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“Look and learn, for there shall be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the Stars.” -Jesus, the Bible.

Today we feature another guest post from the Free Spiritual Guidance website. This site offers daily horoscope and spiritual readings. Be sure to check them out!

“The universe is always trying to communicate with you. Astrology readings are spiritual wisdoms, not proven facts, but a thought or a message you can apply to your daily task of evolution. Learn to convert your readings to Spiritual Astrology readings.”

Today’s Daily Spiritual Astrology Readings


A time for imagination and creativity when it comes to ideas and thinking. This, coupled with the ability to put your thoughts into words, allows you to captivate and spellbind. A good book or movie would be appreciated too.


Although at times today circumstances seem to place you between dream and hallucination, it emphasizes the ability to perceive and commune with your inner self in ways you might have felt cut off from in the past. The intense energy today breaks internal barriers and allows you to heal wounds that seem to be finding their way to the surface of your emotions lately.


Finances may bring a flurry of monetary activity, perhaps a quick find or mini-crisis, but it passes quickly. Keep its brevity in mind so you don’t lay heavy bets on a passing fancy, unless other longer-range cycles are much in focus with this as trigger.


Matters are coming to a head. Old stagnant conditions involving personal projects, a family member, or a parent will be finalized. This is the time to establish good relationships between you and a parent or family elder. Don’t continue to handle those difficult tasks alone. It is time for others to take some of the burdens and responsibilities off your shoulders.


You are likely to distance yourself from others now, feeling the need to withdraw and reflect. Your thoughts are inclined to be heavy, critical, and pessimistic at this time, so it would be good to realize that you are only seeing part of the picture, and perhaps seek the advice of an older, experienced person who has passed through some of the challenges you face.


A broad scope or general sweep comes easier now; leave details until there’s time for them later. If you get the principle of the thing, you can extrapolate the rest as it develops — and it is lots easier than doing it the other way around. Feelings swell, emotions rise, for a time the heart grows another size.


You put extra energy into thinking about and organizing your work and professional life. Decisions you make now are likely to work out well, as you are clear and objective. Gathering information regarding your career or long-range goals is also favored.


There could be an overpowering feeling that the Force is with you, and if you lay back and let circumstances happen rather than forcing them to, you just might be surprised at how easy it all seems. Simply will away obstacles and they will crumble in your path. Envision what you need and it will appear for you right on time.


This is a time period of gradual maturing of your attitudes and overall approach to life. You become more in tune with your inner needs and tendencies, and you can make changes that allow you to spend more time doing the things that you really enjoy rather than what serves your more worldly ambitions, needs for security, and what appeals to you as the logically correct thing to do.


A possible day of raised tensions at home as energies run high and elbow room seems harder to come by. It’s a good time to start new home-related projects as a way to utilize the extra energy in a constructive manner. The only thing you’ll not want to do today is lazy, the energy is too intense to just sit around and watch the TV.


Ask and you just might get it, so if you want it, go for it. Part of receiving involves intuitively knowing just what to ask for, what’s really available, and who’s in the mood for giving. Go with your feelings and you’ll be surprised at what’s at your command. It’s a definite day for manifesting what you need and want.


Throughout the day you could come into contact with individuals who think along the same lines as what you do. Given this, you may team up and make something happen that has been a dream of yours for some time.


The Saturday Post: Retrograde……B+

The Saturday Post


Well we’re coming to the end of a planetary retrograde free couple of weeks,  Mercury will again soon go into retrograde, yay!  YAY!?  Yes, yay.


The past six months or so I have been paying very close attention to what solar weather has been kicked our way.

Astrology has always played a big role in my life and I like to keep up to date on these things.

I read my horoscope almost every day and pride myself of being born on the Libra-Scorpio Cusp.

So what have I learned from my observations? They are a guide, not a death sentence.

So many, some I know personally, seem to walk around with an astrological chip on their shoulder. They have a tendency to find fault with some part of themselves and see fit to blame their astrological sign or some sort of solar weather phenomenon such as sun spots or increased intergalactic radiation. For a time you would have found me in this group.

“Oh man, I’m so drained! Must be sun spots.” or “She’ll never find love because she’s a Scorpio and their too hard on people.”

It’s almost as if we see our zodiac set in stone with no room to grow and change.  At the risk of sounding overly simplistic, doesn’t that sound dull?


Life is so much more exciting and intricate than that!

To be doomed to the same small profile of personality characteristics just seems like we’re living in a bad version of the Sims game and source is some unimaginative helmsman, asleep at the wheel.

If we’re all source, shouldn’t we dream up something a bit more fun?  Give ourselves a little credit and choose our own destiny perhaps!

After studying astrology for some years, and I’m no expert mind you, I’ve come to the personal conclusion that our zodiac sign is NOT who we are.  At best it’s a warning not to fall into repetitive tendencies, kind of like a map of sorts.


This is not to say let’s throw the baby out with the bathwater here.

There is a lot of merit to what solar and planetary conditions you were born under.

Huge amounts of energy were at play, pushing and pulling when you specifically choose to zoom into your current body.

That was no random accident.

But if we have the power to choose when, how, and who we’re born into our free will can’t just end there. We must retain it for all of our existence, from one life time to the next and throughout. All that being said, this lifetime is ours. As the saying goes, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.” We could add: or laugh, or pout, or jump, or skip or whatever! It’s totally up to us how our days go, from one into infinity AND BEYOND!

Namaste Friends!

If you would like an in depth horoscope report month by month, I recommend Kelley Rosano’s YouTube channel.


The Saturday Post: Jamie Mortinson, self proclaimed renaissance women extraordinaire, tackles life witJamie Mortinsenh the same fortitude as her handicapped house duck.  Together they fly through the realms of spirituality and self expression in almost every way possible.  From organic gardening and duck farming to painting and crochet, no part of life’s “creation-fest” is off limits.  Interior design, wild edible foods, reading, writing, cooking, self-sufficiency, photography, meditation, yoga and a general love of life encompass nearly all of her time.  Those moments not promised to her passions are extended to her husband, and their celestial children: a dog, two cats, and lots of ducks and chickens.  She resides in Wisconsin but her home is the world and all the people in it are her family.

Jamie is the Saturday Post girl, delivering you news/updates/and thoughts on spiritually via YouTube and the blogging world