Chakra Cleanse (Pre-Release Special)

As promised, here is the link to the invite only, Chakra Cleanse!

In this class, we will make our way through the first 7 Chakras and focus on the following:

*How Chakras work, their history, and function.

*How to pinpoint emotional blocks in the Chakras, as well as how to remove (or dissolve) them.

*How to create a regular ritual for our own unique, chakra needs (to keep our energy centers healthy and powerful).

*How visualization, sound, and healing touch powerfully restore and awaken the chakra energy points.

*And a few special surprises!

Regular chakra cleanses and emotional detoxing are POWERFUL medicine for empaths. If you want to master your abilities, it is crucial to learn how to master your energy centers.

This class is a pilot for the full 13 Chakra System Class, which will be released in May (tentatively) for $222. All of you who take this class will receive the full course FREE OF CHARGE.

Having you participate in the pilot version gives me an opportunity to perfect the system I’ve been working on, so thank you for signing-up! I appreciate your willingness to explore with me.

To register, complete your purchase through the Paypal button below. Like my previous classes, this Chakra Cleanse will be hosted in a private Facebook forum where you can access the content at your own convenience. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

See you there!

7 Chakra Cleanse Online Class (Special Pre-Order) $33

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5 Painful Pitfalls of Being an Empath

Ha ha. Did the title scare you? That was the point (in jest, of course).

If you’re an empath, eliminating these 5 habits will free-up your power immensely

*Attaching Storylines to “Feelings”: Just because we feel energy from another, does not  mean we need to figure out what they need. What other people are going through is none of our business (unless they ask us for support). Simply give YOURSELF what you need to transmute the energy and let it go. As soon as we assume a storyline about the other person, we’ve disempowered them.

Only by EMBODYING the healing and holding a space for people to be exactly where they are, do we give healing. Why would we want anyone (including ourselves) to feel broken? Feelings are normal – ALL of them. They don’t have to be the force that informs our beliefs or actions and they are not problems to be fixed. They are our natural expression. Don’t attach assumed or imagined storylines to the energy you feel from others. It’s a complete waste of mental energy and depletes us of vital life force

*Judgment: There’s an enormous difference between discernment and judgment. Every time we judge anyone, we simultaneously judge ourselves. All we can do is simply be aware and consciousness – discern OUR OWN PART in any experience and what we need in order to feel harmony within ourselves. Nothing we feel is ever (ultimately) about another person. Other people’s choices are theirs, but how we respond/react/judge them is about US. Judgment is not our place. We have no way of truly knowing another person’s heart.

*Establishing a hierarchy. Whether it’s in secular or religious/spiritual environments, the idea that we are “above” or “below” another person is damaging for anyone, especially an empath. Once we’ve set up a hierarchy, we automatically place ourselves as the oppressor, the victim, or the savior. We will never evolve past things like war and larger world concerns if we can’t settle this basic interpersonal conflict among ourselves and friends/spouses/family.

We are all different and unique aspects of the same ultimate Universe. Practice seeing yourself as the owner and ruler of your own life/choices. You are the one who must ultimately take up dominion over your life and we must quit waiting for the outside world to change in order for us to believe we are free, independent, sovereign, and POWERFUL creators – neither above nor below anyone.

We may not have equal shares of power, but we all have ultimate authority of what we believe about ourselves and how we will respond and act in the world. Changing our beliefs regarding this is an important responsibility we have to the ones who are praying for a world of equality. This step is key.

*Co-dependency: If you’re an empath, you’ve probably heard about the peril of co-dependency ad nauseam, but as I am highlighting pitfalls, I would be amiss not to mention perhaps this most common (and dangerous) potentials for empaths. It is crucial for an empath to learn to self-soothe and love oneself with respect and boundaries so we can attract people into our lives that love us the way we deserve.

Beginnings strongly influence outcomes so it’s important to get a handle on our empathy and learn how to be a powerful, sensitive creator in relationships, so our life force is not squeezed out by the overwhelming emotional needs of others (and the addiction of being needed by them).

*The Healer Complex: We all go through this phase, and it’s a beautiful (and important) part of our journey. We practice healing others so we can learn to self-heal. The problem is, many empaths get stuck in this phase, the ego becoming so attached and identified with being needed as a “healer” that we self-sabotage our own relationships (and ultimately, ourselves).

Needing to be needed is the ultimate block to receiving and can wreak havoc on our creativity, sexuality, and weight. This happens because our entire identity is wrapped up in “helping” others, and we lose our connection to our own creative life force (which always MOVES, evolves, and changes). 

The biggest problem with this pitfall is the ego’s denial of the problem. One who has a healer complex prefers to be a victim to the overwhelming needs of others, because the ego believes itself to be a martyr for the “greater good.” In reality, we typically overlook our own shadow, wants, desires, and disappointments, in favor of being possessed by others.

Because of not knowing how to receive in a balanced way, we inadvertently drink the energy of our clients and friends by always needed to “fix” them. It’s quite an unhealthy place for us to remain for too long. If you’re there, don’t beat yourself up. Simply recognize your need to learn how to give/receive in balanced ways and begin interacting accordingly.

What would happen if you let go of your “healer/helper/empath” identity? If the thought sends you into a panic, it’s a good sign your relationships are off balance and some new alignment (and better gifts) are waiting for you on the other side of the upgrade.

Who wants to be tired all the time anyway? Do you really want to continue to feel like nobody knows you? Maybe it’s time to open up. Let yourself be more than “sensitive” “a good friend” or “helper.” While those are all beautiful qualities, we are also SO MUCH MORE.

What does your gut say? Who are you deep down?

Just something to think about.


Happy Tuesday!




Restore and Release Your Heart

Another excerpt from the 11 Day Emotional Detox Online class:

We must allow our hearts to communicate to the mind what it needs to feel alive, safe, and engaged in living.

The mind’s job is to protect the heart, and now that we’re learning to trustmindscape the communication between heart/mind, it’s important to give the heart time to express itself. Heart expression is not about rationalizing, making excuses, giving disclaimers, or minimizing how we feel. The heart’s true expression is AUTHENTICITY.

How do you authentically feel about life? Your creations? Your focus? Pay attention to subtleties and nuance. What feels wonky or unstable? Where are you judging yourself (or others)? Where do the rough places need to be made smooth?

Trust that your higher mind will give your heart what it needs RIGHT NOW – IN THIS MOMENT. This exercise is not about waiting for a future date – or waiting until something turns up, works out, or changes. It’s about empowering yourself to listen to your ACTUAL emotional needs IN THE MOMENT (and I promise, what feels ‘off’ in this moment is connected to any overall dissatisfaction in your life).

Our hearts need to know we hear its voice, we’re listening to our true desires, and we’re moving in a direction of peace, creativity, beauty, and expansion.  The heart gains our trust as we continually give ourselves room to FEEL the experience, without judgment.

Remember: No emotions are wrong.

The Role of the Body:

When we connect to the heart, our physical embodiment becomes the Quantum entanglementinitial (and primary) focus. Emotional traumas stored in the body need to be soothed, validated, and released because our physical/palpable expression is our main point of attraction. When we’re authentic, allowing, forgiving, and graceful with our deepest vulnerabilities and our most creative passions, we make ourselves a match for a much smoother ride through all of our growth and transition (because we’re accurately expressing our needs).

Aligning the body to a graceful flow with our life experiences (including the unexpected glitches) will determine how well we receive the next upgrade. Learning to calm and deescalate our reactions during times of change is a dance all unto itself and grace is a necessary ingredient (because we don’t ever have the complete picture).

Move with a sense of grace. Laugh at yourself. And remember not to take life too seriously. The more fun you allow, the more enjoyable the experience will be.

heart water 5

To Join the 11 Day Emotional Detox, or any of my other online classes, click here!

Also, check-out this audio excerpt from the class:

Words are Wands

(Here’s a little excerpt from the 11 Day Emotional Detox)

Magic book

As we know, words are powerful, and they carry the energetic signature and potency of all their past etymology. It’s nearly impossible to use a English word and does not contain multiple meanings.

Consider the following:






Each word has the ability to conjure both positive, negative, and ambivalent emotions.

But the ESSENCE of each words – the TRUE meaning (for us) is individual and unique to our own heart’s journey.

It’s only when we come from the heart (a place of balance) that we can understand the essence of a word’s meaning (apart from all the negative associations that surrounds it).

It’s important to be flexible with our vocabulary, finding words we personally resonate with, while also allowing our old associations with words (that no longer resonate) to die.


Light langauge4

Words create powerful commands for the subconscious mind. They also carry an energy signature through their sound that sends subtle vibrational messages to the body.

The mind processes and releases emotional signals to the body based on the vibration, frequency, and tone of the words we use.  If we don’t want to be controlled like robots by the power of their energy (therefore, easily offended/triggered) we have to undo their meaning.

This is de-programing the mind.

Recently, I read that the Essenes (the sect of Jews Jesus and his family were apart of) believed so much in the power and purity of words, that Aramic was considered a “light language” – a sort of poetic sound expression that automatically aligns the mind with the true essence of the words. Through this sacred, geometric alignment with the energy of the words, truth can be heard, seen, and felt (apart from the personal intentions, associations, and beliefs of the one speaking).

This process of communication is referred to as “the language of the angels.” 

Before we get religious, it’s important to remember that story, like words,light language3 is about the essence. I’m not suggesting we need to learn aramic in order to speak clearly (though, who really knows?!  Ha ha). But I am pointing out there was (and always has been) an ancient understanding of words and their power.

English is the language of our mirror world. Here, double meaning and paradox resides.

Latin (which is the mother of our English roots) is the language (archetypically) of wizards and alchemist who understood how to use, tune, and conduct the energy of a word’s power to create in physical reality.  How?

Through CLEAR intention, a focused/engaged mind, and a deep/precise sensitivity to emotional and static energy.

(Otherwise known as ENERGETIC AUTHENTICITY).

The only way to embody authenticity, is to be okay with wherever we’re at in the process.

*We don’t apologize for being human or make excuses for our energy.spiral

*We take full responsibility for our creations, our thoughts, and our emotional self-care.

*We don’t make others responsible for our happiness, nor are we responsible for theirs.

*We authentically express and truthfully communicate where we’re at.

*We don’t say ‘yes’ when we FEEL ‘no.’ We don’t take on tasks we authentically know we’re not ready for, and we don’t claim to have  answers we don’t actually have.

It’s okay to say “I don’t know.”I’m unsure”I’m still figuring it out.’ ‘I’ll get back to you.’ THIS IS THE PROCESS OF CREATION. Once we say something, we create it.

Make sure you allow yourself time to find your heart’s true perspective before you speak. Practice using words that FEEL accurate to where you actually resonate (rather than what you “think” you should say).


This is how we avoid hypocrisy and judgmental energy towards ourselves and others.

Quick exercise:

How do you authentically feel in this moment? Speak (or write) what you emotionally communicate to yourself. Try to find words that resonate closest to your core intentions and sensitivities.

This is the only truth you are accountable for.

Speak your authentic truth, and it will set you free…

Happy Tuesday!


PS. (If you’re interested in signing-up for the 11 Day Emotional Detox, it will be available indefinitely).

female tree5


How to Receive

This past week I’ve been preparing for my “11 Day Emotional Detox (whichGenielamps  starts on Jan 1st) and came up against residual receiving blocks/old emotional wounds.

These particular past beliefs/programs had been healed but not cleared out of my auric field. Old thoughts/programs show up in weird ways, and rather than tackling them for another go around, it’s imperative to simply release — let them die — and to RECEIVE the upgraded conscious perspective. 

To die is to be reborn, but old beliefs operate so efficiently to create and recreate the same story that we must be conscious about which beliefs we allow to take residence in our lives. Clearing an old program is simply to let it die, every time in comes up, until eventually, the neural pathway is undone.

Clearing out old beliefs only becomes hard if we have an emotional attachment to the storyline — the death requires us to trust that the new version of our story is actually better for us — because it is TRUE for us NOW.

Death of old perspectives is a crucial step to receive the fullness of our heart’s restoration (remember, we attract at the frequency we vibrate, and EMOTIONS attract faster and more accurately to our deepest beliefs than any practice or thought).

Sometimes we have to allow aspects of our thoughts/consciousness to die, so weSun shine can receive the “upgraded” parts of ourselves we’ve been praying for.

Receiving the upgrade is rapture. Here it all makes sense. Here we come from the heart. Here we forgive. Here we trust. Here we embody the greatest and most powerful form of Love: Self-Love. Here we remember we are all one.
It may sound simple, but if we don’t know how to receive (or confront our blocks to receiving) we can unwittingly sabotage our efforts in lining-up with our heart’s true passions/desires.

It gets wonky when we’re this close — really knowing how to use Universal Energies/Consciousness and feeling deeply into our emotional body — because everything is amplified. We have a tremendous amount of energy we’ve tapped into (Source itself) but if we don’t fully trust ourselves with it (or trust the Source from whence it came) we’re liable to get some serious backlash (namely, our own). Nothing we can’t clean up instantly, of course (it’s all about the NOW, after all), but hidden fears or repressed guilt/shame are the two biggest factors in blocking our progress (and they can be incredibly painful blocks too, because at this point, we’ve built up incredible, conscious momentum).

The heart is key. If we can’t trust love (our ability to receiveempath magic and give love) we will never be the truly powerful creators/avatars we know to be.

Your kingdom is only as big as your auric field is allowed to grow.

Think of RECEIVING/TRUST as a prerequisite to embodiment of our heart’s true home.

Happy Thursday!

PS. This audio is from my “Empathic Communication” online class — thought it might be helpful.


Be Present to the Magic!

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ”
― Norman Vincent Peale

In all the bustle of last minute Christmas shopping, holiday parities, and insane traffic, I want to remember to be present to the magic of the moment. After all, the moment IS the present — the ultimate gift. And as cheesy and cliche as it may sound, I want to spend my moment this Christmas being present to all that is seen and unseen.

I’m thankful for life. I am thankful for heathens and pagans and Christians and Muslims and fairies and sprites, and especially, the Spirit of Saint Nick. Thank you for making my life magical. My best memories as a child were waiting for Santa to bless our house with his joy, seeing the crumbs he trailed behind as evidence of his arrival, hearing the bells and hoofs of his reindeer on our rooftop, and watching the warm glow of Christmas lights shine on the presents he left under the tree, like the gifts the three wise men brought to the infant Christ in our nativity scene.

I still welcome his magic…in my home and my heart.

Merry Christmas!

Empower Your Sacral Chakra

Last April I taught a live, online class on healing and empowering sacral-chakra5the sacral chakra (for women only). I have been asked to make the class available again, so I decided to sell the archives for half the price of the original class.

The course focuses on:

*Deleting shame/guilt programs stored in our Sacral Chakra

*Acknowledging and soothing sexual trauma

*Igniting our passions/dreams/desires

*Understanding the power of our sexual energy

*How to tap into the creative power of the sacral chakra (without guilt!)

*Transmuting negative energy in the sacral chakra to a more positive flow/experience with the world

*Allowing our creative/sexual energy to flow freely

*Plus some resources I’ve found incredibly helpful in empowering my sacral chakra! 

The material is geared toward women, but men who want to understand more about their feminine energies, or female partners might gain a lot perspective.

Although the class won’t be taught live, all information is available to go through at your own pace. Once registered, you will receive an email with access to a password protected page to all class material.

Start your New Year with newly empowered passion. You deserve to be free!

Empower Your Sacral Chakra $22

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Online Training for Empaths


11 Day Emotional Detox (Jan. 1st- Jan 11th 2016) $11

Emotional detox2

For anyone who wants to go deep and learn how I regularly clear and detox my emotional body of excess emotional energy, stress, and overthinking. Only $11!

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Empathic Communication $33

Explore what it means to be a master energy communicator,  how empathic abilities can help in conscious manifestation, and how empaths are laying the ground work for telepathic communication

(geared toward empowered/skilled empaths)

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How to Heal and Thrive as an Empath $33

Understand your empathic abilities, focus on healing past emotional wounds, utilize the power of Shadow Integration, and discover tools to help you thrive!

Bliss energyBuy Now Button

Empowering Empathic Abilities $22


Learn how to feel safe and empowered as an empath, heal the emotional body, create a healthy energetic hygiene practice, and allow your power to be perceived.Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Creating with Emotions $33

chakras perfection

Learn about the role of emotions in creating reality, how emotions fuel our point of attraction, the importance of self-trust/healing, the role of desire in creation, the power of NOW, and practices that help remove common blocks to manifesting.
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“So far I’ve been a part of two of Amanda’s courses. Both have been extremely helpful in my journey and have opened up places of healing as well as places of growth in areas I didn’t even know I needed it. Her courses have shown me ways in which I can empower myself and in turn empower others as well. I’ve also connected with an awesome community through these as well! Her online classes feel extremely personal and connected. I would highly suggest taking any of her courses if you’re new to this field, have some experience, or are simply looking to connect. I don’t know a single person who couldn’t benefit from taking Amanda’s courses.” – Ryan Nolan, New York

Amanda Flaker, I don’t think I’ve told you how much your work has helped me.  Very specifically in the last week I was driving the 84 miles home from LA and I realized there was no trigger anymore when the image of the PEST (person exhibiting sociopath tendencies) came to mind.

The thing that is really significant for me (other than the obvious, that I am doing really well in my home town again) is how clear everything is around this person, compared with the other people who have been triggers for me in my life. Some people I am still working through – some have taken years. But this one, which was so extreme and almost life-ending, this one is clear. And I have no doubt this is due to the work you have shared so generously with all of us. Thank you.” Michaele S. – California 

” [Empowering Empathic Abilities] is a fantastic course for empaths looking to understand their inner abilities, thus helping to understand oneself more. It is said that the discovery of self dwarfs the descent of Everest, and this class for me, helped in beginning my climb.”  Tabitha Johnson, Colorado

“[How to Heal and Thrive as an Empath] is awesome – that’s all I can say. Amanda is a gift and such a beautiful soul. Her courses are invaluable on the subject of empaths. I have known her for a couple of years and her work has been hugely helpful to me.”  Natalia Clark, England 

“I’m loving the class, Amanda. I’m learning so much about myself and about current issues I’m encountering. I’m gaining a whole new perspective that I’m super grateful for. Thank you.”   Cheryl W., BC

“Amanda is a beautiful soul with an amazing gift and I feel blessed to have connected with her. I have had three soul readings from her. The accuracy of the readings were phenomenal. She truly could read my soul. She picked up on all my vulnerabilities in a compassionate sensitive way. Each time I had a reading she was able to uncover and assist in healing a deeper layer of blockages. After every session I felt elated and had the complete confidence to know that I could use the tools she had given me to continue to work on myself. I can truly say that Amanda has helped to transform my life. I now feel empowered to move forward and also confident in the knowledge that whenever I do encounter life’s obstacles Amanda’s tools will assist me in overcoming them. I would highly recommended Amanda.” Ann Elizabeth, England

Are You a Psychic Sponge?

Recently a friend sent me this message:

“Do you have any resources on not being a psychic sponge?”

It’s probably one of the top questions for many empaths/intuitives.

Here’s my response:

When I start feeling like a sponge, I ask myself where I became a match Christ Consciounessto the perspective that someone’s energy can infiltrate me. When did I start believing I was separate from others — vulnerable to their existence? Is that even true?
It can be your reality, but it doesn’t have to be. I had to ask myself why I was attracted to that belief. It had to be serving me somehow, otherwise I wouldn’t believe it. Tracing the belief to its origin, I realized that to believe I could soak-up someone’s energy, fed my “wounded warrior complex.”  An aspect of my ego was attached to the “teacher” “fixer” “savior” role, (which doesn’t belong in a reality where I am an empowered Being, co-creating my reality with God/the Universe, and other creative, powerful souls).
I made the decision to see the Christ in everyone.  I can’t be a martyr because I don’t need to save anyone. Creation belongs to the One who created it. How could I possibly know more about God’s Creation than itself? And how would my God-self possibly fail me? 
The real freedom comes every time I release myself from the belief that I have to struggle through this reality like a wounded solider. I choose to act, breathe, and live from the Place of Peace, not Fear. That’s the Eternal Rest (a.k.a “life to the FULL.”)
Strength comes when I admit the truth: “I am able to do greater things…
In other words: You’re not a sponge. You can’t “soak-up” other people’s energy.
Unless, of course, you want to live in a vampiric reality, in which case, be my guest. We all choose our beliefs.”
EnJOY Monday!

Empathic Communication Online Class

The conversation I am most excited about among empaths right now is the endless (and mind-blowing) possibilities of empathic communication. I have shared two excerpts from this class (which I’ve added to this page) simply to invite more empaths into this conversation. Yes! I’m talking to you. We’re at the cutting edge of creation right now, and those of who can read, embody, and translate vibration can hone our skills and co-create this empowerment together! Telepathic communication is just one of the potentials within our reach. What else is possible?! Let’s find out!

The private Facebook group for this class is still open too! Join us!

Check-out other classes for empaths here!

Chakra Center

I want more empowered empaths to join in on this conversation! Here are two excerpts from the class, an invitation to come along with us in the journey!

For those who have taken my previous class “How to Heal and Thrive as an Empath,” I am now releasing “Empathic noseparationCommunication” — the accumulation of everything we’ve worked up to.

In this class, we will be covering how empathic communication is a vibrational conversation with the Universe (and everything/everyone around us), why developing a greater sensitivity is more effective/powerful than shielding/protecting, and shutting down, and we’ll explore the implications of how empathic communication may be laying the ground work for telepathic communication.

(This video goes a bit further into my thoughts about this concept: 

In this pre-recorded, online class, we’ll cover:

Part 1: Exploring the Internal Realms (Empathic communication with our inner-verse/bodies)  
Part 2: Emboding the Inner-verse…

View original post 98 more words

11 Day Emotional Detox for Empaths


One of the most potent tools I’ve discovered as an empath is the power ofco dependancy a regular emotional detox. Most of us don’t realize that just because we feel something, we don’t have to hold on to it. We tend to think of emotions as possessions, rather than vibrational messages that move through us.

Emotions are not meant to be hoarded, nor are they meant to be used as an excuse to hide from the world. We get to choose what we feel and how long we feel it. I know that may sound completely foreign to those of us who allow emotions to control and run our lives, but it IS possible to live a life where emotions are our friends, not our masters.

From Jan. 1st – Jan 11th I’ll be doing an 11 day emotional detox program for anyone who wants to go deep and learn how I regularly clear and detox my emotional body of excess emotional energy, stress, and overthinking.

(Anyone who signs-up after Jan. 1st can go through the material at their own pace, but will still gain access to the private Facebook forum, my personal videos on my process, and all class material).

Here are a just a few of things we’ll be covering:

*Massaging your reality: Literally, through physically creating a space that feels good/clear, and metaphorically, through quick visualizations/meditation techniques that helps us create a clear emotional space in our homes and energetic bodies (I promise this process feels amazing! It’s worth it to take time to make sure your physical space feels good to you in every way).

*Make Contact with the “Earth” and her spirits: The healing power of meditationnature is well documented and important for emotional detoxing. But also, the subtle energetic power of nature’s etheric energy has a potent cleansing, healing, and empowering effect on the emotional body and auric field (if we learn how to harmonize with her). I’m not saying you have to believe in fairies, but even the act of visualizing and researching their famous tales is a way to understand subtle nature energy and how it works. It’s all a metaphor, and an important language to speak if we want to make friends/harmonize with our life-giving mother.

*Flirt with the hologram: I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard empaths and highly sensitive people say they hate this planet, this life, this existence, because it’s TOO HARD. Interestingly enough, the ones who aren’t lining-up to what this life has to offer, are getting sick and dying. They’re giving up. Which I understand, if you believe in a world you are powerless to change and only at the mercy of every emotional energy that comes your way, but there IS an entirely different reality we can live in.

I choose to live in a world where I choose what I think and feel. I also consciously create experiences that feel good and I turn my sensitivities on to their keenest perception so I can REALLY enjoy what this experience (and my empathic abilities) have to offer. I’m not talking about spiritually bypassing and pretending the world is perfect. I know there is contrast and I bless it – because it is that very contrast that lets me experience the joys and poetry and beauty of this world. The lows teach me about compassion and real love. The highs remind me of where I come from and who I really am.

One of my keys to enjoying life as an empath is to flirt with the hologram, with ALL my sensitivities intact and fully on. I enjoy the roses, stop and smell them, let them intoxicate me with delight – I feel them with all the emotional and sensitive energy I have. I empath their beauty and their existence, and in those moments, what it means to “be” somehow makes sense (because it no longer “has” to).

I enjoy food, art, music, relationships, the alchemy of the sun and moon – moon4a star-filled night. I flirt with her beauty. And I’ve found the earth loves that. This whole experience is offering us gifts of magic all the time, and if we’re always focused on “the harsh reality” we miss it – all of it.  It’s okay to enjoy the experience of living. And it’s okay to hurt too. There is beauty in all of it. You don’t have to choose one or the other – both are here for the taking.

This stanza from one of my favorite Wallace Stevens poems pretty much sums it up for me:

“Why should she give her bounty to the dead?
What is divinity if it can come
Only in silent shadows and in dreams?
Shall she not find in comforts of the sun,
In pungent fruit and bright, green wings, or else
In any balm or beauty of the earth,
Things to be cherished like the thought of heaven?
Divinity must live within herself:
Passions of rain, or moods in falling snow;
Grievings in loneliness, or unsubdued
Elations when the forest blooms; gusty
Emotions on wet roads on autumn nights;
All pleasures and all pains, remembering
The bough of summer and the winter branch.
These are the measures destined for her soul.”

*Have “familiars”: There’s a reason why every witch has her black cat, Perhaps-the-Dreams-are-of-SoulMates-Cameron-Graywizards have their owls, and men have dogs as their best friend. When we touch point with the external reality, it’s soothing on our emotional body to have familiars around, to explore the adventure together.

Familiars can be anything from plants to crystals or pets. They can even be “imaginary” or etheric (making friends with your guardian angels, for example). Whatever form they take, it’s helpful to have familiars by your side in this life – ESPECIALLY as an empath. Empaths tend to be solitary people, but the paradox is we are hard-wired for relationships. Often the soft, calming energy of a cat or dog, crystals or plants, gives us the opportunity to flex our empathic sensitivities with energy that feels safe and comforting to do so. Creating a regular emotional detox program involves the use of familiars because they are the golden key.

So there you have it: The basic outline of my emotional detox program.

Want to go deeper? Learn more? Develop your own routine that’s just right for you? Join my emotional detox cleanse Jan. 1st – Jan 11th where I share my personal routine, how I alternate and change form regularly (to avoid stagnation), and how you can create a personalized detox program to avoid empathic burnout.

This is an online course. Once you register you will receive a link to a password protected page that will give you access to all class material. Except the link within 24 hours. 

11 Day Emotional Detox for Empaths $11

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(Expect a welcome email within 24 hours)

And for a bit more on my emotional detox tips, check out this video:

Happy Thursday!

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Channel the Reality You Prefer

A lot of fear is being pumped into the media right now, and many empathsEmpaths take back power are tuning into that energy. Remember, we are POWERFUL frequency transmitters (feeling is our expertise) so whatever energy we are tuning-in to will dominate us in powerful ways. But we get to choose what we we transmit.

Just because there is a lot of pain/suffering (and fear) being broadcast right now, does not mean we are subject to it. Feeling awful does not “help” anyone who is suffering. In fact, by participating in the reality of fear/suffering, we ADD to that frequency (we don’t lessen it).

Compassion is key. So start by giving it to yourself. What do you need to give yourself in order to release anything that may be causing you suffering? Give it to yourself, and then consciously tune-in to the reality you PREFER. There are millions (trillions) of beautiful acts of love being demonstrated, and people thriving. That is a a reality too. Which reality gives you more energy to love and be present? Which energy serves you? Which energy benefits the collective? Which energy provides  creative SOLUTIONS? What you choose to tune-into holds a POWERFUL vibration for everyone around you. So choose wisely.

Here is an excerpt from the “Empathic Communication” class that I thought I would share (as I know many of us are in the process of making up our minds as to which reality we want to allow into our sphere).

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Empaths: Time to Work Your Magic


It’s been an INTENSE energetic storm this past week. How are y’all doing?I know we’re feeling the effects in different ways, but it’s important to remember that YOU are the touch point for your vibrational signal. Ask yourself what will wake you up, what will help you feel more engaged and alive, and go do that. Don’t shut down. Don’t give way to fear. Don’t believe the lie that you are powerless. In fact, it’s times like this we get to experience just how powerful we are.

Regardless of what anyone around you is feeling, it’s important that you get clear about how you feel and what you need, so you can get in vibrational alignment and hold that space of harmonization and flow.

The more of us that choose to hold space of acceptance with what is noseparation(which means radical acceptance of ourselves), the more smooth this transition will feel. Hold strong. The vibration of harmony is only as strong as we allow ourselves to be present with where we’re authentically at.

Don’t bypass how you feel, or even allow it to be “out there” (believing you are a victim to what others are feeling) — feel it deeply. You are everyone. Now is not the time to be in the “us vs them” mentality or to see anything as separate from you. Let’s embrace our connection and then strongly take care of ourselves so we can powerfully radiate that vibe to the world. We can feel. We can be present to pain and loss, without allowing it to overtake us or become our story.

Let’s embody the validation and love we want the world to receive at this time. We have to receive it first. If we want to give that kind of acceptance, healing, love, and grace to the world, we must experience it ourselves first. We have to authentically know we can feel and love and embrace and accept and stay powerfully present, even in the face of things we don’t like to look at.

DON’T BYPASS HOW YOU FEEL. But don’t feel like you need to take on the weight of the world. You are the touch point. Get in touch with the vibration you’re sending out right now. Is it fear? Hope? Hatred? Get present with where you are authentically resonating and work from there. THAT IS YOUR ONLY POWER. What is your intuition saying? Listen. Love. Embody. And then take action from that place of clarity. 

Embrace every emotion with open arms, let it be okay — let there be room for all aspects of you to simply BE. Then release what no longer serves your well-being and allow the soothing release of relief to fill your entire grid. This is how we hold the space for harmony. It starts with US. If we don’t take care/take charge of our vibration, we’ll be caught in the world’s shit storm and believe the lie that we are powerless to change anything.

Remember: your ability to feel IS YOUR SUPERPOWER! This is the time for you to shine! Work your magic.

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Empathic Communication: Love is the Key

Empathic communication is all about trust. It’s trusting our emotional guidance system, and the Source we come from. But, Illusion of separatenessit’s also about trusting our HUMAN experience. Building the pathwork for empathic/telepathic communication (in other words, harmonizing the energies on this planet) is about listening, learning, observing, and feeling. The human is experiencing the greatest impact of every vibration we carry because it is the physical world — the physical body. From Source perspective, there is nothing but appreciation and love for what we, through our limited human perspective, go through. It’s up to us to communicate back (through our vibrational blueprint) what we would prefer — what is in more harmony.

It takes time, but once we’ve dissolved the old paradigm of punishment/reward and evolve into experience/consequence, it is much easier to not see ourselves, or “God” as an enemy we are in a power struggle with. Rather, we are allies, siftng through our human experience and learning how to hold the vibration that feels the most soothing/exciting/expanding to hold, while trusting that the Source guidance within us is always pointing North.

This week I’ve been housesitting/dogsitting a puppy who has not been trained. At first I felt like I was being punished, wondering what I did “wrong” to attract such a stressful experience. But after some trial and error (I’ve never trained a dog before, much less a totally wild puppy) I realized that she and I are just learning how to communicate. She’s looking to me to show her the boundaries of this dimension (in a way that keeps her safe, AND keeps her spirit alive) and I’m learning how to communicate my needs to her. When I tried to be her “god” (and overpower her) it didn’t work — the situation turned into a power struggle. But once I began (energetically) communicating to her that I am her ally, and that it is her decision to jump on the couch, jump on me, bite, etc., that is the problem (not her) we started having clear communication. She began to trust my guidance more.

Of course, because she’s so young, the communication looks like immediately removing her from the situation (without shaming her) and putting her in her kennel. Before I would say “bad dog” but I could feel, on some level, how soul crushing that was energetically, because it was the energy of shame directed toward her most basic instinct (and personality) which is to PLAY.

I realized, of course, how much I’ve done that to my own inner-child, and how much my dad did the shame game with me. I choose to stop that energy and redirect it toward energy that builds, not destroys.

Wow. Who would have thought an experience with a dog could teach me so much? And the most amazing part of the experience is how GROUNDED this dog keeps me, because with a puppy, you have no choice but to be entirely in the moment. This has always been the most complicated piece of my self-love journey: how to stay present in the moment AND be aware of my needs/meet them (my past tendency was always to dissociate).

Empathic communication is the communion between our sense of personal power, and the heart, and we’re learning to smooth out that transmission. Let’s move out of the shame/guilt/punishment paradigm and begin to see our emotions, our sensitivities, our “higher self” and our human experience as an ally that is only trying to give us the best experience possible, not an enemy to overcome or destroy

How is your week going?

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