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For empaths seeking a community of support and encouragement, empathic abilitiesI have created a free, private online Facebook group.

Much like the online classes I’ve taught in the past, this group will be a place where I share videos about healing and understanding empathic abilities, as well as excerpts from my upcoming book, Empathic Healing.

Members can join for free, invite others to the group, share  experiences, ask any questions, and even post their own videos too! All are welcome, but only members can see what’s posted.

My intention is for empaths to have a safe place where they feel empowered and supported. All videos/info I post will only be available through this private group, so as to attract only those who are interested in the topic of empathic abilities and want to connect with like minds.

To join, simply request to be added on the Facebook forum.

I look forward to connecting with you!


What is Intuition?

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424683_304747482906846_1884992790_nIntuition is a term given to a very natural, though commonly ignored and suppressed method of accessing sensory information. Intuition is no less natural than the five senses commonly accepted by modern-day humans, although sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing are more openly spoken of and utilized to gather information about the world around us. For the past several hundred years, intuition has been sitting decidedly below the radar of the majority of humanity’s conscious awareness.

Intuition is not a sense that is unique to humankind. In actuality, most of Earth’s other beings can access intuitive information much more easily than most humans alive today can. If you have ever owned pets, especially pets of varying species, such as cats and dogs, then you have probably seen them interact with one another intuitively, or telepathically. If you think about your own interactions with a pet or a newborn baby, it is likely that you will be able to remember communicating in a way that had nothing to do with sound, sight, or touch – this was your intuition. The plant kingdom also uses intuition to communicate. Some inter-plant communication can be explained by events such as the chemicals that plants release during various stages of their life cycles, but much of the ways in which singular organisms making up eco systems communicate information with one another (as well as in groups) defies what we commonly see as “logical” knowledge.

Because humans have a more developed neocortex than most other beings alive on our planet, and because we utilize verbal language to communicate much of the time, intuition is likely to feel different for us than it does in the natural world…at least to our perception. However, intuition can be seen as very similar, if not identical, to what we call “instinct” in animals and plants. Butterflies spend multiple generations’ lifetimes in one yearly migration, and birds naturally know when to fly to more comfortable climates at various points throughout the year. Other animals know instinctively when to hunt, mate, and hibernate. Why wouldn’t we, as humans, be able to access this inherent knowledge? We are of this planet too. And yet, we are also fundamentally different from much of the animal kingdom on our world. The way that we can bridge these similarities, as well as these differences, is in identifying and understanding our intuitive capabilities.

Besides communicating with pets or babies, you have probably felt intuition bring you information in other ways over the course of your life. You have likely felt an excited feeling before receiving good news, or a foreboding feeling before receiving bad news. You might have thought of a friend that you haven’t communicated with in quite some time, only to have that friend contact you suddenly within the next few days. You may also have experienced dreams that predicted future events, or in which you are interacting with spirit guides, angels, deceased relatives, or living loved ones that are giving you information that you have no “logical” way of knowing that is later proven correct. All of these experiences are made possible through perfectly natural intuition.

Like many aspects of human experience, intuition is readily accepted by children. Most children are highly intuitive, although they may not speak 295679_431670446927349_803521032_nof their intuitive awareness because they do not hear others speak of it. It is also likely that conversations about intuition may not happen with or between children because it feels so natural to them that they have no need to discuss it.  When is the last time you heard a child speak about the nature of sight or the sense of touch? It probably hasn’t happened often, if at all. This is because children take their intuitive awareness for granted as another natural sense – that is, until they learn that this is something that is not accepted as a topic of conversation.
I have a foggy memory of being a little girl about four years old, and realizing quite consciously that I had to choose between interacting with the non-physical beings that I could easily perceive and being socially ostracized. I realized through comments made by my playmates that greeting and otherwise speaking with multidimensional friends made me seem weird or crazy, and so I chose to stop seeing my guides. I could not see them and ignore them, so I forced my mind to deny their very existence – and this is a sense that I’ve worked for years to get back.

The choice to not see multidimensional beings is not only one that comes from difficult social choices, however. A very gifted intuitive healer and friend of mine named Kimberly Cochrane had a beautiful baby girl not long ago. When Seraphina was a few months old, Kimberly noticed that she was often laughing, smiling, and happily playing with beings that Kimberly couldn’t see. Kimberly also noticed that often when an adult would lean over Seraphina, speaking to her, she would not look into the eyes of the person there, but she would look and seemingly communicate with someone invisible just above and/or behind whomever was speaking to her. Kim assumed that these were angels, or spirit guides, speaking to and playing with Seraphina in the same way that embodied humans do.

When Seraphina was about six months old, Kimberly noticed that the baby no longer interacted with beings that Kimberly could not see. We had a conversation about this shift, and we realized that although the adults around Seraphina in no way doubted the validity of her experience, she had still noticed and learned that these beings were ignored by everyone around her. So Seraphina began to ignore the beings as well, most of the time.

Seeing otherworldly beings can be likened to looking through a window at the world outside. When you focus on objects through the glass, the window pane seems perfectly transparent. However, once you notice the reflection of your own face or other objects on your side of the window shining back against the glass, the focus of your eyes shifts and you can easily see the reflection. Multidimensional beings, such as angels, guides, and ghosts (which are ordinarily either friendly or completely benign, minding their own business) are similar to the reflection on your side of that window – you must adjust your focus to see them, but once you do, they are relatively easy to perceive.


Although angels and ghosts take up much of the topic of otherworldly awareness in stories and media, intuition is more than just communicating with multidimensional beings. Intuition can be utilized in gleaning valuable information about the world around us, much like hearing a traffic report, checking the weather forecast for the day, or receiving an itinerary for a trip. Intuition gives us another perspective on the events of our lives, gifting us with a greater sense of efficacy, fluidity, and conscious involvement with our experiences. Ancient cultures often not only believed in intuition, but utilized it fully, having men and women in the community who specialized in gleaning and interpreting intuitive information. These people where often called shaman or medicine men or women.

Developing intuition is not a difficult process, although it takes a good deal of mental and emotional focus in the beginning. Because intuition is a natural human sense, it does not need to be activated or gained. Instead, the blockages to perception that most of us have adopted over the course of our lives need to be cleared in order for us to fully identify and understand our own personal intuitive language. The first big hurdle to using intuition is in believing that intuition is “real” at all. This paradigm shift can be sped up by doing research on intuitive information that has been accepted by the modern world, such as the power of prayer and miracles recorded by religious institutions that the researcher respects. The second hurdle is in noticing one’s own intuition. Like the window’s reflection, intuition is often ignored or assumed to be imagination or a wandering mind. Keeping a journal of intuitive thoughts, feelings, and dreams especially help toward this effort. The journal should be reviewed every so often (perhaps each week or so) to see what intuitive awareness can be confirmed. After a substantial record has developed of your own intuitive “hits,” it becomes much easier to identify and accept the intuitive information that you are perceiving quite often, just below your conscious awareness.

Accessing and utilizing intuition is often a rewarding and fun exercise. Because intuition is a natural human sense, it can assist us in every area – relationships, businesses, hobbies, talents, and more. We are living in a time where people are noticing their intuition more than they have in hundreds, possibly thousands of years. At one time, people would have been persecuted harshly if they utilized their intuitive potential very much. These days, the application of intuitive abilities can range from career choices to party tricks, but like any sense, why would we choose not to use it?

531958_10103180291836481_882757345_nCharis Melina Brown serves as an ambassador to realms of  existence that our modern Western culture has denied the existence of in recent centuries.

She carries an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, and is the author of two books, Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real Worldand Instruction of a Starseed. She is a regular contributor for our Starseed corner at Chakra Center.

Charis has a beautiful website and YouTube channel, sharing all things blissful and metaphysical.  Check her out at the following links:



The Elf/Fae and Extra-Terrestrial Connection

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The Elf/Fae and Extra-Terrestrial Connection

When one speaks of Elves or Fairies, the images most commonly brought to mind in Western culture are ones of miniature people in pointy hats baking cookies in a hollowed-out tree trunk, or tiny women with wings and voluptuous curves sprinkling sparkling dust on sleepy children, allowing them to fly.

While there certainly do exist beings that fit those descriptions, a discussion of them and their role on our planet (and in our lives) is one for another day. This article will focus on the formidable, enchanting, human-sized beings who share our planet with us, often living in the wildest places where most humans never venture in our current times. These are the Elves, also called the Fae, and the Sidhe.

Over the course of history, tales have been told of dealings between humans and the elusive races of “magical” folk as the latter retreated farther and farther away from a technologically advancing culture. As electromagnetic fields and current-running wires became more prevalent, encounters with beings who could, for instance, invite someone to a dinner party just to have him awaken a morning later, returning to his village and finding that several decades had passed as he slept for what felt to him like one night, became increasingly sparse.

Many of the tales of the Elvin people that survived into this day and age are ones filled with strife. We have fairy tales rich with stories of curses and harmful magical spells, and we have legends of epic ancient battles between humans and “lost” races such as the Tuatha De Danaan, but neither of these areas of knowledge is believed to be true by the average Westerner. However, for a subject so cast aside, it is intriguing how tales of these cousin races have remained a common part of culture, albeit a frivolous one.

For the sake of this article, let’s assume that rather than myths created around cooking fires for the sake of idle entertainment, the stories we have heard about Elves have been ancient oral histories, twisted and made fantastic through time and retelling, but that really began with true events. Let us consider the possibility that these people may actually exist, often living underground the way the Tuatha were said to choose to live in the end of those famous Irish battles, and that over the centuries, they have mastered the art of subtle deception and misdirection to keep their people alive.

Is this so hard to believe? It is not so difficult to imagine why people like this may want to remain hidden and why it may even be safer for them to be thought of as imaginary beings. We know what groups of threatened people tend to do to anyone who is different in the ways that these people are said to be different, and it is neither pleasant nor peaceful. As for their hiding capabilities, recall how far our culture has come in technological achievement in the past two centuries. Doesn’t it beg a further moment of open-minded inquiry when one considers that the “technology” used by these other races may be technology of the mind, of intention, and of working with the energies of Gaia herself to live in harmony, even seamless harmony, with the planet? And that rather than two centuries, these races may have been honing this technology for thousands of years? Consider how easily certain animals camouflage to blend into their surroundings. One can take a forest hike on any given day and pass countless beings, homes, and even entire communities of animals and insects, never even aware of their existence, in the course of a few hours. Is it so odd to wonder if there are people who could have accomplished a similar feat through necessity, skill, culture, and an ease with our planet’s natural environments?

So, for now, let’s assume that this has happened. We will assume that the stories originated in truth of fairy godmothers and magical powers, and that races of people may exist on our planet that we know nothing about. We are aware of aboriginal tribes living in the jungles of our southern hemisphere, and fur-clad indigenous tribes building homes out of ice and living in the Arctic areas of our globe. So let us use this same logic to assume for the sake of the current read, that there could be folks hiding away with fabulous “technology” and thriving cultures that we are not aware of.

Personally, I’ve had experiences that lead me to believe considering this concept is much more than a mental exercise, but a way to bring back a Global culture that isn’t as blind as we have historically been to anything other than modern-day, technocratic society. It seems to me that there is a lot of truth to these considerations.

If these people do exist, what is their link to Extra Terrestrials? Many contactees who have recurring experiences with benevolent ETs also make connections with other Earth-based realms right here. In recent months, the number of communications with Elven people has seemed to be growing exponentially, and in a similar manner to how ET contact is made and continued – through synchronicity, telepathy, and dreams. This is no coincidence. There is a link between Elves and ETs. This article is an introduction to some of what this link may be.

Often, experiences recounted by humans who have seen friendly Elves and humans who have seen friendly ETs are very similar. There is some disorientation, the ET or Elf shows up suddenly and in a way that defies logic, seeming very intense in a way that is difficult for the experiencer to describe clearly. Next, some piece of interesting information is exchanged, and then they leave in a similarly mysterious manner. Often their clothing is very different from what is worn in “common society” at the time of the encounter, and the physical appearance of the being is quite enchanting – both ETs and Elves are often even said to “glow” in a similar way.

When researching the link and asking for assistance in understanding the similarities and relationships between the two types, my own Guides (from several kingdoms, planets, etc.,) gave me a little background on the subject.

What they told me was that Elves were originally ETs who came to Earth. By originally, I mean long, long ago – several entire ages of the human race, in fact. This can be seen in the ancient legends – by the time any communications happened between humans and “the hidden people” thousands of years ago, the Elves had not only been here for a while, but Gaia was their home. I was told that much evolution was done from the landing times up until now – in fact, the times of first arrival on this planet have faded into a type of myth in the Elven culture, which is definitely saying something, because they live much longer than we surface-dwelling humans do, and they tend to keep better records.

Apparently, their evolution happened in a way that served to link the Elves with this planet. They came here to live in harmony with Gaia, so they changed to match her, rather than the opposite, which is what we currently seem to be attempting as modern day humans. But rather than going in the opposite direction and simply become rustic and aboriginal, these beings kept their technology and gifts, merging them with Earth energy so as to be able to work in concert with Gaia – and to direct the growth of plants, the tides of water, weather patterns, and the like. By now, they do not think of themselves as Extra Terrestrial at all. They have been here much longer than we modern humans have, in fact.

And since there has been a considerable amount of inter-breeding over the centuries between “us” and “them,” considering the lack of common contact between humans and Elves, and because both of us are seeded with some similar races, characteristics of Elves pop up in humans all the time. They speak with telepathy, and they have an uncanny ability to move silently and even without that extra sense that alerts you to another’s presence in the room even if your back is to the door. Blending in is easy for them, especially in nature. Surely, you have met a person like that, or perhaps you are one yourself.

Humans can become more like Elves in our relationship with Gaia if we seek harmony – and in fact, this transformation is one of the biggest possibilities for our moving forward as a species at this time. This is why Elves are returning to the forefront of human awareness more than they have in centuries – they share a planet with us and so have a stake in maintaining the health of the ecosystem, although they often spend time in slightly different dimensions than we do ordinarily. The Elvin race is not perfect or finished learning by any means, but they understand a number of concepts as a matter of course that we humans are now only beginning to grasp, and would be better off from having the knowledge of.

Another similarity between Elves and ETs is the ability to walk through dimensions. It is simpler than you may think, and happens in the exact same way as your experience of losing your keys happens, you spending a quarter of an hour searching the house for them, and then discovering them on the table which was the first place you looked. You are likely to assume that you just did not see them, hiding right there in plain, sight. That is true. However, why could you not see them? Because they were not in quite the same dimension. Bells and whistles do not very often sound for this sort of thing; often the experiences are quite subtle. Subtle enough that you doubt afterward that anything odd happened at all – and therein lays their power. In this illustration, the Elf or ET would have been the keys, not the human – hiding in plain sight, only having slid into a slightly different dimension as easily as slipping through the opening of a curtain.

Because of these similarities and more, Elves and ETs can easily see each other (and even have a bit of a thriving trade between them, according to the guidance I received) although we have not been able to easily see either in quite a while (or at least the majority of humans have not.) This was a necessary period so we could exercise our mental potential by “crippling” our other senses and being forced to use logic and intellect to survive. Now, however, is the time to merge this skill with the reawakening of our multidimensional and instinctual senses that has lain dormant for so long.

The reemergence of a newly developed human is occurring before our very eyes. This is one of the happenings of 2012, and we are here to see it and live it all at once. The communication with other similar races is simply a part of a greater shift that is now changing human awareness on a daily basis. Our position can be likened to sitting at the very top of a roller coaster, just as the car begins to move downward, increasing in speed and thrilling passengers with adrenaline and some aspect of imaginary danger, while at the same time being quite safe and highly entertaining. The best advice I have ever received is to breathe deeply and enjoy the ride.

Charis Melina Brown serves as an ambassador to realms of existence that our modern Western culture has denied the existence of in recent centuries.“ She carries an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, and is the author of two books, Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real World, and Instruction of a Starseed. She is a regular contributor at Chakra Center.

Intuitive Downloads: What they are and How to Encourage More of Them

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Intuitive Downloads: 

What they are and How to Encourage More of Them  

By Charis Melina Brown

What are commonly referred to as “downloads” in the New Age/Metaphysical community, are moments of pure inspiration and intuitive knowing. Often catalyzed by nebulously thinking curiously about a topic, they sometimes seem to come after no prompting at all, surprising the person who receives them.

Downloads can be knowledge about a situation, about a person, about one’s own individual soul path in the form of future awareness or past awareness (and sometimes very distant path awareness, such as knowledge of past lives,) and they can even relate to areas such as technological, medical, or artistic development.

Downloads tend to come entirely formed. They do not usually have the “figuring it out” feel of one’s own thought process. In fact, downloads often contain knowledge or an understanding of interactive forces of matter, nature, or energy that the person receiving the download wasn’t even aware that she/he had.

In my experience, I usually receive downloads as if a very rapid “slide show” is going on in my mind – a series of complete, even three-dimensional, fully colored and moving images appear, along with a complete knowledge of all aspects of those images and how they connect together. It is as if I am put inside a fully developed, realistic, and moving hologram, where every aspect of it is “explained” to me in minute detail. The objects around me flash in and out of existence, giving a progression of understanding about a topic. Less like an auditory explanation of a museum exhibit, and more like a virtual reality learning sequence with the explanation sent directly into my mind in the form of entire concepts rather than words strung together to create concepts. And as I said, these are very rapid.

The best comparison I can make is like getting a thirty or forty hour long scholastic course, with accompanying images and no struggle for understanding but a complete synthesis of information at the moment it is received, all crammed into less than five seconds.

Although I’ve described my experience here, it’s very important to note that everyone’s intuitive gifts come in different forms, so other people may receive downloads in the form of pictures, or emotions, or even songs.

Some of the most revered geniuses of our time received the concepts  or works of art that shifted our culture, from downloads. Albert Einstein often saw “visions” that he later “decoded” by discovering new scientific ways of understanding physical (and non-physical) matter and its interaction in our universe.

Downloads, though often magnificent and quite fascinating, can also have a shadow side: Nikola Tesla experienced moments of inspiration that, although he sought after, he also lived in service to and led a rather unhappy life because of it, and Ludwig van Beethoven received entire symphonies in only a few moments. It later took him weeks to “transcribe” them, which he said was the most difficult part of the process.

Some intuitive individuals perceive receiving downloads as a handicap, depending on what the downloads refer to, how powerfully they arrive, and the subject matter they contain. This is related to empathic ability – when it is useful to feel others’ emotions, then the gift is well received, but when it is difficult to integrate, it becomes a handicap.

It is worth noting that we are now experiencing a time in human history on this planet where extrasensory capabilities are being better received than possibly ever before. This not only refers to how they are received  inside each unique individual, but also how culture is receiving those individuals that come forward, open and honest about their capabilities. Fortunately, the general pace of things such as intuitive downloads and other extrasensory perception is primarily matched to the pace of personal development.

If one hones, accepts, and takes pleasure in downloads and other extrasensory abilities, they are likely to come with fuller frequency and increasing strength. If one blocks, rejects, and is frightened of or angered by them, then downloads and other extrasensory abilities are likely to slow down and only come through in bursts that are at once very important, and usually somewhat skewed because of the resistance they must pass through in order to be received.

If you wish to receive more downloads, my advice is to notice where you are already receiving them. The likelihood is that if this topic appeals to you or intrigues you, then you are probably already experiencing intuitive downloads and receiving other extrasensory information as well. The most difficult part of this process is realizing that what you have seen, known, or felt since birth (but probably not spoken because you assumed everyone experienced the same thing) is not as common as you assumed. Once you realize that, you can see your unique gifts for what they are – something to appreciate and hone in conjunction with what you desire and what works best for you as well as those around you.

Once you have discovered your gift, or even if you have no clue what it would be, beginning a meditation practice is a wonderful way to speed up any extrasensory abilities, especially the reception of intuitive downloads.

The method of meditation varies from individual to individual. Some  people benefit most from sitting quietly, counting breaths and clearing the mind. Some use energy work to clear their minds and allow their logical, thinking brains to relax. Some people go into nature and have mindfulness hours, where they only focus on what is around them and stop encouraging any mental chatter, thereby clearing the pathways within them for intuitive awareness to travel on. There are as many meditative techniques as there are individuals alive on the planet. The most important thing is to find the one that works well for you.

As you begin to find your flow, you will notice a few things happening. First, your life will feel less hectic, rushed, and stressful. Even when unplanned  and inconvenient situations arise, you’ll find yourself going along with them in curiosity rather than annoyance, wondering what you are about to learn or experience because of the unexpected change of plan. You will also notice that your interpersonal interactions become easier and less anxiety, worry, or anger-inducing.

Others will be able to lose their tempers around you and you will not be as affected as you used to be. In fact, you will eventually be able to remain perfectly still within, being present with the person who has become unbalanced while still feeling quite balanced within. This does not “cut you off” from others – rather, it makes you more helpful and accessible to other people because you will be able to communicate with them in a way that is not burdened by emotional “gunk.”

Finally, your extrasensory abilities will, of course, increase. When receiving downloads, you will wonder about an issue, and feel yourself “opening up” to the area of your mental and energetic fields that taps into the great Universal consciousness that all of our individual consciousnesses are pieces of. You will be able to access a far greater bank of information than what you could previously contain.

Sometimes your downloads will come as a result of questing, while other times your downloads will be unanticipated. In my case, the split is right down the middle. Half of my downloads come because I request information, such as the information I use to write this column. The other half of my downloads come when I am just allowing my mind to rest for a moment or idly wondering about an object or issue that I know nothing about.

To give an example, I was walking across a college campus where I worked a few years ago and heard a loud motor behind me. I took no major notice of the motor, but was simply aware of it and not thinking about anything else. In just a moment, a full explanation was “downloaded” into my mind of how the propulsion systems we currently use in our vehicles is actually quite primitive and dangerous.

We are currently using contained explosions that force objects into movement, but that are actually quite dangerous and “dirty,” creating pollution and releasing useless energy, such as heat that has no benefit to the required action of the motor. We even have counter-productive action included such as using energy that the explosion-based engine creates to actually cool the heat that the same technology creates. I had a flash of seeing us in a comparable “stone age” still, using chemicals combined and set on fire rather than rocks bashed together, but still nothing that was truly developed technology.

Before this download, I had never spent a moment thinking about how engines work. The subject has never remotely appealed to me. And that is likely why the answer to the problem wasn’t  given to me in that download – because I probably would not have taken any action if given the solution. So I did not “quest” for it with my mind or my energy.

I have received other downloads that were more comprehensive and that included an entire sequence of problem and solution, and also that never had a problem as basis, but rather that showed me a beautiful understanding of something already happening or a wonderful future to look forward to. I’ve also been given sequences to avoid, such as dangerous traffic situations when embarking on road trips. So intuitive downloads can be both grand and mundane – like many intuitive subjects, they span a large spectrum.

In closing, if you wish to receive intuitive downloads, you probably already are. The major leap is to realize that these are not an overactive imagination or useless daydreaming. In fact, they are accurate, detailed information coming to you from the same resource that our human population has used to grow and develop in major, large steps forward from the beginning of our existence. But downloads are of the etheric, energetic, thought realm.

It is up to us, in our physical bodies, to translate what we receive via downloads into real-world gifts and developments. Trusting ourselves, balancing ourselves, and listening to our internal guidance for the right time to take action on the paradigm-shifting ideas we receive is the way to begin.

Charis Melina Brown serves as an ambassador to realms of existence that our modern Western culture has denied the existence of in recent centuries.“ She carries an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, and is the author of two books, Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real Worldand Instruction of a Starseed. She is a regular contributor at Chakra Center.

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Why Are So Many Starseeds Awakening Now?

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Why are so many Starseeds awakening now?

By: Charis Melina Brown

The current year is rare and beautiful in the evolutionary development of Gaia. As a planetary consciousness, it is made up of both the overarching consciousness that is Gaia’s alone, as well as the combined consciousness created by all sentient beings living inside of her (“inside” refers to within her atmosphere). Beings also inhabit the surface of her atmosphere, and the space directly surrounding her. These beings focus on this evolution, and they can be seen as “planetary midwives,” rather than beings actually making-up the collective consciousness of Gaia’s being. This concerns the reason why so many Starseeds are awakening.

There are Souls who have incarnated on Gaia to awaken for the first time in their development, and to experience the massive expanse of experience that duality presents.  Healing and transformation comes for these beings, when true awakening takes place and the experience of duality is shed like a newborn bird emerging from the shell. That once “all-important” shell is now a hindrance to continued life and development for these beings. These souls, incarnated on Gaia to awaken for the first time, are not the ones who would be described as Starseeds.

Starseeds currently awakening in droves on this planet are a type of “rescue and assistance team” that has been activated for this purpose, and was always expected to arrive and awaken at this time. A commonly held misperception about Starseeded people is that they have only incarnated once on this planet. The truth is quite the opposite. Many Starseeds have been here for the length of human experience.

Unlike the Souls awakening for the first time as the planetary “mind consciousness,” Starseeds have been awake for an extremely long period of time (if one judges by the soul’s total incarnational period, rather than by singular lifetimes). Quite a number of incarnations of all shapes and sizes are experienced by any given soul. And although Starseeds have spent a great amount of time awakening, the souls waking-up on Gaia now, are often relatively young, compared to others of their home races. They are usually “born and raised,” (so to speak), on planets that have already undergone the shift from pre-awakening to post-awakening before sent “on assignment” to other planets undergoing the shift.

The entire process of Starseeding planets can be likened to giving a blood transfusion to a human body. The newer, less taxed red and white blood cells given in a transfusion are not necessarily all needed at the very moment of transplantation. The life span of cells is very short compared to the life span of an entire human being. Several “generations” of cells may pass before any one given cell is needed to “jump into action” and assist the tired, overtaxed cells in healing the human organism. In this way, Starseeds are often born with certain characteristics; they typically have “roles” as different forms of counselors and healers, but they also become “activated” at a certain time when circumstances supporting and calling for that activation arise.

Because the awakening of a Starseeded person involves experiences that are dismissed and even mocked my most mainstream cultures, many Starseeds have suppressed or denied their awakening for years. Suppression is done both consciously, and unconsciously. Many fear what would happen to their loved ones if they were to show their “true colors” – this reflects the strongly empathetic nature of a great number of Starseeds.

Now, however, major shifts of all aspects of Gaian consciousness are currently underway. The vast majority (if not all) Starseeds currently incarnating on the planet are being “called into action.” Suppressing or denying extra-sensory abilities is becoming nearly impossible because the vibration of the planet is rising to the extent that no “denial” of multilayered consciousness can be supported.  The great waves of truth, now circulating in and though Gaia’s being, are making it difficult for Starseeds to remain asleep.

Luckily, as this shift occurs for Starseeds, it is also occurring for the planet as a whole. It is much less “dangerous” for Starseeds to emerge fully now, than it has been in millennia, and perhaps ever will be. Even in the bright days of extra-sensory capabilities, children who experienced such gifts were often removed from their families and put into mystery schools where they devoted every aspect of their lives to a priesthood, fitting into the cultural paradigms of their given society and time period. None of this is now required; it is truly the beginning of a Golden Age for budding human awareness and expansion.

Starseed awakenings are gentler now than in any recent times, and are often filled with as much, if not more, joy and wonder, than they have been filled with trepidation and fear in the past. As Starseeds awaken to gifts their souls have been comfortable with from long lifetimes on other planets, the vibrational resonance of the Gaian consciousness is shifted so that the humans incarnating, awaken more easily as well.

Once the Gaian awakening is complete, there will be volunteers from Gaia, both Starseeded and purely Gaian, who will do a similar missionary-style work in traveling to other planets and providing “blueprints” for awakening and expansion.

Charis Melina Brown serves as an ambassador to realms of existence that our modern Western culture has denied the existence of in recent centuries.“ She carries an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, and is the author of two books, Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real Worldand Instruction of a Starseed. She is a regular contributor at Chakra Center.

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An Introduction to Starseeds

Starseed Corner, The Crown Chakra

An Introduction to Starseeds

by Charis Brown Malloy

The term “Starseed” has been around for at least a decade, but is only beginning to be commonly used. It sparks the imagination and makes many of us wonder if we might fit into this enchanting category. Here’s a little insight into what Starseeds are, whether you might be one (chances are that if you were drawn to this article and are now voraciously reading it, then you are in fact a Starseed), and if you are one, what to potentially do about it.

What are Starseeds? 

The cosmos are limitless. As our souls reincarnate in the midst of our unique journeys of expansion, learning, experience, and evolution, it makes perfect sense that we may not always be linked to the same planet for each successive incarnation.

The term “Starseed” refers to a person incarnating now on Gaia who has incarnated before on other planets throughout the Universe. Sometimes previous incarnations have been on one planet or in one star system, but often, Starseeds have incarnated in different places and times throughout the history of the Universe.

Starseeds are not only being born on Gaia now, they have been around for millennia. Often the “movers and shakers,” they come up with massive jumps in the way things are done by creating existence-changing inventions or acting as catalysts for extreme social change.

Not always high-profile, many a Starseed lives a relatively quiet, calm life, simply adding to the Ascension of the planet with his or her resonance and interactions with others over the course of their incarnation.

Our bodies are usually grown around our soul’s energy fields while in vitro, rather than created outside of our awareness and then “chosen” just at birth; Because of this, Starseeds often have specific characteristics. The growth of a human body (during pregnancy) can be likened to the way a pearl grows inside an oyster around the catalyst of a grain of sand. The same soul may incarnate in a number of very different bodies, no matter what planet one is born upon, though it is likely certain adjustments would need to be made in order for Starseeds to “fit” comfortably in Gaian bodies during their incarnation. This means that it is common for mothers of Starseeds to remember having certain experiences during their pregnancies while the Starseeded child was still in gestation.

Women carrying Starseeded children usually experience an unexpected, unexplained pregnancy. They are often unaware of the pregnancy for the first few months and/or conceived while using birth control (and sometimes without having intercourse at all, as improbable as that may sound).  Mothers of Starseeds will sometimes have vivid and/or colorful dreams during pregnancy, evidencing psychic abilities, or other non-local knowledge. Some report being visited by extra-terrestrial beings and/or experiencing bouts of lost time during pregnancy.

Mothers of unborn Starseeds often have strong feelings their  children will grow up to do important and transformational work for society and/or the planet as a whole.

Essentially, Starseeds are incarnated humans who have had many, if not most of their incarnations on planets other than this one. Their DNA is often, if not always, manipulated while in vitro by other extra-terrestrial beings, to include aspects that make it easier for their “souls” to fit into their Gaian bodies. Starseeds choose to incarnate on Gaia for a number of reasons, which will be mentioned later in the article.

Might I be a Starseed?

Starseeded people are not rare, especially at this time in our planetary evolution. Gaia is conducting a beautiful experiment and always intended to call in “reinforcements” at this time, the darkest and most beautiful point of a very difficult process of duality and expansion. Starseeds are not usurpers or undercover “agents” of any kind – in fact, they’ve always been around.  Nowadays, however, there are incarnating more than ever before.

Starseeds are often sensitive children, whether this sensitivity shows itself in being quiet and withdrawn or outgoing and friendly – in either case, Starseeded kids typically feel that there is a part of themselves that is fundamentally different than those around them. This often isn’t seen as a problem until adolescence, if at all. As kids, they are just aware that “something feels different.”

As children, Starseeds often experience psychic or paranormal qualities. They may have extrasensory perceptions such as precognition, telekinesis, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and especially empathy. Empathy usually remains present throughout Starseeds’ lives, making them feel sensitive to the emotional states of others, often to a fault.  It is usually difficult for a Starseeds to keep their emotional stability when around someone who is angry or upset.

Starseeds often feel drained after spending time in crowded areas; Their empathic abilities frighten them or make them feel even more “strange” than usual – they wonder why they can’t be as carefree as others, who aren’t bothered by such things as Christmas shopping, attending festivals, etc.

Many Starseeds have “imaginary friends” as children. These “friends” are often extra-terrestrial beings, who assist the Starseeded children in acclimating to life on Gaia. Social norms and other similar ways of being sometimes don’t come as naturally to Starseeded kids as they do to other children, and their imaginary friends, or guides, often serve as company or offer help in “decoding” how to act in the world.

As they grow, many Starseeds are attracted to the sky and stars –  captivated by beautiful sunsets or interesting cloud formations in a way that seems uncommon. They often feel as if one or two major constellations “belong” to them, such as Orion or the Pleiades.

Drawn to ancient myth and fable, many Starseeds feel as if such things are “real,” long after their peers have stopped believing. This further separation often contributes in Starseeds’ feelings of loneliness and of leading a “double life” – the one that is outward that they show others, and the more unsure, private and very different internal life they often keep to themselves.

Another common experience reported by Starseeded people is an acute awareness that things on Gaia, and especially in society, are very “wrong.” They cannot understand common ways of being in Gaian culture, such as the monetary system, politics, war, greed, and social division. They often feel as if the answer is very simple and don’t understand how everyone alive doesn’t just “get” how to create a peaceful world. Frustration overcomes them when society accepts things they deeply feel are backwards and wrong.

Homesickness is a common feeling among Starseeds. They have an unexplainable longing to return to a place where societal “wrongs” don’t exist, and life is peaceful and makes sense. They have a yearning they can’t fully describe.

Energy healing often comes naturally to Starseeds. Working with energy, the chakra system, chi, etc., is typically something Starseeds do without much thought, assuming everyone is capable of perceiving and working in the same way, until the subject comes up, at which time the Starseeded person either does research to find out what is happening and pursues formal or informal training, or on the other end of the spectrum, tries to stop working with energy in order to “fit in.”

Many characteristics of Starseeds are easy to track: lowered body temperature, specific blood types, above average intelligence, dreams or daydreams of being on other planets, interacting with otherworldly beings, feeling drawn to plants, animals, or babies/children, an ease for communicating with animals that is unique among their peers, and being “old beyond years” — feeling tired of life at a young age. There are checklists available online that list more characteristics, such as “Starseeds – Are You One of Them?” (link:, the Checklist for Recognizing Star Kids (link:, and the Starseed Quiz (link:

I think I am a Starseed. What next?

One of the ways Starseeds are led through life paths and missions is  by acting on intuition. Intuition often feels like a nearly uncontrollable need for experience or information – Starseeds often “drink” information in, as if it is a desert oasis or food to someone suffering from starvation. If you are feeling a sense of homecoming — if this article is invigorating you and expanding your awareness, then you are likely a Starseed. So what’s next?

First, it is important to connect with Source, regardless of whether there is a particular religion you align yourself with. If you have a chosen faith, it is likely you are either a pure practitioner of your religion, aware of any shortcomings it may have and choosing to only focus on the positive, or you are deeply questioning the seeming inconsistencies in the information your religion gives you. Either way, Starseeds are often deeply spiritual people.

When Starseeds cut themselves off from whatever form of the Divine they feel drawn to, they often feel depleted and adrift. Even if your spiritual practice is to go climb a tree and watch the leaves shimmer for a half hour a day, do this regularly. Keeping your internal space clear will assist you in finding your way.

Physical health is also important for Starseeds. Many (but not all) are called to be vegetarian, vegan, and/or raw. They also often enjoy superfoods and researching ways to achieve glowing (and possibly eternal) health. If you feel drawn to this area, then follow that path! You may also feel drawn to yoga – many Starseeds are, and it is likely that at least some forms of yoga originated off-planet.

Allow your passion and internal guidance to lead you on your path. Starseeds are often activators or way-showers, the first people to walk unfamiliar paths and show others how to follow. Embrace this, knowing that by living as authentically as you can, you will feel better than ever before, as well as meet kindred spirits who will be drawn to your authenticity and similar energy pattern.

When Starseeds meet others like them, bonding is usually rapid, sometimes even instantaneous. They recognize and honor the link between them. Allow the heart to expand and let new loved ones in, without becoming addicted or codependent (something that Starseeds often struggle with, as a result of the difficulties experienced in childhood). Unhealthy patterns will be avoided if good care is taken to remain internally and externally healthy.

Many Starseeds’ missions while embodied on Gaia right now include taking the encoded information we store in our DNA that consists of memories about what an Ascended, peaceful existence on a balanced planet looks like, and sharing it with those around us. Starseeds light the path so others may walk it with a surer step. They do this by remembering what they know from lifetimes of incarnating on planets where this jump was already achieved. Some Starseeds have been a part of the Ascension process many times before, on planets other than Gaia, and are here as a type of “mission team,” assisting with this new birthing that will be a landmark event in the evolution of our entire Universe.

If you are a Starseed, welcome! You are no longer alone. And if you know Starseeds or are interested in learning about them, then thank you for being one of the paradigm-shifting humans who will allow Gaia to be a Universal home, rather than a quarantined planet. It is time to take a conscious part in the evolution of our people and our planet.

 Charis Brown Malloy  Charis serves as an Charis with bindiambassador to realms of existence that our modern Western culture has denied the existence of in recent centuries.” She carries an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, and is the author of two books, Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real Worldand Instruction of a Starseed. 

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