It is not superstition. It’s the way the Universe works. The Universe never withholds anything from you. Like oxygen, all abundance exists around you, everywhere –  it is always there for you to use, but you must allow it to flow through you, in and out.

It is important not to block your own flow of abundance (which is the medicine for all diseases and psychological problems on your planet). It is only through the Energetic Flow of Giving and Receiving that the abundance can flow properly through your life.

This is not superstition. Study how energy moves, you will see that it is simply a law of the Universe. Giving and receiving are one in the same. You are not better if you only give of yourself, without receiving. This is a lie. It is impossible to give the fullness of Abundance if you do not also receive.

It is important to learn how to give. Giving first always to yourself. Give yourself the love, so the love can flow fully through you, overflowing and moving, as it naturally does, throughout the Space around you. Love energy is not limited by physical matter. It moves instantaneously. The frequency of love is very high.

When you send love to someone, imagine they are surrounded by white, green, and pink light. See this light radiating from your heart, and filling all the space around you, and around the person you are giving to. See the light clear their aura, and brighten your own. As you see them getting brighter and brighter, you will feel your own love growing even more.

The space around you will feel warmer.  When you feel the sensations on your skin and around your face, you can be sure the love energy is flowing properly back to you. It is important to see the energy moving this way. Your thoughts will direct its course. When you give, always see the energy moving  in a circular motion – it always come back to you, and this will help you perceive the gifts the Universe is sending to you, and help you open up your energy field to receive them.

You can’t receive properly if you see yourself only as a “giver”. This is not a true virtue, because the real Giver is also the Receiver. Only through giving and receiving can life occur. Open yourself up to the giving and receiving – value and honor both equally, as they are one in the same. It is important to balance your beliefs regarding this energy if you are to truly experience the abundance of the Universe.


Isn’t that beautiful?! I love how the rocks talked about the planet as if they belong in another realm — maybe they do! Or maybe I was channeling other Beings through their energy?! Whoever it was, they had a lot of insight. Thank you for translating the message, rocks!

Amanda Flaker is a freelance writer, teacher/tutor, editor, intuitive mentor, and creator of Chakra Center. She loves to travel (especially to other dimensions), talk to trees, and bliss-out. 

Got Writer’s Block? Talk to the Trees!

Channeled Writtings, The Sacral Chakra, The Third Eye Chakra

Bouts of writer’s block frequently show up at my door. In the past, I would brace myself, knowing I was in for a painful confrontation. Now I’ve found a better way: I talk to trees.

Have you ever listened to a tree? Trees are full of poetry and movement, and colorful dimensions all their own. They exist in two worlds, moving and growing within and above the earth.

As a writer, I find trees (and nature in general) to be one of the greatest sources of inspiration. Nature has its own language – its own songs, its own story.

My challenge to all of you is to listen.

Allow your imagination to tangle-up with the branches and leaves, and observe, without judgment, all that comes. You don’t have to believe anything you hear, feel, or see. Just allow your imagination to feed your creative flow.

Entering into the magic of nature could be the key to opening the door to your unique story. Draw near and listen, and allow yourself to be swept into an enchanted journey.

I recently did this.

A sudden impulse prompted me to drive to the mountains. The early morning sun peaked over the tips of the leaves and glowed on the edge of the mountain tops. Under a crooked and clever tree, I sat against knobbled, exposed roots that disappeared under and around the winding river. I carefully placed my thoughts on the surface of the laughing water, and watched them drift downstream. It felt good to let go.

I allowed my breath to sync with the quiet song of the morning birds.  I let the rustle of the leaves toss the strands of my hair, and asked the watchful trees what they had to say.

“What we have to say is beyond all stars. It is a story that knows the intimate birthing of the Universe, the Sun, and all that walks on, in, and under the earth. Our roots go deep. We are not mere observers; we actively participate in your unfolding, in your very breath.

When you breathe-in the patterns of breath, you breathe in our essence, you inhale the breath of God. It is THE divine. Every shape you create in your mind moves in and around you. This is no metaphor; it is a truth that runs deep throughout the galaxies. Everything is geometric. It is the movement of the One. It is the life of all that is. If you want to draw near us, listen to the sounds. Observe the stillness. Observe the peace. We are content to just Be. Because in our Beingness we create life.

Draw near. You will see there is more to see than you already see. The science is here. The poetry, the words, the music. We wrap the essence of all living breath around our roots, inside our trunks, above and around our branches.  There is an energy here that is necessary for the movement of your lives.

Look to the sky. We feed from the light. And from the life above. There is more up there than you see. And much more down below. Life is everywhere. We see the truth of the outside in, the world above, and the one below. We exist on realms you have yet to see with your eyes, but if you opened the TRUE eye, you would know all and see the ONE and know our connection to your heart. You would see we are the Coming, the revealing of the Bright Morning Star.

We long, as all creation longs, to see the glory of man restored. We breathe the signs and movements of restoration into your cells. The light is coming. The Kingdom that is within you is also within us. We are still to let it be. You move to shake it out. But All is moving, and the Kingdom is advancing. Even the rocks will cry out in songs of rejoicing, to see your glory revealed. Be still, and know the One.”

Walking into other dimensions will certainly wake-up your sleeping story. Try it.

Amanda Flaker is a freelance writer, editor, news correspondent, mentor, tree-hugger, and creator of Chakra Center. She loves to travel around the world and write about it. For more information about her writing/editing/ and mentoring services, visit www.amandaleighflaker.weebly.com

Know Thyself: What is your True Name?

Channeled Writtings, The Third Eye Chakra

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says…To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it.” Revelation 2:17

Do you ever feel like Earth is not your true home?

Like this life and personality you’ve opted into is merely an illusion? Do you know, deep down, there is some mystical, cosmic design to your existence? That your truest self lies beyond this “reality” as we know it?

I’ve felt this my entire life. In the past I wrote these “other worldly” impressions off as bouts of insanity.  But now I’m not so sure. In fact, my inner-knowing tells me a different story.

I once heard a talk given by author John Eldredge, where he challenged his listeners to ask God their “true name.” He referenced the verse in the book of Revelation that foretells of God giving us a “new name,” written on a white stone. It is said this stone is only given to those who overcome.

But overcome what, exactly?

In my own life, I’ve found my ego (this elaborate fig leaf I’ve designed), has been my greatest challenge to overcome. Feelings of being alone and unknown have created a need to arrange myself into someone I feel somehow “fits” in this world.

But nothing is ever enough. All I can truly ever be, is Myself — the person I was created to be. As long as I try to become someone that is acceptable and pleasing to the world, I create more separateness. I create more darkness.

It is only through remembering my connection to Source, that I discovered a deeper and more eternal me. It is the Dive Essence that goes beyond “past lives” and incarnations on other planets – in other worlds. It’s the me that is not separate, lacking, or incomplete. It’s not the “me” pre-occupied with how I am different. It’s the me that is whole. It’s the me that is part of you.

The truth is, I could never possibly be alone because I am intimately connected to All Things.

My obsessive quest to find myself has led down many paths. But my true name, the one carved on the white stone, has always been within my inner-knowing.

Because of the current obsession and questions regarding Starseeds, ETs, and the 2012 Shift, I felt inspired to share some of what has come forth through meditation. I hope this helps you feel whole. I pray it helps you remember who you truly are.

(This was the response that came as I asked my Spirit, specifically, where I was from. I hope you find something that resonates with your own soul):

“Details of where you are from, originally, don’t matter. Suffice it to say, you’ve been and lived in many places in many dimensions, but you come from Source, as all things do. That is your truest origin, and the most important origin to meditate upon.

It is your knowledge of Oneness that will serve you most in this time. It is not the time to bring more knowledge of separation, because it is not how you are different that matters at this junction, it is how you are the same.

You long, like every Being, like Source Itself, to be known. This “being known” is part of the healing, part of The Story. But it’s not the whole story. The Whole Story is the Whole Universe, and your interconnectedness to All that Is.  Knowledge of Oneness is the greatest Knowing that can occur.

Yes, “know thyself”… Understand who and what you are, but do this only from the knowledge and motivation to know All Things – to know the Source of all things. Do this from the understanding that there is no “us” and “them,” there is only One in All.

All beings and all souls are coming to this knowledge; those who allow this awareness to restore them to the Light are being freed. Those who resist the Union are suffering. But all is necessary to restore our souls back to Source.

Connect, now, to The One. See yourself in all Beings and all things. This will heal you. This will heal humanity. This is how you will overcome the darkness.

Only through Oneness can the Universe be whole. The Great “I Am” makes all things whole. Meditate upon this. There is much beauty here.

Don’t make the mistake of running from the darkness; for it is the darkness that will reveal your Light. Running from darkness is the same as running from the Light. Indeed, it is your light that you fear most.  But they are one in the same – both serving the purpose of expansion.

It is not about loving the manifestation of darkness, it is about overcoming it. By overcoming the darkness – the illusion of separateness, you will find the treasure hidden within.”

Yes. Know thyself. Ask Source your true name. Ask from a place of Oneness. Your own white stone is the treasure hidden in the darkness. Seek it with all your heart.

Amanda Flaker is a freelance writer, editor, news correspondent, mentor, and creator of Chakra Center. She loves to travel around the world and write about it.