The Saturday Post: Love Yourself, Love Your Ego

The Saturday Post


Is it possible to fully love ourselves and all the aspects that make up our whole? I would think so as anything is possible. But why do we make this act of supreme acceptance so hard? I’ve heard over and over again that it doesn’t have to be so hard. If we just stop resisting and allow all will fall into place, eventually. Well one of my aspects is impatient so we had to have a talk about this today.


Many in the spiritual community look at their ego like a potentially terminal illness that must be continuously watched and at the very best if it’s properly managed they can live a semi-normal life.

For a time, I was one of these people, constantly watching what I thought, what I did, what I said, ect. This gets old really fast, at least for me I felt like I was constantly judging myself which really seems counter productive in the long run.

As it seems to me, judgment is a tool of the ego itself. It uses past experiences to generate fear in order to steer us in the direction of less pain. This really isn’t a “bad” thing in all reality.

So we have a habit of trying to get outside of the ego by using the ego to manage the ego. Once I had this realization, I had a really good long laugh at myself.

The experience of going through this process was quite necessary to get to the point where I am now. I have many long conversations with my ego, as friends, as equals. Once I stopped trying to force my will on this scared little aspect of myself it stopped acting out as much, if at all. I realized I was acting like a tyrannical parent yelling about what I wanted and not taking the rest of myself into consideration at all. No wonder it had been acting out in ways I deemed unacceptable behavior. I had not shown it any love since I was a child.

When I was a child I played by myself all the time.  I had conversations with myself and gave myself any attention I needed.  I spent hours each day totally immersed in nature.  I loved myself and took care of my emotional needs on a daily basis.  It is at some point in our childhood that we develop our egos and this is a different time for everyone.  It seems to be around the time when we are expected to “know better.”

inner space

As very young children, our exploration is simply brushed off as child’s play.  Nobody looks at you funny because your in your room playing with toys having a full conversation with yourself.  It’s just what little kids do.

But at some point in our childhoods we past some imaginary line in the sand when we’re supposed to know that kind of behavior is no longer acceptable.

Talking to yourself is considered strange.  You have to go to school and nature time is drastically reduced.  The inside world were so many of us immersed ourselves and felt safe becomes very far away, some fairy land.

The inner kingdom as I’ve very accurately heard it called, is a place where I believe we all dwelled as children.  We were so uninhibited back then that we could even bring it out into 3D reality and play there for hours.

As an adult it has become my main goal to make this place my home.  Just the realization that it is a real place that exists within me has been a huge step.  I don’t need to go anywhere specific to feel at home anymore.  I AM that place.  Some have also referred to this as the universe within the heart.  No matter the name, to me it’s still the same place.

How do we get there?  Talk to your ego, mine just happens to be my child self.  I can’t say this is the same for everyone, but on my journey the real obstacle was to stop repressing what I deemed as my ego.  To integrate and love this essential piece of myself was the greatest stepping stone to where I wish to be that I ever could have given myself.  Now there is no ego, there is only us.

Namaste Friends.


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Writing to Connect to Your Multidimensional Self

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By expanding our consciousness, we widen the possibilities of new and heightened states of awareness and growth.

Ultimately, the goal is always to connect to your inner kingdom – the Kingdom of God that exists within you at all times, always waiting for your active participation. Tuning-in to your inner world is your key to true and everlasting peace.

I am so glad to finally be able to offer this course and share with you how writing can open-up the channels to deeper awareness of your inner-world!

February 4th – 24th Feb. 24th 

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It’s been such a pleasure participating in this “experimental” course with you and those of the Elven realm. Thank YOU for offering such an enriching experience to connect with the elemental realm and of course, our hearts! I am especially grateful for the complimentary intuitive reading you provided. Your insights were genuine, heart-centered, and thorough enough for me to delve deeper within and understand myself better. It was just what I needed for my own healing and growth. So, many, many thanks! That being said, the writing meditations themselves were most enriching. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve explored my own subconscious in this way so at first, it was difficult for me to accept what was coming through as beneficial and authentic…I also felt like I really got to know and feel the Elven realm. It became “real” to me. I think I’ve found a lifelong friend/guide through these meditations and I feel much more comfortable interacting with this realm. Since beginning these meditations and talking with you, so much has been coming to the surface to be healed…barriers that I had no idea were there. In short, I feel that the whole experience has been enriching, valuable, and just awesome. You are lovely, thank you! Jackie W.

This last writing meditation was intense! My body was actually shaking a little. After the meditation I was on cloud nine. I felt really heady and spacey. The walk home was grounding thank goodness. It’s funny how a lot of things in my life seem to be put into perspective now. I feel so much a better about the “problems” I had before. This feels AMAZING!” Justin L.

“…I was shocked at how quickly and clearly words went down on paper. I was surprised at how many things I could write about a tree… I was truly blown away by my #2 meditation, and very pleased with myself and appreciative for Amanda’s guidance.” Laurie M.

“Through the ‘Writing to Connect with the Elves’ class I have been able to get a lot of healing. Amanda has a keen sensitivity to energies and knows how to bring them out through the writing process via her ‘writing meditations.’ The meditations are a great way to empower and awaken humanity through our own healing process. It’s truly remarkable how this class has helped me in healing deep wounds that I wasn’t aware of until they were brought back up by the meditations. Being able to heal them has been a true gift for my life. Sometimes we act according to beliefs that are based on things from our past, once these beliefs are challenged we are able to emerge into who we really are, our past does not determine our future and we can change the patters of thought and behaviour if we are willing to open up the doors by stepping into the pain and healing it once and for all. I am very greatfull for the effort that Amanda has put into the class and how she’s helping to bring conscious awareness to humanity.” Joanna S.

 ”I have taken several classes with the goddess Amanda Flaker and it is a transformative experience! I highly recommend taking a class with her if you can, and this one is EPIC!!!!!” Poly P.