“Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.” Hippocrates

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Sarah Hook (Tuesday’s Tasty Treats)

Pumpkin & Sunflower Seed Milk

Hazelnut Chocolate Bites

Chocolate Raisin Fudge

Chocolate Cashew Cookies

Chocolate Bliss Balls

Winter Elixirs

Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream Heart

Cinnamon Raisin Cacao Chunk

Coconut Cookie Dough Balls

Peanut Butter Smoothie

Chocolate Chip Honey Banana Popsicle

Raw Fruit and Nut Slab

Raw Creamy Coconut Bars

Chocolate Berry Smoothie

Kale Crisps

Blackberry & Blueberry Crumble

Jason Andrew Wrobel (Celebrity Raw Food Chef)

Chakra Center interview with Jason Wrobel

Raw Superfood Pad Thai

Raw Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Charis Melina Brown:

Coconut Butter Filled Dates

Raw Food, Italy: Chakra Center’s interview with Italy’s Pioneer Raw Food Chef Vito Cortese

Going Vegan Tips: Vegan Alternatives to Tasty Treats

Going vegan? Ditching the coffee addiction? 

Try these yummy alternatives. Delicious, healthy, must-haves!

Daily coffee drinker?  

Try Dandy Blend. This caffeine free, herbal drink is the ONLY   thing I’ve found that quenches my desire for a hot latte. I mix it with warm, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and top it off with cinnamon. For an extra health boost, I add a teaspoon of my favorite tonic herb, astragalus. Dark, rich, and slightly nutty – I love it!

For more info, check out the Dandy Blend website:

**If you’re interested in tonic herbs, I highly recommend Hyperion  Herbs. They carry some of the most potent, high quality herbs on the market

Cheese lover? Oh my goodness! I love cheese! How they’ve found over a billion ways to perfect a bacterial process, is beyond me. Going vegetarian was easy for me. As long as I had cheese, I knew I’d survive.

But vegan? No cheese? What is a girl to do?!

To be honest, none, and I mean NONE of the cheese substitutes I’ve tried come near to the yummy goodness of real cheese, BUT I have managed to find one that’s heads above the rest. And it melts, too!

Daiya Foods sells several varieties of soy-free cheese…and it’s  good. I prefer the pepper jack and mozzarella, but the cheddar has its merits. It’s made of tapioca. Sound strange? It is. But who cares? You can make nachos with it!

I still miss cheese, but my stomach likes me a lot more (did I forget to mention I developed a dairy intolerance, no doubt due to my cheese addiction?)

Interested? Daiya Food products should be available at your nearest health food store.

Check out the link for more details:

Ice Cream Enthusiast?

Me too. Apart from cheese, ice cream is my one true love.

Thankfully there are many super de-lish vegan ice creams on the  market. But my favorite is Coconut Bliss. As I’m sure you can guess, it’s made with coconut milk. It’s also sweetened with agave. A much healthier option to regular ice cream – and to tell the truth, I like it even better. Rich and creamy, indeed!

Find out more here:



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