The Birth of the Empath

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Since I started mentoring empaths I’ve had to piece together my theories about our ability to feel and transmute emotional energy, as well as create a framework for why I believe opening up our hearts, allowing ourselves to become MORE sensitive, and approaching our empathic lives from a place of empowerment, rather than “protection” is the more logical (and holistic) way to live.

Here’s my take:

If we take a broader view of the human story as it continues to unfold, we can begin to see how the empath in us was born.

What is Empathy?

Empathy is synonymous with the heart, because it represents our ability to FEEL this Heart Mindhuman experience of contrast (and gain a concept of “the other”). It can also be seen as the feminine quality of human consciousness, or the experiencing of “bearing and receiving.”

Empathy can be understood as the expression and experience BETWEEN contrast. As we know, the complexity and function of emotion is not black and white. That’s why we need the heart.  Our hearts have the ability to DISCERN what our emotions tell us; the mind simply judges.

The complexity of emotions:

Let’s say a young girl is caught between the fighting of her parents. She hears her father insult her mother, her mother insult her father, and because she is the most vulnerable “feeler” in the room, she is receiving all this energy PERSONALLY, as if it is direct toward her and is about her. She sees her parents as an extension of herself, and therefore the drama that unfolds is experienced in her reality as a message about her.

The parents may not see the reality of their child, because in their mind they know they child-parents-fightingare talking to each other, about each other. If the situation is approached from the mind alone, it’s quite simple: the argument was not about the little girl and therefore the parents don’t feel obligated to acknowledge her reality of the situation.

Therefore, the young girl’s experience is invalidated and unexplained. Her intimate world of “feeling” is not the reality of the people around her, and therefore goes unnoticed. And when our internal reality finds no meaning, catharsis, or connection in the external world, we feel isolated and separate from others – we quite literally live in our own experience and the meaning we give that experience determines the lesson we will take away, and how we will be shaped by it.

The meaning the little girl gives the fight will most likely be quite different than the meaning the parents have. But her reality is JUST as real. This unexplained and confusing experience has now begun a “tantric” cycle with this young girl, as her heart will continue to attract similar situations into her experience until she makes sense of what happened and corrects any beliefs she may have taken on about herself that are not in alignment with her inner truth.

The little girl’s heart must heal from this experience, and it does this by “feeling” its way back into alignment with its true resonance. “Logic” at this point is irrelevant, because she is making the most logical conclusion she has available to her, based on her level of understanding of the world.

The Heart’s Electromagnetic field

Here are some important things to understand about the heart:

* The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field is Electromagnetic field of heartabout 60 times greater in amplitude than our brain waves and approximately 5,000 times greater magnetically.

*HeartMath studies show this powerful electromagnetic field can be detected and measured several feet away from a person’s body and between two individuals in close proximity.

* The heart’s electromagnetic field contains certain information or coding, which researchers are trying to understand, that is transmitted throughout and outside of the body. One of the most significant findings of HMI’s research related to this field is that intentionally generated positive emotions can change this information/coding. (

If you look at the toroidal field around the heart (shown in picture above), we can see the heart is literally the center of our electromagnetic field (auric field) and because it’s electromagnetic energy is affected by EMOTION, it’s no wonder many empaths can feel their entire body responding to overwhelming emotions or chaotic energy. Controversy, positive energy can affect our entire experience of our reality in a positive way.

A whole, open, trusting heart is the most powerful energy on earth. It’s capable of sustaining our life force and our energy. Yet, we live in a world of contrast, and this contrast often breaks our hearts. And when our hearts are broken, we are cut off from the most powerful navigation system we have because we learn to distrust the experience of FEELING.

When we distrust feeling, we turn to the mind. And as the saying goes:

The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”

The problem with allowing the mind to lead, is it does not have the ability to discern heart-and-mind(understand through the wisdom of experience). Discernment is the heart’s job. The mind views the world in black and white: right and wrong, yes and no – it is a way of navigating through judgement, rather than discernment.

And the problem with allowing the mind to be the sole navigator, is we go to war with ourselves. Because the mind alone does not have the discernment to FEEL when it is destroying itself.

Set on a crusade for RIGHT, our mind takes on the task of destroying anything that doesn’t fit into its “idea” of perfection. Yet, it can only determine what is right and wrong based on programs it receives externally from itself (TV, parents, society, etc.).

Although the mind thinks its protecting the ego, it is actually self-sabotaging its human experience, because the mind (without a connection to the heart) does not have the ability to see itself in “the other” and does not have the ability to discern the complexity and nuance of emotion. Therefore, it’s incapable of truly knowing what a person needs.

The Shadow Side of the Empath

The Sociopath (or psychic Vampire) is the Shadow side of an empath. It’s what we become when our minds work independently from the heart — when we go to war with our hearts and attempt to live from a place of logic, rather than logic AND feeling. And the dark side of the empath is the most dangerous villain we will ever confront (all the more reason to integrate our shadow, eh?!).

Side note: I think the reason many empaths are often drawn to sociopaths is because we are trying to understand the part of us that is so unfeeling/unsympathetic TOWARD OURSELVES – the part of our mind’s creation that sabotages us.

In order for us to transcend the cycle of self-sabotage, we must reconnect to our heart’s navigation, and because we’ve been at war with ourselves, we must relearn the language and story of our hearts.

But how do we do this?

The Hearts tells the Unfolding Story of Human Consciousness

Thankfully, our hearts have been telling a crucial and revealing story for over 2000 years. the-shadowAnd the dynamics of its story contain three primary roles: the Aggressor, the Victim, and the Savior.

The Aggressor/Victim/Savior paradigm is where the heart’s emotions are created, processed, and released. It’s a reality where our heart plays out the details of its story, as many times as it needs, in order to understand itself and become whole again.

Our human consciousness has evolved through the dynamics of this unfolding drama.

In order for a broken heart to find its way back to itself, we live out STORIES or experiences that remind us of who we really are.

It’s important to note that in order for this paradigm to function, the victim is needed.

The “victim” role is crucial for the Aggressor or Savior. The Aggressor and Savior use the Victim to show (to varying degrees) what our “God self” (or higher perspective) does and does not resonate with in regards to relating to our humanity.  In a sense, the person playing the victim role allows our consciousness to see what we are, and what we aren’t.

Empathy is CRUCIAL in a “Aggressor/Victim/Savior” paradigm, because the only way OUT of this drama, is by recognizing our participation in ALL roles.

This is why it is easy for an empath to feel the aggressor’s pain, even when they may be the one at the brunt of the wrath. Or why it’s natural to identify with the savior, because we know the experience of feeling helpless or powerless is very real.

All of us have, at one time in our lives, played each role.

If we didn’t have the ability to recognize ourselves in each role, we would be caught in a never-ending battle against ourselves, because an aspect of us exists in ALL roles. Through living out these stories, we are telling the story of our human evolution, we are living the experience of the release and restoration of our hearts.

And the key to transcending this paradigm is EMPATHY.

female tree5

If we never recognize that the one we are at war with is OURSELVES, we’ll never learn to harmonize with our shadow side and reconnect to our power (the heart). When we are disconnected from the heart, our power is untamed and uncontrolled. As we’ve seen, the heart is the most powerful magnetic field in the body – this means we quite literally PULL events and situations to us. When our hearts shut down, we attract situations to us unconsciously,  and life can feel confusing and chaotic.

I’ll post more about the heart’s journey back to itself next week.

In the meantime, if you want to go deeper, check-out some of my recent videos and excerpts from the Empath Mentoring group.

How to Heal PTSD (pt 1)

How to Heal PTSD (pt 2)

Resources for empaths

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Happy Wednesday!








Empaths Wanted for Mentoring Test Group


Attention Empaths: I have 5 spots open for a test run of my new, 8 week Empath Mentorship program.

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Like the “How to Get Out of the Matrix” online class, this 8 week mentorship program is designed for empaths who want to work with me personally to get their life (and job) in alignment with their empathic abilities.

This is an opportunity to work with me 1-on-1, as well as work within a small group of other empaths going through the program. It’s a chance for us to get specific about your personal empathic abilities, and design an individualized focus to highlight your strengths and help you thrive.

We’ll give particular attention to how you can use your sensitivities to work for you (not against you), and provide a space of accountability for more self-love and self-fulfillment.

This Personalized 8 Week Program Includes:

*2 Personal Intuitive Sessions with me, both at the beginning and end of the 8 weeks — 1 hour each (Value $244)

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Total cost of this Empath mentorship program will be $1,111 — but for this test group only, I am offering the 5 slots for only $333 per person (that’s almost an $800 savings!).

The idea is to have a run-through before I offer the program publicly, so I can work out any glitches, get feedback, and make sure it’s a smooth transition.

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This one-time offer will be available on a first come, first serve basis. I have a feeling these spots will go quickly, so the sooner you order, the better.

Can’t wait to connect! I’m so excited to work more personally with some of you!

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The Real Reason Empaths Feel Powerless


[An excerpt from the “How to Get Out of the Matrix” online class]:

“Pay to Cesar what is Cesar’s” – Jesus

An age old belief in many spiritual traditions is that we are to “forsake the world.” Yet, the idea of being completely disconnected or “above” the reality of our world doesn’t really make sense, because we are partaking of its resources and using it as a hosting ground for our life and creations. We live here and everything we do affects everything else.

Truthfully, this realm is a tool. If we demonize the world and its functions (money, contrast, etc), we will be in constant conflict with ourselves, which leads to perpetual feelings of guilt.

This form of spiritual bypass is the primary reason for immobility and fear of moving forward — especially for empaths and HSP. We feel so deeply wounded and fed-up with the world, that we relinquish our power within it. Somehow, having no power feels better than being powerful in a world obsessed with control and led by fear.

Rather than use our sensitivities to connect with our innermost powers of healing and restoration, we surrender to the fears that have immobilized our very will to engage with life. We’ve already made-up our minds that the world is a bad place and we’re victims within its cruel snares. All that’s left now is for us to hide out and wait until our coming salvation (death) and allow the world “out there” to continue to grow bigger and more powerful than the Kingdom within.

We must take back our power, and that means realizing we are not helpless. Immediately, this instant, we must remove our focus and emotional attention from ANY thought that is draining our life force…

[To get more, join the “How to Get Out of the Matrix” online class and connect with others who are taking the journey into the restoration of our hearts and freedom from the Matrix]


6 Hacks for Breaking Out of the Matrix


What is the Matrix?

While most define the Matrix strictly as government/religions/and institutions, in this article, the Matrix is understood as a STATE OF MIND. It’s the culmination of programs and beliefs we’ve had downloaded into our way of living by society at large. By participating in the system, we agree to its function and allow it to shape our beliefs and influence our choices.

While the natural function of society is to have systems and organization, few people question the validity of pre-established social norms and their relevance in our modern lives.

For example:

Do we really need to work 9 -5 to be considered a “hard-working” citizen? chain broken

Must we go to Church to be a moral/spiritual person?

Are synthetic drugs prescribed by a doctor truly our only means for combating disease?

Do Universities actually teach us anything about the nature of our reality or the Laws of the Universe?

Should we accept the culture we were born into as the ONLY “right” way to live?

These questions merely scratch the surface in examining the state of blind acceptance much of society has sanctioned as the obligation of humanity.

However, something unprecedented is occurring in the world at large: a mass exodus from pre-established structures, and as people continue to wake-up to their individual sovereignty, the “powers that were” are losing dominance in our lives – no longer the central basis for our decisions and destinies.

The good news is, we don’t need to fight against the Matrix. In fact, we can live within it without being enslaved by it. The trick is to realize the power of the mind. No one has power over what we think or where we direct our focus. And when we decide to use thoughts to consciously construct our own lives, we release the hold of the Matrix in our lives.

I believe it is the responsibility of those of us who have the luxury of openly and freely questioning the system, to do so.

Here are 6 Hacks to free your mind from the Matrix:

  1. Get intimate with your internal world: Our internal worlds should be MORE real, more tangible, and more powerful to us than any external system. Why? Because the internal world is the causal plane.

 Everything originates as thought before it ever becomes physical reality. Becoming experts in our own minds is how we can ultimately master our external experience. But most of us focus all of our efforts externally, and in the process, lose connection to our hearts, our intuition, and our creative power.

 Therefore, the first step in exiting the Matrix is to remove our focus from it. We must be in touch with our hearts – the true source and origin of our natural self and in order to do so, we must allow our attention to go within. Meditation is a great place to start. What do you truly believe? What is your heart trying to tell you? As proverbs 4:23 states “Above all else, watch over your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Make your internal reality your priority, and watch your life change as if by magic.

  1. Question Every Belief: Examining the validity of our beliefs is not about being defiant, it’s about exploring our capabilities and potential as humans. When something is not in alignment with the health and wellness of society, we are MEANT to question, rediscover, and reform (aka, EVOLVE) to create a better existence for all of us. We are not wired to accept things blindly. Critical thinking is an important function of our brains and a crucial aspect of progressive living.

If you find your heart and desires shut down, chances are you’ve picked up some beliefs along your journey that are out of alignment with your true self. In order to live a fulfilling life, it is necessary to identify any beliefs that hold you back. Allow yourself to honestly access whether your beliefs actually serve your wellbeing, or impede your growth. Typically, once we can recognize a belief is out of alignment (and therefore, nonsensical), it becomes easier to let it go.

For specifics on how to do this, check-out this Bashar video.

  1. Look for evidence to support new beliefs: Gather as much evidence as possible for your new journey. There are thousands if not millions of people living life outside the standard quo, (and thriving too!). YouTube is a great resource to connect to others who share their experience leaving belief systems and finding their true purpose (and joy). The human mind needs to see that what it desires is possible, so seek like-minded individuals who own their sovereignty and make it work for them. This is crucial if you want to stay inspired and expansive.
  1. Don’t Bother with Naysayers: They will always be there. People who question your decisions will never fail to point out the perils and faults in living outside the boundaries of majority consensus. While feedback can be helpful, living by someone else’s beliefs, fears, or philosophies cannot set you free. In order to thrive, we must live in alignment with our true desires and dreams. We all have our own unique destinies to fulfill and no one can live our lives for us.
  1. Commit to Your Path: If you find your mind constantly giving way to fear, make a practice of halting thoughts and refocusing on what encourages and inspires. Developing your own sense of discernment takes practice. We’re all different and what works for another may not work for you. The point is to make a firm commitment to find your own path – one that works for you — and forget about the opinions and doings of others. You are the one who is ultimately responsible for your life and your decisions. Take that responsibility seriously and commit to your own freedom.
  1. Be okay with making mistakes: Whenever we set out on a new journey, we are bound to make mistakes. Understanding how NOT to do something is one of the most powerful ways to discover what DOES work. Allow yourself to try new things and fail at some of them. Every successful person has their share of failures. In fact, failure is often our greatest teacher – so don’t be afraid to learn from it. Staying where you are out of fear of failing is perhaps the most powerful and debilitating trap within the Matrix. Don’t fall for it.

Make a commitment today to put your heart first. Don’t spend one more second of your life living in a box someone else created for you. What do you truly desire? What do you truly believe? What makes you come alive? Go do it. Because the world needs people who have come alive.

Wanna go deeper? Check-out my online class: “How to Get Out of the Matrix” and connect with others who are making the journey into a more empowered life.

How to Get Out of the Matrix (Online Class)


“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by ANY yoke of slavery.” Galations 5:1

This one has been along time coming.

For the past 5 years, I have been living as a freelance writer, teaching classes online,rubbing the lamp traveling all over Europe and the Western US, and living outside the matrix of “9 to 5.”

I’ve been asked to do a “how to” class, but I didn’t feel inspired, because frankly I have been figuring it out as I go. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’ve learned to live with little money (literally $5 in my bank account at times), and had periods of flowing abundance (able to take weeks off, not working at all). Most of the time my experience lies somewhere in the middle, but I’ve learned a few things from living this way:

  1. Synchronicity is a technology you can use to navigate your reality and lead you toward your desires
  2. There is a DIRECT correlation between my emotional state (how well I’m taking care of myself) and how much money I make (that has little to do with what I’m actually “doing” for “work”)
  3. There are MANY people living outside of the Matrix and THRIVING (and I’ve met them on my adventures — you’re not alone)
  4. Life doesn’t have to be expensive
  5. It’s all about the heart

This class is NOT about how to make money or how to be financially successful, but rather how to use intuition and inner guidance to take steps in the direction of freedom (and I will give tips and suggestions of different ways to live outside the Matrix, including how the internet can be utilized for income).

This class IS about:

  • Committing to live from the heart — for that is where the True Kingdom is.
  • Honing intuition and discovering your true passions
  • Divorcing from the idea that “doing what you love” and “making money” MUST be linked (abundance can come in all different forms, but doing what you love should be a priority, whether you make money from it or not)
  • How to follow synchronicity (and experiments in trusting the flow)
  • The art of remaining still and waiting for the right time to move, even when it’s scary
  • Allowing your passions and desires to lead you to your inner truth

Desire is the fuel by which we create our reality and our life experiences, but if we have no desires (or if we’ve buried them out of a belief they are wrong or bad) we cannot truly engage with this life to the fullest potential of our creative spark.

This class will be released on June 13th and will have 8 modules (or pillars) of freedom that will walk you through very practical steps you can take toward your true passions.

Everyone who pre-registers will get access to my 11 Day Emotional Detox course (free of charge) as well as be entered to win a free intuitive session with me.

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

June 13th you will be emailed a link to a password protected page where all material will be available for you to go at your own pace. I will also open a private Facebook group for everyone in the class (so we can share our experiences and co-create a community of support in our endeavors).

Join me on this adventure! I’d love to help you set yourself free!

How to Get Out of the Matrix Online Class $33
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“So far I’ve been a part of two of Amanda’s courses. Both have been extremely helpful in my journey and have opened up places of healing as well as places of growth in areas I didn’t even know I needed it. Her courses have shown me ways in which I can empower myself and in turn empower others as well. I’ve also connected with an awesome community through these as well! Her online classes feel extremely personal and connected. I would highly suggest taking any of her courses if you’re new to this field, have some experience, or are simply looking to connect. I don’t know a single person who couldn’t benefit from taking Amanda’s courses.” – Ryan Nolan, New York

Amanda Flaker, I don’t think I’ve told you how much your work has helped me.  Very specifically in the last week I was driving the 84 miles home from LA and I realized there was no trigger anymore when the image of the PEST (person exhibiting sociopath tendencies) came to mind.

The thing that is really significant for me (other than the obvious, that I am doing really well in my home town again) is how clear everything is around this person, compared with the other people who have been triggers for me in my life. Some people I am still working through – some have taken years. But this one, which was so extreme and almost life-ending, this one is clear. And I have no doubt this is due to the work you have shared so generously with all of us. Thank you.” Michaele S. – California 

“[Empowering Empathic Abilities] is a fantastic course for empaths looking to understand their inner abilities, thus helping to understand oneself more. It is said that the discovery of self dwarfs the descent of Everest, and this class for me, helped in beginning my climb.”  Tabitha Johnson, Colorado

“[How to Heal and Thrive as an Empath] is awesome – that’s all I can say. Amanda is a gift and such a beautiful soul. Her courses are invaluable on the subject of empaths. I have known her for a couple of years and her work has been hugely helpful to me.”  Natalia Clark, England 

“I’m loving the class, Amanda. I’m learning so much about myself and about current issues I’m encountering. I’m gaining a whole new perspective that I’m super grateful for. Thank you.”   Cheryl W., BC

“Amanda is a beautiful soul with an amazing gift and I feel blessed to have connected with her. I have had three intutive readings from her. The accuracy of the readings were phenomenal. She truly could read my soul. She picked up on all my vulnerabilities in a compassionate sensitive way. Each time I had a reading she was able to uncover and assist in healing a deeper layer of blockages. After every session I felt elated and had the complete confidence to know that I could use the tools she had given me to continue to work on myself. I can truly say that Amanda has helped to transform my life. I now feel empowered to move forward and also confident in the knowledge that whenever I do encounter life’s obstacles, Amanda’s tools will assist me in overcoming them. I would highly recommended Amanda.” Ann Elizabeth, England



Empaths: Is Your Throat Chakra Blocked?!


For the past month I’ve been in the Chakra Cleanse process, and I can honestly say it has throat chakrabeen more intense (in the most subtle, almost inconceivable ways) than any other practice I have implemented as an empath.

Perhaps most surprising, has been working with the throat chakra. Usually my most open chakra, I was shocked to realize that there was a deep inconsistency and distrust in my energetic/empathic body. Not because I’m afraid to say what I think/feel, but because I so often allow myself to be wrapped-up entirely too deeply in the emotions/thoughts/feelings of those around me, that my own voice tends to get tuned-out. It happens subtly, in a way that causes me to barely notice that the feelings I am so passionately integrating are most often NOT EVEN MINE.

I know this is a gift of empathy, to be able to feel others emotions as if they are your own, but I didn’t realize there was a little place in me with feelings and emotions all my own — the empath in me that also has its own powerful, unique identity. Though we are all one/connected, we are also individuals, and part of the joy of living is expressing our independent selves.

Perhaps I was over-spiritualizing the “oneness” factor, but what I’ve realized as I’ve worked on cleansing old emotions/thoughts/habits out of my throat chakra, is that there is an entire aspect of my personality lying dormant within me.

As I tried to give it a voice, all I could do was cry. And I felt angry, too. Not at anyone or anything, but simply because that part of me has been cheated, repeatedly, out of its own, authentic experience.

Never before have I so passionately longed to erase everyone’s emotions and feelings out of my experience. I realized I need a break from tuning-in to others, and my inner self, the “me” within that is part of the whole, needs to be fully seen, felt, experienced — allowed a voice.

I’ve stopped doing readings. I’ve taken a break from friends. I’ve ceased asking too manyrubbing the lamp deep questions to others that get me wrapped into their emotional body. Not because it’s wrong to do that or because I don’t care but because it is not my job. Perhaps I’ve created too much of an identity as a “good friend” — the perpetual side-kick for anyone going through a hard time. I thought I had shed that skin, but my throat chakra cleanse revealed to me that though I may have backed off from rescuing others, I still haven’t fully allowed my inner-self to speak — the self that does not identify “empathy” with “no self.”

For the first time in a VERY long time, I finally feel like I’m grounding into my very own SELF. And this self feels like a haven. I have never been more thankful and appreciative of the ego, and its role in our experience as humans. It’s not a negative thing — it’s what makes this life uniquely OUR experience –OUR lesson.

My new mantra has been: “I allow my ego to be an extension of my most powerful inner truth.”

And as for my throat chakra, let’s just say a new chapter has begun. I feel like I’ve unclogged 27 years of other emotional excess from hanging out in other people’s emotional experiences. I’m thankful for the lessons, but I’m happy to move on.

Looking forward to working up to the third eye — because what i tune-into now is my own destiny — my own path. And I’m thankful to finally make friend with my ego — it’s been a long time coming.

Self– I’ve missed you. Thank you for allowing me time to part ways with identity in other people’s eyes so I could discover who you truly are!

Happy Saturday!

PS. Because I still get asked, I’ve decided to continue to open up the Chakra Cleanse class for those who still want to join-in. Anyone who is part of this “experimental” class ($33) will get the full program ($333) for free when it is released.

How to Die in the Dream


(An excerpt from the Chakra Cleanse )

As we move into the heart chakra (from our new alignment of abundance), we understand Quantum entanglementhow it feels to live from the heart, rather than the mind (or other people’s interpretation of reality in the world around us).

The memory of our true nature may come as simple reminders, long pauses euphoric pauses, nostalgic childhood memories, or the excitement of realizing that YES, WE ACTUALLY CAN LIVE IN PEACE WITH OURSELVES. It’s possible to live in a reality where we are not at war with ourselves or the world around us.

Not sustained and fed from the truth of our heart (our God self), we remain in the victim/aggressor/savior paradigm. We forget we are the one’s dreaming up our experience, and that we are also the dream. Our dream can be as dramatic, joyful, horrific, playful, and mournful as we want to experience it. But all stories are valid and all are real.

The difference is, now we take 100% responsibility for what we are focusing on. We do not bypass how we feel or deny the characters and experiences we have had in the past. We can’t curse our past selves without having the curse come back in our current dream, because anything we sow, we reap. This is the nature the dream reality.

A gentle and authentic transition is pivotal in the process of waking up because if we try to force ourselves or others to see reality the way our fears or insecurities want us to continue to see it, we will always be a slave. To opt out of beliefs and consensus realities that are out of alignment with our inner knowing, we must discontinue participation.

Everything won’t change at once, it rarely does. But the more we allow our inner knowingEmpath eye to guide us (hint: you are an extension of God), the more we will experience the truth of that knowledge within our dream.

We are not gods over anyone else’s dream. There is only your dream and you are the only sovereign authority over that dream. If you want your reality to reflect that truth, you have to accept and surrender to the fact that YOU are the central character in your dream.

Chakra cleansing is not a process of bliss. It’s a process of allowing the death of all you were, to be the anchor for the reality of your birthright. You are dead. I am dead. But here we are. Still dreaming. There must be a reason. What story does your dream want to tell?

Once you wake up within the dream and remember you are the one dreaming, the only way of going back to the old paradigm is to go back to sleep.

And we do. When triggers come up – anything from our past experiences that told us we were unsafe will be challenged. When they do come up, it is ESSENTIAL that we don’t judge ourselves, but remember that our minds have been indoctrinated with 2000 years of programming that convinced us the dream is more powerful than the dreamer. In order to be free of that dream,  we must die to it. The death of the old Matrix quite literally reprograms our minds so our brain can be properly wired to the new dream.

Death is a transition process. It puts us through disorientation with our reality, and  THIS IS NORMAL.

At this point of integration, identifying with our old paradigm (aka believing we are still rubbing the lampdisempowered or in servitude to the illusion) causes us to pull back into past versions of our old way of operating (identifying again as either a victim, an aggressor, or a savior).

Those roles are a part of who we have been in crucial stages of our dream. Rather than demonizing that paradigm, we have the opportunity to use those same functions for our own internal/cellular alignment.

Our bodies rid themselves of what no longer serves us, heals and restores the dreams of our hearts, and reminds us with full clarity that we are not problems to be solved, issues to be fixed, or evil to eradicate.

We are dreams that have been born.

Cleansing our chakras requires us to be gentle with our past selves. If we continue to make someone or something an enemy we must combat, we will not escape the nightmare. We will always be a slave to war.

As we cleanse our lower Chakras to be in alignment with the truth of innermost self (our restored heart), we begin a process of release. Know that during this process the heart will activate the deepest spark of who we are – this includes all of our dreams and vulnerabilities. We’re writing our own mythological characters, so to speak, but we are also awake and living them as fully embodied entities. We are what we tell ourselves we are.

Release all storylines from the old paradigm of your dreams. These are normal realms to pass through when we remember the fullness of our hearts and our love for creation. Our brain still has memory of what the contrast to our dream was/is – but now the contrast serves to make the dream more vivid, more alive, and more beautiful, and more consistent (therefore, less traumatic and disorienting).

Once we release the story line of who we were (all the judgments, etc.) we receive the truth of what we have always been, because what other truth can trump this:

You exist and you are aware that you do.

The question is, what will you do with that awareness?

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Chakra Cleanse (Pre-Release Special)


As promised, here is the link to the invite only, Chakra Cleanse!

In this class, we will make our way through the first 7 Chakras and focus on the following:

*How Chakras work, their history, and function.

*How to pinpoint emotional blocks in the Chakras, as well as how to remove (or dissolve) them.

*How to create a regular ritual for our own unique, chakra needs (to keep our energy centers healthy and powerful).

*How visualization, sound, and healing touch powerfully restore and awaken the chakra energy points.

*And a few special surprises!

Regular chakra cleanses and emotional detoxing are POWERFUL medicine for empaths. If you want to master your abilities, it is crucial to learn how to master your energy centers.

This class is a pilot for the full 13 Chakra System Class, which will be released in May (tentatively) for $222. All of you who take this class will receive the full course FREE OF CHARGE.

Having you participate in the pilot version gives me an opportunity to perfect the system I’ve been working on, so thank you for signing-up! I appreciate your willingness to explore with me.

To register, complete your purchase through the Paypal button below. Like my previous classes, this Chakra Cleanse will be hosted in a private Facebook forum where you can access the content at your own convenience. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

See you there!

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5 Painful Pitfalls of Being an Empath


Ha ha. Did the title scare you? That was the point (in jest, of course).

If you’re an empath, eliminating these 5 habits will free-up your power immensely

*Attaching Storylines to “Feelings”: Just because we feel energy from another, does not  mean we need to figure out what they need. What other people are going through is none of our business (unless they ask us for support). Simply give YOURSELF what you need to transmute the energy and let it go. As soon as we assume a storyline about the other person, we’ve disempowered them.

Only by EMBODYING the healing and holding a space for people to be exactly where they are, do we give healing. Why would we want anyone (including ourselves) to feel broken? Feelings are normal – ALL of them. They don’t have to be the force that informs our beliefs or actions and they are not problems to be fixed. They are our natural expression. Don’t attach assumed or imagined storylines to the energy you feel from others. It’s a complete waste of mental energy and depletes us of vital life force

*Judgment: There’s an enormous difference between discernment and judgment. Every time we judge anyone, we simultaneously judge ourselves. All we can do is simply be aware and consciousness – discern OUR OWN PART in any experience and what we need in order to feel harmony within ourselves. Nothing we feel is ever (ultimately) about another person. Other people’s choices are theirs, but how we respond/react/judge them is about US. Judgment is not our place. We have no way of truly knowing another person’s heart.

*Establishing a hierarchy. Whether it’s in secular or religious/spiritual environments, the idea that we are “above” or “below” another person is damaging for anyone, especially an empath. Once we’ve set up a hierarchy, we automatically place ourselves as the oppressor, the victim, or the savior. We will never evolve past things like war and larger world concerns if we can’t settle this basic interpersonal conflict among ourselves and friends/spouses/family.

We are all different and unique aspects of the same ultimate Universe. Practice seeing yourself as the owner and ruler of your own life/choices. You are the one who must ultimately take up dominion over your life and we must quit waiting for the outside world to change in order for us to believe we are free, independent, sovereign, and POWERFUL creators – neither above nor below anyone.

We may not have equal shares of power, but we all have ultimate authority of what we believe about ourselves and how we will respond and act in the world. Changing our beliefs regarding this is an important responsibility we have to the ones who are praying for a world of equality. This step is key.

*Co-dependency: If you’re an empath, you’ve probably heard about the peril of co-dependency ad nauseam, but as I am highlighting pitfalls, I would be amiss not to mention perhaps this most common (and dangerous) potentials for empaths. It is crucial for an empath to learn to self-soothe and love oneself with respect and boundaries so we can attract people into our lives that love us the way we deserve.

Beginnings strongly influence outcomes so it’s important to get a handle on our empathy and learn how to be a powerful, sensitive creator in relationships, so our life force is not squeezed out by the overwhelming emotional needs of others (and the addiction of being needed by them).

*The Healer Complex: We all go through this phase, and it’s a beautiful (and important) part of our journey. We practice healing others so we can learn to self-heal. The problem is, many empaths get stuck in this phase, the ego becoming so attached and identified with being needed as a “healer” that we self-sabotage our own relationships (and ultimately, ourselves).

Needing to be needed is the ultimate block to receiving and can wreak havoc on our creativity, sexuality, and weight. This happens because our entire identity is wrapped up in “helping” others, and we lose our connection to our own creative life force (which always MOVES, evolves, and changes). 

The biggest problem with this pitfall is the ego’s denial of the problem. One who has a healer complex prefers to be a victim to the overwhelming needs of others, because the ego believes itself to be a martyr for the “greater good.” In reality, we typically overlook our own shadow, wants, desires, and disappointments, in favor of being possessed by others.

Because of not knowing how to receive in a balanced way, we inadvertently drink the energy of our clients and friends by always needed to “fix” them. It’s quite an unhealthy place for us to remain for too long. If you’re there, don’t beat yourself up. Simply recognize your need to learn how to give/receive in balanced ways and begin interacting accordingly.

What would happen if you let go of your “healer/helper/empath” identity? If the thought sends you into a panic, it’s a good sign your relationships are off balance and some new alignment (and better gifts) are waiting for you on the other side of the upgrade.

Who wants to be tired all the time anyway? Do you really want to continue to feel like nobody knows you? Maybe it’s time to open up. Let yourself be more than “sensitive” “a good friend” or “helper.” While those are all beautiful qualities, we are also SO MUCH MORE.

What does your gut say? Who are you deep down?

Just something to think about.


Happy Tuesday!




Restore and Release Your Heart


Another excerpt from the 11 Day Emotional Detox Online class:

We must allow our hearts to communicate to the mind what it needs to feel alive, safe, and engaged in living.

The mind’s job is to protect the heart, and now that we’re learning to trustmindscape the communication between heart/mind, it’s important to give the heart time to express itself. Heart expression is not about rationalizing, making excuses, giving disclaimers, or minimizing how we feel. The heart’s true expression is AUTHENTICITY.

How do you authentically feel about life? Your creations? Your focus? Pay attention to subtleties and nuance. What feels wonky or unstable? Where are you judging yourself (or others)? Where do the rough places need to be made smooth?

Trust that your higher mind will give your heart what it needs RIGHT NOW – IN THIS MOMENT. This exercise is not about waiting for a future date – or waiting until something turns up, works out, or changes. It’s about empowering yourself to listen to your ACTUAL emotional needs IN THE MOMENT (and I promise, what feels ‘off’ in this moment is connected to any overall dissatisfaction in your life).

Our hearts need to know we hear its voice, we’re listening to our true desires, and we’re moving in a direction of peace, creativity, beauty, and expansion.  The heart gains our trust as we continually give ourselves room to FEEL the experience, without judgment.

Remember: No emotions are wrong.

The Role of the Body:

When we connect to the heart, our physical embodiment becomes the Quantum entanglementinitial (and primary) focus. Emotional traumas stored in the body need to be soothed, validated, and released because our physical/palpable expression is our main point of attraction. When we’re authentic, allowing, forgiving, and graceful with our deepest vulnerabilities and our most creative passions, we make ourselves a match for a much smoother ride through all of our growth and transition (because we’re accurately expressing our needs).

Aligning the body to a graceful flow with our life experiences (including the unexpected glitches) will determine how well we receive the next upgrade. Learning to calm and deescalate our reactions during times of change is a dance all unto itself and grace is a necessary ingredient (because we don’t ever have the complete picture).

Move with a sense of grace. Laugh at yourself. And remember not to take life too seriously. The more fun you allow, the more enjoyable the experience will be.

heart water 5

To Join the 11 Day Emotional Detox, or any of my other online classes, click here!

Also, check-out this audio excerpt from the class:

Words are Wands


(Here’s a little excerpt from the 11 Day Emotional Detox)

Magic book

As we know, words are powerful, and they carry the energetic signature and potency of all their past etymology. It’s nearly impossible to use a English word and does not contain multiple meanings.

Consider the following:






Each word has the ability to conjure both positive, negative, and ambivalent emotions.

But the ESSENCE of each words – the TRUE meaning (for us) is individual and unique to our own heart’s journey.

It’s only when we come from the heart (a place of balance) that we can understand the essence of a word’s meaning (apart from all the negative associations that surrounds it).

It’s important to be flexible with our vocabulary, finding words we personally resonate with, while also allowing our old associations with words (that no longer resonate) to die.


Light langauge4

Words create powerful commands for the subconscious mind. They also carry an energy signature through their sound that sends subtle vibrational messages to the body.

The mind processes and releases emotional signals to the body based on the vibration, frequency, and tone of the words we use.  If we don’t want to be controlled like robots by the power of their energy (therefore, easily offended/triggered) we have to undo their meaning.

This is de-programing the mind.

Recently, I read that the Essenes (the sect of Jews Jesus and his family were apart of) believed so much in the power and purity of words, that Aramic was considered a “light language” – a sort of poetic sound expression that automatically aligns the mind with the true essence of the words. Through this sacred, geometric alignment with the energy of the words, truth can be heard, seen, and felt (apart from the personal intentions, associations, and beliefs of the one speaking).

This process of communication is referred to as “the language of the angels.” 

Before we get religious, it’s important to remember that story, like words,light language3 is about the essence. I’m not suggesting we need to learn aramic in order to speak clearly (though, who really knows?!  Ha ha). But I am pointing out there was (and always has been) an ancient understanding of words and their power.

English is the language of our mirror world. Here, double meaning and paradox resides.

Latin (which is the mother of our English roots) is the language (archetypically) of wizards and alchemist who understood how to use, tune, and conduct the energy of a word’s power to create in physical reality.  How?

Through CLEAR intention, a focused/engaged mind, and a deep/precise sensitivity to emotional and static energy.

(Otherwise known as ENERGETIC AUTHENTICITY).

The only way to embody authenticity, is to be okay with wherever we’re at in the process.

*We don’t apologize for being human or make excuses for our energy.spiral

*We take full responsibility for our creations, our thoughts, and our emotional self-care.

*We don’t make others responsible for our happiness, nor are we responsible for theirs.

*We authentically express and truthfully communicate where we’re at.

*We don’t say ‘yes’ when we FEEL ‘no.’ We don’t take on tasks we authentically know we’re not ready for, and we don’t claim to have  answers we don’t actually have.

It’s okay to say “I don’t know.”I’m unsure”I’m still figuring it out.’ ‘I’ll get back to you.’ THIS IS THE PROCESS OF CREATION. Once we say something, we create it.

Make sure you allow yourself time to find your heart’s true perspective before you speak. Practice using words that FEEL accurate to where you actually resonate (rather than what you “think” you should say).


This is how we avoid hypocrisy and judgmental energy towards ourselves and others.

Quick exercise:

How do you authentically feel in this moment? Speak (or write) what you emotionally communicate to yourself. Try to find words that resonate closest to your core intentions and sensitivities.

This is the only truth you are accountable for.

Speak your authentic truth, and it will set you free…

Happy Tuesday!


PS. (If you’re interested in signing-up for the 11 Day Emotional Detox, it will be available indefinitely).

female tree5


How to Receive

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This past week I’ve been preparing for my “11 Day Emotional Detox (whichGenielamps  starts on Jan 1st) and came up against residual receiving blocks/old emotional wounds.

These particular past beliefs/programs had been healed but not cleared out of my auric field. Old thoughts/programs show up in weird ways, and rather than tackling them for another go around, it’s imperative to simply release — let them die — and to RECEIVE the upgraded conscious perspective. 

To die is to be reborn, but old beliefs operate so efficiently to create and recreate the same story that we must be conscious about which beliefs we allow to take residence in our lives. Clearing an old program is simply to let it die, every time in comes up, until eventually, the neural pathway is undone.

Clearing out old beliefs only becomes hard if we have an emotional attachment to the storyline — the death requires us to trust that the new version of our story is actually better for us — because it is TRUE for us NOW.

Death of old perspectives is a crucial step to receive the fullness of our heart’s restoration (remember, we attract at the frequency we vibrate, and EMOTIONS attract faster and more accurately to our deepest beliefs than any practice or thought).

Sometimes we have to allow aspects of our thoughts/consciousness to die, so weSun shine can receive the “upgraded” parts of ourselves we’ve been praying for.

Receiving the upgrade is rapture. Here it all makes sense. Here we come from the heart. Here we forgive. Here we trust. Here we embody the greatest and most powerful form of Love: Self-Love. Here we remember we are all one.
It may sound simple, but if we don’t know how to receive (or confront our blocks to receiving) we can unwittingly sabotage our efforts in lining-up with our heart’s true passions/desires.

It gets wonky when we’re this close — really knowing how to use Universal Energies/Consciousness and feeling deeply into our emotional body — because everything is amplified. We have a tremendous amount of energy we’ve tapped into (Source itself) but if we don’t fully trust ourselves with it (or trust the Source from whence it came) we’re liable to get some serious backlash (namely, our own). Nothing we can’t clean up instantly, of course (it’s all about the NOW, after all), but hidden fears or repressed guilt/shame are the two biggest factors in blocking our progress (and they can be incredibly painful blocks too, because at this point, we’ve built up incredible, conscious momentum).

The heart is key. If we can’t trust love (our ability to receiveempath magic and give love) we will never be the truly powerful creators/avatars we know to be.

Your kingdom is only as big as your auric field is allowed to grow.

Think of RECEIVING/TRUST as a prerequisite to embodiment of our heart’s true home.

Happy Thursday!

PS. This audio is from my “Empathic Communication” online class — thought it might be helpful.


Be Present to the Magic!


“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ”
― Norman Vincent Peale

In all the bustle of last minute Christmas shopping, holiday parities, and insane traffic, I want to remember to be present to the magic of the moment. After all, the moment IS the present — the ultimate gift. And as cheesy and cliche as it may sound, I want to spend my moment this Christmas being present to all that is seen and unseen.

I’m thankful for life. I am thankful for heathens and pagans and Christians and Muslims and fairies and sprites, and especially, the Spirit of Saint Nick. Thank you for making my life magical. My best memories as a child were waiting for Santa to bless our house with his joy, seeing the crumbs he trailed behind as evidence of his arrival, hearing the bells and hoofs of his reindeer on our rooftop, and watching the warm glow of Christmas lights shine on the presents he left under the tree, like the gifts the three wise men brought to the infant Christ in our nativity scene.

I still welcome his magic…in my home and my heart.

Merry Christmas!

Empower Your Sacral Chakra

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Last April I taught a live, online class on healing and empowering sacral-chakra5the sacral chakra (for women only). I have been asked to make the class available again, so I decided to sell the archives for half the price of the original class.

The course focuses on:

*Deleting shame/guilt programs stored in our Sacral Chakra

*Acknowledging and soothing sexual trauma

*Igniting our passions/dreams/desires

*Understanding the power of our sexual energy

*How to tap into the creative power of the sacral chakra (without guilt!)

*Transmuting negative energy in the sacral chakra to a more positive flow/experience with the world

*Allowing our creative/sexual energy to flow freely

*Plus some resources I’ve found incredibly helpful in empowering my sacral chakra! 

The material is geared toward women, but men who want to understand more about their feminine energies, or female partners might gain a lot perspective.

Although the class won’t be taught live, all information is available to go through at your own pace. Once registered, you will receive an email with access to a password protected page to all class material.

Start your New Year with newly empowered passion. You deserve to be free!

Empower Your Sacral Chakra $22

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