High Vibe Community Resources

At Chakra Center we connect with many beautiful, unique, inspiring, and Awakened  people every day! There are so many  people on the planet right now providing transformative information on their websites, creating beautiful art, sustainable, high vibe products, and amazingly creative and powerful videos.

People are waking-up! Things are shifting. We are transforming from a society of competition, to a community of loving and supportive co-creators. We are understanding that everything we think, feel, and do affects everyone. We are realizing we’re not alone. We are finding ourselves.

This page is dedicated to highlighting the beautiful creations and expressions around the world, and connecting us all to come together to grow and learn from each other.

Feel free to share your website or products with us too! We are here to support YOU.

Awakened Alchemical Food & Drink

Awakened Art

Awakened People

Awakened Websites


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