The Saturday Post: Fear, Love, Illuminati

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*We apologize for the delayed Saturday post. Chakra Center was out of commission this weekend. We are now back to our regularly scheduled features.* 🙂

Fear has been at the forefront of mass consciousness all week (not to mention the last few thousand years). It seems no matter which virtual alley I turn down, fear is standing at the end smiling and glinting its pointy teeth. Where is all the love in this fabulous shift? Is this not the potential dawning of a new ‘knock you socks off’ reality of kindness, giving, and unity?

In my subjective world I have found if there is a problem on the outside, look inside. So, with that being said let us start our spiraling journey from the outward reaches to the inner sanctum.

Illuminati. It’s the word on the tip of every conspiracy theorist’s tongue. Long known to be an organization of control, greed, and deceit, they are believed to be the ruling elite that the ’light’ works to destroy. (Their also one of my favorite reasons, besides 2012, to dig a bomb shelter, stock it with canned goods and watch ‘I love Lucy’ until all of this madness blows over). But in all reality, is sticking your head down a proverbial ostrich hole going to do humanity any good? I propose a different solution, not to mention a less labor intensive one:

What!? Forgive them!? That’s right, we could forgive them all. We could give one of the most hated organizations out there the option to come home to mamma, the rest of the human race. There comes a point when we to realize that we are them, they are us. At any point in this lifetime you could have just as easily fallen down the path of ‘darkness’ as you could have become a dentist or a ballerina or a chef. At any point in one of your other lifetimes, one of my lifetimes, we could have been part of the Illuminati, a murderer or maybe even a Hitler:

Those are the moments of real growth. Those are the moments when Christ consciousness shines. When you realize that within every person in this larger organism called humanity, the probability exists for ALL possibilities. All cells within the body have the capacity to become cancer but not all do. It is our choices that makes us a Mother Teresa or a Hitler because our choices are stemmed from our thoughts. Our thoughts are stemmed from our emotions, and those come from the heart. Give yourself the ultimate gift of forgiveness, embrace this part of you that is driven by fear, love it, let it know that it no longer has to be fearful:

That is where the love resides in the shift, within us all. Keeping your love humanity pent up in the box so many have created around their hearts will only create more fear. What will happen if we take away the greatest weapon ever created? What if fear is taken out of the equation because it no longer serves a purpose? I invite you, as so many others have done recently, to love yourself, love those around you, and most difficult but rewarding of all, love those you now hate. The only way to change the future is to change the now.


Jamie Mortinson is The Saturday Post girl here at Chakra Center. Visit our staff-and-contributors page to find out more about her.


The Saturday Post: World Peace Day

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There are inevitably two sides to every coin; this may be a dualistic view but I believe one cannot know unity unless the counterpoint of separation exists. Maybe the video I had been watching online convinced me, or the fact that my last baby chicken was eaten by something last night, but this morning put me in a dark place. The very idea of World Peace Day just struck a harsh vibration with me. Why just one day dedicated to world peace, why not be peaceful and filled with love every day?

As I try to do with all things that evoke a negative response in me, I look within. Why does the idea of something seemingly so good feel so bad? What exists within me and possibly within us all that rejects the very idea of world piece?

Fear. Fear repels peace and love like water off a canoe. It flows like a  torrent from above sinking small vessels such as these with no regard for the inhabitants within. Fear is the weapon of the ego, how ego gets what ego wants. Ego dose not want unity, peace, unconditional love, or maybe it does but has been trained otherwise. Either way I decided to hear it out, what would be so upsetting about this whole peace thing, how could it be bad? I asked my ego this question and waited for an answer.

“Well, how can I possibly do that, I’m only one person. I can’t possible do anything about all the suffering in the world, there is too much. Too many starving people, too many wars, so much degradation of nature to be able to save anyone or anything! Save me, I will keep you safe, I will keep you alive!”



This conversation with myself reminded me of a cell. One single cell in the human body crying out for salvation, trying to cure the cancer on its own. I am that cell, the cancer is all those problems is the world we would rather turn away from. Of course I feel helpless in the face of that magnitude, I’m entertaining the notion of one amongst many, separation incarnate.

But once again I looked within, even deeper than before. Past my mind, past my ego and even past my very heart, I looked to the very cells of my body for guidance. None, work alone. None look at the salad I just ate and say “I can’t possibly digest that on my own! Its too big! I am so small and insignificant that anything I do will mean nothing….” It is only with constant synchronicity and beautiful coordination that any task is completed in our complex bodies. Beautiful Synchronicity……

Like if all the people in the world took one day and dedicated it to one cause, World Peace. The realization slapped me in the face as all the awesome ones do, instantly without the input of my brain I understood. All at once I knew what had been bothering me. I was focusing on how people act on all other days besides this day. What a beautiful synchronicity would it be if all the cells on mother earth just stopped and changed their focus, to the possibilities instead of the problems. World peace IS possible, all it takes is noticing how good it feels to change one’s focus on that day and keep doing it every day after that. To practice a small amount of gratitude and look in the eyes of your fellow beings, your eyes, and say “I love you. You’re worth it. We are all worth it.”

The Saturday Post: What Goes Up, Must Come Down

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A lot of talk in the spiritual community is centered around meditation, kundalini, and the chakras. This is pretty elementary stuff in most circles, something people generally learn in the beginning processes of awakening. But, as everything else in life, there are about a million different ways to do anything.

What if you took another path? What if you were born awakened and made yourself forget? Now I’m not talking about being born in alignment, as I believe all babies and young children are, they simply get trained out of it. I’m hinting at another option, the very idea of being born awake. The thought of being totally coherent of all your gifts and using them every day and then, when you’re very young you decide to forget. You decide to see what its like to be a normal child, you decide to forget everything, and then you do it.

This has been my path, early in life I forgot, I became “normal” and I did what most children did. Later in life I found myself in the presence of a certain substance that became the catalyst for my reawakening, cannabis. She was my constant companion and a dictator of friendships. Once something that made me socially acceptable grew to diminish my inherent personality. It wasn’t until after I quit that I realized what had happened, what I had done to myself, and where it took me. It was the beginning of the end, and thusly another new beginning.

A good portion of the time, when someone envelopes themselves in an entheogen such as ayahuasca, cannabis or certain fungi, the love of the higher self can be felt unobstructed by preprogramming or the ego. A beautiful thing such as this can also become a problem if that state of love cannot be obtained without these spiritual crutches. And this is a huge debate in the spiritual community as well as the rest of the world at large. Are entheogens helpful or harmful?

There are a large amount of people out there, myself included, that are in a reversed awaking process. What is this reversed process I speak of? Generally this happens when a person uses or abuses an entheogen, finds source or self, and then the crown chakra is opened before any of the others. One finds themselves running the race backwards and this can be extremely difficult. There is nothing wrong or negative about beginning in this fashion, expansion is still achieved, and the process still continues. An easy way to think about this is from the top down instead of the bottom up, as most chakra meditations suggest.

If this is the case with yourself, as it is with me, you will find bottom up meditations just “fizzle” out near the heart instead of continuing upwards towards the crown. This also tends to occur with the crown down, everything seems to stop at the heart. So, I have found three consecutive meditations to be necessary, one starting from the top down, another from the bottom up and everybody meets in the middle for the finisher, a special heart chakra meditation! By no means do these need to be specific or guided, whatever meditation works best for you is the best direction to go. The very fact that you’re trying is what’s important.

(I am in no way promoting or condemning the use of entheogens in any capacity. I am not here to tell you what to do or not to do. Your spiritual path is special and unique and I wish you the most expansive, blissful and loving journey possible. Namaste.)

Jamie Mortinson is The Saturday Post girl here at Chakra Center. Visit our staff-and-contributors page to find out more about her.

The Saturday Post: Lucid Dreaming 101

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Lucid Dreaming 101 (a compilation by Jamie Mortinson)

Dreaming is something almost everyone has in common. No matter what your beliefs are or what spiritual background you hail from, there is a special place reserved for you to go every night. With a few tricks up your astral sleeves and a small amount of discipline, you might even remember what happened and what fabulous work can be done there.

Make no mistake, I am no expert at consciously zooming around the astral plane on a throw rug. But I am an avid dreamer and believe dreams are a window into the subconscious. I know they contain messages to be decoded and lessons to be learned. The only difference I have ever found between regular dreaming and lucid dreaming is that when you lucid dream, you know it’s a dream.

Some of the simplest tools for recognizing you’re on the astral plane within a dream consist of: pulling your finger, jumping up in the air and sticking a body part through a solid object (as suggested by Lee While in a presentation filmed by Paradigm Shift London). Lee is part of The Gnostic Association of London and his insights are perfect for those who are new to the waters of lucid dreaming:

One of the most overlooked aspects of any astral adventure is being in proper health. Although a healthy lifestyle is not absolutely necessary, eating nourishing foods and adopting consistent sleep habits have been shown to increase production of melatonin (the “sleep drug”). Low levels of this hormone have been known to cause poor sleep quality, insomnia, and even mood disorders if not eventually corrected. Check-out “Lucid Dreaming-7 Tricks You Didn’t Know” from Social Consciousness for some quick pointers on creating a more vivid lucid dreaming experience:


Melatonin is produced by the Pineal Gland, the little pine cone in the center of your brain. Not only does this gland produce a slew of necessary hormones, its is also considered the psychic hub. This area is almost always neglected when anyone is considering a body detox.

More often than not, the pineal gland is encrusted with toxins and shriveled to the size of a raisin rendering it almost useless in our adulthood. The damage, thankfully, can be reversed with a natural arsenal including, but not limited to, fish oil, spiraling, chlorella, lemons, ginger and raw cocoa. Get out a pen and paper and be prepared to take notes on all the great detox items in this video “How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland”:

All in all, there may not seem to be a strong link between lucid dreaming on the astral plane and eating a salad, but as they say, “What goes up, must come down,” and the opposite is also true. What happens in this physical reality has a bond with the astral reality that cannot be ignored. Everything is interconnected, and it’s up to us to find that connection and learn from it.

The Saturday Post: Welcome to the Dark Side

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Welcome to the Dark Side! (a selection of spiritual insights compiled by Jamie Mortinson)

I am terrified of being ordinary, even though mentally I know I am an expression of source and therefore I have no choice other than being the utmost form of extraordinary. This is one of my deepest archetypes; this is one of the greatest setbacks in my growth — the fear of being ordinary. I hadn’t even thought about it in almost ten years. The film, Tuning In-Spirit Channelers in America, ripped this thought up from my core. I experienced body tingles, one of my give-a-ways for truth, and I enjoyed the process thoroughly.

From the very first time I drew a pretty picture and gave it to my mother she always exclaimed how beautiful the drawing was and how talented I was. Not to place blame, her love was and is unyielding, but this was the beginning of the end for my childhood. I saw how happy she was, how proud, and I no longer created for the sake of creation. I created for praise and the payback was the excitement of love, thusly one of my deepest shadows took form. In those early years I had no idea what the shadow self was or what intense work she and I would be doing now.

In my early adult years I secretly called this aspect of myself, “The Dark Side,” after Lord Darth Vader, the wielder of the dark side of the force. My hunger was insatiable, any form of art had to be learned. Anything to show how unique and special I wanted to feel was hunted down and assimilated. My persona became the brooding artist, ridiculously talented but never satisfied. This feverish pursuit continued on and on with the full force of any proper addiction until lockdown was put into place. The dark side was shoved deep down into my lower chakras and all hatches were battened assuming this ship would flounder and be lost forever. I gave it all up, I got a job and I got “real.”

Is wasn’t until I took up the pursuit of this enlightenment business that I once again allowed this fraction of myself to reemerge. Not only did I allow it to rear its moody head, but I did something totally radical: I loved it and invited it home to be part of the collective of me.

There are parts of us that go through events in our lives and they just won’t survive. Those portions of this current incarnation can (and do) die. Other aspects hold on for dear life crying out for the chance to transform, to be taken even if they are shoved down in a hole a fed stale bread from time to time. Because those parts of us, those parts of me, knew that there is a chance that I would wake-up and say “Welcome home friend, I’ve been with you all along.”

Understanding Guilt (and How to Let it Go) Part 1 – Ask Teal

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Today’s episode of Ask Teal focuses on the role guilt plays in our life, (next week will unpack how to let it go):

Teal Scott ,”The Spiritual Catalyst” is a well known Esoteric,  Extrasensory who writes and speaks publicly about spirituality, the meaning of life, God, The Higher Self and the road to health and happiness. Teal is part of the first 1980s wave of indigo children.  She is a spiritual leader, utilizing her extrasensory abilities to educate people about the united, energetic nature of this universe and to teach people how to find both health and bliss in the midst of even the most extreme circumstances. Her book, The Sculptor in the Sky, is available on Amazon, and at most major book retailers.

The Saturday Post: Best of YouTube Weekly Recap What’s Sudevi’s Promblem with Pleiadians?

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Enlightenment: A Dog on a Leash

This week’s feature YouTube video, Q+A: On Pleiadians, Respect for the Beliefs of Others, Moldavite, Religion, Love and Light, is done by a woman named MaNithya Sudevi. This is not someone that I am familiar with before today and I don’t even necessarily agree with a portion of her beliefs. But she is someone that I will continue to follow with great interest.

I will explain myself. After a very long day of reading blogs, watching videos and cramming far too much information into my head, my brain decided it no longer wanted to participate.

Two hummus sandwiches


and countless cups of tea later, with my face firmly planted on the desk and headphones burning my ears, I found what I was looking for.

Sudevi has a self titled YouTube channel with around sixty videos that I found after watching Drunvalo Melchizedek’s latest Q+A video on his channel, Drunvalo Flower of Life:

Drunvalo’s video covers his usual Mer-Ka-Ba Central Sun, Indigo Child, Native American Prophecy, Pleiadian heading; which I find all very fascinating. I agree with almost everything he says. His information, at least for me, just inherently feels true, it doesn’t make me uncomfortable or question myself. But when uncomfortable moments do arise, they make me look at my beliefs — they lead me to deeper understanding.

Sudevi’s view point on the Pleiadians struck me with such discord I became very frustrated to the point where I almost discontinued watching the video. But I had followed a synchronicity there and I would not be stopped. “What was her problem with the Pleiadians?” I kept thinking. These third, forth and fifth dimensional beings had always seemed so helpful.

It wasn’t until much later, I was taking the dog for a walk to clear my head that I collapsed on Sudevi as my chosen possibility. It hit me all at once:

Enlightenment is like a dog on a leash. Its that thing that perpetually pulls you forward, tugging this way and that. You have no idea why its pulling you in such seemingly ridiculous patterns until you just surrender and follow. Once you get there, it all seems so perfectly natural and you feel silly for even questioning it in the first place.

We, being the human race, are third dimensional beings. We have both the capacity for great acts of kindness and great acts of deception. Its is our choices that takes us on a path to enlightenment, our thoughts that create our reality and our emotions that guide us there. The Pleiadians are no better than we are, they are no worse than we are. We are all one.

Horizontal thinking is something that greatly deepens the joy in my life and see’s me through those frustrating moments. “I am not better than, I am not worse than, am not even equal to, We are one.

Teal Scott’s website, The Spiritual Catalyst, has taught so many, so much and I borrow that lesson from her.


We are all one.
Jamie Mortinson

Bashar’s “Four Laws of Creation”: A Retelling by Recalibrations

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These guys at Recalibrations are new on the scene, but we have a feeling there’s more tasty, synchronistic fruit in store for us.

It’s a luscious, visual journey through the re-telling of Bashar’s “Four Laws of Creation.”  We hope you enjoy it for today’s featured YouTube video.

Feel free to share with all your “5th Dimensional” peeps!

Dangers of the “Spiritual Movement” — Lilou Mace shares her thoughts

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How do we avoid the pitfalls of manipulative messages and deception on our spiritual journey? 

Lilou Mace, creator and host of The Juicy Living Tour, shares her thoughts on her YouTube today.

This message is timely and essential — that’s why we chose it for today’s featured Youtube video.

For more information on Lilou’s European Juicy Living Tour , visit

Is Yoga Evil, Did Jesus Exist, Padre Pio, & Mystical Experiences Today’s Featured Youtube Video

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For those of us on the path of Spirituality, it can be confusing to sift through all the teachings of religion, New Age, and philosophers out there, each claiming to have the truth that will set us free. 

Going within through prayer and meditation is the best way to access discernment in this “Age of Information.”

There is no outside tool, religion, or philosophy that can give you true life. They can help point the way, but they cannot “be” the way.

All true life comes from living in relationship with the Kingdom of God, which is within you.

We think Ma Nithya Sudevi offers much-needed perspective on these subjects, which is why we chose this Q&A session for our featured Youtube video of the day.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”  Galatians 5:1

Global Transformation, 2012, & Your Dreams Today’s Featured Youtube Video

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Brandon Gilbert always has something practical to share.

So often people get caught-up in “movements” (New Age, Occupy, Religion, etc), using these external “shifts”, or “answers” to fulfill them in a way that can never truly satisfy.

External tools can help us get in touch with the kingdom within, but they can just as easily hinder, especially when we get caught-up in whatever ideas and philosophies we think are “the way” (and the ONLY way).

It’s important to continually examine our thoughts/beliefs/actions, and ask “is this bringing me true life?” and “does this represent the authentic, truest part of me?”

Regardless of what “movement,” religion, or political ideas you are currently attached to, they are only a part of your story — they are not you. They may point the way on your path, but they themselves are not the way.

Keep going within. It is the most important journey you’ll ever take.

Enjoy what Brandon has to say on these popular subjects. His balanced view is always refreshing.