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For those of you who may have missed it, below is my interview with intuitive and spiritual teacher, Teal Swan. Teal is an experienced empath who has a lot of experience teaching other empaths and highly sensitive people how to not only cope with their sensitivities, but to thrive. Invaluable advice:



Intuitive Traveling: An Interview with Megan Abbott

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As many of us are consciously unplugging from the Matrix, we’re megan 4learning new ways of being and manifesting in this world. We, as a human race, are collectively moving toward instant manifestation.

What use to take years to come into our experience is now only taking weeks, sometimes just days. And it’s only getting quicker.

I’ve found in my own journey that one of the most effective ways to practice the art of manifesting is through intuitive traveling. It’s a way of traveling that removes “plans” and agendas (and even budgets) and allows you to simply follow your intuition, allowing the Universe to provide the “how.”

Although I’ve done this in small doses while living in Italy and other places on the planet (and I currently just began a new intuitive travel journey — which I will share about at a later date on Chakra Center), I’ve asked seasoned traveler, Megan Abbott, to stop by and share her experiences with intuitive traveling and offer any tips/advice about how to get started.

Megan has been to many countries around the world, with very little money, planning, or agenda. The experiences and miracles she has encountered on her trips have been nothing short of epic.

*What exactly is “intuitive traveling” and how long have you been doing it?

I was guided to begin my practice of intuitive traveling three years meganago when I found myself spontaneously buying a one-way ticket to Alaska. At the time, the idea of travel was altogether foreign to me, as well as exhilarating and terrifying.

All I knew at the time was that I was hungry for adventure, for the opportunity to experience liberation, to explore and connect with unknown places and new people, and to develop my connection with myself and my source. I also intended on facing and understanding all of my shadows along the way with the hopes of creating the best possible version of myself which is still in the process of becoming.

I had no idea what I had signed myself up for at the time, but going with the flow of my intuitive feeling to “just go” was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I wasn’t planning on getting so hooked on travel, but my experience in Alaska was so mind-blowingly expansive and positive that I proceeded to continue my journey through Hawaii, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, and Puerto Rico. In May 2014 I will continue my journey through South America.

All of these travels were done on EXTREMELY minimal money, connections or planning. They were made solely possible through playing with the energies of creation, manifestation, love, visualization, joy and through trusting that the universe has my back every step of the way.

*How does traveling make your life more magical and add to megan6soul expansion?

Intuitive traveling presents us with the opportunity to take leaps of faith, to liberate ourselves, to practice mindfulness, to live in the present moment, and to reconstruct and reprogram ourselves to become more aligned with our true purposes.

*What is your favorite thing about traveling?

My favorite thing about traveling is the way that it has opened me up and connected me to Source energy and to my vital life force. From traveling alone I have learned to become my own best friend and to create an incredibly strong friendship with the universe. This connection has allowed me to see myself in everyone I’ve met along my journey and to feel at home no matter how unfamiliar the element.

From being away, I’ve also developed my overall sense of appreciation and gratitude for my family, loved ones, humanity, and the process of life.

*How would you recommend someone getting started with an intuitive traveling journey?

To anyone that would like to start an intuitive traveling journey– megan butterflyyou must own your power and believe that it is completely in your own hands to create and manifest the journey of your dreams. Believing that it is possible, it is in your power and creating the space in your life for a life-changing journey are huge factors in manifesting an epic trip.

I would like to note to remember to have fun and to play around with this process as much as possible, for instance, look at a map, choose the place of your dreams, announce to the universe when you will be going and then create the space in your life for it to manifest, then watch the way things magically unfold. I have watched the most beautiful manifestations materialized by using this exact method.

*What are some of the magical ways the Universe has provided for you/surprised you on your travels?

I have encountered many magical people and experienced many miracles throughout my journeys. The one that stands out to me the most actually occurred early on in my travels, it was my third day in Homer, Alaska.

I met a super kindred spirit, a man in his 70’s named Chris at a little restaurant called the Cosmic Cafe (ha! the beautiful irony of that name in retrospect…) and I began speaking to him excitedly about my new adventure. After connecting over the beauty of the universe for some time he told me that the universe had been incredibly generous to him throughout his years and that he had been waiting for the opportunity to give back in some way.

He asked me to please accept a gift from him, I agreed to be open to receiving. It turned out that the gift was a car (he happened to have a few extra that sat unused in his garage) he excitedly insisted that he didn’t want anything in return. The next day we met at the DMV and he signed the title over, it was an absolute miracle!

Up until that point I had planned on hitchhiking as my main mode of transportation but the car changed everything and opened up many doors for more magic down the road

*How can people hear more about your travels?

I intend on starting a blog (or possibly a youtube vlog) for my megan natureupcoming trip to Peru. I will be working with Ayahuasca in the Amazon jungle, so I’m excited to share my experiences. I will most likely use facebook as my main mode for updates regarding the status of my blog, as well as to regularly post photos and status updates on my trip.

*What is your number one tip for living an enchanted life?

Live through the heart, align with your purpose, follow your bliss, and trust in the Universe.

megan 2For more information about Megan and her travels, visit her Facebook page.

Enchantment Through Art: An Interview with Akiane Kramarik

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The first time I came across Akiane’s work I was in a “New Age” book store in Portland, Oregon. The fact that I was there in the first place was ironic, because I had grown-up Christian and built a pretty strong resistance around myself to ideas outside my faith.

But it was time to explore what was out there. I was in the middle of my own existential crisis and found no relief within the box of my upbringing.

As a child I often heard voices. I couldn’t see the world they whispered from, but I sensed and felt their dimension around me. At times it felt dark and scary, but mostly it held an enchantment of comfort and magic that gave me a sense of being “home.” Curious, I thought, the way the adults move and slipped through this unseen world with no mention of its existence.

Eventually I found a way to curve my way through this invisible realm too. The 3rd dimension has a way of forcing our attention to see only what it wants us to see. We forget we have a choice. Magic is lost to us.

Lost. That’s the overwhelming feeling I had as I timidly flipped through books in this store that, though I had been warned was “dangerous,” I felt as if the pages here contained the sense of mystery and wonder I had lost as I child — if there was any magic left in the world all.

That’s when I looked-up and saw the face of Jesus looking at me from the cover of Akiana’s book. It was a painting she had done herself at the age of 8, and it captivated me.

Before I knew what happened I was devouring every page — her poetry brought back the rhythm of the world I felt and heard as a child. Her paintings were a photo album of a home I had forgotten. Even her face looked familiar — like a distant cousin I hadn’t seen since childhood games.

Like me, Akiane had experienced the magic that weaves in-and-out of our world since a very young age. Her gift was painting — a powerful medium for revealing the beauty through her ability to portray the visible and invisible realms with emotion and dream-like realism.

I’ve been a fan of Akiana’s work ever since that day. The worlds she paints were an activation for me. There is a beauty she brings to life to remind us there is MORE — so much more magic than we allow ourselves to experience. It’s right here — waiting for us to see.

An excerpt from Akiane’s website defines the power of her vision beautifully:

“Most of her priceless masterpieces carry a mysterious result: she often uses an unidentified golden dust substance that once ‘materialized’ in front of her eyes. Her painting “Innocence” is a hologram: from the front the lady appearing young and serene, but from the side she is all in tears and wrinkles.

Akiane believes that people in the future will be able to study her originals with special microscopes revealing quantum relationships of the deepest colors and stories in her works. She has even been able to document her own masterpieces from beginning to end on film for educational purposes, and remains always open for many scientific and artistic collaborations.”

As Chakra Center continues to grow and encompass more magic, I thought it only fitting that I ask one of the most enchanting artist I know to stop by and share some of her quantum vision with us.


Through your work you lend a sense of magic and mystery to the world – a feeling that everything has a purpose and is divinely inspired. How do you experience magic in your own life?

It’s not something you can teach, it’s something that you learn through experience.

Every day I see ordinary things in this extraordinary world, and I see extraordinary things in this ordinary world. To be able to create cinematic-like experience from a simple sound, object, color, emotion or a scenery takes patience and confidence.

Your newer paintings have a deep sense of wisdom, dimensions, and other worlds. What is your perspective on the relevance of other worlds/dimensions to our own?

What we all share is “awareness”. We are in a invisible intertwined web, the more we move there, the more we get to experience a wider range of relationships .

I hope my art would be part of that web. When people get the chance to see other worlds, I hope, they trust their own compass to navigate through true reality…

You’re a big advocate of using creativity as a means to tap into our true essence and see the world through a more magical, divine perspective. What are your tips on how people can tap into that creative world inside of them?

Experiment with various art forms. Try doing what people don’t expect. Going against the tide is one of the many hurdles a creative person must take. Mix things, put them upside down, hang them, combine them. If for the first week after all your energy is put in a project you do not feel any accomplishment, then it is a sign to start again something more innovative.

Some of your paintings have a very “extra-terrestrial” feel to them. What are your thoughts on ETs/life on other planets and their role in the co-creation of the multi-verses and our own universe?

I believe in my early experiences I came across multiple encounters. Throughout our history MANY other beings have lived on this earth side-by-side with the human race. There is definitely a purpose for so many trillions of beings to co-exist. Just look within our own bodies: there is a discovery every week about another living organism that has lived inside us without our knowledge.

Describe what inspiration feels like to you…

Inspiration and epiphanies are experienced when mind and heart meet.

What would you tell someone who wants to follow their joy path, but has no idea where to begin?

Get immersed in an environment that matters to you. If it’s in teaching, then volunteer at a school and get a first hand experience. If it’s in sculpting, research nearby local sculptors’s guild and visit their studios. If it’s in film-making, find a group on the internet like a weekly meet-up, invest in a camera and start with small projects with your family and friends and etc…

You’ve said in interviews that you believe, eventually, the human race will become vegan and that eating a plant based diet lends to a higher frequency of love on the planet. Could you share a bit about your experience going vegan and how it has changed your life/perspective? 

Yes, in the future we will find a loophole in our biological system that will allow us to change our molecular programming. A few years ago I did experiment with veganism. As I matured and researched more, I understood that all living things have emotions and capacity to experience fear and pain. In the future, I believe we will naturally find a better treasure for our energy resources, so no flora or fauna would suffer because of our existence.

We do not contribute to the nature’s system, we intervene like parasites. I am still 60% vegan, I am an advocate for preserving lives. And I thank everything that sustains me. Praying before eating is a thanksgiving time: someone has died so I could live.

What’s your number one tip for living an enchanted life?

Spend time with your friends and family , watch comedy , make comedy, and once in a while do something unexpected…

Flash Questions:

Private concert, who’s playing? Tony Bennett, Chris Botti or Joe Hisaishi.

Your stranded on a deserted island with only one book. What would it be? Ilia’s, my little brother’s book “The Future Never Gives Up”.

Favorite color? Manganese blue.

Living or dead, who would you like to have dinner with?

My grandparents.

Ocean or mountains? Oceans, without a doubt!

For more information on Akiane and her work, visit her website. You can also find her on Facebook.

Check-out this in-person interview with Akiane for more about her childhood experiences, stunning vision, and dream for the world:

Meet Our Newest Contributor: Positive PollyAnna


Last month we started a new column here at Chakra Center called matrix2Quantum Empowerment.” It’s about becoming conscious of the forces at work in the Universe, how to powerfully manifest your reality, balance your left and right brain so you can self-actualize, and realizing your highest potential. Simply put, when you understand the “rules” of the matrix, you can create a magical life with astonishing experiences.

But these are Polly’s words, not mine. She’s the author of the Quantum Empowerment column, and our newest contributor. I asked Polly to stop by today to share a bit of her experience of awakening and give you a taste of her awesomeness:

Tell us a little bit about your Awakening? (What got you interested in all this spiritual/quantum/esoteric stuff?)

My Awakening was an interesting process.  I was born very open, in tune, and connected; my mom even tells me I was born smiling.  I knew from the time I was a child everyone and everything was connected.  I was also blatantly aware I was born to change the world.  I could tell the systems were broken and the people confused about reality; it definitely made me the “weird” kid in school.  I was interested in extraterrestrials, angels, and the supernatural, psychokinetic, and magical while other kids my age wanted to play with Barbies, ride bikes, and play tag.  To say I didn’t fit in would be an understatement!

As I grew, I tried to blend more.  I made the statement all the time that I didn’t feel human.  My teenage years allowed me to suppress my spiritual side because I was so focused on making my career ambitions a reality while trying to convince others I was worthy of their friendship.  I never stopped trying to make the world better though.  I was often a confidant or counselor for others, and stood up for people whom needed help.  I got involved in my community and tried to initiate change; however, I lived in an area where change was widely resisted…though, it never made me stop in my persistent efforts to change the lives of others for the better.

As I entered my college years, I experienced a grand Reawakening.  I couldn’t even tell you what initiated it other than I felt a strong need to explore.  I ended up having a very intense, violent awakening.  Many things came to me all at once and I had some negative energies and people toxifying my life at the time.  It was like someone had opened Pandora’s Box and I was the next open vessel for everything to occupy.  While it was scary and highly traumatic, it was one of the most important lessons in my life.  I learned my power and my worth, as well as discovering the strength I had over my experience.

Fast forward about four years and I underwent a second expansive butterflyReawakening!  This was when I realized I wasn’t originally human, which is why nothing made sense to me.  I also realized my life’s mission to change the world and help others was something I wanted to be more active about.  I had never before heard “New Age” terms and it felt like I had entered a big coming home party!

My interest in science was kind of an accident.  I was always blessed with a very strong left brain, as well as a tremendously expressive right brain.  My strongest subjects in school were math and anything artistic or creative.  Math was like a super fun game for me.  Almost like the ultimate puzzle!  When I was in college studying to be an actress, one of my professors tried to get me to switch to a math major.  Back then, I decided if acting didn’t work out, I would be a genetic engineer.  I knew genetics and math were really important; I also knew they were only a portion of the equation.

After my second Reawakening, I knew marrying the two would be where I could best serve.  I wanted to break down old paradigms of what “true spirituality” represented and offer new information to people, showing how science and spirituality work together, not against one another.  I started having more claircognizant moments where I could understand how everything worked and what it all represented.  When I would get these messages or downloads, I would research the information so I could support the message and share it with the public.  The more I researched, the more the puzzle pieces fit together and I felt the need to share the information with as many people as possible because it is so transformational.

Basically, I’m a magically etheric, psychologically interested intuitive, quantum physicist with epigenetic interests for manifesting peace, harmony, and higher dimensionality on Gaia while doing interdimensional work with astral and light realms.

What is the Quantum Consciousness Series?

The Quantum Consciousness Series came about during a claircognizant moment between sleeping and waking states; it is an online course I am teaching and co-creating with Charis Melina Brown.  It consists of four modules, each lasting two weeks, with each building on the previous module.  In the course, we teach the principles of quantum mechanics, epigenetics, and holographic systems; we show our students how to utilize these concepts in transformational ways during their daily lives.  It’s a great way to quiet the ego mind in order to reach the higher mind, expanding consciousness, bringing more of the physiological brain online, activating stronger coherence between the brain and the quantum consciousness field, creating greater manifestations, magical experiences, and increasing classical, emotive, and spiritual intelligences.  We use many different exercises to do this, combining the scientific with the spiritual to help people on their path of expansion and fulfillment.

What about the ‘Quantum Empowerment’ column? What kind of information can people look forward to?

Quantum Empowerment is all about becoming conscious of the forces at work in your life.  When you understand the “rules” of the matrix, you can create a magical life with astonishing experiences.  I will be presenting people with ways to come into their own power, how to Quantum empowerment matrixpowerfully manifest their reality, and how to balance their left and right brain so they can self-actualize, realizing their highest potential.  Moreover, we will talk about what it means to lead a quantumly empowered lifestyle.  How are you affected by the energies, people, animals, and objects around you?  How can you break victim mentality?  How can you activate your DNA on a biological and energetic level?  What are the ways you can expand your consciousness?  These are only some of the things I will be addressing with Quantum Empowerment.  It will cover a wide spectrum of information, all dedicated to helping people grow into their interdimensional, interconnected self and reality.

What is the Ultimate Dream for your life?

The Ultimate Dream for my life would include many facets, but overall would be illustrated by balance, love, joy, and fulfilling, healthy relationships while living my passions in a peaceful, more enlightened world.  I absolutely want to keep writing, both fiction and nonfiction.  I have three novel series developing in the etheric at the moment.  I want to eventually turn those novel series into television series as well.  All of the stories are interdimensional, spiritually based stories, focused on connecting with the reader in a way which helps heal past traumas and integrate higher dimensional knowledge into their experience, helping them expand their consciousness.  My goal is to eventually own a production company specializing in science fiction and fantasy film/television with spiritual messages where I can be involved with productions from concept to completion.

I want to continue educating people in an empowering way.  I eventually want to own a school, focusing on educating spiritually advanced children.  We would not only provide them with a premium intellectual education, but help them develop their intuition, energetic, and psychokinetic gifts.  It would be a holistic environment, revolutionizing the education system.

Aside from the career aspirations of my Ultimate Dream, I would love to continue on my path of integrating more light and aggrandizing into more of myself.  It would be wonderful to be surrounded by soul tribe and family with flourishing, balanced, healthy relationships while living a sustainable, quantum lifestyle!  Moreover, there would be peace on Gaia and there would be no such thing as hunger, poverty, or segregation.

What advice would you give to others who want to find their joy path but aren’t quite sure how to move forward?

My advice to anyone who is confused or concerned about how to move forward on their joy path is to become present in the moment, relax as much as you can, and love yourself with the understanding present momentthe answers are already within.  You are always exactly where you are supposed to be.  Take the moment to look around and decide what it is you’re learning from your current reality expression.  If you want to change it, make the decision to change it and focus on what you can do in the present.  Quiet yourself to listen for inspiration, follow your passions, and nourish your needs.  You are part of a Universe which rewards following your joy and living in a state of overall abundance; however, the Universe will never give you something you aren’t energetically activating and requesting.  When you follow your joy, you become conscious of your opportunities, your energy, and your reality can expand into a new, loving space to manifest the experiences you are wishing to experience.

There are a lot of “New Agey” words and phrases thrown around these days. What does The Shift mean to you?

The Shift to me speaks to entering a place of balance, cosmologically speaking, which strengthens the quantum principles governing our world, as well as reactivating latent DNA.  This means for the first time in thousands of years, people will have the ability to understand the power of their consciousness and supersede the preconceived notions of limitedness we are programmed to hold.  While I believe humans are always capable of transcendence, I think The Shift refers to an energetic ease of transcendence into greater, more loving paradigms with expanded consciousness.

What about Ascension?

Ascension, for me, is all about integrating your higher self into your physical body to become more of your true self.  I believe people can create any reality they want through Ascension and The Shift.  I believe when people reach an Ascended state, they can keep their physical bodies, transmute them into a light body, or choose to shed the physical for a pure energy body.  It all depends on the individual meaning of Ascension and what that unique energy desires.  The common denominator falls in Ascension coming through love, acceptance, integration, and expanded consciousness.

Anything else you want to share?

I have been on an amazing journey, thus far; I’ve experienced uncanny, magical things and met the most amazing, multidimensional people whom have showed me what it is to love myself.  I am coming into a place in my life where I am truly understanding what it means to accept all of myself, and living in a state of allowing.  I came from a past of severe abuse for the first 22 years of my life.  Most of it was nightmarish and I have been extremely lucky to have lived through all of it; however, I never doubted my connection and relationship to LoveHeals(2Source, nor did I ever believe the world was a bad place.  I have loved people for the sake of being able to realize they are an extension of who I was/am.  The new shift for me has been coming to the realization that I, myself, am loveable.  I had been rejected so long, I literally thought everyone perceived me as useless or disposable at worst and annoying or unworthy at best.  It has been a very long, arduous process for me to come into a place of self-love and self-acceptance.  I am finally understanding the people in my life serve as mirrors; with the amazing people flowing into my life, I am realizing they wouldn’t be in my experience unless they were a vibrational match, underlining the divinity within myself.  Coming into love is an amazing transformation because even though I’ve always showered others with love, I am finally allowing myself to live within it as well.

Thanks for stopping by today, Polly. And welcome to the Chakra Center family!

Check-out Polly’s first column, Quantum Empowerment 101″  here.

Kejiwa Kombucha: An Interview with the Alchemists


About three weeks ago I googled the term “Alchemical drinks.” Having developed a bit of a fascination for the process of transmuting the molecular structure of food and drink into a higher vibration, (that in turn creates healing and restoration in the body) I wanted to see who else had stumbled upon this potent magic.

That’s when I discovered Kejiwa.

Just visiting the website of this unique community was restorative to my energy fields. These lightworkers use the process of alchemy to kejiwa logocreate the most healing, regenerating kombucha for the body and soul, using sound vibration, light, and energy work (as well as alchemy itself) to infuse their drinks with the highest vibration of love and health — and you can feel it.

After experiencing the high vibration of these products simply through the website, I ordered a sample pack of all the kombucha flavors and was blown away by the amazing taste, unique ingredients (including ormus), and immediate affects of these alchemical elixirs.

I knew I had to contact the owners to find out more about what they’re doing over there in the great vortex of Sedona so I could share their magic with all of our readers at Chakra Center.

Not only did Juniper and Illup (owners of Kejiwa) graciously agree to do this interview, they also offered to make a special magical blend of Kombucha for our Elven Bliss-Out Retreat in Park City!

I am so thrilled to be sharing these independent, sustainable, powerful healers with you. I firmly believe that as our global consciousness and awareness continues to shift, it is communities like Kejiwa that help us through the transition and pave the way into a new paradigm of paradise on this planet.

I encourage everyone who is passionate about sustainability, health, and global awakening, to help support businesses like these. They are truly the salt of the earth.


How did you first discover Kombucha?

Illup:  I learned about it from a friend who had it passed to them. They passed a culture and the basic formula to me, so it kept in the tradition of it being passed down for many a thousands of years.

Juniper: I tried it at a health food store in Aspen, it was cranberry or something and I threw it away after a few sips. A few years later I tried other brands and loved it! Then when I met Illup he showed me how to make it and I went back to Austin where I lived at the time and started making Acai Blueberry and selling it to friends or trading for services. Within a year or so of constantly visiting I moved to Sedona to be with Illup and started co-creating with Kejiwa.

What role has Kombucha played in your awakening?

Illup: Kombucha, via the wild herbs we use in our brews, has taken me into deep communion with the earth and the land here in Sedona. It has beautifully reflected my own harmonious balanced connected true nature. With all the high vibrational technologies and intentions we have put into our elixirs, it has shown me how we truly are what we eat. Kejiwa has been the main aspect of my ever-ongoing spiritual understanding, refinement, and realization.

Juniper: Kombucha has been a gateway for bringing elements of my awakening into form – being able to apply all the wisdom I learn along my journey about energetics, wild foods, nutrition, herbalism, music, healing, emotions, and mastery into co-creating brews that activate and inspire ourselves and all those who drink the elixirs. An incredibly powerful way to transmit the herbs, essences, and energetics into our beings at all levels of existence. Kombucha being our main product has also allowed us the freedom to work for ourselves and create a model integruous sustainable new paradigm business using only the highest quality ingredients. Having our own business has offered us the spaciousness to follow our own divine flow of evolution, refinement, practice, communion, and service.

Kejiwa Products

What is the meaning behind “Kejiwa?”

We have a Dream…..A beautiful big one!….. That all people live their soul’s truth and feel amazing in their bodies. That’s what Kejiwa, our company, is all about. ☼ Kejiwa is delicious, devotional love alchemy of pure prayerfulness, whole-hearted healing intent, & wild-crafted cosmic consciousness!~`* (don’t see how to unbold this :p

Kejiwa means to Surrender Into Soul Truth. It is a letting go, but also an empowerment to consciously align with Creator. This is the Heart of our intention, to spark people into their highest service, action, and ecstatic Being.

Juniper and Illus

We understand that your hand-crafted kombucha receives quite the love and alchemical treatment. Can you describe a little bit about this process, and what makes it different from most traditional beverage crafting on the market?

The biggest difference is Relationship…..which expresses as two primary differences: Process and Ingredients (Tertiary and also vitally important being our relationship to our customers!)

Ingredients: Traditional Beverages from large companies use black tea, various kinds of water and often organic ingredients. We use white tea (which is less processed and higher in antioxidants and has minimal caffeine) plus wild-harvested herbs we pick ourselves in communion with the plants in Sedona – supplemented with organic/biodynamic herbs. All flavorings are pure fresh-juiced or highest-grade pure essential oils. We use fresh pure sedona springwater/artesian wellwater as the base and infuse the brews with our own Alchemy of monoatomic minerals and full moon gem essences. We use as many local ingredients as possible, for example, our sprouts and wheatgrass are grown by a friends local business a few miles from us.

We activate our products using powerful cosmically aligned sound healing techniques, meditative growing environment, crystal-charging, pyramid activation and more high-vibrational technologies to ultimately enhance our creations in the most amazing way ever!
Illup music kombucha


We are continuously evolving our business practices to align further with the natural harmony of this earth using quadruple-bottom-line framework. We re-use the majority of our bottles, compost, use all non-toxic cleaning supplies, energy-efficient refrigeration, re-use packing material, recycle, pay twice minimum wage, and source as many ingredients locally as possible.

What other kinds of products to you offer at Keijwa?

We offer Alche-Mist Sprays, pure organic elixirs need simply be sprayed into one’s field (on & around the body) to receive the healing benefits, balancing, and upliftment!

Instantly clearing space for Us to come back into our breath, sweet & serene center, Alche-Mist sprays re-align to all-encompassing creativity & Grace offering ever-flowing flourishing nourishment to the Soul!

A mist spray infused with pure essential oils, full moon gem and flower essences, flowers, herbs, and healing frequencies and prayers.

They are available at 5 locations nationwide.

We are also developing Ormus Gold Body Oils and Spagyrics (Highly intentional alchemical herbal tinctures).

Alchemist Sprays

What are your intentions with the new facilities?

Our Alchemy Temple is ready for expansion so we can triple kombucha production, and develop the two new products! In addition it is used for healing sessions, education classes, gatherings, and ceremonies. Additionally we are planning to grow more of the main herbs we use ourselves using biodynamic processes.

Tell us a bit about your fundraiser ?

We’ve invested everything we have while working multiple jobs yet sustaining our Walking the Talk of what we’re here to support…. living in peace-filled inspired vibrancy!Now we’re asking our friends and family to support us taking it to the next level!We’ve been using the same brew pot and expanded from a home-brew to being sold in 6 states….The fundraiser has already supported us in getting  lab quality ph tester, two new brew pots, an external burner, floormats for our tired knees, herbs, tincture supplies for the spagyrics – that’s just the beginning and we’re so grateful for the support so far!We’re raising $33,000 which will support us in being able to efficiently maintain the same unique high quality, bring further activation tools, develop the new products – To support us in Truly Sustainably Thriving  in this Sacred Service! The next purchases will include more refrigeration, nutrition/chemical testing, a low-heat juicer, two more brewing pots,  support us in hiring one more Alchemy Angel, and much more! It’s fully explained here at thanks for all the support we’ve created some amazing special gifts you receive for your donation!If you are unable to financially support at this time please write a comment and enjoy our video – it helps us get “featured” on their website and get the word and vibration of the heart out to more people!

Illup and Juniper family
What does “The Shift” mean to you?“The Shift” is constantly occurring in our lives each moment within the Eternal Moment – an experience of One Soul’s Journey…and the Oneness evolving into it’s Heart’s Truth simultaneously.

With full awareness of prophecies and projections, we choose to live fully, doing our best, serving in the highest, Right Now, in the present, with open-hearts.

We are a part of all things and choose to maintain our focus Here; The “future” will be a co-creation of our intentional heart and soul evolution on the individual and universal scale.

Rose Kombucha
What are your thoughts about the souls Awakening at this time and the role of health in that awakening?

It is an honor and joy to be Here Now with all of our incredible brothers and sisters who chose to come here to experience Earth’s Awakening on a Soul and Oneness level. We celebrate each individual’s unique path, process, and timing in their exploration of their True Nature, humanity, and divinity.

What are you greatest passions?

Illup: Juniper….. and all representations of the expression of the Fiery Sacred Heart of Love, including Alchemy (elixirs and of the Soul), Ecstatic Poetry and Communion, exploring Nature and my own inner landscapes via meditation, Music and spontaneous Dance, photographic art, natural fiber fashion,

Juniper: Illup….. and all representations of the expression of the Fiery Sacred Heart of Love, including Intentionally creating my life, Alchemy, Magic, Nature, Hugging (embracing) all things, energy ‘healing’ work, and continuously refining my Being. My other light-service beyond Kejiwa is courses and coaching sessions through focusing on emotional clarity, partnerships, ptsd healing, and vibrant lifestyle technology!

Kejiwa Sacred Geo

What is the message of your hearts?

Illup: Bring as much Joy into Creation beyond what you ever thought possible and share it unabashedly and abundantly sparking all Hearts to do the same in their own Loving, Sweet, Uniqueness!

Juniper: Empower your Freedom by Loving Being You in all ways! Self-Love and acceptance is the portal to awakening.

What is your advice for readers who want to live their dreams but don’t know the first steps to take?

Illup: Rip off all your clothes and jump naked into a beautiful body of water!

Juniper: First step, download my free pdf called “A Guide to Energizing Change” at

Envision your dream already manifest in this moment – Feel what it feels like fully and Trust yourself and your process.

Relax into the Truth that everyone is doing their best and is on your team on a soul level. Be more concerned about your own journey than how others are or aren’t showing up. The most effective guaranteed method for awakening and living your dream is Practice, Whatever you practice with self-love and forgiveness, you will master.

swimingAnything else you want to share?Illup: Whatever you do, do it fully, with all of your Being. And discover the Amazing Magic that can take place all around when you are fully present.

Juniper: Explore the full spectrum Alchemy of Laughter as often as possible. Know that you are the miracle and the source creating miracles!

Thought creates form and by thinking positive thoughts about yourself, you are guaranteed to have more energy!

We want to hear from you! What inspires you? What Makes you come Alive? Or find us on facebook!

Meet Intuitive Massage Therapist Kierstie Leavitt

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We are thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of our Chakra Center community: Kierstie Leavitt is an intuitive massage therapist, writer, poet, and energy healer. She is heading-up our newest bi-monthly column, EmBody Blissfocusing on aspects of massage, body alignment, and healing.

I asked Kierstie to share a little bit about her journey into massage therapy and her beautiful story of Awakening.


Tell us a bit about yourself. What got you interested in massage therapy?

I’m a sweet and sassy Indigo from Saint George, Utah. I love the outdoors, animals, art, writing, laughter, food, dance, the sun, rain, hugs, kisses, and love. For the most part, I grew up with a feeling of not belonging (in my family or this Universe). As you can imagine the type of childhood that belief may yield, I spent many years in resistance and depression towards my nature and life in general. 

I had always gravitated towards the idea of all things possible and the potential of living in a magical world. I was constantly looking for the deeper essence, the higher truth, the hidden message, and the things they didn’t want me to know because deep down, I knew. However, the early life I chose into taught me a lot about illusions and a false surface (which I’m thankful for now). At that point, I slowly started to believe in a reality that one must own up to, a world that was not on my side.

While searching for truth in areas that were “so-not-me,” I attended Dixie State College for the sake of going to college. After a couple of years, I could no longer find my heart in it. I had felt that a trade school was in my future before (even as a young teen I considered massage therapy), but it wasn’t until I had an epiphany one night in bed that I responded to the call. Although I was fearful, the calling was a curious doorway into something unknown yet natural to me. I had always had a touch that was deeply felt by others and I decided to stop denying it.

At that point I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and attended massage therapy school. I found that my hands have a mind of their own and communicate silently with the body promoting gentle, accepting love and release. My passion for energy work was also born from there. Nearly midway through my education, I really committed to the path of spirituality that had been calling me for so long. The Universe responded quickly and the rest is history! This journey has unfolded so naturally and beautifully. I’ve never felt so close to myself and anyone else. I feel open. I feel my bliss creeping in daily. And yes… I am witnessing the magical-fairytale world that I dreamed of as a young girl.

What role has massage played in your health and overall awakening?

Massage therapy has been more of a doorway to Source than a modality to me (as it is a part of my purpose). In a Universe of Oneness, we cannot heal another without experiencing a point of healing in ourselves. We also cannot harm another without harming ourselves. Working with clients in a space of such vulnerability and intimacy really helps me see different aspects of myself, and the Universe at large. In every different auric field, in every different body, there is a presence of myself and All That Is. That knowledge (the knowledge of Oneness), has played a huge part in setting me free. As far as health goes, freedom is health for me.

What are some of the benefits of massage?

Oh boy! There are many different types of massage that help with different things (different strokes for different folks), but in general, the benefits of massage are: 

  • Relief of muscular tension/stiffness
  • Decrease of pain
  • Provides relaxation by sedating the nervous system
  • Improves posture by lengthening muscles
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Improves circulation by moving fluids such as blood or lymph
  • Assists in venous blood return to the heart
  • Strengthens the immune system by increasing the production of lymphocytes and leukocytes that fight off disease
  • Stimulates endorphins
  • Stimulates skin receptors
  • Provides quicker recovery to injury
  • Enhances the elimination of metabolic waste
  • Improves muscle tone in underuse or atrophy
  • Reduces mental tension (improving stress, anxiety, and depression)
  • Increases body awareness

How long has humanity been using massage as a form of physical therapy? 

I feel that the magic of massage really lies in the quality of touch, not just the strokes. This is paramount. In that sense, it’s safe to say that humans and non-humans have been touching and healing each other since the beginning of time.

Historically, massage therapy or alternative healing modalities date back thousands of years. The Chinese were using herbal remedies, acupuncture, and massage as early as 2,500 BC. The Greeks and Romans also incorporated massage and hydrotherapies in their healing practices. And as many of us know, the Ayurveda (India) has been practicing alternative healing modalities for a very long time, as early as 1500-1800 BC.

In the middle ages, massage therapy was deemed inappropriate because of all the religious doctrine swirling about, causing massage therapy and bathhouses to die for a time. The human form was brought into light and appreciated once again by the Renaissance movement. By the 19th century, Dr. Henrik Ling of China brought a form of massage therapy to Swedish gymnasts and this is when the most popular form of massage came about: Swedish massage.

Who can most benefit from massage?

Everyone can benefit from massage! However, the people who benefit the most are the people who believe in their bodies. They believe them to be powerful, self-healing vessels that know well-being as their nature. They listen, breathe, and trust in their own healing.  

Is massage for everyone?

There are some contraindications for massage. I’ll present the most common:

  • You should not get a massage if you have a fever or are feeling ill that day. Although massage can serve as preventive medicine, you should not interrupt a cycle of illness with massage. A fever is your body’s way of fighting off infection and you could run the risk of making it worse.
  • You should not receive a massage under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It can speed up the effects and overload the system with toxins making one sick.
  • A person with an open wound should also not be massaged (depending on the size and condition you can proceed with caution).
  • If either the client or therapist has a skin infection
  • People with severe heart problems or a blood clotting condition
  • Clients should wait 6 to 8 weeks after undergoing anesthesia (major surgery) to receive massage work
  • Acute inflammation present (pitting edema)

There are more lengthy lists of diseases that are contraindicated for massage, but it’s smart to consult your doctor about any condition you have before receiving bodywork.  

What are your greatest passions and intentions for this lifetime?

Through many forms of violence or misuse, physical touch has become a lost art. As we store memories in the body, most people in this society have built up huge impenetrable walls and bubbles of insecurity or awkwardness around the experience of being touched with pure sincerity. Our bodies are Godly and full of life force. Because they are so smart, powerful, sensitive, and perceptive, it is easy to see why we have built up walls from negative experience. But the experience of positive touch is just as powerful as the negative, and can soften the foundation of our walls as they come crumbling down.

It is my dream to see sincere touch emerge as the world shifts. It is my passion to see humanity intimate with each other again. It is my hope that we all realize that we are all scared of the same thing – to not be loved and accepted exactly as we are. So if we’re all scared of the same thing, then it’s time to put down our weapons and walls and let each other feel deeply secure in exposure. It is my passion to watch us all (even strangers) look at each other in the eye, exchange sincere hugs and friendly kisses, all in the name of intimacy – not just sexuality. It is my passion to see us all exposing our deepest selves, that which is love. 

It is my passion for us to really see into each other. Intimacy = Into me see

I thought I’d attach a poem that I wrote about the experience of seeing deeply into another.


I see you
But not through my eyes

I see you
No facade could disguise

The beauty I see

I see you

An essence of art

I see you

Only with my heart

For no eyes could behold

The beauty I see

I see you

As ceaseless as the sun

I see you

And fathom the whole world has won

The moment they see

This beauty

This beauty

An experience of purity

This beauty

As it lies itself down on me

Teaches so softly

This beauty

Awakening unknown spaces in my body

This beauty

Radiating everything I see as Godly

By this, I am changed

This beauty

Opening up all possibility

This beauty

Leaving room for infinity
What more is there

After this beauty?

The heart looks no further

When it finally knows its story

My eyes surrender saying;

‘I have lived my glory’

When I see you

I really see you

Aromatherapy 101 with Charmed Botanical’s Athena Ziegler

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Meet Athena Ziegler, aromatherapy goddess and Chakra Center’s newest contributor!

An accomplished and talented aromatherapist, Athena creates custom, organic Aromatherapy blends for all purposes through her company, Charmed Botanicals. She uses only 100% pure organic, wild crafted or unsprayed therapeutic grade essential oils.

I was first introduced to Athena’s work through Charis Melina Brown as the fairy who creates the magical blends for the Bliss Out retreats. While prepping for the Park City retreat, I  sampled the euphoric slice of heaven Athena blended for “Blissing Out with the Elves” and was completely transported to another realm. Her craft is pure medicinal magic!

After experiencing Athena’s aromatherapy spell, I couldn’t resist asking her to come on board. We are so excited to have her join our team here at Chakra Center!

To give you a taste of her awesomeness, we asked Athena to share a little bit about her journey into the world of aromatherapy, and exactly what she’s been up to over at Charmed Botanicals!

How did you get started in essential oils and aromatherapy? 

My background is deeply rooted in the idea of using plants for healing and medicine. Growing up I always had a strong connection with nature. It was an integral part of my family life. Both of my parents are incredibly talented at growing and identifying plants for medicinal use. My childhood home was literally a jungle.

We had plants from all corners of the earth. I loved waking up in the mornings and seeing the sun shine on the beautiful plants my mother expertly cared for everyday. I remember the smell in our house: always fresh, earthy, humid and alive. My Father frequently took my siblings and me on nature walks to teach us which plants were edible, poisonous, and medicinal. And he always seemed to know where to find the most magical wildflowers.

I believe Aromatherapy has been calling to me my whole life. It was patiently waiting for the right time when all pieces could fall into place. That time was when I was in college. I was studying Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeology and I was completely spellbound by nature based cultures, modern and ancient. These people’s knowledge and connection with nature is mind shattering. They revere plants as the ultimate medicine for mind, body, and spirit health.

Seeing case study after case study of effective plant based treatments was what solidified the notion that I was going to be a natural healer. I was absolutely blown away with the scale of healing that could be done with plants and essential oils.

I came to realize that essences of plants, fruits, flowers, barks and resins were very special. They can physically heal the body effectively and heal the mind and spirit at the same time. After I graduated I immediately became a Certified Aromatherapist and began practicing. It’s second nature to me and I know this was the Universe’s plan for me all along. Everyday my love and respect for these amazing precious gifts of nature deepens. They were given to us to heal the world.

What role have essential oils played in your awakening journey?

They played a vital role in my awakening. Essential oils are meant to guide us. These incredible earth essences elevate and enlighten one’s consciousness to Gaia’s mystical energies. Each one is a precious guide to a deeper awareness of life, energy, and spirituality. They allowed me to break free of the cultural chains and societal norms that urged me to stay comfortable and closed off. They encouraged me to dive deeper into the unknown and embrace it.

Essential oils gave me courage to continue on this unknown path. I deeply THANK sandalwood for keeping me grounded and bringing me peace when I needed it the most. Lavender for calming me and stabilizing my physical, etheric and astral bodies. Rosewood for blessing me with incredible spiritual healing. Frankincense for spiritual liberation and allowing my spirit to soar.

I don’t think I would have ever fully awakened without essential oils. The complexity and multiple layers of magic that essential oils invoke amaze me every day. They are a part of my daily ritual guiding me on my ever flowing journey.

How long have humans been using essential oils?

The history of essential oils is impossible to compile into a few paragraphs. It is vast and never ending. I can share with you a few points of interest:

I believe humans have been using aromatherapy since the beginning of time. In caves that date back to over 50,000 years ago there is evidence of lavender flowers in the sleeping area and rosemary in the common areas. Many archaeologists, me included, believe this is evidence of early aromatherapy.

These ancient ancestors long ago made the connection that lavender was relaxing and useful in supporting a good night sleep and that rosemary is invigorating and strengthening to the mind, helping to relieve exhaustion (which explains why it was found in the common area around the fire).

The first actual archaeological evidence of essential oils can be dated back to approximately 5550 BCE. Clay tablets inscribed by ancient Sumerians left detailed descriptions on how to extract essential oils, methods of use and dosages. These oils were used in all facets of daily life including secular, religious, and medical. One common theme in history is that essential oils equaled wealth and power in civilizations.

Ancient Egyptians’ economy flourished because of their exceptional perfumes which were made from essential oils and resins. They had extensive trade routes all over the ancient world to allow them to gather expensive and exotic spices, resins and herbs to blend into their highly demanded perfumes.

In Europe, rosemary was burnt and sprigs were laid on floors in sick rooms and hospitals because of its powerful antiseptic properties. During the Middle Ages when plagues were common, it was noted many times that perfumers (aromatherapists) always seemed untouched by the plague and widespread illnesses.

Modern science proved that there was a scientific reason for this. A large amount of essential oils have exceptional antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and repellent qualities. Leaving the air in their apocatheratheries incredibly clean and healing. Unfortunately this amazing knowledge died out when the use of synthetic “cheap” scents became popular. The field of aromatherapy dwindled and the revitalization didn’t happen until quite recently.

The birth of Modern Aromatherapy was considered to have taken place in the nineteenth century. René-Maurice Gattefossé, a French doctor, coined the term Aromatherapy in 1928. He was working in his family’s perfumery business and severely burned his hand. He plunged his hand into a bowl of lavender oil, mistaking it for water. He was amazed at how fast his hand healed with no blistering. This drove him into the field of therapeutic aromatherapy and essentially the rest of the modern world.

What are some of the health benefits of essential oils?

Essential oils are a powerful form of medicine. They have been used for thousands of years to treat depression, reduce stress, improve sleep, assist in meditation, improve complexion, treat all type of skin maladies, and eliminate stomachaches, headaches and all types of aches! Just to name a few benefits.

They are also a very safe alternative to modern medicine. They enter the body with great efficiency and are noninvasive. Essential oils treat the target effectively and leave the body completely with no trace and no toxins left behind in a matter of three to six hours in a healthy body. They stimulate the body’s electromagnetic fields contributing to the stimulation of the body’s own natural healing mechanisms.

Exactly how aromatherapy works is still a mystery. Specifically, aromatherapy through inhalation has forever boggled scientist’s minds. Some researchers speculate that odors influence feelings because the nasal passage opens directly to the part of the brain that controls emotions and memory.

Some psychic healers believe that essential oils work on the subtle, still-undiscovered energies of the body. Scientists cannot say for sure why these physical and emotional responses happen in the body when inhaling essential oils, but they have documented them and proven in studies that they always elicit similar responses. Examples such as by merely smelling an essential oil it can alter hormone production, brain chemistry, stress levels and general metabolism. Powerful indeed!

The physical application of essential oils is much more straightforward. Scientists have mapped out hundreds of possible individual chemical components that each essential oil could possess via gas chromatography and mass spectrometry reports. Each chemical component has its own therapeutic property. On average every essential oil contains over 100 chemical components. With this in mind, you can begin the see the complexity of essential oils and why they are such powerful healers.

Tell us a little bit about Charmed Botanicals (what is your method, what do you focus on, etc)?

I blend based off intuition, life-long education, and with the help of my spirit guides. I also have a deep connection with all my lovely oils. They “speak” to me in subtle ways letting me know which one is right. I like to speak with a client in person or over the phone. It helps me understand their energy and guide me to create exactly what they need.

I blend for all purposes, but my main area of focus and interest is spiritual healing, enhancing and enlightening one’s self. I want my clients to benefit from the same wonderful guidance I have received and help them on their own personal journey.

Aside from custom blending, in the near future, the Charmed Botanicals website will be getting a slight facelift to make a room for some new products! They will be available for purchase directly on my site. I will be featuring four seasonal blends that help with the transition of each season, chakra specific blends, zodiac blends, full moon blend and much more!

What are some of your favorite essential oils to work with?

Lavender is a very special oil. It’s one of the most versatile essential oils. I use Lavender on a daily basis. I put a drop on my pillow at night for peaceful dreams (sedative), scent my dresser drawers (insecticide) with a few drops, I use it on cuts and burns (antiseptic and analgesic), diffuse in the evening to unwind (restorative), make cleaning sprays with it (antibacterial properties). Plus many more amazing useful purposes.

Jasmine is another oil I have a strong connection with. I literally melt  when I smell it. It’s intoxicating, euphoric and pure magic. Jasmine is incredibly calming to the nerves and warming to the emotions. Ahhh I can smell it now.

Ylang-Ylang is another oil I adore. It always puts a smile on my face no matter what I’m feeling. It regulates adrenaline flow and relaxes the nervous system, resulting in a wonderful sense of joy.

Are essential oils for everyone?

Essential oils are safe for most people to use when directed by a Certified Aromatherapist. There are some situations and conditions that generate areas of concern. If you are pregnant, have a heart condition, are taking prescription drugs or are epileptic you need to make Certified Aromatherapist aware of these health concerns. I would also avoid readymade blends since the dilution percentage is usually based off a healthy individual.

How can people order a custom blend from you?

I love doing custom blends. I feel they really speak to the individual on so many levels that I can’t even fully understand. Having a custom blend made for you will be a magical experience. I have a form on my website to open up communication.

Or you can email me directly Another way to connect is through Facebook. Private message me at After the initial connection I usually like to speak with a client. It helps me understand their energy and guide me to create the perfect blend.

Anything else you want to share?

I love books. Aromatherapy. Nature. Tea. History. Moon. Stars. Pearls. Jasmine. Owls. Chocolate. Bonfires. Butterflies. Ocean. Candles. Moonstones. Lilacs. Trees. Sun. Beaches. Houseplants. Reiki. Fairies. Waterfalls. Apple cider.

Athena is heading-up our newest column at Chakra Center, named after her company, Charmed Botanicals.  Submit questions or any topics you’re interested in exploring about aromatherapy to the Contact Us section of this website, attention Athena Ziegler.

Welcome, Athena! We are thrilled to have you as part of the Chakra Center team!

Living on Prana: Breatharian Couple Shares their Journey to Inner Light

Interviews, The Throat Chakra

“The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” Genesis 2:7

Breath is the sustaining life force. It is the living essence of all things. The brain can shut down, limbs can be lost, sight can grow dark, and still, the human body can survive. But to cease the breath is to end physical life as we know it.

Breatharianism holds that breath is not only the essence of life, but contains all life-sustaining elements necessary for man to live in complete health, peace and harmony with the planet. To nourish the body with prana (life-giving breath) is to be set free.

Many beings living on earth right now have gone through the physical process to transform their bodies for life without food or drink. They’re called breatharians.  We know this way of life is within the human potential, but for most it remains dormant. Not everyone feels called to activate this potential within, but for those of you who do (or who are simply curious about this unique way of life) we asked breatharian couple, Akahi and Camila to stop by Chakra Center and share their unique journey:

Tell us a bit about your background in health/wellness/nutrition, and spirituality. What brought you to the awareness of the breatharian lifestyle?

AKAHI:  My background is a Beautiful and divine ever-expanding path of self knowledge with a non academic structure; it is about living, contemplation, self-exploration of my inner capacities, and realization of my Higher self.

In terms of health, I started learning natural medicine with plants of the Andean nature in 2000, and I did explore that field on many levels for the next 8 years traveling in many countries in South America, learning in small towns and communities from many respected shamans and natural healers around the Andes.

In 2005, I entered into the field of the Sweet Lodge, also known as Temazcal*, guiding, accompanying, and practicing this healing and purification ceremony that brings all the elements of the nature into one rebirthing experience from the womb of the mother earth.  For the next 5 years, in this same stage, I learned about the healing intentional use of sacred plants – especially the cactus San Pedro, also traditionally called Aguacolla, for the awakening of the Consciousness and integrating it into the practice of healing. When I felt it was required for the group or individual, I combined it with sacred songs, meditation and gentle breathing exercises, creating a new modality of neo shamanism.

The intention of collective wellness was always part of these self-discovery practices and experiences.  In terms of nutrition, as I was developing my awareness of the healing processes of the people and myself, naturally the awareness of the importance of a healthy and harmonious diet come as tool to regenerate the cells and health, recognizing the fresh self-grown foods as the best option. Personally, I became vegetarian in 2005, then gradually transitioned to vegan, with a quick jump to raw foods- vegetables and fruits, to reach naturally a diet based on just fresh fruits and juices. My body entered into a process of stabilizing its perfect health and also sharing these discoveries with other people, encouraging them to enter into the live food diet.

In the spirituality aspect, I was aware of the existence and expression of the consciousness, energy, God in the beginning through all my childhood. That was the impulse for me to stop going to school and become self-taught from this freedom that my parents gave me.  I was able to trust in my inner power to create my life accompanied by the power of the Creative energy. This was the spirit that has been guiding me through my whole life, so I always have been a spiritual being in expression in this life. This self-knowing that the spirit is flowing through me in every moment and experience gave me the capacity to trust in its power, and I created a direct communication with it, always asking for the resources that I needed and always having them with me.

The Pranic Consciousness, also called Breatharianism in the labels that the society tries to give to it, came to me as a natural step in my evolution as a spiritual being, and at the first time that it knocked on my door I was totally open to receive it. I didn’t look for it. Actually it came to me as a consequence of my expanded awareness, because I was ready for the next and greater step.

The message came to knock at our door through a friend from Argentina who was looking for a place where she could do her 21 day process. She finally ended up doing her process in the house next door to ours in Sorata, Bolivia.  Through her positive experience and luminous results automatically the process was my next process to integrate. So, my wife and I decided to do it 6 months later in Ecuador.  It evolves with infinitely loving benefits that are continuously in expansion.

CAMILA:  From a young age I always felt drawn to the more “alternative” ways of life and living.  I had a beautiful neighbor growing up who was a channel for Jesus Christ, a clairvoyant, and homeopath, among many other things.  She was the first person to incarnate these possibilities for me to recognize that there were in fact many paths for expressing the wellbeing in this human experience.  The few times I was ill when I was a child, my mother would always send me to her house.   She would feel my symptoms, and give me a homeopathic remedy that was exactly what I needed.  I would take this remedy, and apart from tasting delicious, it always made me feel better.  My mother also had epilepsy and would have very strong seizures, and when this woman came to live close to us, she saw my mother on a day when she felt the symptoms of a seizure coming on.  She touched her head, and balanced her energy, and she never had another seizure after that.

This for me was amazing, and an incredible opening in my awareness to the healing arts.  So my consciousness about medicinal plants and flowers began to grow, as did my awareness of my own energy.  I always loved to collect different plants of power and was really good at remembering what they were all for, so by the time I was a teenager I had an internal encyclopedia of natural medicines and loved to experiment making different teas and also share this knowledge with others.

I left home when I was 17 and began to travel, and in these experiences my exploration of the energy greatened, as I was no longer studying what “I was supposed to be studying,” but instead learning from the life and re-educating myself after years of being “educated” in the system of “public/formal education.”  I began to recognize my capacity to consciously create my present, and my relationship with life deepened.  I explored other plants of power—plants for sacred journeys.  I lived experiences with San Pedro—Aguacolla, which is a beautiful cactus of the Andes of South America, and learned a lot from the visions I had in these moments.  The Temazcal, or sweatlodge—purification through the elements integrated into a rebirth from inside of the womb of the Mother Earth, also came to my life and I immediately remembered my Universal soul through this native ceremony.  I learned, by participating in many, and began to guide ceremonies for women.  In all of these exchanges always existed the intention of creating experiences that would expand the collective consciousness and elevated the awareness of all those involved.  I also learned to make tinctures, oils, and other natural remedies with medicinal and aromatic plants from all around South America.

In terms of nutrition, I became a vegetarian when I was about 11.  I no longer felt the logic in eating meat, and this was a wonderful transition for me because from here I began exploring with my diet and “need” for food.  When I was a teenager I explored fasting, but not in the sense of deprivation or cleansing, just because I could feel that I didn’t really need food; I wasn’t hungry.  So there were days when I wouldn’t eat, and then just fruits, or just vegetables, and this was also the integration of the Universal Pranic consciousness into my life.  I explored veganism for some years, and bounced back and forth with vegetarianism, until around 2007, when I went directly into the raw foods.  Through the simplicity, without all the machines—dehydrators and fancy blenders, I explored the freshness of the fruits and veggies in their natural forms and enjoyed very much how this light energy made me feel, not only in my physical body, but emotionally and mentally as well.

Spiritually, I always felt the presence of something great guiding and protecting my life. This presence showed me that it was there time after time in many experiences and when I became truly independent I felt this presence grow infinitely.  My life began to change a lot when I accepted the God presence inside of me, and my entire focus and projection shifted towards the evolution of consciousness, for all beings.

The Pranic consciousness was the next step in my own evolution, and the seed was planted when a friend told me about the 21 Day Process that was shared in Brasil to ¨Live from Light.”  I was amazed when a year later the possibility knocked on our door, when a friend from Argentina was looking for somewhere peaceful where she could do her transitioning process.  She chose to do it next door to our house, and it was the impulse for my decision, with my husband, to also do this transition 6 months later in Ecuador.

There seems to be many different descriptions and definitions of breatharianism. How would you define the practice, and what does it mean to you?

It is LIFE. It is the life in all it’s expansion. The word breatharianism is really too small to describe the infinite possibilities that we have when we recognize that we are not separated from God, The Source, The energy,*  and return to the universal field of consciousness. It feels good, right, joyful, for me and us the Pranic awareness is permanent happiness, playfulness, joyfulness,  emotional equilibrium , self-realization, enlightenment, mastery, access to the universal laws, permanent health , immortality, synchronicity, creativity, freedom and all the possible extensions of our creation. It is the recognition of the God within each one of us, and the allowance of it in our lives to express the wisdom freely and lovingly.

In your interview with Lilou Mace, you mentioned that your lifestyle is not about denying yourself of anything, but rather freeing yourself from all things. I love this idea, and wondered if you would talk a bit more about how becoming a breatharian has liberated you?

The liberation goes beyond this life time and relationship with this life.  Finally the karma is gone, so I feel that I am totally free to live the way how I chose to, without limitations, or patterns of how I am supposed to live; free of the structure of the 20th century society that was based in competition and challenging each other to survive. We don’t live in the war of surviving.  Instead we just live, infinitely in our own rules that are based in the expression of the God within in every moment, in every breath.

For example, free from the necessity of food and cravings to satisfy  any aspect of the being because we are all the time satisfied with ourselves. Free from death, because we know that in the whole universe only life exists in all dimensions and beyond this physical body. Free from sickness because we know that the Universal life source doesn’t ever get sick and is permanent beauty and purity.  Free of the aging process because we know that the universal energy doesn’t have a beginning or end; it is eternal life in expression. Free to create our own lives knowing that the source of creation is accompanying all our decisions and so many other dimensions of freedom that I will need another interview to finish describing! Free to love myself in every moment of life.

The question on everyone’s mind when it comes to breatharianism is “do you eat at all?” and if so, when was the last time you ate? (more pointedly, how many consecutive days have you gone without eating and drinking, and can the human organism survive indefinitely without food? Or is it necessary to eat occasionally?)

The concept of eating isn’t related to our lives because eating came from a need to satisfy dissatisfaction, and I am always satisfied with myself.  So no, I don’t eat at all. Since 2008, the symptoms of hunger gently have left me.  It feels so fine, and from this state, what I do sometimes when I feel called to be part of a social experience, is enjoy a flavor, the smell, the texture, the information of a fruit a juice, a tea, a piece of chocolate or anything, that my being is happy to experiment, from a place of  enjoying the life, knowing that nothing can affect the awareness of the Prana through us. I don’t need to take care of this state of consciousness because it takes care of itself. Instead, without judging when I experience the flavor I embrace the experience with joy knowing that is light for my being.

For me it has never been about eating or not, but yes, it is about allow myself to express from the Divine that I AM, and radiate the Wisdom of the Ascended Earth.

My only experience was seven entire days, no drinking, in the emptiness of the Infinite Light

And was a deep experience of self-realization and DNA reprogramming.

The human organism enter in the light. This Pranic Consciousness is possible for all those that want to allow themselves to discover the infinite potential within.

I understand that Camila had a breatharian pregnancy. Tell us a bit about that experience. How was the health of the child, and did you meet any controversy over your decision to pursue that path?

Yes, we lived a pregnancy from the Pranic State, the most beautiful and luminous experience of all my life. Because of the awareness and total knowing this state gives me of my being, I knew from the moment our son was conceived that he had begun to incarnate and fuse with me, to cultivate his growth and preparation for manifestation on this beautiful earth.  This was an incredible sensation, because I felt him in my physical body very clearly, as though my entire womb was illuminated with his presence, and that the space inside of me was being opened for him. His manifestation brought also new mental and emotional states, accentuating the clarity and stability of my entire being.  I felt as though I had truly harmonized with my purpose of giving birth to the Master Generation.

The entire development of the pregnancy was very smooth, easy, and totally enjoyable.  I never experienced the common symptoms of early pregnancy, such as nausea/morning sickness, headaches, fatigue.  I did feel the urge to rest, but not from tiredness, simply out of a desire to cuddle and be calm and cozy with my new baby.  As the pregnancy continued into the second trimester, I did a set of blood exams in the fourth month, and the results surprised every medical personnel who studied them.  My blood was extremely pure, without any traces of bacteria or impurities.  My blood count was also in the higher end of the “normal” bracket for a woman my age (24 yrs.), and these numbers did not change the entire pregnancy. This is really uncommon because usually women in the third trimester of pregnancy see a significant drop in these numbers, contributing to the symptoms of pregnancy anemia—iron deficiency. I didn’t worry about these “deficiencies” my entire pregnancy, which is also interesting because I never worried about my diet or the amount of minerals or vitamins I received.

I was completely open to changing my lifestyle when I first became pregnant because my child now came first, however I never felt like this was necessary and I knew that he had always been with me and accompanying my growth; he was already in this consciousness.  I did drink and enjoy flavors out of enjoyment from time to time, but never out of hunger or necessity.  Pure enjoyment and freedom is what dictated these experiences, and I always received these pleasures from that consciousness, knowing that our life is independent of what we put into our bodies, that it is all part of the beautiful diversity that exists for our enjoyment.

Living in the state of conscious breath, in recognition that the life is self-sustaining with every breath, allowed me to create in abundance everything he needed for his growth.  The state of unconditional love cultivates a space of security for the child to grow with confidence. In this way the Prana~Chi~Life Source flows freely through the womb and forms the body of the child, together with their intention of being life and the love of their mother. My son felt also nourished by my love, my excitement for him, and stable emotional state, and this was what allowed him to grow healthily and develop in his transition into his physical body.  The amniotic fluid always carried a vibration of love and calm, and this environment surrounded him during the entire pregnancy, implanting itself in his DNA and physical body, contributing to his perfect health and stable emotional state presently.

There was no opposition or controversy from the outside during my pregnancy because no one can resist the joy.  Each person who knew us always experienced us as happy beings, healthy, and in a state of constant illumination, so they were all just joyful to accompany this new experience and witness the birth of a child in this way, into the world with their very own information, without being effected or weighed down by their parents’ information or genetic chains of centuries passed.  This process was very exciting for all who accompanied us, because it was a new beginning for everyone, and truly the birth of a new generation of Masters, free to live his innate Mastery in the embrace of a family who loves him beyond all current perceptions of love.

Do you believe anyone can live the breatharian lifestyle? Or is it only for a select few?

Yes, anyone with a deep desire to step into the infinite potential within, can shift to the Pranic universal consciousness.  As I always quote, we all are already Breath Airians, or Pranic Beings. We all are breathed by the source of energy,  so to reintegrate this wisdom and to be Pranic again in full  awareness is just a matter of acceptance of the Prana flowing in every breath.  To reeducate the being in this inner capacity, we must receive from the Master within. There are many teachings and tools to share with humanity to help them to return to their natural pranic state. One of the teachings is the *8 day Infinite Pranic Being* Transitional Process. It is an initiation that contains the information that the being needs to reactivate the capacity to be self-sustainable again, and live from the freedom of food matrix and many others.

Do you engage in the practice of Sungazing, and if so, how do you feel the practice of “eating the sun” feeds the body?

We did like to contemplate the sun as a reflection of our inner light, for many years now, but this way is different from sungazing; it is the Inner Light Yoga.

Describe the “nutritional value” of breath to you. What is breath and what role does it play in our overall health?

Prana contains all the elements that a creation needs to be manifested. Our body is a manifestation of Prana. In term of nutritional values, it has them all, but I´d like to clarify that in the Pranic state, the vitamins, proteins and all of that, are irrelevant, they don´t exist.  It is an illusion created for marketing to make a business with the idea for the need for food, based in the illusion of the separation. The 20th century society has created the idea that you are separated from the energy so you need to receive energy to survive, creating a whole big list of needs and requirements to be in the standard energy.   But from this state none of that is true. We are not separated from the energy; I AM the energy that sustains my life and this energy that sustains me is the energy of the love, happiness, and joy.

The breath is the conduit of the energy in our body. It is the mechanism that makes energy circulate through us, interchanging information of life in between all our cells and organs, and systems.  It is the key of life, which is why breathing is the first physical reaction that a being has in the first moment of its birth, because this information is part of our light DNA from before our incarnation.

Everything in the universe is breathing, the planet the trees, the ground, all the animals, all the galaxies are in permanent expansion and contraction. So our bodies are just a reflection of the universal geometry.  When we are conscious of the breath we are synchronized with the Universal breath and naturally our heath is a reflection of the health of the Universe.

What would you say is the ultimate purpose/benefit of breatharianism?

In this time in which the confidence in the food is so weak and problematic, and the need for safe nourishment and energy is creating wars around the planet, the Purpose of the Pranic Consciousness in the planet now in this 2012 planetary shift, is to bring new resources of energy to the humanity so we can live without worries and free to express our natural wisdom in a collective way.  In this way we permit the evolution of the humanity into the Light Humanity that will bring the Heaven on Earth, gradually in the new and next generations.

How can people find you/follow your story?

We are sharing the Universal tools of Pranic supraconsciousness in many ways through the media and personally. Now we are on our world tour, writing this from Sweden sharing an 8 day process, and in the media you all have access to our teachings, via skype by joining our seminars and retreats.

You can follow all of our events and development through our website , which contains infinite information in this topic in the form of  videos and more.  We also have a youtube channel in which we present a conscious television program called Alegria*TV* presented in English and Spanish through this link:,

Also, we have our group in Facebook called the Rainbow Sunshine Family.  In the next months we are starting a new project sharing a weekly  live-stream teleconference that will be available to all of you, sharing questions and answers to support the integration of the Pranic Supraconciousness*

Anything else you’d like to share?

Yes to share our love and light, to let you know that the intelligent energy that creates all our experiences knows exactly how to make us happy, and everything is already synchronizing for the wellness of the humanity in the divine love.We all are now the pioneers, the avatars of the new humanity, and we are doing it so well. Just breathe, and surrender to the universal power.

Ricardo Salas (Akahi ) from Ecuador and Camila Castillo from the United States are a young couple working with distinct techniques of illumination and connection through the breath. They met in Ecuador in 2005 through art. From that moment they understood that life had brought them together, to love and grow together in consciousness and faith, responding to each one´s wish of finding their perfect companion. They began a new life together and set out to travel South America with their art, sharing creative workshops with children and youth in various countries throughout the continent. In 2006 they organized the firstInternational Encounter of Liberal Art and Expression in Bolivia. They also created a store in California with their art, clothing, and handcrafts.

Check-out Akahi and Camila’s YouTube interview with Lilou Mace here:

Meet Jordan Pearce: The Man Behind Spirit Science

Interviews, The Throat Chakra

If you’re connected to the online metaphysical world at all, you’ve probably watched Spirit Science. These creative, thought-expanding, and inspiring videos are created by the talented, light-filled, Jordan Pearce. Jordan is on a mission to inspire bliss, purposeful co-creation, and awakening on the planet. His animated videos have blown the door wide open for a global conversation about the nature of our reality, creation, and human consciousness.

With the love, creation, and support of his fellow “Spirit Patches,” he is activating Spirit Science (and his website,, to be a platform for information, inspiration, and global awakening.

We are huge fans of Jordan’s work here at Chakra Center, and couldn’t resist asking him to stop by for a chat.


Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who were you before Spirit Science, and what led you to making the videos?

Well, I’ve actually been animating in Flash and making flash cartoons for about 7 years before I started Spirit Science. Animation and bringing stories to life have always been a passion of mine. The question “Who was I” feels like a hard thing to answer, because ultimately I was a reflection of the world around me. There are many facets and aspects of myself that I could share, although I’m not sure I really want to waste your time reading things that don’t matter. Instead, I’ll tell you that “I am that I am.” I’m ever shifting in myself, and although before my awakening I was more closed to the ideas that are discussed in Spirit Science, I was always very curious and inspired to shine bright.

The Spirit Science movie opened up a huge, global conversation about the nature of our world, our history, who we are, and where we’re going. How have the videos opened-up the conversation for you, personally, and how has it changed your course?

Well that’s just it. It has opened up the conversation – flat out. Anyone can discuss anything with me, and depending on what I know about that particular subject, I’ll either end up learning a lot, or teaching a lot. Ultimately, there are only 2 things you need to know. In the balance of Master Student, one always gives energy, and one receives. It’s yin and yang.

The trick however, is knowing that there is no such thing as masters and there is no such thing as students. We must learn to become “Master Students.” Masters at learning and sharing. We must be able to face ourselves and be honest with ourselves, challenge our previous beliefs and ideas, and allow our ideas to evolve with us.

By practicing that, I am able to direct my course with focused intention, rather than allow the flow of everyone else to guide my life. It’s pretty simple once we acknowledge that we are influenced by each other’s intent and direction and energy, which leads to all of us running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

You created an amazingly informative video on the intelligence and life of crystals. How did you get into crystals, and what effect has your experience with them had in your life?

I was introduced to crystals by my friend Christine, and they have profoundly changed my life. The very awareness of crystals having their own consciousness and energy has altered my perspective, which opened up an awareness that everything around me was bursting with the energy that they were formed with, or grew into. Just as plants add a natural, abundant and loving energy to a house, so too do crystals add their own energy.

You’ve been on a very unique journey, traveling around the world and connecting with people for Spirit Science. What inspired you to begin “collecting” people and what have you all been up to?

I like the use of the word connecting over collecting. Maybe that’s my ego… I feel as though I’m bringing together the people who I most resonate with, who are on the same flow of consciousness as I am.

However, I am realizing in this past week from writing this that not everyone who communicates with me is on the same flow, even though they understand just as much, if not more, than I do.

Everyone has their own intention and focus, and my job is not to collect them and put them to work, but to inspire and empower them to create what THEY want. As it should be all of our focus’s to do this, we can create anything. We just need to allow ourselves to say yes to what we want, and move into it, manifest it. The Collective realization is difficult to achieve, but we can if we keep the discussion up! Of course, the only way this can happen is a complete social and economic reform throughout the planet… and I am only one being.

It seems there is a huge awakening happening on Earth right now, and many people, like you, are feeling inspired to connect with like minds, connect to their bliss, and be a part of this global conversation, but they just aren’t sure where to begin. What advice would you give them?

Start with yourself. Before you can take action and move forward and create something powerful, you have to be comfortable in yourself in knowing what you want. Some people I’ve met are here to build gardens and create beauty. Others are here to develop videos to express inspiration and light. Some people want to build eco-villages, for the people with the gardens to decorate it.

We are co-creators, so when you’ve established what you want – then start moving into it. Bring the idea into the physical realm, and remember to go 1 step at a time. A lot of people have trouble seeing themselves getting what they want, because that success is so far away. I think it’s important to remember that if you’ve dug yourself an ethereal hole of “debt,” emotional weight, and vibrations that hold you back, you’ll probably need to get out of that vibration first. Get yourself into a space of creation, a space of inspiration. You reflect the world around you, so the simple act of cleaning up your space, getting yourself organized, and seeing new perspectives of your life will start your shifting.

Once you’ve established your creative spark and intention, you can reach out and connect with other beings (well, you can do that at any point) and fit them together, in whatever way they do. Even if they’re completely unrelated creations, but are connected through their intention, they will find a way to benefit the situation for everyone.

Making and keeping connections with others — that is what it boils down to. Connect with people who genuinely care about you, and align yourself with those who are bright and light. It will profoundly affect the direction you take, because you are mirroring another who comes from a pure heart, rather than one that is deceitful.

What is your take on the ET involvement in our planet’s shift?

I’m wondering what’s taking them so long to show up!!!

In one of your Spirit Science videos, you expand on Astral Projection and Lucid dreaming. What are the benefits of learning these techniques and how can they aid (or not) in deepening our Spiritual connection?

I think it helps one expand their perception and imagination. Upon Astral Projection, the realizations that existence at higher frequencies, where you can insta-manifest anything, does exist and that you can tune into it…become real. You start trying to see how it’s possible to manifest in the 3rd dimension, and then you start seeing how things REALLY work on this dimensional plane. It really deepens the connection you have to yourself, and because you are a reflection – everything else. I know that it wasn’t part of the question, but “deepening your understanding” is ultimately what it has the capacity to do (among other things), and everyone will have a different answer and experience to that question. Channeling higher knowledge and wisdom is another great benefit.

I recommend checking out Astral 101 and Ask Teal on the Spirit Science site, to learn more about Astral Travel. There’s a lot of really amazing information in there, and I think a lot of people would benefit from that education.

What about all the Starseeds waking-up and realizing they’ve gone through shifts like this one before? Your thoughts?

Well…there’s more and more every day! 🙂 They’re realizing each other in schools and starting to talk about things. Others who are older are making the connections too, with their own discoveries and shifts, and mixing them together with these new ideas and people they’re meeting. We’re basically expanding the neural network of awareness of the human consciousness, simply by talking about it. Of course, eventually there comes a time to step beyond talking, and into doing. It’s all connected though 🙂

What is in store at Spirit Science? (new, upcoming projects? Any news you want to share or videos you want to plug…?)

Yes! Here’s the latest one. Spirit Science ~ Cosmic Connections:

I’m honestly sometimes trying to juggle too many balls at once. I have a few different projects I’m working on, as well as a number of Spirit Science videos I’m producing. I’ve been getting help from some guest artists in creating more videos while I’m busy with the retreat. That’s the next big project.

This year on the equinox, September 21st, we are holding our second Spirit Science gathering in Asheville, NC. We are limiting it to a 77 people private retreat, and are using the space to explore what it means to have a conscious gathering. We are really attempting to go deeper and take things to a new level in terms of breakthrough within one’s self. We only have a few days too, so it’s going to be interesting, but nonetheless awesome. The first gathering we did was powerful, and we are taking things to the next level!

Tell us a bit about your website What is the intention behind it?

Haha, it’s awesome that you ask me that, because as we speak it is shifting. Primarily, it is a hub for information regarding anything spiritually scientific or scientifically spiritual. What it is developing into, is a very large platform for more of that! There are a few other projects we are developing alongside it as well, which in time will really shift the way we do things online. In the mean time, we’re focusing on making it the best, clearest, and highest vibration site it can be.

How can people get involved?

We’re working on a system that will really empower people to do things differently, but as I said above, it’s a little ways away. To do it the way we want, it will take time. In the mean time, it’s important to take responsibility for yourself and your life. Bottom line. If you want to get involved, then you have to get involved in your life, in your business, and notice how you’re creating what you are creating.

Be honest with yourself. Let’s say for example, you’re not doing so well. Telling yourself “I’m doing well!” and going about your life pretending, even when things around you are falling apart, will not really help. Instead, you have to say “I’m not doing well. Okay, it’s acknowledged, now what do I want to create? What steps can I take to get there?”

Sharing the videos and talking about it is important, yes, and we should continue to do this. Just remember that the act of doing from the heart is very powerful, and is the real way we are going to go through this shift in the most harmonic of ways. We can’t rely on videos to change the world, but we can look to them for inspiration! (and not just mine, I mean ALL inspiring videos and information out there!)

Anything else you want to share?

I hope that this interview helps some people out there who are looking for this kind of material 🙂 I know I had a few realizations from writing it, and I’m happy to have an interview on the Chakra Center website!

Thanks to you!

Jordan David “Spiritpatch” is the creator and producer of the  Spirit Science animated videos, YouTube channel, and The Spirit Science website. You can find out more about his work at the following links:

Spirit Science YouTube Channel

The Spirit Science website:

Awakening with Ayahuasca: An Interview with Taylor Marie

Interviews, Spirituality, The Crown Chakra


It’s an ancient, medicinal healing plant. Or as the Amazonian shamans   call it, “a window to the soul.” Many claim this sacred sacrament can cure any illness, while others say it is the Spirit teacher — the doorway to awakening. It is said that to partake of Ayahuasca, is to face your demons and remove the veil between illusions and spiritual reality.

Taylor Marie’s journey with Ayahuasca changed the entire course of her life. She is  now pioneering Ayahuasca retreats in Peru to help open up the experience of this “Wisdom Plant” to the masses. She stopped by Chakra Center today to share her story:

Tell us a bit about yourself? Who were you before your first experience with Ayahuasca, and who are you now?

I’ve always been the kind of person to question this reality and I’ve always had quite a different perspective on life than most of my friends and family, but I was also very lost for many years. I suffered from depression starting at a young age. I always saw myself as separate from everyone else, and looked at humanity as a disease plaguing the Earth.

Before Ayahuasca, I was dead set on the path to become a successful actress in film and television, but there was always something in the back of my mind asking if it was what I truly wanted. I ignored it, thinking it was a part of me out to destroy myself.

After my first Ayahuasca experience, that feeling grew stronger to the point where I finally realized that acting was truly not what I wanted to do…and then I recorded my first YouTube video.

The person I am today no longer suffers from depression, feels separate from everyone, or sees humanity as a disease.

Ayahuasca taught me to love everything/everyone – including myself – unconditionally, whole-heartedly. I have left the acting world and am now working to help others awaken with the sacred medicine of the Amazon.

What is Ayahuasca and how is it different from other psychedelic plants?

Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic plant medicine brew used traditionally in ceremonies by the native tribes of the Amazon. It contains the compound DMT (dimethyltryptamine), which is a naturally occurring psychedelic found in the human brain as well as in many plants and animals. Ayahuasca is used for healing (mentally, physically, emotionally) and to gain spiritual enlightenment.

I have not had much experience with other psychedelic plants, but from my few experiences I can say it is different in the way that it brings you fully inside yourself and forces you to face your demons. When I consume Ayahuasca, I feel like I am not only consuming the liquid, but the spirit of the brew itself. It also has a very unique vibe…ancient and wise in a way, and I can feel that it is very much part of the jungle. It’s not that easy to explain, but I hope you can grasp a little bit of what I’m trying to say.

What advice would you give to people who are interested in trying Ayahuasca?

Do not hold any expectations because everyone experiences it in their own unique way. Also, please seek out a proper shaman. There are a lot of ayahuasqueros in South America who do not know how to heal or work with the energies of the medicine – and a lot of them just want your money. You have to be weary of that. Do your research before going. Make sure the shaman is reputable! And always respect the medicine.

What role do you think Ayahuasca is playing in the current awakening happening on this planet right now?

For me, Ayahuasca was the tipping point to my awakening. It connected me with a part of myself that was hidden beneath ego and dark emotional baggage, and has led me to a path to help awaken others.

With it becoming a lot more well-known in the western world, there are more and more people journeying out to experience it for themselves, thus potentially leading to their awakening, which is creating a ripple effect across the world.

Rumor has it you will be hosting Ayahuasca retreats. What can you tell us about this new endeavor?

I am actually hosting them in South America, just outside of Iquitos, Peru! It honestly hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m actually doing this. Only 7 months ago I was doing everything I could to make it in the acting world…and now I’m organizing and hosting Ayahuasca retreats?! It’s bizarre in the best way. I am just so thankful that the universe is providing me with everything I need to do this. It’s a brand new dream come true!

As for the retreats: The retreats will be 14 days long with a maximum of 6 Ayahuasca ceremonies. There will be plant/flower baths, mud baths, hikes through the jungle, lots of time to relax and focus on healing intentions…it’s going to be fantastic! You can find more information about costs and activities on the Facebook page:

How can people get involved with what you’re doing?

I encourage everyone to start making their own YouTube channel or Facebook page to post thoughts and ideas to share with the world. It is such a great way to get a message out to the masses…and even if you just inspire one single person, you’re still doing your part to help change the world! Or if you don’t want to make your own videos, share the ones that inspire you.

Anything else you’d like to share?

It is so important in this time of our lives to stop living in fear and to start living your dreams. Follow your heart & the universe will help you along the way!

Taylor Marie describes herself as a “psychonaut”: A person who uses altered states of consciousness in order to gain deeper insights and spiritual experiences.

Find out more about her work, retreats, and life mission at the following links: 

YouTube channel



Eat The Sun: An Interview with Film Director Peter Sorcher

Interviews, The Throat Chakra

For years we’ve been warned about the dangers of the sun.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends avoiding exposure to direct sunlight, wearing long-sleeved shirts, pants, and sunglasses while the sun is high, and applying toxic chemical sunscreen directly on the skin.

In fact, there’s been so much propaganda about potential risks of the sun, some people live their life in a nearly obsessive preoccupation to avoid it.

And some take a different approach. They eat it.

The ancient practice of Sungazing originated in India around 2600 years ago. It is believed that directly staring at the sun for a slowly practiced and increased amounts of time, stimulates and activates the pineal gland, and eventually, removes all hunger from the body – permanently.

But not all who practice sungazing aim for breatharianism. Some use sungazing for heightened spiritual states, while others practice purely for the increased energy and stamina they experience.

I first heard about Sungazing early last year, and began experimenting with it while living in Italy. Gazing at the Tuscan sun filled every cell in my body with bliss.

Due to my rapidly increased levels of energy, improved sleep, and enhanced mood, I became obsessive about researching this topic.

That’s when I found the documentary, Eat the Sun and realized I wasn’t the only one experimenting.

To help fuel the conversation about this ancient practice, I asked the film’s director, Peter Sorcher, to stop by Chakra Center today and share his experience making this thought-provoking and controversial film.

What is Eat the Sun about?

Eat the Sun is the story of an ordinary guy named Mason who takes up the ancient practice of ‘sungazing’ – looking directly into the sun for long periods of time. The film follows Mason on a fascinating, often, hilarious road trip that reveals a surprising twist and will challenge deeply held beliefs.

Who were the first Sungazers?

Sungazing has its roots in ancient civilizations – from the Incas and Aztecs to the Greeks and Egyptians – but today, with the help of the Internet and an Indian gentleman who goes by the acronym, HRM, this revived practice is gathering global momentum.

Tell us how the concept for “Eat the Sun” was born.

I was new to the Bay Area, having just arrived after living and working in New York City for 10 years.  I met Mason at a party in San Francisco and he started telling me about this crazy thing that he was doing – looking directly at the sun.  My first thought:  “Welcome to San Francisco.”  I definitely reacted with some judgment as this was certainly on par with my perceptions about Northern California.  And it seemed utterly ridiculous to me.   But I liked Mason and his unabashed enthusiasm.

Months later, I ended up giving Mason a ride to the mountains and we had a few hours to really talk.  He was still sungazing – up to 30 minutes – and he was so incredibly enthusiastic about the practice and the physical sensations that he was experiencing.  I immediately thought that is was a potential film idea and I decided to do a test shoot with Mason and a few of his classmates who were also sungazing.  After that, I was hooked. I started filming Mason sungazing and then I met HRM. I liked the idea of this whole sungazing movement flying in the face of what most people would consider plausible and also felt that there was a real story to tell.

What would you say is the overall message of the film?

The entire notion of sungazing sounds ridiculous because it runs contrary to two of the most universal and widely held beliefs: that it’s dangerous to look at the sun, and that it’s not only dangerous but impossible to not eat.  Food and eating is so central to almost every culture and the mere suggestion that this is unnecessary really creates a strong reaction from people.

What I also find very interesting, and one of the reasons I wanted to make the film, is that most people have a belief system which is usually formed from how and where they were raised, what culture they were born into and how their parents and community organized these sort of spiritual concepts.  For me, when you really think about it, if most people didn’t believe in Jesus and someone confronted you with this notion you might think that it was odd or even ridiculous.

I hope that the film provokes some interesting conversations about belief and challenges audiences to look objectively at their own.

Through your research/filming, what have you discovered is the reason for the more recent practice of sungazing in the West?

People are sungazing for all sorts of reasons in the west.  Some are doing it for more spiritual-minded reasons; they feel that there is a special connection that they get from looking at the sun.  Others have definite goals that they want to reach; they’ve heard that if you follow a certain protocol that looking at the sun can lead to a life of not eating.   In one case, we did see a dramatic loss of weight from an over-weight person and our main character, Mason, did go for almost a month not eating.  A lot of folks just like the sensations they get and the feeling of more energy.

Do people really not eat in the film? How? 

Good question. HRM, the Indian gentleman in my film who is a strong proponent of sungazing, prescribes a sungazing protocol of standing barefooted on bare earth and adding 10 seconds daily until you reach 44 minutes of continually looking at the sun.  According to him, at this point, you won’t have the desire or the need to eat food anymore. Many sungazers I met were motivated by his ideas and many reported major weight loss and less interest in food, especially processed foods.  HRM was studied a few times and the one study that sort of put him on the map was a hospital-supervised study where he supposedly went 411 days without eating.  At the time we filmed him, he claimed not to have eaten in 8 years.

Mason, our main character in the film went almost a month without eating, the first 8 days without anything; no water, no liquids, nothing.   The only issue that he had with not eating was the social aspect.  Everything in our society revolves around food. Most social occasions revolve around food.  He struggled with that because he’s a social person.

Another gentleman, an Ophthalmologist, actually, was another example of someone I really came to believe when he told me that he did not eat for a long period of time and that he lived with people who didn’t eat for over a year. It sounds sort of crazy, but the point is, unless one can really experience what these people are experiencing, who’s to say it can’t be true.

What kind of controversy (if any) has this film met?

What’s interesting is that audiences are sort of split after seeing the film:  half of them want to go out and sungaze immediately and the other half are like, “Did we just see the same film?”

Tell us a bit about the process for filming this documentary.

When we were on the road, we usually had a crew of 3 filming Mason and the other people we met and interviewed.  We all traveled around in Mason’s van that is featured in the film and it was really a lot of fun.  We spent hours driving and chatting about people we had just spoken with, digesting the new information we had just heard.  It was a fantastic journey.

How has the film been received by the world? What is the overall response?

People really like the film.  It’s been in a bunch of film festivals and won some awards, including best documentary at the Chicago United Film Festival.  We have a FaceBook page and we get a lot of great responses from folks after they’ve seen the film.

What I like is that it doesn’t wrap things up perfectly neatly.  As a viewer, you have to come to some conclusions on your own rather than the film or filmmaker telling you what to believe.  And I think that is really powerful.

How can people see the documentary?

We have DVDs for sale on our website: or you can go to iTunes to rent it.  It’s also available on Netflix but I think they are waiting to get a lot of requests before they actually send it from your queue.  We are currently arranging to stream it from our website and we’re really excited to offer that as a lot of our audience is international and that’s really the easiest way for them to see the film.

Thanks for stopping by today, Peter! We appreciate your artistic exposure and thought-expanding insights.

Peter Sorcher spent 12 years in New York City honing his storytelling and branding skills as a commercial film editor (represented by Red Car, NY/LA) and as a documentary filmmaker. Peter’s ability to distill both the message and story from hours of footage and to infuse that with a unique visual language and creative sound design brought clients such as Coke, Nike, Sprite, IBM, Reebok, New Balance, Canon and The NorthFace. Peter’s work on commercials, music videos as well as award winning feature documentaries, led him to start Sorcher Films shortly after he moved to San Francisco. EAT THE SUN is his most recent, full-length documentary.

Check-out the film’s trailer here:

The Magic of Music: An Interview with Cora Flora

Interviews, The Throat Chakra

Her music is magic.

It’s soulful and painted with vibrant purple, pensive blues, and peaceful, heart-shaped greens. The first time I ever heard a song by Cora Flora I was in a funk. The sky was full of wispy, grey shadows and my mood reflected the lonely echo of the rain outside.

I don’t remember what brought it on, but that particular day I felt worthless, and unsure of my purpose in this world. The song was playing in the background of a video on YouTube, but the words seemed to dance through the room and weave in-and-out of my own shadow.  “Don’t change…unless you want to. I love, the You that You are. You’re so loveable, just so hug-able, the way you are.”

I don’t know why, but I began to cry. The Universe has a way of using unlikely moments, signs, and songs to remind me why I’m here. As the words filled my room, I felt the shadow move toward the door.

A couple months later, Cora contacted me (a mutual Facebook friend had suggested a collaboration on a project), and she has been a kindred soul sis*star ever since. Source works in mysterious ways.

I couldn’t wait to have Cora come to Chakra Center and talk to us about music’s connection to the soul – her music has been medicine for me, and I know she will go on to inspire the lives of many. If you’ve never experienced the magic of her voice and the soul-inspiring mystery of her music, I suggest you give yourself that gift…today.

Tell us about your musical journey. Have you always been interested in music? When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

I’ve always been interested in music, even before I knew what it was. My parents use to play music for me in the womb, so it’s been connected to my human experience from the very beginning. Looking back, it’s no wonder that music is such a powerful and easy way to connect me to the feeling of Heaven / Source Energy. It’s been with me all along.

When I was a little girl I loved dancing, allowing the music to flow through me. I thought I wanted to be a dancer, or a doctor, or the prime minister of Canada. Although I took piano lessons throughout childhood and sang love songs for fun, it didn’t occur to be that I could be a musician. Aside from moments of amazing harmony with my mom (she is a great harmonizer), I didn’t really think my voice was special.

Once I started playing guitar around 13, I started writing songs. Then singing became a deeply satisfying act; a way to express my emotions and my poetic perspective on life. I’m so grateful for amazing women musicians who gave me the courage to be authentic: especially Alanis Morisette, Ani DiFranco, Bjork, Fiona Apple, India Arie, and Sarah McLachlan.

It’s been a bit of a reluctant path towards knowing that I am a musician, that this is my path. I feel like I’ve surrendered it many times, to explore gardening, to explore healing, to explore writing. There’s so much ego in the music industry that I just felt like my tender musical yearnings wouldn’t fit in.

Yet music is in my blood, and will always connect me to the feeling of who I truly am. I love listening deeply to the peaceful music of nature, I love the special moments of giving birth to new songs, and I love playing live, which can be totally soul-gasmic and fantastically satisfying!

The beauty of this time with the internet and the expansion of consciousness is that I realize I have to power to create my own musical path. My creative power expands through my music, my website, my videos, and my entire life.

Music has taught me that I am a Musician, and I am the Music of the Universe. 🙂

How has music helped you on your path of healing?

Music has helped me on my path of healing in so many ways… It’s been a compassionate friend when I needed it, a powerful tool to release and understand emotions, and a key to connecting to my soul and even more spiritual energies.

What role does music play on your spiritual journey? 

I remember going to church when I was growing up, and that my favorite part was the singing (even though some of the songs were boring). It’s no wonder that singing is used around the world as a tool to connect to spiritual energies. Singing has the power to open our hearts, connect us to our souls, and flow with the Universe. I find it fascinating that even the word Universe means “one song”. Truly everything is in this beautiful harmony of energy, and music helps me understand this deeper.

Some say music is medicine for the soul. Do you find that to be true? How?

At the moment I’m listening to my iPod on shuffle (a.k.a. synchronistic guidance) and Sarah McLachlan’s song “Elsewhere” just came on. My soul just got blasted with all the deep emotion and spiritual power that this song emanates. Sarah truly writes music from her heart, and all of her songs have a mystical essence that is medicine for my soul. (Now shall I dance about architecture? Just kidding!)

Exploring healing and what it’s all about has helped me understand how music is medicine for the soul as well. To me healing is a journey of feeling, learning, and growing into a better person. As I’ve been opening up, there have been moments when my emotions were a huge overwhelming mess, and music helped me to release the energy by flowing out sounds of whatever I felt. Being creative (which has the same energetic effect on the body as healing and praying) helps me to learn from my challenges and create something amazing from them.

As well I believe that at the present moment this world and the brave love souls that signed up for this experience are all shifting. Releasing limitations, opening to allow more spirit, to co-create Heaven on Earth. Even though it’s been challenging, we are surrounded by soooo much spiritual support, and there is a lot of vibrational medicine being given to us through music (whether we can hear/feel it or not). Many of us who are sensitive to these vibrations can empower them even more by sharing them through our music, allowing them to flow through us in a way that others can receive even more consciously. All it takes is feeling, allowing, and flowing with the music of your soul to become a channel in this way.

Wow… Synchronicity… My iPod just sang “hear the angels’ voices”…

Music has been called the “universal language.” What role  do you think music plays in global (and universal) communication?

Music allows us to bypass the mind and connect from the heart. This is why listening to music in languages we don’t know is so interesting, it teaches us to feel on a soul level. 🙂

There are a lot of theories out there on music’s relation to sacred geometry. Do you have any thoughts/comments on this phenomenon?

I feel really inspired to explore the connection of music and sacred geometry. I feel that with intention, it is possible to express the essence of spiritual truths through music. I feel like a key is harmony. My next album, Illumination, will be exploring the vibration of inspiration (including sacred geometry through music). I love being on this path of discovery!

At the moment my iPod is sharing a beautiful song with lots of OMs, “Ganesha Invocation” by Shantala. It reminds me of how ancient mantras are connected to deep spiritual wisdom; they are keys that have been given to us. Likewise yantras (the visual expression of divine energies) can easily unlock knowing that transcend the illusions of this present lifetime. 🙂

What message do you hope to convey with your music?

Peace, Love, Freedom, Empowerment, and Heaven on Earth!

What is the ultimate dream for music in your life?

Once again the Universe (as expressed in this moment through my iPod) is flowing inspiration that is synchronistically connected to what I’m focusing on. The song Legend of a Cowgirl by Imani Coppola lights my inner flame to enjoy this lifetime, that this is for fun! (The days of self-sacrificing service are over)!

I choose to serve in a way that is joyful, delicious, rich, satisfying, exciting, and harmonious. Life has a perfect flow that I’m grateful for in every way, and now I see myself expanding and sharing on a bigger level. I love traveling this beautiful world, and enjoy sharing music in ways that are dreams come true for me and everyone involved; upcoming I see amazing visuals, fantastic venues, and soul-gasmic orchestration. I’m excited to experience harmony in miraculous ways with co-creators, inspiring states of musical expansion / illumination/ elevation, and powerful healing vibrations of Heaven on Earth for all of us. 🙂

Where can people find your music?

Connect with me at 🙂

Any other thoughts/comments you want to share?

A really amazing book if you are interested in a fascinating exploration of the Spirit of Music is The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten. Enjoy!

Cora Flora is on a blossoming path, touring to bring healing, joy, love, and inspirational vibrations to Mother Earth and all her lovely children. Once you feel the deep resonance of her songs, you will be inspired to connect with your soul’s harmonious music and enjoy your infinitely creative, amazing life! 

Growing Wheatgrass and Running a Holistic Business: An Interview with Kaitlin Jones

Features, Health Products, Interviews

Have you discovered the magical, energetic, and healing benefits of wheat grass?

Wheat grass is known to:

*Increase red blood-cell count

*Lower blood pressure

*Cleanse the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract of debris

*Stimulate metabolism and the body’s enzyme systems by enriching the blood

*Stimulate thyroid gland, which helps corrects obesity and indigestion

*Alkalize the blood

*Relieve internal pains

*Successfully treat peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, constipation, and diarrhea

*Detoxify the liver

*Protect the blood from carcinogens

*Strengthen cells

*Chemically neutralize environmental pollutants

*And much, much more.

So why not grow it in your house and drink it every day?! That’s exactly what makes possible.

I bought a wheatgrass kit two years ago, and couldn’t get enough of the radiant energy it supplied my body with daily.

The company’s products are very high vibe, health conscious, and sustainable; none of their seeds are genetically modified, and everything is organic.

The wheatgrass kits are easy to prepare and easy to grow.  And they  have many other different types of grasses and micro greens to grow, juice and eat.

I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the product, and the ethics of the business, I asked owner, Kaitlin Jones, to stop-by Chakra Center and tell us her story:

How did you get into growing wheat grass?

When I was about seven years old, my mother went to the Ann Wigmore institute in Boston.  Ann Wigmore was the pioneer in wheatgrass.  My mom learned how to grow the grass there and came home and grew it and juiced it for us as a family.  I wouldn’t say that I loved the grass juice, in fact, one time she gave me an extra shot before going to school, right during the middle of class I got sick and threw-up green juice, it was pretty embarrassing (wheatgrass is super potent; you want to start out with an ounce or less of juice), but I am so glad she started me on a healthy path at an early age.

What benefits have you seen in your own life from using wheat grass?

I have been juicing Barley grass most recently along with other juices like apple carrot, and celery.  I feel so much more energy when I take these juices.  Energy is the life blood for me of a good day.

I have heard a lot of stories and experiences of how wheatgrass and diet changes have really helped people when they are sick.  I think one of the biggest benefits for me has been over-all health and the knowledge of how to get myself better if I do come down with something.

What inspired you to start your wheat grass kits company?

My mom grew the wheatgrass for juice bars and stores while I was growing up.  I had a little juice bar in her greenhouse.  She grew all the grass and people came in and juiced their own grass.  They would put money into a box.  When I came down to the greenhouse on the weekends I would have a box with money in it.  I had to do almost no work.  One time I wrote an advertisement that I put in her newsletter she sent out, but that was about it.  It made me love business!  Later at college I received my bachelor’s degree in business.  During my studies my brother got into internet marketing and we together started the wheatgrass growing kit venture.

How long have you been a vegan?

I started being a vegan around age 13, I am now 30.  There was a period of about 4 years during college where I went to being a vegetarian and not strictly vegan, but have since gone back to being strictly vegan.

We understand all of the seeds you sell are non-gmo. What would you say are the benefits of non-gmo seeds, and have they been difficult for you to obtain?

I think the biggest thing is that there is not enough research to prove that the GMO products are as safe and as healthy as the natural seeds and plants.

I don’t think the seeds have been extremely difficult to obtain, there is a huge group of people who don’t like the GMOs.  I think that the biggest obstacle that we are facing and will face is that GMO products are not required to be labeled as containing GMOs, so once the food is on the shelves it is really hard to know what you are eating.

I believe you can be safe when buying organic foods that they don’t contain GMOs because part of becoming certified organic is that the ingredient cannot contain GMOs.

What is your philosophy in running a holistic business?

When I studied business at college I read a book by the owner of Tom’s of Maine toothpaste holistic toothpaste) called “The Soul of a Business” by Tom Chappell.  It inspired me!  It taught me that a business can benefit many people in many different ways.  I think that running a holistic company feels good because I believe so much in raw and living foods.

What health food tips would you give for someone transitioning from a standard American diet to a vegetarian or primarily vegan diet?

For me the best advice was to start being vegan or vegetarian by substituting and trying to keep your menu as close to what you are used to as you can at first.  For example, if you really like mac and cheese, there a tons of delicious ways to make it vegan.  Learn those and eat that way for a while at first.  It is probably not the healthiest way to eat vegan. Some might call it “junk food veganism,” but for the transition it works really well. It helps you avoid complete shock and withdrawals.  Then after you really have the hang of eating vegan, try to branch out and add more raw and living foods to your diet.

Thank you for stopping by, Kaitlin! 

For more information on how you can order a wheat grass kit for your house, visit

Meet Celebrity Raw Food Chef Jason Andrew Wrobel

Interviews, The Root Chakra

The name’s Jason. Jason Wrobel.  And he tangles-up fruits and  veggies the way James Bond lassos his women:  it’s a scandalous love affair with exotic cuisine, prepared raw, not cooked.

Jason’s creations are sexy for sure, but surprisingly wholesome and nutritional – a flirtatious fling without the morning-after guilt.

And he’s freakin’ hilarious, to boot!

(Think of him as the James Bond of the raw food world, channeling an Austin Powers flair).

Today we’re kickin’ off our 30 Day Raw Food Challenge, Wrobel style. Get ready to get your veggies on!

How did you first get interested in raw foods/health/nutrition?

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, I became interesting in vegetarian foods in my late teens after seeing some health issues arise in my family.

After watching “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and investigating jason_wrobel_004802_Edit_2 Mad Cow Disease, I became vegan in 1998 for ethical and health reasons. Truthfully, I was a junk food vegan until 2004, when I started to question if I was truly eating a healthy vegan diet. I started experimenting with more raw food recipes and ingredients and was amazed by the difference.

Going to the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in 2005, really started me on my path of becoming a professional raw vegan chef, health educator, and public speaker. Since then, life has been healthier and more amazing than I could have ever imagined.

What are some of the benefits you’ve seen in your own life from eating raw?

When I made the transition from primarily processed vegan food to more whole, raw organic foods, I noticed and felt a variety of changes. First, my energy levels went through the roof. I really had to adjust my lifestyle to doing more physical activities to channel all the newfound energy. My skin cleared up – I haven’t had any issues with breakouts or acne since. My weight stabilized and my digestion improved, too. Overall, it had a turbo boosting effect on my life – more energy, more clarity, better skin and a better body.

You seem to be a big proponent of superfoods. What are some of your favorite superfoods to use and why?

Superfoods are a great way to supplement a healthy, balanced, jason_wrobel-004067whole food vegan diet with mineral-rich, nutritionally-dense foods. My favorite go-to superfoods are Goji Berries, Raw Cacao, Baobab Powder, Noni Fruit, Maca Powder, Camu Camu, Hemp Seeds and Quinoa. I incorporate them into my existing recipes and create everything from smoothies and elixirs to granola, desserts, pastas and healthy savory dishes.

I found that adding superfoods to my lifestyle has allowed me to shift from focusing on the volume of foods I eat, to focusing on the nutritional density of the ingredients. Simply put, I’m getting more benefits and nutrition from eating LESS amounts of food now.

How did you get into YouTube vlogging?

My YouTube channel came about in July 2009 after friends and mentors kept telling me that I had to start showcasing my presentation abilities, knowledge, and comedy, along with healthy raw vegan recipes. Since then, I’ve been steadily growing my online presence and it’s helped me secure my first television show on a major network. YouTube videos were absolutely key to growing my brand and getting my name out to the world.

How have raw foods changed your life?

It’s given me a focus and direction to channel my talents, my love for food, performing, and nutrition and has provided me an outlet to speak to thousands (and soon millions) of people about the importance of a plant-based, vegan, high-raw lifestyle for our personal health, animal rights and the health of our planet.

Raw foods have infused my life with so much joy, energy, love, and brilliance – it’s like rocket fuel for my dreams!

What role does food play in spirituality, for you?

I think that eating closer to the earth, closer to nature, and as gently as possible has given me a deeper connection to a feeling of interconnectedness with all living things. By gradually transitioning toward a plant-based, organic vegan, raw food lifestyle – I’ve had the opportunity to look at how my actions, thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds affect other people, other animals, and this planet. It’s given me a greater sense of being, of purpose and, most of all, empowerment.

I know that I am directly influencing and changing the world for the better – and having a blast inspiring others to do the same.

Who have been some of your greatest inspirations/teachers on this path?

There are so many! Gary Yourofsky, one of the most amazing vegan educators and lecturers on the planet showed me I could be out in the public eye, sharing my message with fearlessness and passion. Cherie Soria, who took me under her wing in culinary school and inspired me to greatness (and who also told me I should be on TV!) Elaina Love, still my favorite raw food teacher and instructor of all time. Matthew Kenney, who I worked with in New York City for a short time – he taught me poise, leadership and trusting my instincts in the kitchen. And honestly, most of all, my mother, Susan, who taught me to have fun in the kitchen, to honor my connection with the earth and to be generous with my time, my knowledge and my food. Now this is starting to feel like an Oscar acceptance speech!

Tell us a bit about your new raw food ventures (TV show?)

I can’t tell you everything right now. What I can share is that I have a TV show on The Cooking Channel debuting in January 2013. It’s going to be the first TV program on a major cable network highlighting the longevity and anti-aging benefits of plant-based raw and vegan foods. I CAN tell you that there’s never been a show like this before. Think comedy sitcom meets cooking show meets man-on-the-street interviews. With some celebs thrown in for spice. It’s going to be incredible.

What is your favorite raw food recipe?

That’s like picking my favorite song or favorite book (oh wait, I’m jason_wrobel_004300actually doing that below!) Tough question here. I suppose the one I’m craving most right now is my Superfood Pad Thai Noodles. It’s spicy, sweet, creamy, and crunchy with the perfect al dente kelp noodles and tons of traditional Thai spices. It’s one of my classic recipes. You can find the recipe demo for the noodles on my YouTube channel:

How can people help support what you’re doing?

Thanks for asking! Following me on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest. Also – subscribing to my YouTube Channel – The J-Wro Show. And, of course, watching my new TV show on The Cooking Channel when it debuts in January 2013. Oh – and I’m always up for receiving samples of other people’s raw food products. I LOVE how many people are making incredible vegan and raw foods to share on the store shelves. It’s truly inspiring to witness the creativity.

Flash Questions

You’re stranded on an island with only one book, which book would it be?
“Reflections on the Art of Living” by Joseph Campbell. I’ve read it more times than any other book in my life. It always has new treasures waiting for me.

Private concert – who’s playing?
Prince. And he invites me up to sing “Darling Nikki” and “I Feel For You” and then we share some gluten-free mac n’ cheese after the show. Next birthday, maybe?

Worst fear?
Being on my deathbed and feeling like I didn’t live the life I wanted to… or didn’t fully live my dreams.

Favorite song?
“Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley. It stirs feelings of wonder, awe, love and a bittersweet longing for something or someone. It’s haunting beauty never ceases to move me and stir my soul.

Pet Peeve?
Closed-mindedness. Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage… and curiosity. Oh, yes, and loud talkers. For God’s sake – we hear you loud and clear.

Best meal you ever ate?
I simply can’t pick one. It’s a toss-up between Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, Terre a Terre in Brighton, UK and the first time I ate at Pure Food and Wine in New York City. Those are the kind of epic, mind-blowing meals that I will remember forever and have set the bar even higher for me as a chef and artist.

“Jason Andrew Wrobel is a world-renowned leader in organic raw vegan cuisine, culinary education and health entertainment. He is a graduate of the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and is nationally certified as a Raw Food Chef and Culinary Instructor.

Hollywood celebs such as Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Piven, Robin Wright, Sigourney Weaver, John C. Reilly, Steve Buscemi, Isabelle Adjani, Oren Moverman and Russell Simmons have raved about his healthy, innovative and delicious plant-based creations.

As a live speaker known for his empowering, passionate and comedic delivery, he has shared the stage with wellness luminaries and bestselling authors such as John Robbins, David Wolfe, Kevin Trudeau, Donna Gates, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Ron Teeguarden and Kathy Freston. 

His first DVD, Simple Vegan Classics, is an international bestseller. Thousands of people worldwide have learned how to prepare easy and nutritious raw vegan foods with this entertaining and educational guide. He is also the host of The J-Wro Show® on YouTube, showcasing healthy recipes, lifestyle transformation tips and culinary comedy.

Stay tuned for his new television show, How to Live to 100, debuting on The Cooking Channel in January 2013.

Visit to check out his recipe demo videos, e-books, recipes, health tips, video blogs and upcoming live appearance dates.