Meet Our Newest Contributor: Positive PollyAnna


Last month we started a new column here at Chakra Center called matrix2Quantum Empowerment.” It’s about becoming conscious of the forces at work in the Universe, how to powerfully manifest your reality, balance your left and right brain so you can self-actualize, and realizing your highest potential. Simply put, when you understand the “rules” of the matrix, you can create a magical life with astonishing experiences.

But these are Polly’s words, not mine. She’s the author of the Quantum Empowerment column, and our newest contributor. I asked Polly to stop by today to share a bit of her experience of awakening and give you a taste of her awesomeness:

Tell us a little bit about your Awakening? (What got you interested in all this spiritual/quantum/esoteric stuff?)

My Awakening was an interesting process.  I was born very open, in tune, and connected; my mom even tells me I was born smiling.  I knew from the time I was a child everyone and everything was connected.  I was also blatantly aware I was born to change the world.  I could tell the systems were broken and the people confused about reality; it definitely made me the “weird” kid in school.  I was interested in extraterrestrials, angels, and the supernatural, psychokinetic, and magical while other kids my age wanted to play with Barbies, ride bikes, and play tag.  To say I didn’t fit in would be an understatement!

As I grew, I tried to blend more.  I made the statement all the time that I didn’t feel human.  My teenage years allowed me to suppress my spiritual side because I was so focused on making my career ambitions a reality while trying to convince others I was worthy of their friendship.  I never stopped trying to make the world better though.  I was often a confidant or counselor for others, and stood up for people whom needed help.  I got involved in my community and tried to initiate change; however, I lived in an area where change was widely resisted…though, it never made me stop in my persistent efforts to change the lives of others for the better.

As I entered my college years, I experienced a grand Reawakening.  I couldn’t even tell you what initiated it other than I felt a strong need to explore.  I ended up having a very intense, violent awakening.  Many things came to me all at once and I had some negative energies and people toxifying my life at the time.  It was like someone had opened Pandora’s Box and I was the next open vessel for everything to occupy.  While it was scary and highly traumatic, it was one of the most important lessons in my life.  I learned my power and my worth, as well as discovering the strength I had over my experience.

Fast forward about four years and I underwent a second expansive butterflyReawakening!  This was when I realized I wasn’t originally human, which is why nothing made sense to me.  I also realized my life’s mission to change the world and help others was something I wanted to be more active about.  I had never before heard “New Age” terms and it felt like I had entered a big coming home party!

My interest in science was kind of an accident.  I was always blessed with a very strong left brain, as well as a tremendously expressive right brain.  My strongest subjects in school were math and anything artistic or creative.  Math was like a super fun game for me.  Almost like the ultimate puzzle!  When I was in college studying to be an actress, one of my professors tried to get me to switch to a math major.  Back then, I decided if acting didn’t work out, I would be a genetic engineer.  I knew genetics and math were really important; I also knew they were only a portion of the equation.

After my second Reawakening, I knew marrying the two would be where I could best serve.  I wanted to break down old paradigms of what “true spirituality” represented and offer new information to people, showing how science and spirituality work together, not against one another.  I started having more claircognizant moments where I could understand how everything worked and what it all represented.  When I would get these messages or downloads, I would research the information so I could support the message and share it with the public.  The more I researched, the more the puzzle pieces fit together and I felt the need to share the information with as many people as possible because it is so transformational.

Basically, I’m a magically etheric, psychologically interested intuitive, quantum physicist with epigenetic interests for manifesting peace, harmony, and higher dimensionality on Gaia while doing interdimensional work with astral and light realms.

What is the Quantum Consciousness Series?

The Quantum Consciousness Series came about during a claircognizant moment between sleeping and waking states; it is an online course I am teaching and co-creating with Charis Melina Brown.  It consists of four modules, each lasting two weeks, with each building on the previous module.  In the course, we teach the principles of quantum mechanics, epigenetics, and holographic systems; we show our students how to utilize these concepts in transformational ways during their daily lives.  It’s a great way to quiet the ego mind in order to reach the higher mind, expanding consciousness, bringing more of the physiological brain online, activating stronger coherence between the brain and the quantum consciousness field, creating greater manifestations, magical experiences, and increasing classical, emotive, and spiritual intelligences.  We use many different exercises to do this, combining the scientific with the spiritual to help people on their path of expansion and fulfillment.

What about the ‘Quantum Empowerment’ column? What kind of information can people look forward to?

Quantum Empowerment is all about becoming conscious of the forces at work in your life.  When you understand the “rules” of the matrix, you can create a magical life with astonishing experiences.  I will be presenting people with ways to come into their own power, how to Quantum empowerment matrixpowerfully manifest their reality, and how to balance their left and right brain so they can self-actualize, realizing their highest potential.  Moreover, we will talk about what it means to lead a quantumly empowered lifestyle.  How are you affected by the energies, people, animals, and objects around you?  How can you break victim mentality?  How can you activate your DNA on a biological and energetic level?  What are the ways you can expand your consciousness?  These are only some of the things I will be addressing with Quantum Empowerment.  It will cover a wide spectrum of information, all dedicated to helping people grow into their interdimensional, interconnected self and reality.

What is the Ultimate Dream for your life?

The Ultimate Dream for my life would include many facets, but overall would be illustrated by balance, love, joy, and fulfilling, healthy relationships while living my passions in a peaceful, more enlightened world.  I absolutely want to keep writing, both fiction and nonfiction.  I have three novel series developing in the etheric at the moment.  I want to eventually turn those novel series into television series as well.  All of the stories are interdimensional, spiritually based stories, focused on connecting with the reader in a way which helps heal past traumas and integrate higher dimensional knowledge into their experience, helping them expand their consciousness.  My goal is to eventually own a production company specializing in science fiction and fantasy film/television with spiritual messages where I can be involved with productions from concept to completion.

I want to continue educating people in an empowering way.  I eventually want to own a school, focusing on educating spiritually advanced children.  We would not only provide them with a premium intellectual education, but help them develop their intuition, energetic, and psychokinetic gifts.  It would be a holistic environment, revolutionizing the education system.

Aside from the career aspirations of my Ultimate Dream, I would love to continue on my path of integrating more light and aggrandizing into more of myself.  It would be wonderful to be surrounded by soul tribe and family with flourishing, balanced, healthy relationships while living a sustainable, quantum lifestyle!  Moreover, there would be peace on Gaia and there would be no such thing as hunger, poverty, or segregation.

What advice would you give to others who want to find their joy path but aren’t quite sure how to move forward?

My advice to anyone who is confused or concerned about how to move forward on their joy path is to become present in the moment, relax as much as you can, and love yourself with the understanding present momentthe answers are already within.  You are always exactly where you are supposed to be.  Take the moment to look around and decide what it is you’re learning from your current reality expression.  If you want to change it, make the decision to change it and focus on what you can do in the present.  Quiet yourself to listen for inspiration, follow your passions, and nourish your needs.  You are part of a Universe which rewards following your joy and living in a state of overall abundance; however, the Universe will never give you something you aren’t energetically activating and requesting.  When you follow your joy, you become conscious of your opportunities, your energy, and your reality can expand into a new, loving space to manifest the experiences you are wishing to experience.

There are a lot of “New Agey” words and phrases thrown around these days. What does The Shift mean to you?

The Shift to me speaks to entering a place of balance, cosmologically speaking, which strengthens the quantum principles governing our world, as well as reactivating latent DNA.  This means for the first time in thousands of years, people will have the ability to understand the power of their consciousness and supersede the preconceived notions of limitedness we are programmed to hold.  While I believe humans are always capable of transcendence, I think The Shift refers to an energetic ease of transcendence into greater, more loving paradigms with expanded consciousness.

What about Ascension?

Ascension, for me, is all about integrating your higher self into your physical body to become more of your true self.  I believe people can create any reality they want through Ascension and The Shift.  I believe when people reach an Ascended state, they can keep their physical bodies, transmute them into a light body, or choose to shed the physical for a pure energy body.  It all depends on the individual meaning of Ascension and what that unique energy desires.  The common denominator falls in Ascension coming through love, acceptance, integration, and expanded consciousness.

Anything else you want to share?

I have been on an amazing journey, thus far; I’ve experienced uncanny, magical things and met the most amazing, multidimensional people whom have showed me what it is to love myself.  I am coming into a place in my life where I am truly understanding what it means to accept all of myself, and living in a state of allowing.  I came from a past of severe abuse for the first 22 years of my life.  Most of it was nightmarish and I have been extremely lucky to have lived through all of it; however, I never doubted my connection and relationship to LoveHeals(2Source, nor did I ever believe the world was a bad place.  I have loved people for the sake of being able to realize they are an extension of who I was/am.  The new shift for me has been coming to the realization that I, myself, am loveable.  I had been rejected so long, I literally thought everyone perceived me as useless or disposable at worst and annoying or unworthy at best.  It has been a very long, arduous process for me to come into a place of self-love and self-acceptance.  I am finally understanding the people in my life serve as mirrors; with the amazing people flowing into my life, I am realizing they wouldn’t be in my experience unless they were a vibrational match, underlining the divinity within myself.  Coming into love is an amazing transformation because even though I’ve always showered others with love, I am finally allowing myself to live within it as well.

Thanks for stopping by today, Polly. And welcome to the Chakra Center family!

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