Connect to the Astral Network of Abundance

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Excerpt from the 6 Week Abundance Training course (week 3) *Originally shared on Abundance Matrix:
Hi loves!

I can honestly say I was not expecting this much *actual* psychic connection and healing, but what a profound and palpable way to experience the dynamics of our astral grid.

When I refer to “our grid” (or network) I’m referencing the “astral highways” we’ve traveled that connected us.

These highways represent the ideals and beliefs that connect us psychically, and reveal to us how our personal beliefs (especially the unconscious ones) absolutely DO affect and influence each other.

As we become aware of our unconscious programs and correct them, our astral reality feels strengthened and secure. What was once a war zone feels like a realm of peace and positive co creation (the building of heaven on earth).

My astral experience with you these past few weeks made it absolutely clear that the intentions our tribe imbued on this planet is medicine for the soul and an antidote to the fear we’ve all been programmed with.

Remember, the antidote always has a bit of the poison within it. 

I believe this is why we were programmed with lack…so we could overcome it.

Once we overcome the fear of our creative/psychic abilities, we are immune to the program of lack. It looses hold and power over our lives and can no longer hypnotize us to do its bidding.

Conscious psychic power is what naturally happens when a collective consciousness self actualizes. 

Now that we have a strong anchor in our psychic connection, let’s turn our attention to the restoration, healing, and security of our grid.

The network of Heaven on Earth is rooted in Abundance and Peace (not lack and war). It strengthens and supports us (it doesn’t condemn and punish). Heaven allows space for processing, healing, integration, and understanding.

Heaven support life.

The more strategic, intentional, and creative we can be with our psychic/creative power individually, the more we strengthen the power of our network.

As our network strengthens, our creative energy flows freely (and we can use our power to fuel solutions rather intensify the psychic war).

When we rebuild trust and connection with creative energy, our matrix feels more secure, natural, creative, powerful, and life-giving.

Alternatively, when we block our creative power through fear, guilt, and shame, life feels dull, boring, pointless, and ultimately enslaving. Our creative inheritance is wasted and squandered in lack.

Today I dive deep into the workings of the Astral Grid; what makes it secure, what weakens it, and how we can connect to it consciously.

Connect to + Heal Your Psychic Relationship with Abundance (Pt. 1)

Connect to + Heal Your Psychic Relationship with Abundance (Pt. 2)

I know it’s a lot to take in.

Go at your own pace.

Pay attention to when you’ve reached info overload and pause, go for a walk, take a break from the material.

Trust your heart.

No need to marathon this (unless you truly desire to).

More to come on Thursday!

Much love!


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