How to Open and Clear the Chakras

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As many of my blog followers know, I also write content for the amazingly brilliant, conscious fashion company, Lotus Effect.

Today’s article is all about understanding, opening, and clearing the chakras, and since this is Chakra Center after all, I felt it would be an appropriate blog share for today!


Believed to be the centers for spiritual energy, the 7 Chakras are a chakras3.jpgcrucial system for understanding the flow of personal life force. Not only do these center points hold specific energy in the body, they also flow back and forth between each other and represent a vital aspect of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Each individual chakra has a specific purpose in the body, and can be blocked by unhealed emotions and trauma. When one of these energy centers is blocked, it messes with the balance of our entire system. Blocked chakras can lead to illness, as well as spiritual and emotional unrest. Understanding how to clear and balance the chakras is crucial for our overall health.

Knowing where these energy center points are located in the body, as well as their emotional components, is an important step in learning how to be in-tune with the body’s life force.

Here is a basic overview:

Root Chakra – Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is rootchakra2where the body carries its survival energy. Issues of money, food, and stability are associated with this chakra. When opened and clear one feels grounded and at peace. The emotion that blocks this chakra is fear.

If you carry fear for your basic survival (this can include financial stress or eating disorders), it is important to work on healing your root chakra. The key to healing this chakra is surrendering to your fears and allowing them to flow through you (rather than resisting and suppressing them).

Color associated with the root chakra: Red

Sacral Chakra – Located about 2 inches below the navel and 2 sacral chakra2inches in, is the sacral chakra. Related to the ability to give and receive, as well as sexual and creative energy, this chakra deals with pleasure, and is blocked by guilt. Because of social and religious programming, most people have blocks in their sacral chakra.

Feeling guilt related to receiving pleasure (of any form), creativity, or sexuality – or carrying emotional trauma related to sexuality,  is an indication the sacral chakra needs to be healed and cleared.

Look at the things you feel guilty about in your life. Accept the reality of the events, and learn to forgive yourself. It is impossible for this chakra to be opened and balanced without self-forgiveness and acceptance.

Color associated with the sacral chakra: Orange

Solar Plexus Chakra – Located in the abdomen/stomach area, solar plexusthe solar plexus chakra deals with one’s sense of personal power and self-control, and is blocked by shame. Feelings of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem are tied to this chakra.

In order to open and clear the solar plexus, it is essential to love and accept all aspects of yourself, including your mistakes.

Color associated with the solar plexus chakra: Yellow

Heart Chakra – Located in the center of the chest, just above the heart chakraheart, the heart chakra deals with our joy, inner peace, and ability to love. This chakra is blocked by grief.

To clear and release the heart chakra, it is important to acknowledge, validate, and release all loss. Allow yourself to feel the pain of grief. Do not hold and suppress the sadness — let your emotions flow.

Color associated with the heart chakra: Green

Throat Chakra – Located in the throat, the throat chakra deals throat chakrawith the ability to communicate truth, and is blocked by lies – especially the lies we tell ourselves.

To heal and open the throat chakra, it is important to release all self-denial and lies – even when those lies are functioning as a coping mechanism. We cannot lie about our own nature. It is impossible to be able to communicate in a powerful way when one holds onto self-deluded lies.

Color associated with the throat chakra: Blue

Third Eye Chakra – Located on the forehead between the eyes, cropped-7chakra1.jpgthe third eye deals with the ability to focus on and see the big picture (as well as psychic vision and insight). This chakra is blocked by illusion. The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation.

In order to heal and clear this chakra, it is crucial to release all illusion within ourselves and understand we are connected to all things. There is no separation. Things we think are separate and different, are actually one and the same.

Color associated with the thrid eye chakra: Indigo

Crown Chakra – Located at the very top of the head, this highest Crown-chakrachakra represents the ability to be fully connected spiritually. It deals with pure, cosmic energy, and is blocked by earthly attachment.

Healing and opening the crown chakra requires us to let go of the things we hold on to most desperately, trusting the love and flow of the Universe/Source within us to be our ultimate fulfillment and bliss.

Opening the crown chakra is not about denying our desires or connection to the earth, it is simply about letting go of our grasp and surrendering to Universal cosmic energy (or God).

Color associated with the crown chakra: Violet

Opening and healing the chakras is about walking the spiritual path of self-awareness. It is not something that is done in one mediation, but rather a daily practice on the inward journey. By tuning into our emotional blockages and needs, we allow ourselves to expand, trust, and ultimately be set free.


Monday’s Magic Spell: Deleting Damaging Programs

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Vibrational awareness is the key to change. But one of the oldest (and thickest) programs we’ve been told as a human race is that things cannot change. We’ve believed for so long the external world is in control of us, that we’re victims, and what we think/feel/experience is inconsequential at best, evil at worst.

Of course, we all know now that it couldn’t be further from the truth. Yet, we’ve lived with these programs for so long that we’ve somehow come to believe the residue left behind is WHO WE ARE (rather than simply effects of the system).

The old paradigm of aggressor/victim/savior can only survive if we continue playing those roles. The great news is, we don’t have to agree to that game anymore. We can play a new game. We can have new roles. What would the game look like if we were ALL self-empowered?!

One of the keys to activating the new paradigm in your own life is by healing and balancing your lower chakas. The lower chakras have been so demonized by culture and religion (and even some New Age teachers), that we’ve become confused as to why we even have them. They are associated with our “human nature” — an aspect we’re told we need to destroy. If we can keep the “human” enslaved and controlled, we can have order.

The old paradigm wants to keep you a slave to your feelings/emotions because that’s the only way you can be controlled. As long as you stay out of the power of your lower chakras, you will not be a threat.

How convenient for the old system that one of the programs put in chakra magicplace in our Sacral Chakras is a sort of built-in guilt about our innate power, about receiving, and about pleasure.We’re not allowed to enjoy the world, feel pleasure, or receive without some sort of repercussion, and even attempting to change things sets off triggers of guilt, shame, and fear. We even go so far as to “slay” it, and by exiling the “shade” aspects of ourselves we’ve created our own monsters that we continue to fear.

The fear is just a program. The only truth it holds is the truth we give it. The only power it has is fueled by the emotional convictions we put behind it. And the program itself is one of duality, one that causes the energies of our lower charkas to get out of balance.It’s a game we’re all tired of, yet we continue to victimize ourselves and each other by agreeing with the rules of that paradigm. And the vicious cycle of aggressor/victim/savior continues.

In order for this program to survive, the aggressor needs a victim to terrorize, the victim needs a savior, and the savior who jumps in to rescue needs both (otherwise its role would be void).

What role have you been playing? We all typically slide into one of these roles quite comfortably, or vacillate between all three. And ironically, none of them are empowering.

Ultimately, when you embrace the power of your inner Shade, you are released from the program. It is impossible to be in your power and in the program of aggressor/victim/savior at the same time.

Healing (especially from trauma) takes time, and we need to allow ourselves the freedom to take as long as we need to soothe and comfort wounds caused from the program. But we DO NOT need to keep the program.

So for today’s magic spell, take a long, luxurious look at what the empowered version of you would feel like. See the you that has integrated both light and darkness (in balance) and is free from the aggressor/victim/savior paradigm.


What does the empowered YOU look like/feel like?

How does he/she create?

How does he/she luxuriate?

How does he/she look at people?

How does he/she walk?

How does he/she dress?

How does he/she interact with the energy around her/within her?

Simply spend some time playing around with the energy. If it’s too empowered womanhard to put yourself in that role (due to the program still having too much persuasion on your thoughts) imagine you are writing a character that DOES own her power. One who is graceful and powerful and knows how to give and receive in abundance and with true, unconditional love.

Write that character. Indulge in the emotions of what she would FEEL like. Emotions are what drive the creations we bring forth into the world, and transforming/healing your sacral chakra will ultimately be fueled by how you feel.

The intensity of the pain/trauma you’ve experienced in the past does not have to rule you for the rest of your life. Start experimenting with what it would FEEL like to experience something different. You might be amazed at what you find.

EmBody Bliss: The Secret Open Door

EmBody Bliss

Recently Updated2Five minutes before now—I had no idea what my article would be about this week.  Five minutes before now—my room mates dogs, Freddie and Bundy, were driving me up the wall with their insistent whining from outside, begging me to open the clear glass door that enters into my bedroom.

I decided they needed some time outside for fresh air and so I did not grant their wish.  In mid-war with the whining dogs and I, I went upstairs to eat an orange and decided to open the kitchen door for them to enter as they wished.  I did this silently and secretly.  I thought that their K9 sensory would instinctively kick in and they would realize the door was open, but alas, Iwhiningpup came back downstairs to the bitter sweet picture of puppy dog eyes and frowns still at the glass door.  This now became a test.

A few minutes passed until Freddie decided to give up and go explore elsewhere.  Nearly a minute later, I spotted his unkempt mustache peaking through my bedroom door, now from inside the house, with a hesitant look on his face.  It was comical to watch him reveal himself to Bundy who was still whining outside.  Bundy must have wondered what kind of magic Freddie had been dabbling in.  I was delighted that Freddie discovered the prize that waited for him: The Secret Open Door!  But the real test now was Bundy’s smarts and allowance, as he remained in puppy pain.

I thought about what it may take for Bundy to realize there was an open door, as he watched his best friend relax in his destiny.  I wondered how long it may take for him to stop fixating on the seemingly unattainable desire that he had engrossed himself in.  I contemplated when he would realize that there were more paths than the one he currently knew of to get where he wanted to be.

After enough suffering, Bundy made a grunt, and just like Freddie – gave up.  He trotted up the stairs that ascend the backyard and made his way to the next level of the house with a plan to most likely hassle the magpies that soar above him.  But his plans took a drastic change when he finally found: The Secret Open Door!

This story is silly and simple, but there is a profound lesson within it.  How often do we ask, ask, ask, and ask, problemsolutionbut spend so much time focusing on our asking that we cannot align with and enjoy our answer?  We become so acutely focused on “needing” that we cannot experience that “need” being fulfilled.  It is an energetic impossibility to experience something, when we are fixated on it’s opposite.

Throughout the years, religious, self help, and spiritual texts have all taught this truth:  Ask and it is given; Ask and you shall receive.  The truth of this statement is no exaggeration; it has proven to be true for myself, Bundy, and nearly everyone I know.  In fact, it’s almost too good to be true, so it sounds menacing to some.  But life can be too good to be true, if you let it be.  And that’s the vibration we need to adopt into our being if we want to reap the benefits of miracles.  Will you continue to interfere and tamper with that which has arrived, or allow what waits beyond what you see?

Bundy retaught me something today.  Believe in things before you see them.  Literally—Ask, trust, and give it up.  This is the principle of non-attachment or non-resistance (written in more simple terms) and it works!  If you harp on a topic for too long, you’re slowing the perpetuation of its evolution into physical reality.  Instead, trust that things are flowing and swim in the pool of possibilities of where you could be taken in any moment.  The All Attractive Universe knows everything you want and you do not have to keep tally of it anymore.  You generate an energetic idea of your heaven each moment you live, and it is felt and known within the cosmos – a place where all potentials exist.  It’s there, continually available for your alignment with it.


Your wants will likely arrive in a way you least expect them to—trust the wise ways in which the Universe grants your asking.  It not only grants your asking, but simultaneously teaches you, stretches you, and moves you into your Ultimate places.  All the magic details will be included for you; your only job is to believe in magic.

Know that there are Secret Open Doors for you, you just need to stop whining at the ones that aren’t opening.

EmBody Bliss: Beyond The Self: Relationships

EmBody Bliss

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It’s been a long time coming, as I walk my spiritual path, that I finally dared face my darkest shadow.  I was born a warrior, someone more interested in talking about what everyone else didn’t want to; the counter point, the stone turner, the way show-er.  I’m more interested in dissecting the “nitty gritty” just before the bliss of light and airy, but even my bravery has been brought to it’s knees.  Where did I find my darkest shadow?  Within relationship.

We all need a time of single soul searching.  In the beginning stages of soul searching, being single can be a highly effective experience.  When we retreat into the silence (or noise) of self-reflection, we can really tease apart what is going on inside.  Healing past co-dependence, we get a clearer picture of ourselves, and what we want for our lives. selflove Besides – on the path to awakening, we have plenty of cultural or familial belief systems to sift through; it’s understandable that we wish to venture alone sometimes.  Most of us have been conditioned to be someone other than what we truly are, and when we find contentment in being at one with ourselves – it’s freeing.  Finally, you can own your truth for what it’s worth to you and nobody else.  You can stand your ground and mean it.  You no longer allow yourself to be swayed, because you see your individuality as your sacred birthright.  This realization is vital, but it has it’s limits, so don’t get too cozy there.

Sometimes these walls of the “single shut out” can become far more than what you originally planned.  They can become hardened safety shells, formed on the idea that you will no longer let anyone hurt you, reject you, or mold you how they want you, ever again.  You may feel your vulnerability was to blame for your mold-ability, and so you become protected.  Now, I’m not suggesting that you let others mold you, but you cannot fully give or live your deepest gift from a partially protected heart.

I personally became a pathetic professional at being alone.  I would dip my feet into mediocre relationships, so I never had to face the pain of losing myself again.  Or even worse…face the fear of truly revealing myself, just to find that I don’t know myself at all.  I had hello-goodbye relationships to the point of self-embarrassment.  It was easier to explore the confines of my own mind, only as far as my mind had the ability to take me.  It was easier to stay OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAunchanged by the process of challenge and resolution that can arise in partnership.  It felt safer not opening my heart or legs to anyone.  I found just enough pleasure in my daily pursuits that allowed me to hide behind my yearning.  Massaging stranger’s bodies at work, devouring new health food recipes like I was making forbidden love, silent meditation, inspired journal entries, and nightly masturbation – was my specialty.  All of these things were wonderful at the time, but with eyes now, my heart was screaming one thing;  “I want connection!  There is more to me!”

We all have our excuses for not opening ourselves to the world or a lover.  It’s easier to not be pushed past the boundaries of who you think you are, but the further your pushed, more parts of you are discovered.  It’s easier to stand up to the challenge of your own mind, rather than a more uncharted challenge that a partner (better known as: your reflection) will draw out of you.  They will inevitably teach you the things you are blind to, if you will look.  After surrendering to love with a partner equally willing to journey, I have found that there is more to me than even I can see.  And I know you will find the same.

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you can have, and it will continue to grow for the rest of your life.   But once you have cultivated a stable relationship within, I encourage you to dive into the relationship you have with your reflections, and inevitably, with All That Is – for they always reveal your blind spots.

We are all One Spirit.  There is nothing to be scared of.  You are a glorious being in the mirror and beyond the relationshipmirror.  Limiting yourself to “The Self” is not natural to an infinite Soul expressing itself through many faces.  Every being holds a piece of you, and you them.  So if you truly seek the path of self-discovery … open yourself wide, connect with another, and give yourself to the world … and you will discover much more than The Self can conceive.

“Love brings up everything unlike itself for the purpose of healing and release.” ~ A Course in Miracles

Kierstie Leavitt is a passionate indigo, determined dreamer, curious cat, intuitive massage therapist, and energy worker.

EmBody Bliss: Self Proclaiming Party

EmBody Bliss


“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

To all the times you’ve let others eat at your own power.

To all the times you’ve denied your own intuition to follow the crowd.

To all the times you’ve changed your own opinion just to satisfy others.

To all the times you’ve been less than true to yourself to save someone hurt….

We take a step back.

In this retraction, we see the positive intention behind doing all of these things.  oneAn intention fueled by an innate love for others, and a natural desire to please and comfort others because we intuitively know we are One.

Unfortunately, we’ve forgotten the most important One in this scenario.  The One who is always there with you.  The One that moves as you, thinks as you, breathes as you, and is You.  The One who you have the opportunity to perceive the One through, at this time on Earth.

You are the most prized possession, and it’s about time you start acting like it.  It’s time you take yourself off the shelf, give yourself a good dusting, and see your vibrant colors shine through.  You don’t have to put yourself on a self to love others anymore.  The uninhibited, un-denied, full colored self is the most powerful creator there is, and if you want to start living your dream life, it’s time that you start living those colors.

As humans, we like to categorize people for our comfort.  compartWe like to reserve certain spaces for people in our lives, and whoever fits the molds – stays there.  It’s a control mechanism.  It helps us feel in control of our lives, by knowing what, where, and how someone is.  But when someone starts to shift and change, our ideas about them change, they become unknown to us, and they no longer fit into the limited mold we’ve put them in.  It starts to feel uncomfortable, sometimes too uncomfortable to accept.

Unfortunately, we also do this to ourselves.  We don’t give enough room for ourselves to grow out of the molds we’ve created.  We don’t let ourselves grow past the lives we’ve BEEN living, into the lives we only DREAM, because that may mean the loss of the only life you’ve ever known and the loss of the identity that you have with that life.  Our molds become our safety net, because we don’t know our future lives and selves yet – although they tempt us daily with their mystery.

It would benefit us to become okay with the temporarily uncomfortable feeling of not having a mold at all, and instead become a vessel moved to-and-fro by our inspiration.  There is found-ness within lost-ness – it’s called freedom.

Stop waiting for others approval of you, and start asking for your own.  Many people are nervous about being who they really feel they are.  Many people don’t believe in themselves until the world believes in them.  Many people are waiting for the world to proclaim them as something that we wish to be, or until they’ve shed enough blood, sweat, and tears to qualify for it.

But the only thing that matters is what you think about you, so I hereby invite you to my self-proclaiming party.  Tell yourself that you are what you want to be, and then plan for it.  If you have the inspiration backing it up, it’s likely that you are in alignment, and it will come to fruition.

Whatever it may be: an artist, a musician, a listener, a carpenter, a chef, a photographer, a healer, a queen, a magician, a oldmaidbotanist, a dancer, a lover, or a writer.  Maybe you decide to just embody a word: I am happiness – and live that everyday.  Maybe you ditch any labels at all and proclaim yourself to be nothing but everything.  Whatever fills you with life –be it. Because if it does fill you with life, that is the indicator that you are it!

As we welcome every part of us, we also welcome the changes that come, because they are putting us back on the path we intended – which may mean tearing away from familiarity.  It’s time to stop fighting against your current.  It’s time to give up trying.  The only thing that you came to do was be you, and you don’t have to try to do that.  Being you is the only thing you really know how to do.

Like a mother to her child, we are in the womb of the Universe.  We do not just go through one birth, but many – so allow them.  And allow others to have them too, even if that means a redefined relationship with them.  Surrendering our lives to trust in our path puts us back on the team of the All Knowing.earthwomb

We welcome the feeling of fluidity, we give up the attachment to being static and feeling the ground under our feet all the time.  We learn to feel comfortable in flight, in flow, disoriented yet oriented in trust and joy.

I dare you to be everything that you are, without fear!  I dare you to be you!

EmBody Bliss: To Take Flight

EmBody Bliss

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“There are no “supposed to be’s” in this Universe.  When we quantify ourselves and others through “should’s” and “shouldn’ts,” we define limits for ourselves and the Universe at large.  We distrust and hinder the ability that one has to be moved by their heart.  When we “suppose” ourselves, we “suppose” God.  We quantify the unquantifiable.  And then like birds in a cage, we writhe, starve, and pluck out each other’s feathers in hopes to regain our free will and fly again.  We intuitively know that our nature is nothing close to a definition; but a limitless, ever changing, unquantifiable experience.  And it is your choice, in every moment, to set free or not.” – Kierstie Leavitt

What do you think of when you hear the word freedom?

What people, places, or animals come into mind?

When I think of freedom, I think of flight.  Like a bird abandon itself to the sky – gliding over the Earth, reigning over creation, feeling the wind in its wings – with the presence of joy pervading his absence of pain.


From an outsider such as myself, this bird may epitomize freedom – but does he feel free or does he just appear to be?  Could he really be housed in an internal cage?  Is he experiencing flight, as I perceive it to be?  Is he experiencing freedom or just an everyday means of travel?

Just as all perceptions are created by our own realities – the bird’s perception of flight would highly depend on how the bird lived before his flight.  Was he born in captivity?  Has he observed the outdoors from a cage, never being able to step out and fully experience it until now?

Just as all perceptions are created by our own realities – the bird’s perception of flight would highly depend on how the bird lived before his flight.  Was he born in captivity?  Has he observed the outdoors from a cage, never being able to step out and fully experience it until now?


 The degree of non-freedom that he experienced prior to flight would cause him to extract the same degree of freedom from the experience of flight – and this goes for all of creation.  However great your contrast is, so are your findings.  Upon this principle, we are always becoming the expanded, but the action in moving with our findings is what really propels the Universe forward.

Moving with the expanded is not always the easiest art, but it becomes much easier when you are not attached to the person you once were.  Through experience, you are always changing and becoming.  You technically aren’t the same person you once were, even in the beginning of this article.  Your attachment to your identity hasn’t sustained you in your darkest nights, yet you find that knowing thyself is a very powerful tool in life.


So how can one get to know thyself without identity, as a constantly learning, changing, and expanding individual?  The answer lies in the Heart, the Spirit, the All – the only constant in life in which you are.  Spirit is freedom and freedom is spirit.

In the benevolent frequency of the All, you experience the eternity of what you are, and what potentials you will become– which is much different than a static identity.  In the All, all dimensions are available for your exploration and you do not need an invite, because this is your home.  All good feeling exists here, not necessarily because circumstances change but because your relationship to circumstance does.  With such connection to Spirit, you know that nothing can be lost and all is found within itself.  Any pain you may experience is only a divergence from this connection to ourselves.  And any divergence from this connection is only a patch of clouds, temporary turbulence, in the art of aviation – for you are always in flight.


EmBody Bliss: The Inner Child

EmBody Bliss

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Our inner children have much to teach us.  Unfortunately we live in a society that often believes the opposite, a society that equates a child to be less smart than an adult because they have a developing brain.  But the truth is—spirit and intuition are much wiser than all cognitive potential—and this is what a child knows best.  developing_brainWe often think we know better than our children, but most of all, our inner child.  It’s true that we are the expanded version of our inner child, but there are keys within the inner child that can unlock our dense adult doors.

Our inner child is the non-conditioned part of us, the part that remembers the divine knowledge and purpose that we’ve come in with.  The internal child knows how to stay in alignment, feel emotion, and listen to emotion, while unconditionally loving others simultaneously – much better than our adult selves have learned to do.  But there is one quality within our inner child that pervades all of these qualities, enhances our perception of the world, letting everything exist in it’s highest potential…and that is the eyes of non-judgment.

The inner child understands that it’s original intention coming into this life was not to label and control everything or everyone around them…this is why you see nonjudgmentalmost every child in awe.  As children, we understood that this was a journey, an experience—and we were enthralled by the ride, the possibilities.  The playful child inside doesn’t perceive limit. He or she awes at the beauty in all and feels himself or herself to be a part of it.

Growing up in an acutely religious culture, I learned from a very young age to judge something as “good” or “bad”, “positive” or “negative”, “white” or “black”, before moving forward.  And it doesn’t stop there; this also includes identifying people or things, stereotyping, assuming, and excluding.  This same fear-based perception has flooded many cultures because nobody wants to be “wrong” and get blind-sided by pain.

Your life is the way it is because of your perception.  If you change your perception, your world will transform around you.  There is not one “true” reality to attune to, but rather there are infinite non-static realities to choose from or play with.  Your innerdreamfuture child understands this.  Any reality that you believe is a reality that exists, and you have the power to experience any desired reality by an alteration of your perception in any moment, and as much as you’d like.

If self improvement or enlightenment is what we desire, we must be willing to let go our of old beliefs and stories so that our new perceptions can move us forward.  We will eventually have to let go of our attachment to “truth”, and surrender to the magic of an ever changing, moldable, and incomprehensible adventure we call life.  Our lives are much more exciting than “truth”.  When we surrender this way, possibilitywe hold the space for new realities to be born on this planet that have never been seen before.  We make the impossible—possible, the inconceivable—conceivable.  We also embody our inner child by doing so.

When seeing with judgment, you instantly limit what you experience.  Your mind is much like a camera—your eyes like a lens.  And judgment happens to be the ultimate filter.  Changing the settings within your camera will communicate to your lens how much light to allow in.  Have you ever wondered what you may be missing out on by simply limiting the capability of your lens?  What if much magicalbrighter colors were waiting for you?  What if there were colors you’ve never even seen before?  New layers or new sensations you’ve never felt before?  Undiscovered mysteries?

I encourage all to take off the judgment filter and experience life in-the-raw.  Go outside today and observe all people and things without a preconceived notion about them, it will lighten and awaken you.  I long to see the spirit of our inner children bright and alive.  I long to see myself and those I love living in awe again.

EmBody Bliss: A Deserving, Happy Heart

EmBody Bliss


Deep in the human heart, there is one desire—happiness.

I recently dissected my happiness and found it weak.  In my own “internal surgery,” I realized that every movement I make is fueled with a yearning, a severe thirst for happiness that often seems unquenchable.  And I know I’m not alone.

It has been said, “Happiness is where you find it.”  This statement illuminates our lookingown personal journey, perception, and vision of happiness, but most importantly draws attention to where we are looking for it.

Living in a world overcome by depression, disease, and ego, it would benefit us to dive deep into the place we hold our happiness and become acquainted with it.  With a mind void of cultural conformity, societal or self-expectation, religious discipline, or any other form of fear, we can initiate the most vulnerable, honest, and important conversation of our lives—the conversation between ourselves and our seemingly separate happiness.

Where are you relative to your happiness?  What are your greatest priorities in life and where does your own happiness fall on this scale?  How important are you making your happiness?  What things do you equate with happiness?  How introspectionmany days a week do you spend happy?  How often do you smile, laugh, and melt with gratitude?  There are no wrong questions; your questions receive your answers.

Your happiness is directly related to how you feel about yourself inside.  It is not state that someone can give to you; you must give it to yourself.  But no matter how far you’ve fallen from happiness, there is one thing that can turn this around for you—believing that you deserve happiness over anything else, with no exceptions.

We must understand that happiness does not need to be earned; it is a birth right for all.  It is part of our internal, intuitive knowing.  It is a feeling that awakens balloonswhat life really tastes like.  It is the divine path.  All beings, all things created, are equipped for this path and it is walked internally.  When your quest for happiness becomes external, you’ve missed yourself.

Every ingredient for happiness exists WITHIN you.  You are the Source from flowerwhich it blooms or dies.  Every moment of your life is working for your ultimate happiness, even if it’s cloaked in a temporary disguise of pain or discomfort.

So take the gift that has been yours all along.  Take nothing with you, except your happiness and take it forever.  Tune into the intrinsic feeling of joy that blazes within you, because you are life.  Feed yourself and watch life feed you back.  Discard all belief for a moment and BELIEVE IN NOTHING BUT YOUR HAPPINESS.  Within this belief, all of life blooms around you.


EmBody Bliss: Expansion Through Your Eyes

EmBody Bliss

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Questions…they are the building blocks to comprehension. They are the bridge to growth and discovery.  This Universe was formed and continues to form by a burning curiosity, a question – ”Who am I?”  This simple question is the platform for all of expansion and because we are fruits of the Universe, our individual question is the same, “Who am I?”


Happily and willingly, we became life.  It’s not something we do; it’s something we are.  As streams of curiosity pulsing with boundless potential, we came into human form to explore the ends of this world through experience, epiphany, and expansion.  Knowing that as we individually experience, we also make up the collective experience.  Those who have truly set out to find their limits, and therefore the limits of the Universe, have found that there is no limit.  We hear this all the time, but our doubt seems to cloud its truth.  What can we do to instill this belief in us that we are infinite?

All of life desires growth.  We seem to understand this magical concept of limitless growth and give it generous encouragement and confidence to occur in plants, children, animals, science, technology, etc.  But what is this wall we hit, this Wet Seedlingbarrier, which has made us stop giving ourselves the same encouragement and absolute confidence to do the same as adults?  Where did our child go who never saw limit, where is the vibrancy inside of me akin to a newly sprouted tree?  Can I embody limitless growth, happily?

At some point, our individual paths will be compromised for the benefit of strengthening our cause, our intention.  That may look like somebody putting us down for our discoveries, which don’t look like their discoveries.  Or it may look like us putting ourselves down for our seemingly failed attempts.  Whatever it is, it has caused us to fear our own bloom.

This pain involved in our individualized path of expansion has weaved within us a worry of what other people think, a worry of what’s right or wrong, good or bad.  These barriers have made us not trust ourselves anymore – which kill the intrinsic inspiration behind our expansion.  When we invite these barriers into our path of universediscovery, we aren’t in alignment.  For this Universe is not ruled upon right, wrong, good, or bad…and not even truth.  This is a non-judgmental, all-becoming Universe, and your truth is its truth.

When we step out of the fear of the unknown, fear our potential, or fear of what others may think…and instead…become open to our questions and accepting of our magnificent discoveries (which may possibly dismantle our last discovery), then we become the expanded version of ourselves that we’ve asked for and felt inside our hearts.  We embody the vibration of flexible, ever changing, joyous life.  When we feel safe enough to flow in this way, we will come to know freedom and boundlessness.

Some people get insecure around the idea of pure freedom or no boundary because it feels safer to have something to grab onto, but the realization of boundlessness is the byproduct of growth.  Each individuals expansion is served in it’s own way, in it’s own time, but it is inevitable that one graduates to freedom and the answer to their question, “Who am I?”

It is not up to someone else to define your roots, decide what color your branchespaths should be, or which direction they should reach.  You have not come to adhere to anyone else’s path; you have come to create your own because this is the way that the Universe becomes most expanded.  If we all realized this, we could relax and enjoy our own power instead of being at war with everyone else’s.  To be at war with anyone else’s path is to be at war with your own.

You are the experience, the discoverer, and the creator.  You will become whoever you think you are, you are as open as you allow yourself to see, you are as expanded as you allow yourself to go, and you go as far as you allow yourself to reach.  You have the power to create something that has never been done before.  Your own questions, find your own answers.  Each silent or spoken question will lead you to your answer, which will most likely take the form of a new question.  This is an exciting process of creation!

So what do you want to discover?  What do you want to create?  What is pulling you?  Trust and move with this pull, for your inspiration is divine.  Feel free to breakeyes free, free from the mold!  Feel free to be the individual perspective that you are!  Feel free to be a constantly growing and changing landscape!  Feel free to be the deepest YOU, because YOU are the exact way that Source wanted to express itself.

Once upon a time, Source wanted your eyes to be its eyes…

and then you came.


EmBody Bliss: Spirit Body Marriage Meditation

EmBody Bliss

Most of us have found the intuitive understanding within us that we are first and foremost spirit beings.  Spirit is the artist behind existence, without this inescapable connection to spirit, we could not be operating in these bodies.  The body and spirit work together, to make a very intelligent creature full of power, flare, flavor, and creativity.  It’s a very divine marriage we embody.

But day after day, we get so used to waking up in this body we see, that we ignoreuniversal-energy2 the silence behind the body, we see past the spirit.  Some of us have also lost the passion behind our decision to be in this body – and the recollection that we chose this experience from the highest of perspectives. This is not a curse; but an defining experience that we wanted.

This week I’m going to do a little less writing and take you into a meditation where we can mentally separate the body and spirit for a moment, to dis-identify with our physical problems and worries, to soften the strain that attachment may have on us sometimes.  So that we may remerge the two perspectives together again, awakening into a deeper understanding and memory of the marriage that we chose – the spirit body marriage.

Namaste my friends 🙂

EmBody Bliss: Our Surrendered Nature

EmBody Bliss

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The tranquil tide at sea does not weep at its ebb,

because it trusts that next is its flow.


Nature is the symphony and dance of the Universe.  With trust in it’s purpose, nature does not live in resistance to itself because it knows it’s an extension of Creator and in the care of Creator.  nature1Nature comes and goes with ease, inspiration, and love – void of worry, void of fear.

Fear is a debilitating emotion, yet most of us have found ourselves in the grasp of it.  When we are in fear, we resist the flow of nature because fear is it’s antithesis.  Fear operates in distrust, while nature operates in trust.

Beneath even the most unsuspected emotion is fear.  In fact, fear of not being entirely loved, accepted, and valued is the collective disease of this planet.  So whether or not you feel loved and valued, know this:  You are loved and creatorvalued by a breathtaking Universe.  You are wanted because your thoughts and desires continue to shape and eternalize this Universe into more.  You are the most important, the most powerful, the most loved, because you are its beautiful hands.

Nature makes it look so easy.  How can we turn our lives over to the Universe in trust, as nature does so well?  How can we step into the vortex of the truth it shows us?  The truth that our nature is inherently rooted in ease and alive with infinite value.  And most importantly, that we are forever taken care of in divine timing.

We can do this by remembering that we are nature.  We may not see or feel it all the time because we’ve become so comfortable with our instinct, but nature pulses within us always.  We are as natural as the tide at sea.  When we live in opposition of it, we live in opposition with ourselves.

In this day in age, we are allowing fear to cloud our inherent trust in the Universe that we’ve been born with.  In that cloudy anxiety, we hold on so tightly to our lives and identity that we can no longer move with the tide.  What Source discovered after this collective experience, was the magic of Surrender.

Surrender is the antidote to fear.  Surrender has taught us that to LET GO is to give permission for divine flow – that is to say, allow the fullness of your desires to unfold.  The state of surrender accepts all conditions and transmutes every pain into a beautiful experience.  It is a powerful and fearless state to be in.  It pulls us through experiences, as we plop out the other side inBXP157711 amazement.  It is much like a life vest, keeping us buoyant in raging water.  It treats all emotions such as Source would; a time to feel, awe, expand, and shift to a greater bliss.  Surrender is one with trust, one with nature.

The best way to explore this is to simply live our part.  The more we surrender and tune into our instinctual and intuitive nature, our trust to be carried by the divine grows, and recollection of the nature kingdom within us grows.

If you cannot yet tune into the nature kingdom within yourself, choose an element of nature thatgaia you resonate with.  For a couple of days, keep your thoughts and actions entangled with the energy of that element – move in the same way that it might, talk in the same way that it might, love in the same way that it might.  Notice the difference in the way your days flow.

Above all else, surrender as you are.  You don’t have to be anything in surrender.  Surrender is void of judgment and effort; it wants nothing more than to take you as you are – exactly as you are.  Flaw or perfection, you are infinite offering in surrender.

Since you are part of nature, you know surrender better than you might think.  Nature does not try, it just IS.  It trusts, it flows, it becomes.  It’s free and flexible.  It revels in the pleasure of it’s own existence.


The weary depths of worry

Where heart and mind distrust


You wage a war against what you truly feel

And what someone told you you must


But what you must do is recognize

The freedom in your fibers

The genius that binds them together

As you


And your natural inclination

To move in the direction of your intuition

And virtuously choose

You must fall deep into the well of your heart

To let it’s pristine waters cultivate

And nourish its seed

Which is you


Then rising out a flower in full bloom


EmBody Bliss: Sexuality

EmBody Bliss


As we explore every road that bridges the gap between body and spirit, we arrive at sexuality.


For years and years, people have looked for their connection to God outside of themselves, mostly with the influence of religion.  But many are starting to pull their teeth out of the flesh of religion and are coming to a new understanding of where God resides—inside of them.  So the question is; what can we learn from our embodiment? And if we are the very expression of God, then how is our visceral sexuality ever corrupt?


This juicy subject holds a vital part of awakening for us (as it’s something we chose), but most of us have found ourselves in an interesting relationship with our sexuality. While religion has been successfully discreet about suppressing it, the media has been very successful at demeaning it.  So where can we find a middle ground?  The middle ground lies within your own authentic sexuality, but I have found that it’s a lush and radiant ground and once you step foot on it’s terrain and taste of it’s divinity, you will have opened a part of you that sets you free.

All of creation starts with inspiration. Inspiration is an epiphany of the Universe flowing through you, which sets forth the floor for expansion.  When one steps into the vortex of inspiration, they become a creator.  This is why we see artists, musicians, authors, and poets giving rise to things beyond this world—and call it creativity. In their inspiration, they have entered the vortex of God. But it is my opinion that out of all creativity, there is no greater than sexuality.


Sexual energy is the strongest creative energy on the planet. It is weaving, moving, and breathing in and out of all things, it is the force that begets all life forms.  However, Creative God Force is always in a marriage together with the energy of Love. Life does not exist without Love.

Although we are ultimately created from Love, we are also creators that have the ability to control our focus—which invites or does not invite certain things into our lives. If we don’t invite Love into our sexual experience through pure appreciation for ourselves and our partners, we will not experience its full offering. This leads to sex that is out of alignment with the pure vibration of sex.


It is our beliefs about sex that dictate our experience of it. Unfortunately, many of us have experienced very real and understandable conditions, such as sexual abuse or heartbreak, that have altered our beliefs about sex. However, we must not forget it’s true essence—the essence that we were conceived of.  We can do this by being true to our own Whether it is gay, straight, polyamory, monogamy, delicate, or kinky—there is no way it must look to be of Love. If it is of love, it is in alignment.

The inspiration to merge with another body in this physical dimension is the natural inclination towards Unity and Oneness that is ultimately our home.


The nature of our Spirit is always one of blissful, open surrender; we are simply caught in resistance to it most of the time. In the vortex of sex, the vortex of orgasm—one is taken and surrenders fully.  In this surrender, we lose our sense of identity and we taste of our Spirit, making orgasm one of the greatest teachers of non-resistance there is.  If we were to stay completely connected to our Spirit, we would be living lives of constant, orgasmic-like pleasure.


Awakening into our sexuality is about opening up closed and desensitized spaces in our hearts and bodies. It is about being a physical offering of Spirit. When we let Spirit expand blocked spaces in our bodies, we become more sensitive to pleasure of all forms in our lives.

All that Spirit offers, is pleasure.

EmBody Bliss: Breath and Movement

EmBody Bliss

Living in Life Force (Source) energy is like living in a dance, and it is within this dance that I found the inspiration for our topic today: breath and movement.

As spirit beings, sometimes our bodies can feel like cages. This is cagedbecause we intuitively know that we extend far beyond our bodies, far beyond what the common eye sees. And in the infinite feeling of that extension, it can almost feel frustrating not to float to the space we know beyond our eyes.

It’s socially acceptable in our on-the-go society that we live our lives walking upright and rigid, unknowingly exuding and absorbing mass amounts of directional energy, which cause us to become stiff. Continually adopting this stiff energy is not natural for a body that was designed to know ease.

As inherently free spirits, living in such a linear world, it becomes hard to balance our emotions, mind, and body. It becomes easy to forget that we are made of the same energy of the Universe. Energy that expands, contracts, inspires, expires, moves, swirls, changes, pulses, dances, and expresses itself continually. Our bodies thrive off of this Universal flow and it is my hope that we invite and surrender to its movement.

Taking in the Source:

Breathing is a beautiful token of life that we’ve been given. When we breathe, it is our Source stream feeding us. This force feeds every cell in breathour physical body, as well as our spirit and it’s highest intention for being here. It is one of the most overlooked and precious things that we bring with us into each new moment. Moment by moment, experience to experience – we live, learn, expand, change, and even metaphorically die – to arise anew in the next moment. Breath comes with us, along with new intentions we’ve created. It feeds and nurtures us in our expansion.

With enough practice and focus in conscious breathing, we can learn the ways in which Life Force moves through our individual bodies. Once we familiarize with this energy, we become more sensitive to its touch and flow. We can then open up closed spaces inside of us more easily, and express the energy in unique ways.

Expressing the Source:

The way in which we express our own Source stream is a very fun partDance-Meditation about being a creator. We do this in many ways, one of which is through movement. Movement is a form of creation; all of life has movement. Just as we create with our thoughts, we can create with the way we navigate energy through and out our body. We have chosen into a beautifully bodied species – why not use them as another tool?

Surrendering to movement is a perfect way to participate in this symphony and dance of Life Force. Life Force most often moves in a spiral, but since you are an extension of Source, you have the capability freedomof receiving and expressing it in whichever way it registers through you. This is not only a perfect way to meet Source; it is a therapy for self-expression and release.

I have found “free movement dance” to be the most healing of all movement, but other forms such as exercise and stretching can also suffice. Free movement dance removes blockages like nothing I’ve felt before. It is literally therapy.

When we let Source take us in and move without judgment, we will eventually have moved so much energy through us that we become a renewed channel. We will find that we have bridged the gap between our physical and spiritual body. We will resolve that our bodies are in fact, not cages; they are vehicles and points of sensory that get to FEEL the intense pleasure of the physical and spiritual planes merging. What a sacred marriage!


Like water, move free! In whichever way you please, just get moving. There are no rules. Whether it is alone in your room, or with other kindred spirits. Turn on some inspiring music and let the flow happen to you! Let the flow happen through you!

EmBody Bliss: At Home Remedies

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Most of us don’t have the means to receive bodywork as much as we’d like or need to. Whether it be more sound sleep, decreased anxiety, increased blood flow, flush of toxins, more agility through lengthened muscles, or touch healing – the benefits are endless! Setting aside some time in the week for your own personal pampering is an act of self love. We can experience much greater massage071heights in our lives when we feed of this art.

However, I feel the greatest benefit to bodywork is pushing through energetic blockages in the body, which then allows energy to flow through us more swiftly, enabling us to be a circuit of constantly renewed energy and an inviting channel for The Higher Self.

This week, I’m going to share a few cheap and simple goodies with you so you can experience some yummy pampering at home. Most of us aren’t fully aware of how much tension we have built up in our bodies, but once someone or something touches the area of tension…we cringe with awareness.

belly-massageBecoming aware of your body is yet another way to become aware of your inner landscape (I look at it as a more “physical” type of shadow work).

With these crafty remedies, you can discover your tensions first person and be present with yourself in the release of your trigger points (knots) – giving yourself credit for all of it. It is empowering and a perfect way to embody bliss.

1. Exercise and stretching

Trigger points have been known to show up through overuse or underuse of muscles, but there is always a weakness within the system which made it possible for the imbalance to appear in the first place. Whatever the weakness may be, exercise such as walking or running is a fantastic way to get the bodies energy moving and changing. It raises the body’s vibration. It aids Stretchingin excreting blockages and toxins that are built up and harbored in muscles.

Stretching is heaven. It calms, prepares, awakens, elongates, and rejuvenates muscles. Stretching IS release. Both exercise and stretching are healing art forms in and of themselves. Feed of them!

2. Tennis or Reflexology balls

Tennis or reflexology balls are wonderful tools for massage or trigger point release. Tennis balls are easier to access, but reflexology balls are usually made of a better material for our goal and have little protuberances for better grip. You can start by rolling around on them, using the weight of your own body. When you’ve found a tender spot – stay on it – breathe deep into the muscle and give it permission to let go. Once the pain has mostly subside, you can let it be and move on. Don’t overwork a trigger point, it can fester and become worse.

I especially love to roll around on a single tennis ball on my back, hip,tennis balls and gluteal muscles. Some also like to put two tennis balls inside of a tube sock and tie a knot at the end, like so:

You can then lay yourself down on the sock, with the tennis balls sufficiently spaced on each side of your spine (DO NOT press anything directing on your spine, ever) and make gentle rocking movements.

Shaded: Occipital ridge

Shaded: Occipital ridge

A lot of people love sitting a while with the paired tennis balls wedged at the base of their occipital ridge, it’s a huge release for mental and emotional stress.

3. Bouncy balls

When was that last time you thought of these? Perhaps the last time you visited an arcade vending machine…in the early 90’s. Bouncy balls can be used just like the tennis balls, if you desire – but it seems that most bbpeople use them for their feet. However, remember that no matter which method you are using; the smaller the ball, the more fine and acute pressure you will experience on any given point. Pin the ball to the ground with your foot and roll it around. Find the spots that hurt-so-good!

If you haven’t heard of reflexology; it is an alternative healing modality that claims the feet to be a map of the entire body and you can press certain points that correspond with that part of the body for healing purposes.

Here is a simple chart for you:


Some charts vary drastically and some are much more detailed than others. Find a reflexology book or search online for the chart that your body says “yes” to.

4. Rolling pins or foam rollers

Dig through your cupboards for the old fashioned rolling pin and strip your tight muscles into a supple dough! This works best for the IT band, quadriceps and hamstrings.

You can also buy a foam roller that is designed for this type of thing, like you see in this picture below. The only difference between this and a rolling pin is you are using your whole body to maneuver the weight distribution, not just your arm strength.foam roller

5. Scalp massagers

Scalp massage is by far my favorite to receive. It’s so relaxing and pampering. I’m convinced that if we all got a daily scalp massage, we’d be an immensely less stressed species. There are some extremely cheap scalp massagers on the market that all look similar to this:Tingler-Head-Scalp-Massager-with-a-Wooden-Ball

This tool gives you just as much of a tickle as it does a massage. It stimulates the scalp, relaxes the mind, and rejuvenates your senses. And if you don’t feel like doing it on yourself, it’s as simple as pie for someone else to assist you. I love this lil’ guy!

6. Body Back Buddy

Although I don’t have one, I’ve played with one, and know that it’s a seriously good tool to invest in. This isn’t the only version of this tool, so find the one for you. I’ll let you do the watching.


7. Self massage

Self massage can be a very meditative experience. I enjoy self massage on my scalp and abdomen the very most. If all of these make-shift methods fail, remember the greatest healer of all – you. Everyone has been given the sense and gift of touch. The touch of your hands can be very healing if done with a relaxed, tender, and loving intent. self-massage--z

Disclaimer: These are simply feel-good, at-home ideas for pampering and alternative healing, for those who want some extra attention. They should not be used as a substitute for any severe medical conditions and should always be performed carefully, with common sense and caution. 

EmBody Bliss is a bi-weekly column written by intuitive massage therapist, Kierstie Leavitt.