Chakra Center’s Interviews:

Kejiwa Kombucha: An Interview with the Alchemists

Athena Ziegler: Certified Aromatherapist and Owner of Charmed Botanicals

Akahi & Camila (Breatharian share their journey to living off Prana)  

Jordan David (creator of Spirit Science):

Taylor Marie (aka “Starseed Spacefriend):

Peter Sorcher (Film Director of EAT THE SUN):

Cora Flora (inspirational musician, singer, artist):

Jason Andrew Wrobel (Celebrity Raw Food/Vegan Chef)

Sarah Hook (a.k.a “The Juice Lady):

Brandon Gilbert (Hyperion Herbs):

Teal Scott (The Spiritual Catalyst):

Natasha St. Michael (Radiance Central):

Vito Cortese (Italy’s Raw Food Chef):

Chakra Center’s Live Interviews

Jessica Schab

“Jessica Schab has been a spiritual advisor for over 8 years and has counseled hundreds of people all over the world guiding them to greater insight and sense of purpose. Her light insight & fresh perspective is sure to motivate uplift and inspire; as her understanding in mysticism, metaphysics and dream work offers one a unique fun spiritual sessions in healings on one’s relationship to self and life which leads to discovery of our soul mission and a life uncommon.”

Brandon Gilbert

Brandon has a passion and a love for Chinese Tonic Herbs. He is the founder and owner of Hyperion Herbs.

Dashama Gordon

Dashama is an international yoga instrutor, author, founder of Perfect10 Lifestyle, and founder/CEO of the Pranashama Yoga institute.


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