Awakened Art

This page is dedicated to artists and performers around the world who use their talent to showcase the majesty of our world, the sacredness of human life, and the inspiration to create and celebrate beauty.

Akiane Kramarik  (painter)

Alex Grey (painter, sculptor, sketch)

Bicycle Musical Festival (promoting sustainable culture, cultivating and nurturing a network of local sustainable musicians, through staging of free, community participatory, bicycle-based music events)

Charles Gilchrist (Sacred Geometry artist) 

Cora Flora (inspirational singer/musician)

Diane Tremblay (painter)

Gabe Dominguez (musician — Shake Your Peace: a San Francisco-based band known for their ebullient live performances, radical ecological & social justice politics, and bicycle-based music tours.)

Jacob Murphy (photographer — Dirt Floors and Stone Walls project)

Jamie Mortinson (jewelry artists at The Gilded Spork)

Peter Langer (photographer)

Sonya Cotton (musician)

Tiny Home (acoustic music duo and dance party DJ service specializing in eco-conscious, creative, and personalized events)



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